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Franklin Furnace Presents
Performance Art at SELECT Art Fair

May 15, 2015
548 W 22nd Street
New York, NY

Rachel Frank
Rewilding Manhattan
2pm on the rooftop

Rachel Frank will be presenting a performance based on rewilding, an environmental practice that seeks to reestablish the landscape's former ecosystems and increase sustainability by reintroducing species to areas in which they had formerly thrived but have since gone extinct. The piece is co-presented by TSA.
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Elaine Angelopoulos
Let's Have a Conversation!
3-7pm throughout the fair

Tarantella, director of Three Point Nomad invites you take some time from the hustle and bustle of your fast paced life into a parallel shift; into a conversation about your inner “theater of self” to discover a different approach of being and sustaining in these transient and expansive globalized urban surroundings.
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Chun Hua Catherine Dong
The Yellow Umbrella--An Unfinished Conversation
4pm on the rooftop

“The Yellow Umbrella—An Unfinished Conversation” is a performance that involves twelve performers engaging with yellow umbrellas…This performance seeks an intersection where aesthetics and politics ignite each other, exploring how symbolic and situational behaviors impact our perception in regards to specific social movements and activism
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Anya Liftig
5:30 on the rooftop

I will perform a full length “story dance” using my face as my choreographic material. Performed live inside a tent, the piece will be projected via live feed for viewers. While it will be possible to hear the activity inside the tent, the only glimpse of the internal activity will be mediated by the camera.
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