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Five Fights

DATE: June 24th, 2021 - 7pm to 8pm EST

FIVE FIGHTS a Virtual Celebration (and/or Roast) of an East Village Poem,” fetes one of Off-Broadway playwright/actor Robert Galinsky’s most popular spoken word pieces, FIVE FIGHTS. The poem is from a collection of works called “The Mayor of the Lower East Side Speaks”, which High Times Magazine reviewed saying, “Galinsky is manic, takes rapid-fire shots at drunk drivers, firearms, and bicycle messengers with almost psychotic precision.” Tonight’s program features 12 artist interpretations of the poem, each under 2 minutes, and each with a unique look and feel. Galinsky has performed the poem in New York, Los Angeles California, Buenos Aires Argentina, Aberswyth Wales, Napoli Italy, London England, and also in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room. Tonight FIVE FIGHTS makes it’s Franklin Furnace Virtual Loft debut, so sit back and enjoy a dozen variations of a classic East Village literary anaphora.

Collaborators: Jazmen Hunta, Nina Dicker, Philip Galinsky, Bob Holman, Claudi Love, Andrew Galinsky, B. Kim Taylor, the Reverend Spyro, Judy McGuire, Andrew Einhorn, Robin Selfridge, Michael Mau, Oliver Baer, Georgia Maldanado, Candyce Denise, and Sir Nic Wolfson.

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Franklin Furnace Fundwinner Katie Cercone presents:

Victory to the Mother!

DATE: June 26th, 2021
TIME: 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm EST
WHERE: Grace Exhibition Space, 182 Avenue C, Manhattan, NY

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Image courtesy of the artist.

Victory to the Mother! is a participatory Hip Hop Yoga Puja honoring five living Goddesses (Female MCs, Brujas & Wise Wombyn) who deliver their origin story and fed by hours of mantra, fly into spiritual ecstasy. Inspired by jagratas of folk India, our Hip Hop Yoga puja harnesses ritually induced passion to cement healthy social bonds. Invoking the Goddess in the form of a flame (jyoti) kept burning throughout the night, keeping the flame burning suggests the root metaphor of being “woke” spiritually. Our puja is the culminating public event of aweek-long Hip Hop Yoga retreat upstate at Rosekill. All guests will be asked to chant along with us the mantra to the Goddess Kali: *OM KREEM KALIKAYAI NAMAHA* Featuring Alees Yvon as KALI MA, Katie Cercone as TRILLITH, Elisa Garcia de la Huerta as PATCHAMAMA, Kelly Shaw Nyala as BRIGID, Fanny Perez as HURACAN. Closing invocation & GONG bath led by Siri Rishi

Come prepared for an evening of cosmic replenishment, communal effervescence and spiritual ecstasy!
Space is limited, RSVP to