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PIPORNOT’s Superorganism 101

Saturday, October 28, 2017
Wave Hill House
649 W 249th St
Bronx, NY 10471

Learn how social insects—ants, bees, termites and more—have long inspired the imagination of artists and the curiosity of scientists. In conjunction with Call & Response, the fall exhibition in Glyndor Gallery, this program presents a video art piece by former Sunroom artist aricoco, exploring the behavior of bugs that live in highly organized societies. Chemical ecologist Qian "Karen" Sun follows with a talk about how these creatures "speak," cooperate and achieve colony-level success. Entomologist Lawrence Forcella provides a display of live ants and termites.

aricoco's new video piece, "PIPORNOT's Superorganism 101" explores the existence of insect society as a superorganism -- a highly specialized altruistic community, where an individual is dependent on the greater system for survival. "PIPORNOT's Superorganism 101" follows an absurd narrative, which mimics the form of an introductory class. The concept of non-hierarchical systems of social insects as well as the careful relationship between the powerless insect queen (a symbol of decentralized power) and her sterile workers (a key to the altruistic society) are examined through a documented science lecture and interviews with ("real") scientists.

This event is a prelude to a culminating final performance/installation piece that is scheduled to be presented at La MaMa Galleria in January 2018.

The event is free with admission to the grounds.

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Peso muerto (Dead Weight), 2017
Photo by Renato Mangolin

Carlos Martiel's

November 15, 2017
Y Gallery
319 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002

This performance reflects on the way black bodies are sequestered, seized, and abducted; and the consequent plunder and despoil of the cultural and material wealth of the African Continent. This work is not reduced only to the history of the transatlantic slave trade. It is meant as a critique of the present situation of constant vulnerability and crisis in which African nations and others continue to be indiscriminately exploited by the postcolonial and neoliberal policies of the USA, European states, and other parts of the developed world.

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