Dear Franklin Furnace Aficionado,

Lordy, Lordy, the Furnace is FORTY!

When I first opened our doors, at noon on April 3, 1976...(click here to read the full letter from Founding Director, Martha Wilson)

Please join Franklin Furnace today as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. Franklin Furnace is a tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization so, as always, your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Support our mission to keep the world safe for avant-garde art!

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The 1970s $40 + up (or under!)

This category of membership entitles you to weekly "Goings On" email bulletins, links on our website, and a Franklin Furnace 2016 daily pocket calendar/diary.

The 1980s $80 + up (dual membership)

All the above for two.

The 1990s $400 + up

All the above + one signed color lithograph from Dieter Roth’s 2 Times 5 Trophies or 2 Times 5 Bats, 1978, 19x25” ea. Click here to see images.

Y2K $800 + up

All the above + one signed copy of Paul Auster’s book Fragments from Cold, illustrated by Norman Bluhm and published by Parenthèse, 1977. Click here to see images.

The 2000s $4,000 + up

All the above + Kate Gilmore’s Heart Attack, 2010 limited-edition digital C-print, 32x42”, created for the benefit of Franklin Furnace’s FREE SPEECH series of multiples. Click here to see images.

The 2010s $40,000 + up

All the above + Joan Jonas’ signed print, Y Sa Lo - He Saw Her Burning, 1982/3, 29x37”. Click here to see images.