Independent Publications

Updated: July 2007

Franklin Furnace has served as a repository for archival materials of presses that have gone out of business, catalogues of artists it has presented, and publications that came our way for all sorts of squirrelly reasons. We pledged to give these titles away as membership premiums. But, if for research or interest you wish to consult any of these publications, Franklin Furnace will provide them to you for the direct cost of staff time to retrieve copies from our document storage in Brooklyn, plus postage.
Martha Wilson.


The Drama Review, The Journal of Performance Studies

Spring 2005. Publication highlighting the history and significance of Franklin Furnace, from its beginnings as a live performance space to its late 1990’s transition into virtuality. Including interviews with Martha Wilson and descriptions of numerous works including those of artists Martine Aballea, Vito Acconci, Kathy Acker, Ida Applebroog, Laurie Anderson, Alexandra Anderson, Moe Angelos, Anonymous Artist, Steven Ausbury, Alice Aycock, Jacki Apple, Barbara Bloom, George Brecht, Lee Breuer, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Eric Bogosian, Dara Birnbaum, Nancy Buchanan, Laurie Carlos, John Cage, C.Carr, Mark Clair, Laurie Beth Clark, Jordan Crandall, Philip Corner, Winston Curnow, Jean Paul Curtay, Irina Danilova, Charles Dennis, Jane DeLynn, John Duncan, Mary Beth Edelson, Karen Finley, Carole Forget, Simone Forti, John Fleck, Richard Foreman, William Furlong, Galinsky, Ilona Garnet, Cheri Gaulke, Bob George, Nancy van Goethem, Howard Goldstein, Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Vanalyne Green, Cheri Gaulke, Jessica Hagedorn, David Hammons, Ted Healey, Keith Haring, Josh Harris, Alanna Heiss, Marty Heitner, Geoff Hendricks, Dick Higgins, Susan Hiller, Kay Hines, Halona Hilbertz, Patricia Hoffbauer, Jenny Holzer, Judith Hoffberg, Tehching Hsieh, Holly Hughes, John Hugo, Ichi Ikeda, Annie Iobst, Joan Jonas, Constance De Jong, Laurel Klick, Alison Knowles, Henry Korn, Barbara Kruger, Suzanne Lacy, Patrick Lannon, Mayra Levy, Sol LeWitt, Jackie Livingston, Robert Longo, Lydia Lunch, Jackson MacLow, John Malpede, Kurt Maneske, Erin Martin, Robbie McCauley, Patrick McEntee, Anna Mendieta, Jennifer Miller, Larry Miller, Tim Miller, Antonio Miralda, Susan Mogul, Frank Moore, Matt Mullican, Charlie Murrow, Eileen Myles, Weston Naef, Richard Newton, Linda Nishio, Yoko Ono, Joe Papp, Clive Phillpot, Virginia Piersol, William Pope.L, Diane Postion, Ken Polinskie, Pseudo Programs, Inc., Power Boothe, Barbara Quinn, Nigel Rolfe, Candida Royalle, Tony Sant, Elisabeth Devolder Scarlatos, Jackie Schiffman, Carolee Schneemann, Sam Schoenbaum, Duff Schweniger, Jill Scott, Susan Share, Susan Seizer, Lucy Sexton, Willoughby Sharp, Karen Shaw, Stuart Sherman, Judy Simonian, Jay Sims, Barbara Smith, Mimi Smith, Michael Smith, Annie Sprinkle, Frederieke Taylor, Fiona Templeton, Lynne Tillman, Diane Torr, Bernard Tschumi, Mierle Ukeles, Veronica Vera, Angelika Wanke-Festa, Lawrence Weiner, Johanna Went, Martha Wilson, John Woo, Haviland Wright, Frank Young, Krzysztof Zarebski, and Dolores Zorreguieta. 11x8”. 173 pages. Email Franklin Furnace to inquire about pricing.

Publication available online at MIT PRESS website Volume 49, Issue 1, T185, Spring 2005.

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Water Diary in New York.

By Ichi Ikeda. Documents Ikeda's Water Dairy performances in New York in 1988 sponsored and currated by Franklin Furnace. Includes descriptions and notes for Ikeda's outdoor sight specific "water thought" events, along with notes and a pictoral essay on the performance and installation of "The Water Mirror" at Franklin Furnace. Complimented by a transcribed conversation with Martha Wilson, and documentation on Ikeda's "Water Diary" in Ottawa, Japan. In English and Japanese. 46 pages, 8x12 inches. Published by G-Day Plan. Summer, 1989.

Exhibition of Artists Books U.S.A.: Visual and Sculptural Book Works

The Seibu Museum of Art, Japan. Catalogue of exhibition including bibliographical list in English and Japanese, and selected pictures. Curator introduction in Japanese. 8x 11.5 inches. 9 pages. 10 4x2.5 B&W photos. Fall, 1979.

NY Arts Magazine

(March/April 2005, Vol. 1 No. 3/4) featured an article by Daniel Rothbart on the history of Franklin Furnace. The piece offers a concise overview of the organization.

Image Bank Post Card Show

Set of 50 4x6'' color post cards published alongside Image Bank's 1977 exhibition. Includes original designs by contemporary artists including Sol Lewitt, Robert Mapplethorpe, Gordon Matta-Clark, Edward Ruscha, as well as historical designs by Victor Hugo among others. Fall, 1977.



Collection of new writings, short stories, and word-image poems by Michael Meyers, Reese Williams, Jenny Holzer, Laurie Anderson, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Mike Roddy, and Richard Nonas. 280 pages. 5x8.5 inches. Numerous B&W photos. Fall, 1980.

Boiling Coffee

By Richard Nonas. 8.5x7.5'' B&W paperback edition of Nonas's visual and textual poem made out of pictoral collage, handwritten texts, and b&w prints. 170 pages. Fall, 1980.


Divine Conceptions

Edited by Amy Baker. 6x6'' handmade collection, including four 15-20 page artists' textual and pictoral books. One book each by Fred Sandbeck, Edda Renouf, David Shapiro/Lucio Pozzi, and Sylvia Plimack Mangold. In B&W. Fall, 1982. (Out of print.)

Notes for Fire and Rain

Drawings by Elizabeth Murray. Number 13 in a series. 4x4'' drawing book, 26 full color pages of dynamic line drawings. Spring, 1981.

black / white

Homemade 6x6 inches. Package including 4 6x6'' artists' books. Text and Line Drawing book entitled Drawings While Waiting for an Idea by James Rosenquist, along with Tanks by Joe Zucker, Studies by Ralph Humphrey, and drawing book by Victor Burgin. Edited by Amy Baker. Fall, 1980.



"A Magazine of Words and Pictures" Edited by John Bernard Meyers. Quarterly magazine of new fiction, poetry, artist's prints, drawings, and photography. No. 4 includes works by Paul Auster, Niccolo Tuchi, and Alli Anderson. 60 pages. 4x6'' Pictures in b&w. Spring, 1975.

PARENTHeSE Vol 2. No 3/4

"A Magazine of Words and Pictures" Edited by John Bernard Meyers. Includes fiction and poetry by Howard Griffin, Guy Davenport, and others and images by numerous artists including Rene Magritte and Edward Lear. 90 pages. 4x6'' B&W photos. Fall, 1979.

PARENTHeSE Vol 1 No. 3

"A Magazine of Words and Pictures" Edited by John Bernard Meyers. Artists include Alexander Calder and Robert Rauschenberg. Text by numerous writers including Paul Auster and Paul Violi. 60 B&W pages. 4x6" Fall, 1975.

PARENTHeSE Vol 2, No.1

"A Magazine of Words and Pictures" Summer Edited by John Bernard Meyers. Text by various writers including David Rieff and Meyer Liben. Images by John Miro, Anne Dunn, and others. 4x6'' 60 B&W pages. Summer, 1975.


"A Magazine of Words and Pictures" Spring Edited by John Bernard Meyers. Poetry by John Ashbery, Guy Davenport, and others. Images from numerous artists including Anne Ryan and Lee Krasner. 60 pages. 4X6'' B&W photos. Spring, 1975.

From "Made Around the World" Exhibition of VINCENT FITZGERALD PRESS

The Voice of Rumi

By Zahra Partovi. Program of a Performance Reading of stories from The Masnavi by Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi, translated by Z. Partovi. Printed translation of poem The Reed, biography of Rumi, plus notes and profiles of performance and performers. Includes rice paper line drawing by Susan Weil. 4x6'' B&W. 12 pages. Fall, 1993.