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FRANKLIN FURNACE ARCHIVE, INC. Publications, 1977 to the Present


The History of the Future! A Franklin Furnace View of Performance Art

This set of five DVDs, 'Highlights Reel,' 'The Culture Wars I,' 'The Culture Wars II,' 'Identity Politics,' and 'The Body as Art / The Body of the Net' documents the eponymous event held at the Abrons Art Center in New York City on April 27, 2007. Four hours and fifty minutes of live performances, both contemporary and reconstructed presentations, are interspersed with historical performance footage from the past thirty years. The History of the Future! includes a booklet with essays by C. Carr and RoseLee Goldberg, is intended to serve as an academic resource of performance art events which changed cultural discourse. Issues of economics, gender, identity, politics, race and other hot button topics are seen through the work of artists the Alien Comic, Moe Angelos / Peg Healey, Ron Athey, Blue Man Group, Eric Bogosian, Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Karen Finley, John Fleck, Coco Fusco, Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Grupo 609, Murray Hill, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Holly Hughes, John Jesurun, Joshua Kinberg/Yury Gitman, the Kipper Kids, Tim Miller, Mouchette, Julie Atlas Muz, Pope.L, Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, Martha Rosler, Alba Sanchez, Sapphire, Stuart Sherman, Michael Smith, Annie Sprinkle, Jack Waters, William Wegman, Martha Wilson, Wooloo Productions, Adrianne Wortzel, X-Cheerleaders, and Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga. Funding for this publication was provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Full color cover, plastic case, 7 ¼ x 5 x ¾” (Institutional Buyers: please contact Video Data Bank)

A preview for the History of the Future:


History of Performance According to Me, 2005, Martha Wilson.

20-minute DVD of a slide lecture presented in June of 2005 at the Baltic Center for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK, by Franklin Furnace's Founding Director, Martha Wilson, on the occasion of the "History of Disappearance" exhibition drawn from Franklin Furnace's archives. The lecture proposes Futurism as the cradle of performance art and follows the avant-garde art practice through Dadaism and Constructivism and on to contemporary work. Ms. Wilson discusses performance in the contexts of confrontation, the body as medium and site, and time-based practice. Artists discussed include Laurie Anderson, Paul Burwell, Dara Birnbaum, Eric Bogosian, Ken Butler, Guy de Cointet, Dead Dog and Lonley Horse, Karen Finley, Bob Flanagan, Cheri Gaulke, Mel Gordon, Frank Green, Ann Hamilton, Donna Henes, Julia Heyward, Tehching Hsieh, Ichi Ikeda, Annie Iobst/Lucy Sexton, Ray Johnson, Joan Jonas, Jill Kroesen, Robbie McCauley, Frank Moore, Peggy Pettit, Gina Pane, Rachael Rosenthal, Judy Rifka, Linda Sibio, Theodora Skipitares, Michael Smith, Fiona Templeton, and William Wegman. Black, red, and white jewel box & jacket.

Whiter the Alternative Space, 2005, Martha Wilson.

A 35-minute DVD of a slide-lecture by Franklin Furnace's Founding Director, Martha Wilson, presented in June, 2005 at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK, on the occasion of the "History of Disappearance" show drawn from the archives of Franklin Furnace. Martha Wilson delves into the oscillating history of the alternative space using her Franklin Furnace experiences as the model. Vaulting off the famous Futurist clocktower showdown in Venice, she moves from the idea of the page as an artspace and the tenet of performative work as interactive art, through the culture wars of the 1980s and 1990s, to the nebulous crossroads of netcasts and cyber art. Along the way, slides of work by artists such as Dara Birnbaum, the Blue Man Group, Willie Cole, Marcel Duchamp, Sherman Fleming/Kristine Stiles, Karen Finley, Yvette Helin, Halona Hilbertz, Jenny Holzer, Tari Ito, Tina Keane, El Lisitzky, Daniel Martinez, Ana Mendieta, Susan Mogul, Scarlet O, Claes Oldenburg, Andrea Polli, Jill Scott, Annie Sprinkle, Jocelyn Taylor, Jack Waters, Robert Wilson, Nora York, and Dolores Zorreguieta animate the story. Red, black and white jewel box & jacket.


The Future of the Present 2001, 25th Anniversary Season

Calendar of the “live art on the Internet” presented by Franklin Furnace in collaboration with the Parsons School of Design works using the Internet as a venue in which performance and discussion may take place. Designed by Tiffany Ludwig. Descriptions of the work of artists Gabriele Leidloff, Bruno Ricard, Marcus Young, Liz Phillips and Anney Bonney, Adriene Jenik and Lisa Brenneis, Nao Bustamante, Anahí Cáceres, Dyke Action Machine and go_HOME that was made available to a worldwide audience. Announcement of 2001 artist winners for the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, Nancy Alfaro, The Art Cheerleaders, Cloud Seeing Circus, Deborah Edmeades, David Michalek, Gigi Otalvaro-Hormillosa, Clifford Owens, William Pope.L, Fiona Templeton, and Emma Wilson, selected by Peer Panelists Patty Chang, Garland Farwell, Zhang Ga, Carmin Karasic, Christiane Paul and Mark Tribe. Announcement of Future of the Present 2002 artists, Kathleen Brandt and Brian Lonsway, Jeff Gompertz, G.H. Hovagimyan, Tish Benson, Christine Carson, George Ferrandi, Stanya Kahn, Cary Peppermint, and Tadej Pogacar. One page, two-sided, folded, black-and-white and color photographs, 8x27".


The Future of the Present 2000

Calendar of the ten events of live art on the Internet created during month-long residencies at Parsons School of Design. Designed by Tiffany Ludwig. The artists who presented work are Jack Waters, Danny Tisdale, Scott Durkin, Seemen, Andrea Polli, Diane Ludin, Cathy Weis, Susan Lewis and Skârt. One page, two-sided, folded, black-and-white. 22x17".


The History of the Future 1999-2000

Booklet describing performance art works selected by Martha Wilson and netcast by ChannelP.com, the performance channel of Pseudo.com. Designed by Tiffany Ludwig. These works, documented on videotape, changed art discourse during the last quarter of the 20th century. Twenty thematic shows involved artists William Wegman and Man Ray, Michael Smith, Tehching Hsieh, Tari Ito, Jill Scott, Papo Colo, Nigel Rolfe, David Leslie, Matt Mullican, Billy Curmano, Donna Henes, Alva Rogers, Ken Butler, Grisha Coleman and Hotmouth, Doug Skinner, Guy de Cointet, Andrea Fraser, Ilona Granet, Kim Irwin and Jody Oberfelder, Moe Angelos and Peg Healey, Kriota Willberg, Fiona Templeton, Julie Laffin, Yvette Helin, Andre Stitt, Frank Green, Ron Athey, Diane Torr, Fen-Ma Liu Ming, Cathay Che, Linda Sibio, Paul McMahon, Tim Miller, Holly Hughes, Annie Sprinkle, John Fleck, David Cale, Deborah Edmeades, Lenora Champagne, Tanya Barfield, Frank Moore, Jesse Jane Lewis, William Pope.L., Robbie McCauley, Pamela Sneed, John Malpede, Jennifer Miller, Guillermo Gomez-Peña and Coco Fusco, Linda Montano, Annie Lanzillotto, Patty Chang, Susan Mogul, Pat Oleszko, Cathy Weis, and Julia Heyward. 12 pages. Saddle stapled. Red-and-white. 8x8".


The History of the Future 1999

CD-ROM documenting Franklin Furnace’s inaugural season of ten live art presentations netcast to a worldwide audience through a live collaboration with Pseudo Programs. It includes interviews with and biographical material of Jason E. Bowman, Lenora Champagne, Anna Mosby Coleman, Kali Lela Colton, Alvin Eng with Yoav Gal and Melissa Tonelli, Bingo Gazingo, Halona Hilbertz, Patricia Hoffbauer, Jon Keith and Nora York with Nancy Spero, plus the ten netcasts in their original RealPlayer format, “The Whys of Deinstitutionalization,” by Martha Wilson, and an interview with Galinsky, Executive Producer, ChannelP. Produced by Zhang Ga’s Fall 1999 Art on the Internet class at Parsons School of Design. 5x5½”.

The Future of the Present 1998-99

CD-ROM documenting Franklin Furnace’s first year-long netcasting season, from September 1998 to July 1999. It contains all of the 22 netcasts originally presented in collaboration with Pseudo.com. Artists involved are Rae C. Wright, Gillian Dyson, Rafael Sanchez, Davide Bramante, Sarah East Johnson, Marilena Preda Sanc, Dance Kumikokimoto, Standard & Poor, Irina Danilova and Steven Ausbury, Anita Ponton, Kathy Westwater, Doorika, Andrea Kleine, Mark Fox and David Zaza, Teresa Konechne, Paul Granjon, Dahn Hiuni, Romy Achituv, Laure Drogoul, Joshua Fried, Michael Bramwell and Stacy Makishi. 5x5½”.

The Future of the Present 1998-99

Two-sided poster/calendar announcing Franklin Furnace’s Future of the Present project in collaboration with Pseudo Programs, Inc., as above. Designed by Tiffany Ludwig. The front is black-and-white with a photograph of Irina Danilova and Steven Ausbury dressed in spacesuits during their ’99 performance MIR is Here. The back is black, white, and electric green, with photographs and descriptions of the netcast performances of artists Raphael Sanchez, Rae C. Wright, David Bramante, Dance Kumikokimoto, Marilena Preda Sanc, Standard & Poor, Anita Ponton, Gillian Dyson, Sarah East Johnson, Irina Danilova and Steven Ausbery. 22x17".(Out of print.)


Franklin Furnace @ Pseudo Programs, Inc.

Calendar of Franklin Furnace’s inaugural netcasting season presented in collaboration with Pseudo Programs. Designed by Alice Wu. The artists who performed are Halona Hilbertz, Bingo Gazingo, Patricia Hoffbauer, Jon Keith, Jason E. Bowman, Anna Mosby Coleman, Kali Lela Colton, Lenora Champagne, Nora York, Alvin Eng and Yoav Gal. One page, folded, pink-and-yellow. 17x22". (Out of print.)



Set of 12 black-and-white postcards, published in honor of Franklin Furnace’s 20th Anniversary, picturing great performance moments in organizational history; artists are: Robert Wilson, Eric Bogosian, Nigel Rolfe, Annie Iobst and Lucy Sexton, Karen Finley, Paul Zaloom, Yvette Helin, Ann Hamilton, Laurie Anderson, William Wegman, The Blue Man Group and Jenny Holzer. 4x6". (Out of print.)


Video produced by Franklin Furnace, runs the gamut of performance art, from Martha Wilson’s novel incarnation as Tipper Gore, to Amanda Vogel’s captivating rant about relationships. Also featuring: The Alien Comic, Cathay Che, Moe Angelos and Peg Healey, and the X-Cheerleaders (Kim Irwin, Jody Oberfelder and the squad: Keila Cordova, Kate Kennedy Mercedes Murphy, Lynne Newman and Cindy Pullman). 20 minutes. 7½x4”.


Sequential Art for Kids 1985-1995 Walkabout Handbook

Edited and designed by Dan Mausner in honor of the 10th anniversary of this program, a textual and pictorial documentary guide through Franklin Furnace’s Art in Education project within public elementary schools. Includes numerous black-and-white pictures, text by founding director, Martha Wilson, and anecdotal quotation and comments from numerous artist-teacher members including Laurie Anderson, Eric Bogosian, Benita Abrams, John Allen, Douglas Beube, Paul Borovsky, Ariane Dewey, Howard Epstein, Marty Heitner, Ben Jacobs, Francene Keery, Paula Beardell Krieg, Ron Littke, Melissa Miller, Vanessa Milio, Helen Mitchel, Debra Pearlman, Kenneth Polinskie, Rachel Romero, Jacquelyn Schiffman, Susan Share, Jennifer Sloan, Bruce Smith, Pamela White, Rebecca Wible, Martha Wilson, Lily Din Woo, and Paul Zelevansky. 8½x11”. 32 pages. Saddle bound.

April Fool’s Day Benefit

Not-to-be-missed videotape contains riveting performances by some of the most absorbing avant-garde artists of our time. Hear Tipper Gore and Newt Gingrich talk about performance art. See Phillip Brown, X-Cheerleaders, Jim Fouratt, Cathay Che, The Bush Tetras, and others strut their stuff at the Knitting Factory. 1 hour and 10 minutes. 7½x4”.


Vulnerability: New Fashions

Catalogue of installation by Athena Tacha from April 8 - May 7, 1994. A series of works of art initiated by the death of two friends, this catalogue contains images of Tacha’s masks and armor, along with quotations from anthropologists, cultural critics, and artists. 16 pages. Saddle-stapled. Offset printing by Collier Co., Wooster, Ohio. Color photographs. 10x8".


Franklin Furnace in Exile, Black, white and orange poster listing artists in Franklin Furnace’s 17th season

(3rd season in exile at The New School) of performance art. Striking photographs of Franklin Furnace and the New School by Marty Heitner. Designed by Ratchethead Studio. Glossy stock. 32x18".

Made Around Words: The Editions of Vincent FitzGerald & Company

Catalogue raisonné of the first 26 books published by Vincent Fitzgerald & Company from 1981-1992. Curated and with an essay by Donna Stein; and with an introduction by Eleanor Garvey (The Houghton Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts); and forewords by Ursula Haeusgen (Lyrik-kabinett, Munchen) and Martha Wilson. Published on the occasion of exhibitions at the Lyrik-Kabinett, Munchen and the Franklin Furnace, New York. The publication describes dynamic collaborations between notable contemporary artists and writers, and contains a checklist of works. Artists include Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi illustrated by Don Kunz, Agnes Murray, Susan Weil, Annette Senneby, or Mark Beard, Arthur Rimbaud by Michael Feingold, Dame Edith Sitwell by Mark Beard, David Rattray by Peter Thompson or Gerard Charriere, David Mamet by Edward Koren, Harry Kondoleon by Mark Beard, James Joyce interpreted by Susan Weil and Marjorie Van Dyke, Henrik Ibsen by Neil Welliver, Franz Kafka by Judith Turner, Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weill by Mark Beard, Lee Breuer by Susan Weil, Virgil Thomson by Maurice Grosser, Robert Schumann on poems of Adelbert von Chamisso by Joan Busing, and texts, drawings, and linocuts by Mark Beard. 93 pages. Perfect bound. Black-and-white photographs and color illustrations. 9x11½".


Eric Bogosian: Benefit Concert for Franklin Furnace

Electric-blue, orange, black-and-white photograph of Eric Bogosian by Chris Callis. Intimidating expression to glare over your living room. Designed by J. Bonney. 31x21". High-quality archival stock or Standard paper.

Fluxus: A Conceptual Country

Edited by Estera Milman, curator of the eponymous exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Fluxus movement. The catalogue, a special double issue of Visible Language, contains a historical investigation of the movement, as well as essays and thoughts on its social purpose and anti-elitist strategies. It includes an interview with John Cage, notes on George Maciunas’ work in cinema, and detailed descriptions of several Fluxus pieces, including those by Joseph Beuys, Alice Hutchins, John Lennon, Claes Oldenburg, Yoko Ono, Alison Knowles; Alice Hutchins; Martha Wilson; Stephen C. Foster; Owen F. Smith; Ellsworth Snyder; John Cage; Roy F. Allen; Craig Saper; John G. Hanhardt and Peter Moore; Wolf Vostell; Jonas Mekas; George Maciunas; Eric Andersen; Dick Higgins; Ken Friedman; James Lewes; Hollis Melton; Peter Frank; Joan S. Huntley and Michael Partridge; and Emily Harvey. 248 pages. Perfect bound. 62 black-and-white illustrations. 9x6". Published by Visible Language,Rhode Island School of Design.

Fluxus: A Conceptual Country

Striking black-and-white graphics and stark illustrations by Ken Friedman enrich this poster for Fluxus: A Conceptual Country. Estera Milman curated this traveling exhibition in honor of the 30th birthday of Fluxus. Designed by Bergsnov Design. 26x26". High-quality glossy stock.

FLUXFEST: In and Around Fluxus, a program for Franklin Furnace’s retrospective of Fluxus related films presented at the Anthology Film Archives from September 19 th to October 11 th in 1992. With an introduction by Jonas Mekas, founder of Anthology. Contains brief descriptions and a schedule of the “Fluxfilms, Fluxloops, Fluxslides, and Environments,” that were screened including works by: Vito Acconci, Eric Andersen, David Behrman, Joseph Beuys, George Binkey, George Brecht, John Cale, John Cavanaugh, Vittorio De Sica, Willem De Ridder, Bob Diamond, Albert Fine, Philip Glass, Dick Higgins, Allan Kaprow, Peter Kennedy, Alyson Knowles, Takehisa Kosugi, George Landow, Les Levine, Carla Liss, George Maciunas, Piero Mazoni, Jonas Mekas, Larry Miller, Peter Moore, Bruce Nauman, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Mike Parr, Jeff Perkins, Sidney Peterson, James Riddle, Klaus Rinke, Roberto Rossellini, Diter Rot, Paul Shartis, Chieko Shiomi, Michael Snow, Pieter Vanderbiek, Robert Watts, Andy Warhol, John and James Whitney, Ray Wisniewski, Stan Vanderbeek, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, and Jud Yalkut. Includes reproductions of various printed Fluxus and George Maciunas related paraphernalia. 24 illustrated black and white pages on newsprint. 8 ¼ x 10 ¾”.


Franklin Furnace’s 15th Year of Performance Art

Erika Rothenberg designed this poster celebrating Franklin Furnace’s 15th Anniversary. “Hurt me. Shock me. Make me cry. Make me laugh. Terrify me. Torment me. Tickle me. Make me throw up. Make me feel I’m not alone. Incense me. Incite me. Give me what I deserve…Give me Franklin Furnace’s 15th Year of Performance Art,” featuring photographs of William Wegman, Mineo Aayamaguchi, Ethyl Eichelberger, Sherman Fleming and Kristine Stiles, Karen Finley, Paul Zaloom, Laurie Carlos/Jessica Hagedorn/Robbie McCauley in “Teeny Town,” Eric Bogosian, Peggy Pettitt and Ana Mendieta. 24x19".

Hidden Story: Samizdat From Hungary and Elsewhere

Handbook by Tibor Vàrnagy and John P. Jacob, curators of the exhibition, which amassed publications gathered illegally from Hungary and other countries in Eastern Europe. Hidden Story doubles as an exhibition catalogue and an example of Samizdat. Detailed descriptions of each work, a complete checklist, and art texts and essays by George Szego, Simon Csorba, Zsolt Kishonthy, G.A., Gergely Molnar, Marek Janiak and Andzej Kwietniewski, Hejettes Szomjazok, John P. Jacob, Tibor Hajas, Bela Hamvas, Janos Kis, and Tibor Vàrnagy. Visual works by Levay Jeno, Regos Imre, Robert Swierkiewicz (Xertox), and others. 82 pages. Saddle-stapled. 52 black-and-white illustrations. 8x11” in brown paper bag, with handcut rubber-stamping.


Franklin Furnace Fights for First Amendment Rights

A classic Barbara Kruger poster featuring a large black-and-white photographs with overlaid text. This poster documents the benefit evening at New York City’s Joseph Papp Public Theater, with an all-star cast including Eric Bogosian, Cee Scott Brown, Karen Finley, Allan Ginsburg, Leon Golub and Nancy Spero, The Guerrilla Girls, Frank Maya, Pauline Oliveros and IONE, Nicky Paraiso and Jessica Hagedorn, RENO, Annie Sprinkle, Lynne Tillman, Diane Torr, and Jawole Willa Jo Zolar. 28x22”. Red, black-and-white on heavy stock.

Contemporary Illustrated Books: Word and Image, 1967-1988

By Donna Stein, curator of the exhibition which surveyed recent developments in the long-lived genre of the livre d’artiste. Detailed descriptions of each work and a checklist of works including books by John Baldessari, Francesco Clemente, Jim Dine, R. Buckminster Fuller, Barbara Kruger, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso and many others. Essay by Donna Stein. 72 pages with index and slipcover. 9x11½”. 58 black-and-white illustrations. 9x11½". Index and slipcover. Published by Independent Curators, Inc.


The Flue: Volume VI, No. 2

Illustrator/Designer Isabel Samaras. Information on The Avant-Garde Book: 1900-1945 exhibition curated by Jaroslav Andel. Descriptions of installations by emerging artists Shelagh Keely, Mark W. McGinnis, Henry Chotkowski, and Kaoru Hirabayashi. Description of artists-in-residence, Nancy Garruba, Davi Det Hompson, Franc Palaia, and Kevin Osborn. Descriptions of emerging performance artists Barbara T. Smith, William Pope L. and James Calder, Torture Chorus (Stephen Holman and Laura Richmond), Geraoid Dolan, Ron Littke, DADAnewyorkDADA, Dawn Egazarian, Lisa Kotin, The Dark Bob, Sherman Flemming aka Rodforce, Jim Reva and Lisa Weger, Susan Mogul, Richard Elovich, Deborah Margolin, Laurence Steger, and Frank Moore. List of Franklin Furnace supporters; information on how to apply for grants. 8½x5½”. Digest format. 20 pages.

The Avant-Garde Book: 1900-1945

By Jaroslav Andel, curator of exhibition and author of this accompanying catalogue that traces the development of avant-garde uses of the book format. “Sources and Paradigms, 1900-1945”, essay by Jaroslav Andel. Introduction by Martha Wilson. Designed by Pavel Büchler. Beginning with William Blake’s The Book of Urizen and continuing through the Expressionist, Cubist, Futurist, Dadaist, Constructivist, and Surrealist experiments. Checklist of 128 works in the exhibition. Information on artists: Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean Arp, Hugo Ball, Ernst Barlach, Herbert Bayer, Henryk Berlewi, Pierre-Albert Birot, William Blake, George Braque, Andre Breton, David Burliuk, Vladimir Burliuk, Paolo Buzzi, Francesco Cangiullo, Josef Capek, Carlo Carra, Blaise Cendrars, Giorgio de Chirico, Tullio D’Albiscola, Salvador Dali, Sonia Delaunay, Fortunato Depero, Andre Derain, Marcel Duchamp, Paul Eluard, Max Ernst, Conrad Felixmuller, Pavel Filonov, Paul Gauguin, Natalia Goncharova, Werner Graff, Juan Gris, Georg Grosz, Raoul Hausman, John Heartfield, Richard Huelsenbeck, Georges Hugnet, Iliazd (Ilia Zdanevich), Marcel Janco, Alfred Jarry, Frantisek Kalivoda, Wassily Kandisky, Lajos Kassak, Ersnt Ludwig Kirchner, Gustav Klutsis, Oskar Kokoschka, Alexei Kruchenykh, Alfred Kubin, Mikhail Larionov, Fernand Leger, El Lissitzky, Rene Magritte, Valdimir Mayakovsky, Kasimir Malevich, Stephane Mallarme, Fillipo Tomasso Marinetti, Frans Masereel, Andre Masson, Ludwig Meidner, E.L.T. Mesens, Ljubomir Micic, Joan Miro, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Vitezslav Nezval, Roland Penrose, Francis Picabia, Pablo Picasso, Heinz & Bodo Rash, Man Ray, Odilon Redon, Hans Richter, Alexander Rodchenko, Zdenek Rossman, Olga Rozanova, Kurt Schwitters, Ardegno Soffici, Laurence Sterne, Wladislaw Strzeminski, Jindrich Styrsky, Leopold Survage, Ladislav Sutnar, Yves Tanguy, Karel Teige, Solomon Telingater, Jan Tschichold, Tristan Tzara, Josef Vachal, Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman, and Piet Zwart. 68 pages. Perfect bound. 8½x11". 119 black-and-white illustrations. Index and selected bibliography. Printed by Record Press, Inc., NY. Facsimile.



A structure of Lawrence Weiner, designed to cross-fertilize the audiences for artists’ books and performance art. Passports were brought by and stamped for Members who came to performance art events. Artists who prepared rubber stamps for this accordion-folded booklet in 1988-89 were Gearoid Dolan, Richard Elovich, Sherman Fleming and Kristine Stiles, Barbara Hofrenning, Stephen Holman, Ichi Ikeda, Judith Jackson, Doug Kenny, Lisa Kotin, Ron Littke, Deborah Margolin, Susan Mogul, Frank Moore, Kei Okada, Raphael Ortiz, Mike Osterhout, Jim Reva and Lisa Weger, Lawrence Steger, The Dark Bob, and Rumiko Tsuda. 1989-90 artists were Penny Arcade, Blue Man Group (Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, Chris Wink), Diana Burgoyne, Giles Denmark, Glenn Downing, Gretchen Faust, Fleshlight (Melody-Jean Davis, Bradley Eros, Cass Watson), Donna Henes, Sha Sha Higby and Peter Van Riper, Lambs Eat Ivy (Nancy Andrews, Elizabeth Dowling, Michael Willis), Salley May, Aaron Osborne, Peggy Pettitt, Sapphire, Seemen (Michael Diaz, Michael Laird, Kal Spelletich), Roger Shimomura, and Diane Torr.

The Concrete Flue: Volume VI, No.1: The Concrete Flue

Fall/Winter 1988. Artist/Designer: Carol Sun. Edited by Jeffrey Feldman, Amy Horowitz, Jackie Shilkoff, Harley Spiller, Georgie Stout and Martha Wilson. Poster format, yellow and black. News on “Concrete Poetry” exhibition; permanent collection of artists’ books; news of Franklin Furnace exhibitions by Adam Buckman, Norm Magnusson , Harley Spiller, Paul E. Bouchard, Maria Epes, Roger Ely, Rumiko Tsuda, Ichi Ikeda, Mike Osterhout, Douglas Kenny, Judith Jackson, Raphael Ortiz, Barbara Hofrennign and Kei Okada. Description of Coast to Coast exhibition curated by Faith Ringgold with art by Emma Amos, Camille Billops, Josely Carvalho, Elizabeth Catlett, Howardena Pindell, Jolene Rickard, Faith Ringgold, Ce Roser, Clarissa Sligh, and Jaune Quick-To-See Smith. One-page poster format. 26x19”.

Writer’s Digest/Readers Art

Catalogue of an exhibition featuring work by eight German artists: Horst Haack, Angelika Janz, Annalies Klophaus, Jan Koblasa, Helge Leiberg, Reinhold Metz, Franz Mon, and Karel Trinkewitz, who concentrate on combining words and images in their art. Curated by Dietrich Mahlow and Annette Opitz-Wilson. Organized by Goethe House, New York. Lavish color and black-and-white illustrations. 27 pages with color cover. Saddle stapled. Printed by Brausdruck GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany. 8½x11".

The Flue: Volume V, No. 2: The International Flue

Artist/Designer Carol Sun. Announcement of emerging artists’ performance works, “Teenytown” by Laurie Carlos, Jessica Hagedorn, Robbie McCauley and John Woo; Monty Cantsin; Essex Hemphill and Wayson Jones; Patrick W. Moore; Sarah Schulman; Billy Curmano; installation artists Miriam Sharon, Regina Silveira; Willie Cole; Genqui Numata, among others; “Products and Promotion”; exhibition of the sketchbooks of Ree Morton. Franklin Furnace’s periodical containing notes on the permanent collection and forthcoming reading room. Stories about “The Avant-Garde Breaks Into Midtown” benefit, the Ken Dewey retrospective exhibition, and education programs. Spring/Summer performance and installation descriptions. 28 black-and-white photographs. 25x18". Poster format.

Genqui Numata Art Tourism

Tri-colored poster, produced by the artist in Tokyo, Japan. Japanese characters and a photograph document Genqui Numata’s performance, “Art Tourism,” his 300-mile walk of the traditional pilgrimage route between Tokyo and Kyoto, dressed as a bonsai tree! Extra-large, high quality stock. 48x29". Limited edition.


Action Theatre: The Happenings of Ken Dewey

Catalogue of the exhibition documenting film, audio, video, and “happening” works of Ken Dewey, curated by Barbara Moore. A pioneer artist whose career was ended prematurely by a plane crash, Dewey worked in Scandinavia and the United States, bringing to the “happenings” field his theatrical training and concerns. Original color Xerox cover by Carolee Schneemann, artists’ pages by Robert Wilson, John Giorno, Terry Riley, Frances Alenikoff, Mark Boyle, Ann Horton and Alison Knowles, portfolio of photographs by Peter Moore of performances and installations created in the early 1970s by Les Levine, Charlotte Moorman, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Oren Lyons, Aldo Tambellini, Max Neuhaus, Geoff Hendricks & Stephen Varble, Guerilla Art Action Group, Lex Hixon, Judith Scott and others. In memory of Ken Dewey. Illustrated. 68 pages. Plastic binding. 8½x11". Edition of 350 unnumbered copies.

The New York Flue: Volume V, No. 1

Fall 1987. Artist/Editors Lady Pink, Redy Story, and Carol Sun. Articles on “The Avant-Garde Breaks Into Midtown” benefit event at The Equitable; “Action Theatre: The Happenings of Ken Dewey” exhibition; “Live on the Bounding Main” performance festival aboard the Staten Island Ferrry; Sequential Art for Kids education program; Spring/Summer performance and installation program descriptions about artists Beverly Owen, the Anonymous Artist, Leon Ferrari, Connie Fitzsimons and Bruce Meisner, Daze, Rammelzee, Erni/Sizer, Franc Palaia, Lee Quinones, Rick Prol, Crash, Jenny Holzer, John Fekner, Felix, Phase II, Schwartz, David Wojnarowicz, Brasz, Lady Pink, Diaz, Zone West (Joel Reynolds and Maurya Wickstrom), Peter Grzybowski, Johanna Went, David Marquis, Mary Mary (Theresa Haney and James Adlesic), Marty Pottenger, Alison Rooney, Jim Provenzano, Quimetta Perle. News on The Avant-Garde Breaks Into Midtown benefit evening, starring Ann Magnuson, Julia Heyward, Jo Andres, Ken Butler, David Leslie, Tom Murrin, Doug Skinner, and TeenyTown (Laurie Carlos, Jesica Hagedorn, Robbie McCauley, and John Woo). News about “Live on the Bounding Main” performance series aboard the Staten Island Ferry by Glenn Lund, John Fekner, David Leslie, Tom Murrin, Jim Greene and Arturo Lindsay. Event calendar. Illustrated. 28 black-and-white photographs. Purple ink. One-page, folded. 25x18". Poster format.

Products and Promotion

Catalogue accompanying the exhibit curated by Donna Stein and Lynn Zelevansky, organized by San Francisco Camerawork. Products and Promotion chronicles the rise of consumerism in art, from Claes Oldenburg’s Ray Gun Poems to Keith Haring’s Pop Shop. Photographs of work by Dara Birnbaum, Marc Blane, Chris Burden, Terry Ellis, Jenny Holzer, Mike Hozard, Mark Kostabi, Barbara Kruger, Mike Metz, Richard Prince, Erika Rothenberg, Paul Rutkovsky, Terence Sullivan, Mitchell Syrop, David Wojnarowicz and Paul Zelevansky. Black-and-white photographs. Saddle-stapled. 11x8½”. 15 pages.

4-Story House

A funky Marty Heitner photographic poster of artists Jerri Allyn, Bill Gordh, Joe Lowery and Debra Wanner. Tropical colors. Designed by Jennifer Lewis. 17x22½". Limited edition. Poster format.


Concrete Poetry

Poster/checklist. Design and visual essay by Dick Higgins, includes poem by Augusto de Campos, checklist of works in the Franklin Furnace exhibition: Full list of artists: Reinhard Dohl, Alan Riddell, Oyvind Fahlstrom, Dieter Rot, Robert Filliou, Gerhard Ruhm, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Aram Saroyan, Ilse and Pierre Garnier, Mary Ellen Solt, Jochen Gerz, Ludwig Gosewitz, Eugen Gomringer, Frank Trowbridge, Ake Hodell, Paul de Vree, Herman de Vries, Ersnt Jandl, Emmett Williams, Ronald Johnson, Max Bense, Jiri Kolar, Claus Bremer, Kopcke Gallery, Augusto de Campos, Franz Mon, Haroldo de Campos, Hansjorg Mayer, Bob Cobbing, Decio Pignatari, Herman Damen, Vladan Radovanovic. Concrete Poetry: The Early Years, curated by Matthew Hogan and presented at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Thomas J. Watson Library. 16x22”.

The Arties

Franklin Furnace’s Tenth Anniversary Album, published in conjunction with an award ceremony honoring avant-garde achievement. Essays on award winners, presenters and performers, Vito Acconci; Laurie Anderson; Eric Bogosian; Richard Foreman; Linda Montano and Tehching Hsieh; Allan Kaprow; The Kipper Kids; Lydia Lunch; Lisa Lyon; The Mastfor II Co.; Leo Lionni; Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman; Pat Oleszko; Michael Smith; Robert Rauschenberg; Yoko Ono, Michael Smith, Paul Zaloom, Lily Tomlin; William Wegman and Man Ray; Paul Zaloom; Redy Story; Luce Marinetti Barbi, and F.T. Marinetti.
Cover photograph of Lisa Lyon by Robert Mapplethorpe. Includes checklist of Franklin Furnace’s first ten years of exhibitions, performances, traveling exhibitions, and publications. Illustrated. 54 pages. Saddle stapled, 8½x11”.

COBRA Prints/COBRA Books

Catalogue of an exhibition held at City Gallery, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, curated by Richard J. Kempe. Curator’s Statement. Foreword by Martha Wilson. Essay “The COBRA Movement” by Willemijn Stokvis. List of COBRA artists. Checklist of the exhibition. Bibliography. Published by La Poligrafa, S.A., Barcelona, Spain. And Galeria Joan Prats, NY – Barcelona. Designed by Arnold Skolnick. Cover design by Anthony McCall Associates. Illustrated in color. 46 pages. 8½x11”.

Books and Graphics of COBRA Artists

Full-color poster rendition of “The Ugly Duckling” by Carl Henning Pedersen for the exhibition curated by Richard J. Kempe, with checklist of books by Jean Atlan, Henry Heery, Jorn Asger, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Egill Jacobsen, Mogens Balle, Egler Bille, Eugene Brands, Christian Dotremont, Jacques Doucet, C.O. Hulten, Lucebert, Anton Rooskens, and Tajiri. High-quality glossy stock, 25x35", limited edition.


Letterism and Hypergraphics: The Unknown Avant-Garde 1945-1985

Texts by Jean Paul Curtay, curator of the exhibition. Foreword by Martha Wilson. Two essays “The Unknown Avant-Garde 1945-1985” and “Hypergraphics in 1985 Like America in 1585” both by the Mr. Curtay. Checklist of the exhibition includes artists Roberto Altmann, Michel Amarger, Jacques Aubert, Francois Dufrene, Marc Battier and Jean-Paul Curtay, Gabriele Aldo Bertozzi and GiulioTamburrini, Jean-Louis Brau, Gerard-Philippe Brantin, Francoise Lanal, Alain de la Tour, Frederique Devaux, Albert Dupont, Pietro Ferrua, Stephan Foster, Antoine Grimaud, Micheline Hachette, Isidore Isou, Andre Jessemin and Jacques Spacagna, Pierre Jouvet, Maurice Lemaitre, Elisabeth Leoncini, Marie-Therese Muller, Gabriel Pomerand, Francois Poyet, Helene Richol, Roland Sabatier, Alain Satie, Sandra Scarnati, Jacqueline Tarkieltaub, Catherine Tavernier, Marc Texier, Florence Villers, Gil J. Wolman, O, Psi, Secundo Kwarderno Ini, L’irreductible Lettriste, and Bizarre. Quick Printing, Albuquerque, NM. Illustrated. 88 pages. Perfect bound. 5½x8”.

Artists’ Books: Japan

Catalogue of an exhibition curated by Yoshiaki Tono. Foreword by Martha Wilson. Commentary by Mr. Tono includes: “The Book as Documentation and Memory Holder,” “The Book as Performance,” “The Book as an Unopenable Object,” and “The Book as Skin.” Illustrations of art books by Yoko Ono, Lee-U Fan, Takuma Nakahira, Morio Shinoda, Hot Scrap, Nutsuyuki Nakanishi, Yukimasa Okumura, The Play Group, Gempei Akasegawa, Fumiyo Tamegaya, Hideki Sando, Tadanori Yokoo, Katsuhiro Yamaguchi, Susumu Wakabayashi and Gozo Yoshimasu, Shinro Otake, Sawado Goda, Chie Matsui, Kimizo Michima, Yoshio Nakae and Noriko Veno, Shuzo Takiguchi, Sebastio Resende, Shuzo Azuchi (aka Gulliver), Shunji Hamajima; Natsuyuki Nakanishi, Jiro Takamatsu, Nahohide Yamazaki, Kiochi Ebizuka, Makoto Doka and Mitsuo Kano, Mad Amado, Shijeo Anzai, Yutaka Takanashi, Katsuhiko Hibiko, Genki Numata, Haruomi Hosono, and Tsuguya Inoue. Checklist of the exhibition. Printed by Conrad Gleber. Illustrated. 72 pages. 7½x7½”.

Fri-Art Made in Switzerland

Catalogue of an exhibition of contemporary Swiss artists held simultaneously at the Collective for Living Cinema, the Clocktower, Franklin Furnace, the Kitchen, and La Mama. Franklin Furnace portion curated by Michel Ritter, presenting Dieter Roth, Ian Anull, Daniel Berset, Container TV, Philippe Deleglise, Etienne Descloux, Jurg Egli, Pierre Nadre Ferrand, Hans Jurgen Gilgen, Rut Himmelsbach, Res Ingold, Michael Ritter, Ruedi Schill, Roman Signer, Peter Trachsel and Knut Demond, Anna Winteler.. Biographies of participating artists. Illustrated. 208 pages. Perfect bound. 6½x10½”.



Document of a collaborative installation with work by artists who concentrate on the use of narrative through text and/or image: Lisa Bloomfield, Anita David, Barbara Lattanzi, Rod Moore, Jeffrey Norman, and Blaise Tobia. The catalogue presents those artists who have concentrated on the use of the narrative in their work, either through text or image. Cover designed by Brad Rice. Illustrated in black-and-white. 6 pages with fold-out panel. Black-and-white illustrations. Typography by Marsha Ginsberg. 6 x 8 ½”.

Found Language

Publication by Larry List, curator of the exhibition. Found Language describes several uses of the modern quotation in music, painting, sculpture, dance, photography, and video to exemplify the unique responsibility of our age to the future. Artists discussed include Bruce Connor with David Byrne and Brian Eno, Sharon Gilbert, Charles Lenoir, William Pope, Sharon Gilbert, David Wojnarowicz, Kenneth Juon, Grandmaster Flash, Gerard Lindhal, Perry Hoberman, Jane Comfort, Larry List, Larry Walczak, Jeanne Silverthorne, Barry Ledoux, James Theobald, Buzz Spector, Tom Lesser and Diane Leeson, Greg Scholette, Chris Bratton, Marsha Ginsberg, and Jack Waters. Illustrated in black and white. Fold-out format. Black-and-white illustrations. 8 pages with panel fold-out. 8 ½x6”. Facsimile.

Iceland: The Art Revealed

Catalogue of the exhibition curated by Ingólfur Arnarsson, a survey of bookworks, performances, and graphic art by contemporary Icelandic artists. Introductions by Dieter Schwarz and Martha Wilson. Checklist includes Jon Gunnar Arnason, Sigundur Gudmundsson, Kristjan Gudmundsson, Thordur Ben Sveinsson, Magnus Palsson, Solveig Adalsteinsdottir, Eggert Petursson, Helgi Fridjonsson, Dadi Gudbjornsson, Ragna Hermansdottir, Kristin Hardarson, Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Hilf Svavarsdottir, and Ingolfur Arnasson. Quantam Printing Company, Faye Waxtel. Checklist. 34 pages. Saddle stapled. Black-and-white. 8 ½x5 ½”.

The Flue: Volume IV, Nos. 3 & 4: Mail Art Then and Now

Winter 1985. Curator/Editor Ronny Cohen. Magazine format, published in conjunction with the eponymous exhibition. Mail Art and articles about Mail Art by Anna Banana, Fatima Bercht, Mark Bloch, Josely Carvalho, Cavellini, Buster Cleveland, John Evans, Ken Friedman, E. F Higgins III, Gilbert & George, Ray Johnson, Milan Knizak, Valery Oisteanu, Nam June Paik, Carlo Pittore, Ed Plunkett, Ad Reinhardt, and Lon Spiegelman. Photographs by Marty Heitner. Interview with Mike Crane; Franklin Furnace news. Black-and-white illustrations with color cover. Saddle-stapled. 10½x8½.” 56 pages.


The Flue: Volume IV, Nos. 1 & 2: Cubist Prints/Cubist Books

1983. Full catalogue of the eponymous exhibition curated by Donna Stein, organized and traveled by Franklin Furnace. Book format. Designed by Erika Rothenberg. Forewords by Martha Wilson and Aldis Browne. Essays: “Cubism and the Future of Art,” by Erno Kallai, translated with notes by George Peck; “Four Poets and the Cubist Painters,” by Ron Padgett; and “Cubist Illustrated Books in Context,” by Donna Stein. Annotated checklist of all materials in the exhibition including drawings, prints, posters, treatises, monographs, periodicals, exhibition catalogues and auction catalogues. Indices of artists, writers, and lenders. This publication received an award from ARLIS. Illustrated. 128 pages. 8x9”.

The Flue: Volume III, No. 2: Multiples by Latin American Artists

Spring 1983. Artist/Editor Regina Vater. Designed and produced by Adrienne Weiss. Magazine format. Artists’ pages by Guillermo Deisler, Jonier Marin, Arthuyr Mattuck, Carlos Zerpa, and articles related to the eponymous exhibition curated by Fatima Bercht with Ulises Carrion, Carla Stellweg, and Regina Vater; biographies of the artists (Luis Diaz, Roberto Evangelista, Ismael Vargas, Raphael Hastings, Alfredo Portillos, Clemente Padin, Alvaro Barrios, Yeni & Nan, Antonieta Sosa, Regina Silveira, Lygia Clark); checklist of the exhibition. Reviews of books by H. Terry Braunstein, Antonia Muntadas, Barbara Cesery and Maruilyn Zuckerman, and Michael Smith, by Shelly Rice. Franklin Furnace news. Illustrated. 8 ½x11”. 45 pages. 20 artists’ pages.

The Flue: Volume III, No 1: Special Issue, Artists Books, Archives and Collections

1983. Artist/Editors: Buzz Spector and Tony Whitfield. Magazine format. “A Report from the Archives,” by Matthew Hogan; “Artists’ books: A Chronology of Secondary Sources,” by Barbara Tannenbaum. 16 artists’ pages by Don Hazlitt, Ellen Lanyon, Larry List, Richard Nonas, Nat Dean, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, and others. Book Reviews by Alexandra Anderson, Shelly Rice and Reagan Upshaw. Interviews with Don Russell and Ira Wool; and Franklin Furnace news. 32 pages. Black-and-white with color cover. Saddle-stapled. 10 ½x8”.


The Flue: Volume II, Nos. 3 & 4: L.A./London Catalog & Sex, Performance, and the 80s

Summer 1982. Double issue, Artist/Editors: Vanalyne Green and Linda Montano. Magazine format. Articles, interviews, photographs, and artist’s pages by Benita Abrams, Barbara Baracks, Linda Burnham, Rose English, Sheri Gaulke, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Melvyn Freilicher, Tam Giles, Vanalyne Green, Susan Hiller, Tina Keane, Sonia Knox, Suzanne Lacy, Lisa Liebmann, Lucy Lippard, Charles Ludlam, Micki McGee, Susan Mogul, Linda Montano, Linda Nishio, Hannah O’Shea, Sally Potter, Carlyle Reedy, Richard Schechner, Carolee Schneemann, Nina Sobel, Cecilia Vicuna, Harry Walton, Tony Whitfield, Martha Wilson, and Richard Zigun. Reviews, photographs of performances in the 1981-82 season, and Franklin Furnace news. 53 pages.

The Flue: Volume II, No.2

Spring 1982. Editor Deborah Drier. Designed by John Copoulos. Color cover art by Clayton Campbell. Magazine format. “Russian Samizdat Books” by Rimma and Valery Gerlovin; “Duplicating Efforts” by Reine Hauser; “Future Loft” by Lowery Sims and Gerald Jackson. Artists’ pages by Ann Fessler, Deborah Freedman, Howard Goldstein, Mick Kidd and Chris Garratt, Louise Neaderland, David Morice, The Struggle Collective, Chaz Welz. Reviews of books by Mark Berghash, Paula Hocks, Greg Sholette, Jim Snitzer, Janet Zweig, Telfer Stokes, Barbara Rosenthal, Masao Gozu, Kevin Osborn, by Jill Medvedow, Clive Phillpot and Shelley Rice. Calendar insert, color cover and centerfold, reviews, Franklin Furnace news. 34 pages. Saddle-stapled. 8x10 ½”. Facsimile.

The Flue: Volume II, No.1

1982. Editor Deborah Drier. Designed by John Copoulos. Cover by Louise Lawler. Tabloid format. “(Con) Text: Update on the Collection/International Mail Art” by Jill Medvedow; “Love, Death and Freedom in Roumanian Dadaism and Surrealism” a poetical essay by Valery Oisteanu; “Russian Avant-Garde Book Design” by Gail Harrison Roman; “Sterilization/Elimination: Chilling “Homage” to Genocide” by Anne Pitrone; “Performance Criticism: Studying Mad Pursuit” by Barbara Baracks; artists’ pages by Agnes Denes, Beverly Feldmann, David Hammons and Dawoud Bey, Dieter Froese, Kay Hines, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Jack McCaslin, Ana Mendieta and Jack Parker. Interviews on the pitfalls of documenting performance art with Linda Burnham, John Howell, and Bill Gordh, calendar insert, Franklin Furnace news. Black-and-white illustrations. 8 ½x11”. Saddle-stapled. 32 pages.


The Flue: Volume I, No. 5

1981. Artist/Designer Richard McGuire, cover photographs of Laurie Anderson by Paula Court. Tabloid format. Description of 5th Anniversary Benefit performance by Laurie Anderson. Descriptions of installations and performances by Ronny H. Cohen, Carol Meine, Sandra McKee, Al Aguilar, Sydney Blum & Janet Henry, Toby Maclennan, Sandy Moore, James Coleman and Richard McGuire. “Eastern European Bookworks” by Diana Augitis; “Soundworks,” by Peter Frank; and Franklin Furnace news. 17 ½x11”. Tabloid format. Illustrated. Eight pages.

The Flue: Volume I, No. 4

1981. Artist/Designer: Carla Liss. Contents: Interview with Wies Smals of De Appel; printing and publishing information for artists; list and photographs of participants in “We’ll Make Up A Title When We Meet” (a.k.a. LA/London Lab) series; Sonia Knox, Linda Montano, Salley Potter, Leslie Labowitz, Linda Nishio, Carlyle Reedy, Suzanne Lacy, Hannah O’Shea, Nina Sobel, Nancy Angelo, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Susan Hiller, Rose English, Cheri Gaulke, Tina Keane, Caryn Faure-Walker, Vanalyne Green, Laurel Klick, Martha Rosler, Moira Roth, and Franklin Furnace news. 17 ½x11”. Tabloid format. Illustrated. Eight pages.


The Flue: Volume I, No. 3

The Flue, Vol. 1, No. 3, December 1980. Artist/Designer: Barbara Kruger. Centerfold by Barbara Kruger, Louise Lawler, and Sherrie Levine. In 2010, Martha Wilson, founding director of Franklin Furnace, wrote, "Appropriation was new in 1980. Barbara, Louise and Sherrie photographed four page spreads of a book by Alberto Moravia, framing this centerfold with the questions, "What do we own?" and "What is the same?" Simon & Shuster, Alberto Moravia’s publisher, found out about our Flue containing more than the allowable amount of text that could be published without permission, and sent Franklin Furnace a bill for $50.00. This small amount of money nevertheless challenged our budget, and I made the later regrettable decision to publish this issue of the Flue on newsprint."

Also includes an interview by Clive Phillpot and Lynne Tillman with Charles Henri Ford, curator of part two of The Pages As Alternative Space, 1930-49; an article by Jon Hendricks and Barbara Moore, curators of part three of The Page as Alternative Space, 1950-69; and Franklin Furnace news. 17 ½x11". Tabloid format. Illustrated. Eight pages.

The Flue: Volume I, No. 2: Dutch Treat

1980. Artist/Designer Marja Samsom with Sherry Williams. Statements from Clive Phillpot, curator of part one of The Page As Alternative Space, 1909-29, and checklist of the exhibition. Photographs of artists and information on De Appel in the Big Apple, a performance art festival curated by Wies Smals, plus Franklin Furnace news. Poster format, blue, white and gold.

The Flue: Volume I, No. 1

First Edition. Artist/Designers: Conrad Gleber, Gail Rubini and Jim Snitzer of Chicago Books. Contents: “Artists’ Books,” by Clive Phillpot, Flexidisk (plastic 45 rpm record insert) and other material related to the Chicago show. 17 ½x11”. Tabloid format. 12 pages.


Exhibition of Artists Books U.S.A.: Visual and Sculptural Bookworks

1979 Exhibition of Artists Books U.S.A.: Visual and Sculptural Bookworks Essay and checklist in Japanese (artists' names and titles of works are also in English)produced by Seibu Museum, Tokyo, for Bookworks, an exhibition curated and produced by Franklin Furnace that was presented in Tokyo, Japan in 1979. Artists whose work is included are Sarah Canright, Susan Daitch, Agnes Denes, Mary Beth Edelson, Bruch Fier, William Giersbach, Caroline Greenwald, Kay Hines, Ethelyn Honig, Alice Leeds, Sol LeWitt, Susan Gladding Martits, Marcia Motsinger, Christine Oatman, Makoto Ooka and Mitsuo Kano, Freya Opper, Charlemagne Palestine, Robin Perl, Lois Polansky, Lucas Samaras Tomiyo Sasaki, Judith Simonian, Mimi Smith, Jenny Snider, Saribenne Stone, Michelle Stuart, Takashi Tsujii and Aijiro Wakita, and Frank Young. Ten black-and-white illustrations. 8x12".

Franklin Furnace Archive Artists’ Book Bibliography: Volume III

1979. 143 note cards, descriptively catalogues books in the Franklin Furnace collection, and supplies artists’ statements. Artists include Vito Acconci, Carl Andre and Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris and Lawrence Weiner; Jacki Apple, Mowry Baden, John Baldessari, Deirdra Baldwin, Luciano Bartolini, Gottfried Bechtold, John M. Bennett, Ilse Bing, Mel Bochner, Joe Brainard, Jose Luis Castillejo, Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, Sarah Charlesworth, Richard Cohn, Norman B. Colp, Alvin Comiter, Augusto Concato and Vito Boggeri; Philip Corner, Peter D'Agonstino, Sylvie Defraoui, Constance De Jong, Richard Deon and Gary Leogrande and Peter Dudek; J.W. Dettman, Jan Dibbets, Rita Dibert, Helen Douglas and Telfer Stokes; Gary Faro, Heidi Fasnacht, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Robert Filliou, Walter Gabrielson, Kenneth Gangemi, Cristos Gianakos, Michael Gibbs, John Giorno, Dan Graham, Klaus Groh, Marcia Hafif, Jan Harrison, Michael Harvey, Geoff Hendricks and Brian Buczak; Donna Henes, Dick Higgins, ed., with Wolf Vostell; Pati Hill, John Hilliard, Douglas Huebler, James Hugunin, Rober Jacks and nine other artists; Richards Jarden, Poppy Johnson, Nathan Kernan, Bengtaf Klintberg, Alison Knowles, Marek Konieczny, Henry James Korn, Richard Kostelanetz, Sharon Kulik, Suzanne Lacy with text by Arlene Raven, Douglas Landies, Brian Lane, Ellen Lanyon, Ellen; John Lanzone, Gary Laskin, Helen K. Levin, Sherrie Levine, Joan Lyons and Abbey Rogers, Paul McMahon, Rosemary Mayer and Nancy Wilson Kitchel, Messageries Associées, Mike Metz, Alberto Moretti, Antonio Muntadas, Richard Olson, Patricia Plattner, Bern Porter, Michael Putnam, Daniel Ranalli, Margaret Raspe, Steve Reich, Edda Renouf, Tony Rickaby, Ernest Robson, Rachel Rosenthal, Edward Ruscha and Billy Al Bengston; Edward Ruscha, Ivy Sky Rutzsky, Franklin Salasky, Suzanne Santoro,Michael Snow, James Sutcliffe, Gary Sweeney, Athena Tacha, Joan Tratner, Keith Ullrich, Regina Vater, Bernar Venet, Daniel Walworth, Hannah Weiner, Lawrence Weiner. Edition of 500. 4x6x1½”.


Artists' Books New Zealand Tour

Catalogue documenting the traveling exhibition of 43 American artists’ one-of-a-kind books and audio tapes, curated by Jacki Apple of Franklin Furnace, which toured New Zealand from May through August 1978, and continued to Australia. Checklist includes works by Martine Aballea, Roberta Allen, Ali Amerika, Ken Aptekar, Bill Beirne, Laura Blacklow, Steven Cortright, Agnes Denes, Toma Fichter, Bruce Fier, Bruce Goldstein, Shea Gordon, Marty Greenbaum, Glenda Hydler, Michael Kostiuk, Anne Messner, Michael Meyers, Linda Nishio, David Numaker, Earl Ripling, Karen Shaw, Stuart Sherman, Judith Simonian, Mimi Smith, Francesc Torres, Franck Young, Laurie Anderson, Jacki Apple, Eric Bogosian, Ed Bowes, Jim Burton, Constance De Jong, Scott Johnson, Barbara Kruger, Garret List. In conjunction with this exhibition Franklin Furnace presented an exhibition of New Zealand Artists Books curated by Wystan Curnow from May 4 thru June 6, 1978. 60 numbered pages, unbound, in cloth envelope with metal rivet snap. Facsimile.

Franklin Furnace Archive Artists’ Book Bibliography: Volume II

1978. 143 note cards, offset, unbound. These cards descriptively catalogue books in the Franklin Furnace Artists; Book Collection, and supply artists’ statements. Artists include Martine Aballea; Dennis Adams, Dominic Allelulia, Roberta Allen,Ida Applebroog, Ida, Conrad Atkinson, Alice Aycock, Mary Beth Edelson, Bernard Bailly, John Bernar, Carel Balth, Douglas Dunn and Annabel Levitt and Lazy Madge; Robert Cooney, Douglas Davis, Mario Diacono, Luciano Bartolino, Stig Brøgger, Tim Burns, Christo, David Cole and Richard Kostelanetz and Bill Shipley, Norman B. Colp, Alvin Comiter, Mario Diacono, Mary Beth Edelson, Jackie Ferrara, Mary Fish, Joel Fisher, Simone Forti, Dennis J. Garvin, Hansik Gebert, Cristos Gianakos, Vanalyne Green, Martha Haslanger, Axel Heibel, Geoff Hendricks, Pati Hill, John Hilliard, Jenny Holzer, James Hugunin, Glenda Hydler, Leandro Katz, Alison Knowles, Richard Kostelanetz and David Cole and Bill Shipley, Lazy Madge; Les Levine, Annabel Levitt, Sol LeWitt, Linda Lindroth, Bill Linehan, Joan Lyons, David Manning, Jim Melchert, Mike Metz, :Larry Millar, Uncle Don Milliken, Miralda; Manfred Mohr, Robert Morgan, Ian Murray, Opal Nations, Nick L. Nips, Kevin Osborn, Wayne Packer, Claudio Parmiggiani, John Pfhal, Arthur Potter, Yvonne Rainer, Marcia Resnick, Tony Rickaby, Ernest Robson, Guy Russell, Ken Saville, Carolee Schneemann, Helmut Schweizer, Sherman Semaja; Tom Shipley, Bill and David Cole and Richard Kostelanetz; Jules Siegel, Barbara Smith Turner; Jim Snitzer, John Sokol, Franklin (Buzz) Spector, Nicholas Spill, Telfer Stokes, Fred Truck, Biron Valier, Marc Van Der Marck, Marc; Jan Van Raay, Peter Van Riper, Ray VarnBuhler, Eve Vaterlaus and Joan Walthemath; Lawrence Weiner, Darrell Westlake, Stephen Willats, Shura Young, Walter Zimmerman. Edition of 500. 4x6x1 ½”.


Franklin Furnace Archive Artists’ Books Bibliography: Volume I

1977. 144 white note cards, offset, unbound. These cards descriptively catalogue books in the Franklin Furnace Artists’ Book Collection, and supply artists’ statements. Artists include Jacki Apple, Curt Barnes, John M.Bennett, Hans Breder, Lawler Caring, Marie C. Combs, Allan D. Coleman, Robert Cumming, Roger Cutforth, Robert Del/ford Brown, Jamie Davidovich, Peter Downsbrough, Fred Escher, Heidi Fasnacht, Fine Jud, Peter Fleishman, Paul J. Forte, Conrad Gleber, Dan Graham, Peter Grass, Kathe Gregory, Marilyn Landis, Russell F. Lewis, David Crane, Scott R. Kahn, George Griffin, Hans Haacke, Marcia Hafif, Kathryn A. Hargreaves, Michael Harvey, Davi Det Hompson, Stuart Horn, Peter Hutchinson, Robert Jacks, Tom Johnson, Jill Kroesen, Sharon Kulik, Bruce Kurtz, Joan Lyons, Mike Mandel (and Larry Sultan), George Miller, Robert C. Morgan, Adrian Piper, Patricia Plattner, Lucio Pozzo, Brenda Price, Vaughan Rachel, Marcia Resnick, Tony Rickaby, Edward Ruscha and Mason Williams, Patrick Blackwell, Italo Scanga (and James Carpenter, Dale Chihuly, Kate Elliott, Anne Schwab, and Barbara Vaessen), Carolee Schneemann, Joyce Cutler Shaw, Jenny Snider, Jim Snitzer, John Sokol, Athena Tacha, Patricia Tavenner, Fred Truck, Rae Tyson, Roland Van den Berghe, Peter Van Riper, Ray Varn Buhler, and Larry Williams. 4x6x1½”. Edition of 1100. Facsimile.