Join Franklin Furnace today, and help us extend our global reach by making
the world safe for avant-garde artists who ply both real and virtual space to bring
their art to you. In 2008-09, Franklin Furnace is supporting events by eleven artists whose
works explore such issues as dictatorship, pressures surrounding marriage, ethnicity and cultural
difference, confinement and public space, mental and physical limits of the body, and more.

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Translators $30 + under
This category of membership entitles you to weekly Goings On email bulletins, website links, occasional snail mail, and Iceland: The Art Revealed, the catalogue of a 1984 survey exhibition curated for Franklin Furnace by Ingólfur Arnarsson.


Aides de Camp $60 + up
all the above plus Artists’ Books: Japan, the catalogue of a 1985 exhibition curated for Franklin Furnace by Yoshiaki Tono.


Envoys $100 + up
All the above plus Hidden Story: Samizdat From Hungary and Elsewhere, the exhibition handbook by Tibor Vŕrnagy and John P. Jacob, curators of the 1991 Franklin Furnace exhibition.



Diplomats $300 + up
All the above plus Fri-Art Made in Switzerland, the catalogue of a 1975 exhibition of contemporary Swiss artists held simultaneously at the Collective for Living Cinema, the Clocktower, Franklin Furnace, the Kitchen, and La Mama.


Ambassadresses/Ambassadors $1,000 + up
All the above plus COBRA Prints/COBRA Books, the catalogue of a 1986 Franklin Furnace exhibition of work by artists from Copenhagen, Denmark; Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, hosted by NYC’s Department of Cultural Affairs.


Plenipotentiaries $30,000
All the above plus a Complete Set of Printed Stuff published by Franklin Furnace from 1976 to today, including Passport, a 1988 structure of Lawrence Weiner, designed to cross-fertilize the audiences for artists’ books and performance art.