FF Artists' Books Collection: Additional Information

It is important that all types of artists be represented in a world class museum like MoMA. In order for your artists' book to be included in the Museum of Modern Art Franklin Furnace Artists' Book Collection you must send two copies to Franklin Furnace for processing.

Getting your book into the permanent collection of MoMA is a three step process. First, your book is cataloged and processed into the Franklin Furnace Collection. Second, your book is shipped to MoMA as part of a group which includes other artist' books and cataloging data. Third, the group of pre-processed books are accessioned into the MoMA permanent collection. Be advised that Franklin Furnace and MoMA are both experiencing considerable backlogs for processing artists' books.

When you donate two copies of an artists' book (one to Franklin Furnace and one to the Museum of Modern Art), you can immediately publicize that your book is in the Franklin Furnace Artists' Book Collection. It's your choice as to when to publicize that your book is in the MoMA collection. To be absolutely sure, you should wait until your book's title appears in the online MoMA Dadabase, but expect that this will take some time. We ask that individual artists NOT contact MoMA directly regarding the status of their books. Instead, please direct all inquiries to Michael Katchen, Senior Archivist at Franklin Furnace.

Additionally Franklin Furnace cannot guarantee that MoMA will agree that your book is indeed an artists' book. Franklin Furnace has an exceptionally liberal collections policy - if an artist says their publication is an artists' book, we take them at their word and accession it into our collection. Other organizations have stricter definitions. For example, one of a kind books, book sculptures, books of photography, richly illustrated books of poetry or fiction, portfolios of prints, catalogs of artworks, and still image excerpts from video works, are often confused with artists' books. The Printed Matter website contains a very good definition of the artists' book.

Also, bigger is not necessarily better. Franklin Furnace is a small organization with storage size limitations. We are set up for normal size books and book-like works, not oversize objects. If size is vital to the content, we will accommodate it but please inquire ahead of time before you send it.

Michael Katchen
Senior Archivist