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Contents for June 06, 2018

1. Martha Wilson, Disband, FF Alumns, at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna, Austria, opening June 7, and more

The Two Halves of Martha Wilson’s Brain

Martha Wilson in conversation with Carola Dertnig: THU 07 06 2018, 5.30 pm
Exhibition opening: THU 07 06 2018, 7.00 pm
Duration: FRI 08 06 2018 – SA 28 07 2018
Artists: Martha Wilson (US) and the artists of Franklin Furnace Archive,Inc.
Curator: Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein
Exhibition design: Dorit Margreiter

The Kunstraum Niederoesterreich presents a unique showcase of the extensive creative work by Martha Wilson. The exhibition The Two Halves of Martha Wilson’s Brain explores two important sides of this vivacious artist personality and performance pioneer: It features a selection of Wilson’s own works since the 1970s, comprising subversive and original interventions into art and politics. The other key field of Wilson’s activities is Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., which she founded in 1976. Franklin Furnace provided an experimental space for the then marginalised New York art and performance scene, where she collected and exhibited artist’s books and works by emerging artist colleagues. Today Franklin Furnace ranks amongst the most important reference points in the history of American performance art. The exhibition about Franklin Furnace Archive, which was already on display at different stations in the USA, will now be shown in Europe for the first time. Hence, the Kunstraum offers its local audience a unique opportunity to see and experience Martha Wilson’s two inextricably linked “brain-halves” at the same time. Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein is the curator of The Two Halves of Martha Wilson’s Brain and has made the exhibition possible at the Kunstraum. Together with Dorit Margreiter, who developed the exhibition concept, Thun-Hohenstein has consolidated focused insights into Martha Wilson’s activities as an artist, archivist, curator, and publisher.

Curators Tour: TUE 26 06 2018, 6.00 pm
Workshop with Martha Wilson: SAT 09 06 2018.
Martha Wilson is a guest at the Performatorium – Laboratory for a Contemporary Performative Practice

Finissage with Curators Tour: FRI 27 07 2018, 5.00 pm

Further Informations: www.kunstraum.net

Bildcredits: Martha Wilson, Beauty is in the eye, 2014. Photo by Michael Katchen, makeup by Melissa Roth

Workshop with Martha Wilson
Performatorium # 007 - How to DISBAND - a performative transcription
SAT/SUN 09 -10 06 2018
SAT/SUN 16 -17 06 2018
11.00 am-6.00 pm

Within the Performatorium #007, we not only focus on the 'Franklin Furnace Archive', but also dive into Martha Wilson's artistic practice: Immediately, foolhardy and loud, we start the first day of the workshop series with Martha Wilson herself, where she gives us an introduction into her DISBAND, a 1980s feminist "anti" music group in Manhattan (Martha Wilson, Barbara Ess, Ilona Granet, Donna Henes, Daile Kaplan, Barbara Kruger, Ingrid Sishy, and Diane Torr).

Martha Wilson, performance pioneer, does not ask, but puts straight into action: she takes part in writing contemporary art history outside the mainstream as part of her feminist practice. That's how her project, the Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. in New York City in the 1970s, was born: an alternative archive for marginalized art production. Women's art was less perceived and the structural possibilities and places for positions outside the heteronormative art field were limited. Feminist practice and performance art were closely intertwined with this development right from the start. From today's perspective, the question arises as to whether and how we can continue and update these performative strategies via repetition, interpretation and appropriation.

The workshop series addresses artists from the performative field but also at all persons who are interested in an intensive examination of artistic performative practice. The number of participants is limited. The workshop series will be held in German or English. The fee for all four days is 50 €. Registration is only valid after transfer. Registration is only possible for the entire duration of the workshop series no later than THU, 05 06 2018 and will be sent via e-mail to: lena.schuster@kunstraum.net.
Further dates of the Performatorium 2018: SA, 22 09 2018 and SAT, 20 10 2018

Further Information: www.kunstraum.net



2. Martha Wilson, Graciela Cassel, Georgia Lale, Harley Spiller, Chin Chih Yang, FF Alumns, now online at youtube.com

Please visit this link to a 30 minute video

thank you.



3. Tracy Quan, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, June 8

Tracy Quan in the Dixon Place Lounge Friday June 8, Manhattan

Gershwin Live: THE VINYL FOREST featuring TRACY QUAN

Tracy Quan, emerging poet, explores recent election campaigns, celebrity funerals, and her own precocious past, using free verse with a conversational style to examine the romantic mores and streetscapes of New York.


Dixon Place (in the Lounge)
161A Chrystie Street
NY NY 10002

$10 suggested donation at door (cash only)

Event link: http://dixonplace.org/performances/gershwin-live-2018-06-08/
Directions to Dixon Place: http://dixonplace.org/about-us/location/

Tracy Quan is the author of three novels, including Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl. Her poetry has been published by Los Angeles Review of Books and Poets Reading the News.

Email: quan@panix.com
Web: www.TracyQuan.net
Twitter: TracyQuanNYC
Recent work: http://www.poetsreadingthenews.com/2017/11/i-think-i-love-you-david-cassidy-obituary-tracy-quan-poetry/



4. Kanene Holder, FF Alumn, at Ars Nova, Manhattan, June 27


We’re so psyched to announce that OUR show the SITCHAASSDOWN FOCUS GROUP TOUR (#SFGT) is part of #ANTFEST #OffBroadway 2018!6/27 at 7pm GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!! arsnovanyc.com/antfest/6.27 ONLY $15
http://arsnovanyc.com/antfest/6.27 DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND... ANOTHER SHOW WAS ADDED 6/21 AT 9:30PM #AreYouReady?!?

Interaction is good and silence is bad as SFGT whirls the original sins of American injustice into a dynamic carousel of comedic delights — and YOU are invited to sound off loud, clapback, whisper WTF, agree, disagree and spill tea. Come on in! It’s a dystopia out there!




5. Rossella Matamoros, FF Alumn, now online at ticotimes.net

Five questions for Costa Rican artist Rossella Matamoros

This one vídeo of the performance no need to translate

Exhibition by the artist Rossella Matamoros at the National Gallery, Children's Museum, San José Costa Rica.
during the present month and until June 24, 2018.

"The edge / immigrants" is the exhibition of the artist Rossella Matamoros that is exhibited in room VIII of the National Gallery until June 24, and "this is a sample of an ongoing investigation that aims to document from different points of view social the incessant and inevitable change of our planet "explained Mrs.Matamoros. This exhibit shows the changes of the human geographies of immigrants, crossing lines, borders, limits frontiers with the hope of finding a better future. In total there are 18 works all in different formats and in the techniques of acrylic and collage on canvas, as well as acrylic and collage on paper, vídeo performances and a montage of the performances in the gallery. The show begins with the immigration of Syrians and Africans to Europe from 2015 onwards and travels the road with Latin American immigrants and Central American teens and children undocumented (Train La bestia), isolated, trafficked, abused and desperate.


"I started the research on immigrants since the early 90's I witnessed in the city of Washington DC the number of Hispanic immigrants, mainly Central Americans who came to the United States, and I had the opportunity to collaborate giving workshops for children and young immigrants with the School System Public in Arlington, Virginia "expressed Mrs. Rosella.
Estimates of the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) place Costa Rica among the countries with the highest percentage of immigrant population in Latin America and among the countries that have the lowest percentage of the population emigrated in the area. As in Africa and Europe, Latin America maintains a flow of immigrants fleeing from political systems and convulsive economies



6. Geoffrey Hendricks, Jon Hendricks, Dick Higgins, Pope.L, Sur Rodney (Sur), FF Alumns, in The New York Times, May 22

Please visit the complete illustrated article linked here (text only follows below):


The New York Times
Geoffrey Hendricks, 86, Attention-Getting Fluxus Artist, Dies
By Neil Genzlinger
May 22, 2018

Geoffrey Hendricks and Bici Forbes had been married for years and had two children when they faced up to a conundrum.

“By the time of our 10th wedding anniversary,” Mr. Hendricks recalled years later, “which is June 24, 1971, it was like: ‘Well, what should we do? Because we’re both gay.’”

Mr. Hendricks was an artist who was part of the boundary-stretching Fluxus movement, so it was perfectly in character when he and his wife, the artist now known as Nye Ffarrabas, decided to turn their disunion into performance art. On their 10th anniversary, they staged what has become known as the Flux Divorce in their Manhattan home.

“It was a public art ritual they created to symbolize an end of their marriage as it had been and the beginning of a new chapter that would include a non-monogamous, open relationship that made space for same-sex partners,” their daughter, Tyche Hendricks, said. “They strung barbed wire through the kitchen. They sawed their bed in half. They donned a pair of overcoats, sewed together back to back; then the women pulled my mother and the men pulled my father until the coats tore asunder.”

Mr. Hendricks died on May 12 at his home in Manhattan. He was 86 and had congestive heart failure and prostate cancer, his family said in announcing his death.

The Flux Divorce was just one of many adventurous artworks and art events he created or participated in during a career that also included teaching art at Rutgers University for 47 years.

Mr. Hendricks literally looked to the heavens for inspiration for some of his art; he was known for paintings of the sky, which he would render on traditional canvases and assorted other surfaces. (A fellow artist, Dick Higgins, gave him the nickname Cloudsmith.) But, like other Fluxus artists, he went far beyond the boundaries of painting.

Mr. Hendricks performed one of his signature headstands on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, in 2009. “I got to seeing a headstand as kind of a bonsai performance, sort of the minimum of performance,” he said.

There was, for instance, another work that invoked his marriage, “Ring Piece” (1971), in which he perched atop a mound of dirt in the 69th Regiment Armory in Manhattan; embedded in the dirt was a box containing his wedding ring. “Ring Piece” was part of the eighth New York Avant Garde Festival, an annual testament to a reimagining of art. Other participants included John Lennon, who had musicians play a composition he called “Wind Peace,” in which fan-generated wind randomly turned the pages of the sheet music.

Another of Mr. Hendricks’s works was “Dream Event” (1972), which he described as “a 48-hour piece where I was fasting, sleeping and writing down dreams, naked on a mattress, under a sheet, with a pitcher of water to keep me from getting dehydrated and a pot to pee in, and where people could come in to observe at any hour of the day or night.”

And there were Mr. Hendricks’s headstands, which he performed all over the world — standing on his head for extended periods, perhaps painted blue or with signage dangling from his feet.

“I got to seeing a headstand as kind of a bonsai performance, sort of the minimum of performance,” he explained in an oral history recorded in 2016 for the Archives of American Art. “It was dealing with the least amount of space that you could work with, and it was just simply positing yourself in one place, and then reversing yourself.”

Mr. Hendricks was, in short, an experimentalist of the first order.

“The artists associated with Fluxus tended to lead bifurcated art-lives,” Barbara Moore, a historian of the movement, said by email, “on the one hand, creating unclassifiable objects and performances that continue to undermine expected gallery and institutional presentation; and on the other, producing works that can be exhibited in more traditional ways. Geoff encompassed this duality brilliantly.”

Geoffrey Hendricks was born on July 30, 1931, in Littleton, N.H. His parents, Walter and Flora Bishop Hendricks, were writers who traveled in intellectual circles; his father was an English professor who founded Marlboro College in Vermont and several other educational institutions.

Geoffrey attended the Putney School in Vermont and then enrolled at Amherst College, where he received a bachelor’s degree in 1953, when the Korean War was still in progress. Having been raised a Quaker, he applied for conscientious objector status and ended up doing alternative service teaching chronically ill patients at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx. He pursued art studies at the same time at the Cooper Union, receiving his certificate there in 1956.

That year he joined the faculty at Douglass College, the women’s college at Rutgers University in New Jersey; he would later move to the university’s Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Rutgers, where the faculty already included Allan Kaprow, was becoming a center of avant-garde art, and Mr. Hendricks fit right in. It was, he said in a 2013 video interview for the Princeton University Art Museum, a time of “new ideas about what art is and the process of art making, and getting away from the idea of the painting and the object, to the experience.”

Mr. Hendricks, who received a master’s degree at Columbia University in 1962, could make traditional art worthy of a gallery showing (the first solo exhibition of his sky paintings was in 1966 at the Bianchini Gallery in New York), but he could also turn expectations on their head, much like one of his signature headstands.

“His lusciously painted depictions of sky looked beautiful as canvases isolated on a wall, as fabric hangings, incorporated into installations, covering clothing or a Volkswagen Beetle,” Ms. Moore said. His satirical “Picnic Garbage Placemat,” she said — basically a photograph of garbage in the dimensions of a place mat — “was a genuinely utilitarian object upended with an image not normally fit to grace a table.”

Mr. Hendricks married Ms. Forbes in 1961; they had known each other since they were students at Putney.

After their divorce (which occurred officially a few months after the Flux Divorce) Mr. Hendricks was in a relationship with the artist Brian Buczak, who died in 1987; Alice Neel painted their portrait in 1978.

In addition to his daughter, Mr. Hendricks’s survivors include his spouse, the artist Sur Rodney (Sur); a son, Bracken; a sister, Hildamarie Hendricks; two brothers, Nathaniel and Jon; and three grandchildren.

Mr. Hendricks had solo exhibitions in Germany, Japan, South Africa, France and other countries in addition to the United States. He also participated in Fluxus exhibitions and festivals all over the world and curated “Critical Mass: Happenings, Fluxus, Performance, Intermedia and Rutgers University, 1958-1972,” a 2003 show at the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College and the Mason Gross Art Galleries.

Mr. Hendricks’s work as an artist could be attention-getting, but his long career as a teacher, though less flashy, was also influential, shaping the work and thinking of countless artists. One is Pope.L (known early in his career as Wiliam Pope.L), who received a master’s degree at Mason Gross in 1981 and has become known for performance art.

“Geoff did not say much in class,” he said by email. “He simply supported you. And in my case, I was extremely lucky. He supported me even after school. He was a jewel of a teacher and a wonder of a human being.”

Mr. Hendricks apparently imparted quite a bit of his artistic sensibilities to his young student.

“I wasn’t teaching him but just giving him the freedom to do what he wanted to do,” Mr. Hendricks said in his oral history. “And it was, like, one day I came to school, the art building, and there was William sitting up in the tree. The window looking out from the art offices looked onto this ravine, and there was this bridge that went across. And he somehow got himself from the bridge up into the tree, and was sitting there in a tree with a bird cage over his head.”



7. Donna Han Stroud, FF Alumn, announces candidacy for President of the USA 2020

Hello. I am running for the Presidency of the United States of America 2020.
Donna Han Stroud running for U.S. President 2020.
Thank you kindly, Beautiful Artists of the World

Here is a video:


Time for Change!
Spokane, Washington USA
My name is Donna Han Stroud, born February 8, 1972, in Warren, Pennsylvania, from Korean immigrant parents.
Following are my Promises if elected:
a. Federally legalize marijuana
b. Unify Korea
c. Public bathrooms for transsexual people
d. Bilingual required
e. Promote Asians in Hollywood and the entertainment industry
f. Destigmatize mental illness

I live in Spokane, Washington.
I identify as a Liberal Republican with international travel and knowledge of over eight languages, including English, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, German, Japanese and Thai.

I would be grateful for your support and getting the word out about my campaign. Today is the second day of my campaign.

My stepmother, Mrs. Cindy (Daub) Han is former Director of Copyright Control under George Herbert Bush. She attends the First Ladies’ Luncheon with Mrs. Laura Bush annually. I attended both Langley and McLean Public High Schools in Northern Virginia.

1st Rally and Campaign Kick Off Party, Fri Jul 20, 7-9 pm at N Spokane Public Library, 44 E Hawthorne Rd., Spokane 99218?
Room holds up to 210 people.
Please spread the word!
All ages, free
Snacks and refreshments

Thank you for your time and attention.

Best wishes,

Donna Han Stroud

1st Rally and Campaign Kick Off Party, Fri Jul 20, 7-9 pm at N Spokane Public Library, 44 E Hawthorne Rd., Spokane 99218?
Room holds up to 210 people.
Please spread the word!
All ages, free
Snacks and refreshments



8. Yura Adams, FF Alumn, at John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY opening June 23

Yura Adams
June 23-July 15, 2018
Reception: Saturday, June 23, 6-8pm.

Thank you!

Yura Adams



9. Liz Magic Laser, FF Alumn, at Metro Pictures, Manhattan, June 7-July 27

Organized by Josh Kline

Paul Chan, Oto Gillen, Josh Kline, Gloria Maximo
Liz Magic Laser, Paul Pfeiffer, Allyson Vieira

June 7 - July 27, 2018

Metro Pictures presents Evidence, a group exhibition organized by Josh Kline. Featuring the work of seven artists, Evidence investigates the nature of documentation and reality in post-truth America and their potential for political manipulation. The artists in the exhibition respond in different ways to issues of class and inequality in the United States. Sampling images, materials, strategies, or subjects from the real world, each grapples with the ethics and implications of altering that reality, injecting it with carefully metered dosages of fiction. The artists all address different aspects of our current political environment in which the distinctions between fact and fantasy have been deliberately confused.

The works in the exhibition span a diverse range of subjects and media. Paul Chan’s sculpture Dimposium, from his “breather” series, imitates inflatable air dancers, adapting their technology to make a three-dimensional animation. Allyson Vieira uses construction debris netting to compose an installation framing sculptures made from melted-down plastic shopping bags and post-consumer waste, referencing class and labor conditions. Josh Kline’s sculptural portraits, a continuation of his Blue Collars series, are made from 3D-printed photographic scans of service staff at two national chain restaurants. They are accompanied by a video interview with each staff member discussing their day-to-day lives in the service industry and the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The charged nature of political discourse is also explored in Liz Magic Lazer’s video Primal Speech, which references Primal Scream therapy techniques and applies them to a staged therapy group comprised of characters holding opposing political views on Brexit and the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Paul Pfeiffer’s new videos visualize an altered reality by digitally removing the host, prizes, and other narrative trappings from footage of the long-running TV game show The Price is Right. The videos show a succession of contestants left alone on stage surrounded by anticipation, emptiness, and silence. Gloria Maximo’s immersive video installation La Toilette likewise addresses material concerns, asking viewers to consider basic human needs like shelter, food, and rest and the challenges which render those needs inaccessible to certain individuals within our society.

Capturing one of the most iconic symbols of our current polarized economic environment, Oto Gillen’s photographs of One World Trade Center render the building ghostly and alien, a heraldic presence emblematic of an unfamiliar, divisive new age.

For press inquiries, please contact Christine McMonagle at christine@metropictures.com



10. Alison O’Daniel, FF Alumn, at UCLA Hammer Museum, CA, June 2-Sept. 3, and more

I'll be included in these shows:

Made in LA, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles - June 2 - Sep 3

Infinite Ear, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia - June 6 - Sep 2





11. Susana Cook, Simba Yangala, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, July 9

RUN! is coming back! THANK YOU!!

RUN! it's getting ugly
Written and Directed by Susana Cook
Music by Julian Mesri

With: Mistah Coles, Juan Reyna, Moira Cutler, Alexandra Pinel, Katherine Horejsi, Hjordis Lynn-Blanford, Simba Yangala, Hilen Shyu, Atsuko Matsuyama and Susana Cook.

Dixon Place
161A Chrystie St.
New York NY 10002

A hysterical satire about racism and discrimination, a family melodrama for these fascist times. In the brazen, wacky play, a white nationalist family falls into a muddy and desperate identity crisis when they are attacked by "La Contaminación Cultural." Their sense of language, grammar and origin gets altered, making them question who they really are.


Born in Argentina, Susana Cook is a New York based playwright, director and performer who has been creating original work for over 30 years. She has presented over 17 original plays in New York and around the world. Susana writes and directs all her shows and performs in them with her company. Her work is bold and funny, cleverly tackling racism, homophobia, sexism and classism. Her casts are comprised mostly of minority, queer and trans people.
Susana’s shows combine her long experience in political theater, experimental performance, cabaret, solo shows, ensemble work, music and dance creating a very intense experience.

“ funny, smart, cathartic, deep, poetic, fun, imagistic, healing - - did I say funny!?!? An antidote to our discouraging times…”
– Audrey Kindred, NY Society for Ethical Culture

“To awaken and heal. That is Susana Cook's mission. And that's what she does, so successfully…” Mieke Dee, Theater Artist, cultural worker.

Review by Maura Donahue in CULTUREBOT,

“Susana Cook is among the best artists working in America, doing cultural work that will transform the way we see things” – Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace

“… riveting resistance profound” – Karen Finley, Performance Artist

Susana’s work has been presented in numerous performance spaces in New York City, including La Mama Experimental Theater, Joe’s Pub, Dixon Place, PS. 122, W.O.W Cafe Theater and The Kitchen. She also performed internationally in France, Spain, India, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Canada.

Her work is archived at the Digital Video Library of The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics of New York University.




12. Jeff McMahon, FF Alumn, at The Festival of Science and Religion, Washington DC, June 15

JEFF MCMAHON is part of The Festival of Science and Religion, June 15 in Washington, D.C.
I have been coaching four of these exceptionally talented writer/presenters, with the goal of bringing their compelling writing off the page and into a festival environment. I began working with them at the Think, Write, Publish conference in Pittsburgh last summer, when Lee Gutkind (Creative Nonfiction Magazine) and Dan Sarewitz (School for Future of Innovation in Society/ASU) asked me to take a look at their work.



13. Linda Stein, FF Member, receives 21 Leaders for the 21st Century award

Linda Stein was recently honored with the "21 Leaders for the 21st Century" award on May 7th, 2018 at the Museum of the City of New York by Women's eNews. Linda Stein is a feminist, artist, activist, and educator. She is also the Founding President of her non-profit organization Have Art: Will Travel! Her goal as an artist is to use her art to transform social consciousness and promote activism for gender justice. She creates androgynous forms and invites her viewers to seek diversity in unpredictable ways, to "try on" new personal avatars and self definitions, knowing that every new experience changes the brain's structure and inspires each of us toward a more authentic self. This award recognizes Stein's influential voice speaking truth to power.



14. Benoît Maubrey, FF Alumn, in Cafka Biennale 2018, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and more

ARENA : a mobile interactive sound sculpture project for the Cafka Biennale 2018.
Artist: Benoît Maubrey.

The public can participate via 3 ways:

— by calling either one of the following telephone numbers (limited for 3 minutes):
+1 (226) 929-4733
+1 (226) 929-4724

— by logging on to the following Bluetooth addresses and playing music and messages:
Belkin E 14
Belkin Song Stream BT F82...
N.B.(Please regulate sound volume on your smartphone so as to not distort sound)
simply by using the available microphone.


ARENA won first prize at the
Hacking Urban Furniture contest in 2017 (Institute for Art and Urbanistics/ Berlin, Germany).
As a public interactive sculpture created for people to sit on / in / around.
Made out of 320 recycled loudspeakers and e-waste.
More importantly the sculpture is mobile and can be transported to other festivals and events.


Dimensions 26 x 12 feet x 8,20 feet (9,20)

Benoit Maubrey




15. Jim Johnson, FF Alumn, now online at discopie.com

I have some new work and a new entry animation on http://www.discopie.com/

A new book on the bookworks page: http://www.discopie.com/books.html

A new print on the prints page: http://discopie.com/Prints/Prints.html

Some new drawings here: http://discopie.com/Drawings/Drawings1.html

and finally, some new work on the studio page: http://discopie.com/StudioNew.html

Stop by Discopie if you haven’t visited in a while.




16. David Cale, FF Alumn, in the New York Times, May 30

The New York Times
Audible Moves Into the Minetta Lane Theater
by Andrew R. Chow
May 30, 2018

In March, Audible Inc. moved from the aural space into the physical New York theater world when it sponsored a run of “Harry Clarke” at the Minetta Lane Theater. Now, the audiobook company is formalizing its relationship with the theater: It struck a deal to produce plays, comedic shows, panel discussions and more there, starting with a solo show from Carey Mulligan in June.

The deal represents the next step in Audible’s move toward live performance. The company resurrected David Cale’s “Harry Clarke,” which closed at the Vineyard Theater in December and received a New York Times Critic’s Pick, for a secondary run. And last month, Audible announced a production of Dennis Kelly’s “Girls & Boys,” which will star Ms. Mulligan and arrive at the Minetta in previews on June 12.

Now, a new collection of performances will be staged across various genres. The first announced event is on June 25, when Lance Bass and Nikki Levy will host “The Path to Pride,” a storytelling event with personal readings from members of the L.G.B.T. community. The performance is inspired by an audiobook special from Mr. Bass and Ms. Levy that will arrive on Audible on June 1.

Audible hopes the deal with the theater will not only sell tickets but also boost its audio subscriber base. Billy Crudup’s performance of “Harry Clarke” at the Minetta is now an audiobook, and future performances — including Ms. Mulligan’s — will also be turned into downloadable presentations. And subscribers will receive exclusive access to discounted tickets and additional audio content.

“We are equally proud to bring these outstanding live performances to our listeners globally, enabling those outside of New York to experience their own private performance of these productions,” Donald Katz, Audible’s founder and chief executive, said in a statement.

Future productions at the Minetta Lane will include commissioned works from its inaugural class of emerging playwrights, including Leah Nanako Winkler, who is also a Yale Drama Series Prize recipient. And the company said it is planning performances in other cities as well.



17. Nadja Verena Marcin, FF Alumn, now online at NYFA.org, and more

Cologne | Rome | Stuttgart | London | Berlin & Santa Cruz, Bolivia


CONVERSATIONS | Nadja Verena Marcin’s OPHELIA World Tour
By Priscilla Son of New York Foundation for the Arts

“Like underneath an hourglass, my approach is to be closer together, to acknowledge our singularity.” - Nadja Verena Marcin

German-born artist Nadja Verena Marcin pays homage to the Shakespearean noble figure, Ophelia, in her latest multidisciplinary work by the same name. With imagery alluding to John Everett Millais’s painting, Ophelia, OPHELIA is a live performance and video installation that re-imagines this character as an embodiment of our human subjectivity within the framework of gender inequality and climate change.
With previous performances at the Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco and Fridman Gallery in New York, OPHELIA is slated for viewings in Berlin, Rome, London, and Bolivia, among others. NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship had the chance to speak with Marcin as she embarked on the OPHELIA world tour.

This conversation between Nadja Verena Marcin and Priscilla Son of New York Foundation for the Arts was published on May 24, 2018.


THE TOUR of OPHELIA to Europe & Bolivia
Announcing the Dates for Cologne, Rome, Stuttgart, London, Berlin & Santa Cruz in Bolivia

Following the US tour to CONTEXT Art Miami as special project and part of the Art Basel Miami Art Week' 17, afterwards as headliner of the New Ear Festival' 18 of Fridman Gallery in New York and, most recently, at San Francisco's Minnesota Street Project' 18, OPHELIA will now travel to Europe and Bolivia. The European premiere will take place on September 6 at 7 PM with a live performance and solo exhibition at Moltekerei e.V. in Cologne, Germany as part of the DC Open Gallery Weekend from September 6 to 22, 2018, awarded with a grant of Kulturamt of Cologne. AfterwardsOPHELIA will be shown as site-specific video-installation and solo exhibition at Nube Gallery in Santa Cruz in Bolivia from September 25 to October 26, 2018, accompanied by a workshop at Centro Cultural Simón I. Patiño Santa Cruz and a Masterclass at Faculty of Arts of the State University UAGRM. In Europe, the next live performance and solo exhibition will be held at AlbumArte in Rome in Italy, curated by Giulia Casalini from November 14 to December 21, 2018. In the year of 2019, OPHELIA travels to museum SCHAUWERK of SCHAUFFLER Foundation in Sindelfingen in Germany from February 10 to June 30, 2019 and to the Art Pavillion for a one week festival on eco-feminism curated by Giulia Casalini and Arts Feminism Queer in London, United Kingdom from April 1 to 9, 2019. The final presentation will take place in Berlin in October 2019.

Moltekerei e.V. in Cologne,

Nube Gallery in Santa Cruz

AlbumArte in Rome

SCHAUWERK of SCHAUFFLER Foundation in Sindelfingen

San Francisco Chronicle Highlight OPHELIA returns after 400 years with new message, by Charles Desmarais

The West Coast premiere of the live performance and solo exhibition of Nadja Verena Marcin's OPHELIA was met with an enthusiastic response at San Francisco's Minnesota Street Project, highlighted both in Anna Volpicelli's feature of CULTURED Magazine NADJA VERENA MARCIN’S OPHELIA GOES ON A WORLD TOUR and the San Francisco Chronicle feature OPHELIA RETURNS AFTER 400 YEARS WITH A NEW MESSAGE.

Charles Desmarais highlighted the West Coast premiere of Nadja Verena Marcin's OPHELIA, in the San Francisco Chronicle feature OPHELIA RETURNS AFTER 400 YEARS WITH A NEW MESSAGE. Featuring the live performance, sculpture installation, and panel discussion, OPHELIA: REBEL MEME TO SYSTEMS OF POWER & OPPRESSION, Desmarais stated "Ophelia is back — or maybe she never left us. Melancholy victim of love in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” Ophelia has been the inspiration for uncounted romantic paintings in the 400 years since her first appearance onstage. Now she is the subject of a new work of performance art by the artist Nadja Verena Marcin, documented on video and presented as an installation at Minnesota Street Project through March 31."

Awarded a Franklin Furnace Grant, and supported by a successful Kickstarter Campaign, the Goethe Institut San Francisco, the Goethe Institut Rome, as well as Centro Cultural Simón I. Patiño Santa Cruz, Nube Gallery, and Kulturamt of Cologne, Marcin's OPHELIA investigates the relationship between the human destruction of the biosphere, and the history of female hysteria—while speaking to the democratizing power of the meme. First unveiled as video-sculpture during Art Basel Miami Beach 2017 at CONTEXT Art Miami, it was highlighted both in Artnet's Everything You Need to Know About All 23 Artfairs at Art Basel Miami Beach and Hyperallergic's Your Concise Guide Miami Art Week 2017.



Copyright © 2018 NVM Studio, All rights reserved.
NVM Studio Kunstraum LLC, 20 Grand Ave, Studio 509, Brooklyn, NY 11205



18. Glenn Branca, Dan Graham, FF Alumns, at Electronic Arts Intermix, Manhattan, June 9

Dan Graham & Glenn Branca: Collaborations

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)
535 West 22nd Street, 5th Fl.
New York, NY 10011

Suggested donation $7, $5 students, free for EAI members

In the 1980s and ‘90s, Dan Graham entered into a series of collaborations with legendary avant-garde composer and musician Glenn Branca (1948-2018). EAI and Greene Naftali are pleased to present a screening highlighting Graham and Branca’s collaborative video projects. The screening, introduced by Graham, will include three video works that feature Branca's music. The first, Westkunst (1980), features footage of Tudor Revival homes on Staten Island, filmed from the hood of a moving car—a reflection of Graham’s longstanding interest in vernacular American architecture. Branca’s soundtrack simultaneously evokes a feeling of the pastoral and, according to Graham, "car sickness." In Two-Way Mirror Cylinder Inside Cube and a Video Salon (1992), Branca’s music accompanies images of Graham’s glass and steel pavilions, interspersed with a voiceover discussing the artist's influences, from urban arcades to European gardens and corporate atrium design. The program will conclude with Graham and Branca's performance collaboration, Performance and Stage-Set Utilizing Two-Way Mirror and Video Time Delay (1983), which subverts conventions of musical performance by redirecting the spectator’s gaze.

Graham's exhibition A New Look at TV and a Funhouse is on view at Greene Naftali through June 16.

Dan Graham was born in 1942. His work is represented in the collections of numerous major institutions around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Metropolitan Art Museum, New York; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C.; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Tate Collection, London; and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid. He has had recent solo exhibitions at Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing; Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; Greene Naftali, New York; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Le Consortium, Dijon; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Castello di Rivoli, Museo d' Arte Contemporanea, Turin; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven; Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, England; The Renaissance Society, University of Chicago; Kunsthalle, Berne, Switzerland; and the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth; and has been represented internationally in group exhibitions at Documenta 7, Kassel, Germany; Art Institute of Chicago; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; P.S. 1, New York; and The Museum of Modern Art, New York, among other institutions.

About EAI
Founded in 1971, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) is a nonprofit arts organization that fosters the creation, exhibition, distribution, and preservation of moving image art. A New York-based international resource for media art and artists, EAI holds a major collection of over 3,800 new and historical media artworks, from groundbreaking early video by pioneering figures of the 1960s to new digital projects by today’s emerging artists. EAI works closely with artists, museums, schools and other venues worldwide to preserve and provide access to this significant archive. EAI services also include viewing access, educational initiatives, extensive online resources, technical facilities, and public programs such as artists’ talks, screenings, and multi-media performances. EAI’s Online Catalogue is a comprehensive resource on the artists and works in the EAI collection, and features expansive materials on media art’s histories and current practices: www.eai.org

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council, and New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.



19. Susan Bee, Jenny Polak, Robin Tewes, at A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, thru June 24

The info about Wish You Were Here 17:

May 24 – June 24, 2018

A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to present Wish You Were Here 17, on view in the Entry Gallery from May 24 - June 24, 2018.
This year our post card show is be dedicated to immigrant rights and reproductive justice advocate, Alejandra Pablos, who was detained on March 7th for protesting against the Department of Homeland Security at a rally in Virginia. She was released on April 19th on an $8,000 bond, but now must continue to fight against her deportation case. Pablos has dedicated her life to supporting and protecting the rights of Latinx immigrant communities.
Each original work is sold for $45 and proceeds go to benefit A.I.R. Gallery programs and Alejandra Pablos' legal fees. Unsold postcards will be donated to Mijente.
Postcards are available online for purchase at our store.

Participating artists: A. Tostado, Abby Zonies, Akiko Kato, Alaiyo Bradshaw, Alan Braverman, Alba Paramo, Alicia Cole, An Debie, Anastasiya Gutnik, Andre Pace, Angela M Lamonte, Ann Schaumburger, Annemarie Coffey, Arlene Rush, Aurore Chabot, Ayako Bando, Bethany Stahl, Bonny Leibowitz, Brenda Petays, Brian Ortmann, Carin Kulb Dangot, Carole Kunstadt, Carolian Pimenta, Carrie Johnson, Catherine Jones, Cathy Leavitt, Charlotte Tarantola, Chloé Nelson, Cindy Hwang, Claire Breidenbach, Colleen Sweeney Gahrmann, Constance Vepstas, Dan Nguyen, Dana Robinson, Dana Levy, Dani Sigler, Daniel Boyer, Daniela Puliti, Daria Dorosh, Diane Brawarsky, Edgar Frias, Elianna Renner, Elissa Swanger, Evan D. Williams, Frances Sousa, Francine Fox, Gertrud Schleising, Gina Randazzo, Guillermo Galindo, Halle Chapman-Tayler, Hannah Thomasclarke, Hannah Oud-Biemold, Heather Weathers, Hwa, Young Caruso, Ikhlas Ouagua, Iman Issa, Indira Martina Morre, Jane Gilmot, Jennifer Ale, Jenny Polak, Jf Cook, Jo Yeh, Joan Snitzer, John Caruso, Jonathan Lee, Judith Ostrowitz, Judy Logan, Judy Coppola, Julia Kim Smith, Julio Panisello, Juls Gabs, Justine Hu, Kacie Lyn Martinez, Kadie Salfi, Karen Leo, Kathleen Schneider, Kathleen Vaccaro, Kathleen Dobrowsky, Kathleen Reichelt, Katie Stackhouse, Katsura Okada, Kelly Boehmer, Keren Benbenisty, Kerri Ammirata, Lamonte Lamonte, Linda Lauro-Lazin, Linda E. Jones, Linnette Vázquez Polanco, Lisa Case, Lisa Cooperman, Lisa Warren, Lizania Cruz, Luba Shapiro Grenader, Luiza Dale, Mafalda Silva, Malika Wiezbowski, Mami Okada, Manju Shandler, Margaux Mcaulay, Maria Thereza Alvas, Marie Dormuth, Marie Odenstrand, Marilyn Murphy, Matthew Gualco, Maureen Murray, Maxine Henryson, Michela Griffo, Midori Okuyama, Mineko Yoshida, Mj Bono, Monica Bauer, Monica Felix, Montage Mädels, Nancy Rodrigo, Nancy Morrow, Norma Vila, Page Perrault, Parisa Shabani, Pat Lasch, Patricia Bouley, Patricia Erbelding, Patrick Maloney, Paul Seftel, Peter Mallen, Peter Brandt, Petros Lales, Rachel Scharly, Rebecca Krasnik, Rick Petrea, Rihanna Costiloe, Ms. Riker , Riki Cheung, Robin Tewes, Robin Zucker, Rosaire Appel, Sabine Carlson, Samantha Malay, Sarah Broshar, Sarah Harford, Sarah Nixon, Sarah E. Brook, Shamsy Shams, Sharlene Cline, Sherry Mestel, Silvia Aviles, Sílvia Soares Boyer, Simone Paterson, Steven Bornholtz, Sue Hettmansperger, Susan Osgood, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Susan Bee, Suzanne Bonser, Terry Kelly, Tomoko Abe, Toni Silber-Delerive, Valeria Lombo, Valerie Hallier, Valetta, Veronique Gambier, Vicky Tomayko, Virginia Naughton, Yael Dresdner, Yael Krevsky, Young Ji Kim, and Yuko Uchida.



20. Sol LeWitt, Kazuko Miyamoto, FF Alumns, at Gallery 128, Manhattan, June 30


One Fine Day May 31 - June 30, 2018

Closing Party:
Saturday, June 30, 6-8pm

Hours: Thur - Sat 1-7pm, Sun 1-5pm

Naoaki Funayama • Niizeki Hiromi • Akiko Kosaka • Sol LeWitt • Mieko Mitachi
Kazuko Miyamoto • Fumio Yamaguchi • Takatoshi Yamaguchi

A seed sprouts up.
A bud grows bigger.

Alluring artists, it bears fruit as imagery in their mind.

Art is, as it were, a circle play on representations.

And so they are here on the playground that might be
A hilltop house overlooking the sea,
An old-fashioned atelier remained in downtown.

With a flat brush,
With a piece of blue-striped cloth,
With a twig found on the tree-lined sidewalk,
A color of their favorite is scooped one by one,
An image of their sky is drawn one after another.

It is early summer in the afternoon.
It is one fine day things happen.

Poem by Mieko Mitachi • Translation by Kaz HY



21. Susan Newmark, FF Alumn, at YMCA Armory, Brooklyn, June 15-Sept. 5

THE ARMORY SHOW GOES LOCAL: Selections from the Collage/Mixed Media Class at the YMCA Armory in Park Slope. June 15-September 5. South Slope Local, Seventh Ave, between 9-10 Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn. Instructor,: Susan Newmark Fleminger. Work on view by; Amy Adam;,Eileen Blank;Margie Bonfils;Van Brody;Helene Ebenstein;Nell Mermin;Wilbur Miller; Robert Rothstein; Alex Rowan-Hazlerigg ,and Ronnie Wolfe.

Susan Newmark (Fleminger)



22. Melanie Crean, Sable Elyse, Amy Khoshbin, Shaun Leonardo, FF Alumns, at The Whitney Museum of American Art, Manhattan, June 22

I'm performing at The Whitney Museum, Friday June 22 at 7:30pm, on Floor 3 in the Susan and John Hess Family Gallery and Theater.

I'm sharing a short version of a new performance called You Never Know. You Never Know is a political speech turned rap dance party exploring the culture of violence and fear-mongering that Western media perpetuates and encouraging a group catharsis through video, dance, and rap music. I'll be performing with Laurie Berg, and we'd love to see you there.

The performance is part of a launch event for VECTOR Artist Journal #8, curated by Ellie Krakow. Also performing that evening are other amazing artists Nobutaka Aozaki, Jesus Benavente, Caitlin Berrigan, Julianne Swartz, Leslie Thornton, and collaborators Melanie Crean / Shaun Leonardo / Sable Elyse Smith.

The entry is free, but you have to RSVP here to guarantee a seat:


It's my first time showing work at the Whitney, and I'd love for you to be part of this exciting event with me!

Hope to talk soon and see you there!




23. Peggy Diggs, Ed Epping, FF Alumns, at City of Mud, Santa Fe,NM, opening June 15

Please visit


Thank you.



24. Doug Beube, FF Alumn, at Traffic Zone Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, July 2-Aug. 10

Twelve artists, nationally known for their creative engagement with the art of the book, were invited to participate in an experiment. Each of the artists was given a copy of the book Wallpaper: A Collection of Modern Prints, and asked to respond to it by exploring and altering its original form and/or content, thus giving it new meaning. This mixed media exhibition will present 2D and 3D work. Expect the outrageous and the gorgeous.

Participating Artists: Doug Beube, Scott Helmes, Vesna Kittelson, Joyce Lyon, Chip Schilling, Jody Williams, Karen Wirth, Yu-Wen Wu, Sarita Zaleha, Harriet Bart, Jon Neuse

July 2 - August 10, 2018
Monday – Friday - 9-5pm and by appointment

July 13, 2018
6-8pm- Public Reception- 7pm - Artist Conversation

Traffic Zone Gallery, 250 Third Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401, www.TrafficZoneArt.com



25. R. Sikoryak, Kriota Willberg, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, June 13

The show is WEDNESDAY, June 13.

Dixon Place presents
Comics Performances and Picture Shows, hosted by R. Sikoryak.
Featuring the cartoonists, graphic novelists, and visual artists:
Josh Bayer
Samuel Ferri
Liana Finck
Carolita Johnson
Flash Rosenberg
Kriota Willberg
Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 7:30 pm
Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street (btwn Rivington & Delancey), NYC
Tickets: $15 (advance), $18 (at the door),
$12 (students/seniors/idNYC in advance, $15 at the door)
Advance tickets & info: www.dixonplace.org (212) 219-0736
(The Dixon Place Lounge is open before, during, and after the show. All proceeds directly support DP’s mission and artists.)



26. Portia Munson, Mona Hatoum, Susan Hiller, Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumns, at Flag Art Foundation, Manhattan, thru Aug. 17

Dear Friends,
Please come to Dime-Store Alchemy! The details are below. For this show I am excited to be exhibiting "Pink Project: bedroom" a large room size installation. It's up through August 17th!
Best, Portia

Please join us for the opening of FLAG's summer exhibitions:

Curated by Jonathan Rider



Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 5, 6-8pm
On view through August 17, 2018
545 West 25th Street, 9th & 10th Floors

9th Floor
Dime-Store Alchemy
Curated by Jonathan Rider

The exhibition features 24 contemporary artists who elevate everyday objects through the framing devices of cabinets, shelves, and containers. Contextualized within the broader legacy of artist Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) and his celebrated box constructions, this selection of artworks, and their safeguarded contents, addresses issues of identity, value, memory, and time. Artists include:

Kader Attia
Nayland Blake
Matthew Buckingham
Sophie Calle
Francis Cape
Mark Dion Vincent Fecteau
Tony Feher
Ryan Gander
Robert Gober
Mona Hatoum
Susan Hiller Damien Hirst
Josh Kline
Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt
Josephine Meckseper
Portia Munson
Curtis Talwst Santiago Carolee Schneemann
Nancy Shaver
Haim Steinbach
Robert Therrien
Nicole Wermers
Rachel Whiteread

10th Floor
Genevieve Gaignard: Counterfeit Currency

Genevieve Gaignard's first NY solo exhibition of new self-portraits and collages, all created in Miami, FL, continues the artist's interest in the performance of race, gender presentation, beauty standards, and class, through fictionalized personas and staged environments. The title, Counterfeit Currency, addresses the inherent complexities of self-presentation, noting that the way one appears to others is often incongruent with the way in which they see themselves, yielding a feeling of displacement and fraudulence.

Click here for more images and full press releases.

The FLAG Art Foundation, founded in 2008 by art patron Glenn Fuhrman, is a non-profit exhibition space that encourages the appreciation of contemporary art among a diverse audience. FLAG presents four to six exhibitions a year that includes artworks by international, established and emerging artists, borrowed from a variety of sources. FLAG invites a broad range of creative individuals to curate exhibitions and works in-depth with artists to provide curatorial support and a platform to realize their own solo exhibitions.

FLAG's innovative approach to foster dialogue around contemporary art includes producing artist talks, artist-led workshops, and exhibition tours for school and museum groups. Based in the heart of Manhattan's Chelsea art district, FLAG and all its related programs are free and open to the public.

545 West 25th Street | New York, NY 10001 | 212.206.0220
June: Wednesday - Saturday, 11am-5pm | July & August: Tuesday - Friday, 11am-5pm



27. Paul Zelevansky, FF Alumn, now online at https://vimeo.com/273191590


The theory that all knowledge is derived from sense experience.


PZ, June 2018



28. Robert Longo, FF Alumn, in Newsweek, June 6

Please visit this link:


thank you.



29. Hidemi Takagi, FF Alumn, at Andrew Freedman Home, The Bronx, opening June 6

Hello there,

Hope you are having a beautiful day :)

My multimedia project "Hello,it's me" will be in the exhibition "IN-BETWEEN" The 2018 En Foco Photography Fellowship Exhibit, it will open on this coming Wednesday June 6 at the Andrew Freedman Home (very beautiful, historical building. You're gonna love the space, if you haven't visited there yet) at 1125 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10452. (Right next to the entrance of B or D Train to the 167 STREET STATION. Exit at south side of station, across from The Bronx Museum) This is the first time that I was awarded as a "PHOTOGRAPHER". (I thought it would never happen!!)

Opening Reception is June 6th from 6-8pm. Please come join us.





30. Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful, FF Alumn, receives 2018 Arts Fund award

Please visit this link:


Thank you.

With kind regards,




31. Pope.L, FF Alumn, at Le Centre d'art contemporain La Panacée, Montpellier, France, thru Aug. 26

POPE.L: One thing after another
Le Centre d'art contemporain La Panacée, Montpellier, France
June 2 – August 26, 2018

La Panacée presents Pope.L's first major solo exhibition in France, One thing after another, on view in Montpellier through August 26, 2018. The exhibition includes early and recent work, as well as a new site-responsive project, in which Pope.L questions our relationship to and structuring of logic and knowledge within an ongoing irreverence to social construction.



32. Alicia Grullón, FF Alumn, now online at http://transborderart.com/index.html

Dear Friends:

TransBorder Art is pleased to air on public TV our new episode: Art and Social Justice
Congratulations to: Rocio Aranda Alvarado, Sol Aramendi, Guido Garaycochea, Alicia Grullón and William Villalongo. They discuss their work and how they connect Art and Justice.

Tomorrow on MNN at 5:30 PM in the following channels:
FIOS: 34; RCN 83,
Spectrum: 56 &1996
WEB: MNN Channel 2

You can also watch it on our website: http://transborderart.com/index.html



33. Patricia Hoffbauer, FF Alumn, in new Pew Center for Arts & Heritage publication

Out now: The Sentient Archive: Bodies, Performance, and Memory
Artists and cultural scholars theorize the body as a crucible of knowledge.


The new publication The Sentient Archive: Bodies, Performance, and Memory, from The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, gathers the work of leading artists and cultural scholars in performance, architecture, science, and the visual arts with essays that consider the nature of physicality and illustrate how the body serves as a repository for knowledge. Published by Wesleyan University Press, The Sentient Archive is available now here.
Edited by Bill Bissell, director of Performance at The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, and Linda Caruso Haviland, professor and founder/director of the dance program at Bryn Mawr College, the volume features 28 essays by contributors including Tomie Hahn, Patricia Hoffbauer, Jenn Joy, Ralph Lemon, André Lepecki, Bebe Miller, Juhani Pallasmaa, and Marcia B. Siegel, among others.

In drawing connections between body and archive, the essayists consider how and why the moving body generates and stores information for recall, retrieval, or reenactment. Collectively, the writers address issues of history, memory, and agency, but the knowing body, performed or reenacted, remains a focal point.

“This volume presents a marvelous and diverse group of thinkers who, as artists and scholars, are reckoning with the dancing body as a site of knowing, remembering, and performing,” writes Susan Leigh Foster, distinguished professor in the department of world arts and cultures/dance at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Elizabeth A. Behnke, author of Study Project in Phenomenology of the Body notes, “The Sentient Archive summons a feast of diverse voices, giving each the space to speak without forcing them into a single chorus. Instead, the book works like a landscape where these voices and their shimmering echoes intersect, inviting us in to join the unfinished, disappearing dance of movement and memory, of the sentient body and its archival impulse, its fragile yet insistent resistance to the slippage of time. Collectively, these voices testify to the whispers and the wild feelings in our bones that can hardly be put into words, but bear our social flesh forward.”

About The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage
The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage is a multidisciplinary grantmaker and hub for knowledge-sharing, funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, dedicated to fostering a vibrant cultural community in Greater Philadelphia. The Center invests in ambitious, imaginative, and catalytic work that showcases the region’s cultural vitality and enhances public life, and engages in an exchange of ideas concerning artistic and interpretive practice with a broad network of cultural practitioners and leaders.



34. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, opening June 13

One of Frank Moore’s oil paintings, “Patti Smith”, will be included in the upcoming exhibition, “Way Bay 2” , at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA). “Way Bay 2” is the second exhibition in a series covering artwork from the San Francisco Bay Area over two centuries. Way Bay 2 runs from June 13 – September 2, 2018. See
https://bampfa.org/program/way-bay-2 for more information. Here is a more detailed description of the exhibit from the website:

“The second iteration of an innovatively organized exhibition of art, film, performance, poetry, and archival materials, Way Bay 2 continues our wide-ranging exploration of the creative energies that have emerged from the San Francisco Bay Area over two centuries. The exhibition features almost two hundred works by Bay Area artists and others whose work engages directly with the region’s geographic and cultural landscape. Dozens of works not seen in the first iteration of the exhibition are on view, including pieces by Rosie Lee Tompkins, Larry Sultan, Frank Moore, Ajit Chauhan, Nicole Phungrasamee Fein, Conrad Ruiz, and Lewis Watts as well as films by Jordan Belson, Lawrence Jordan, and Chick Strand.

Ranging in historical scope from the early nineteenth century to the present, the exhibition explores the enduring themes and powerful artistic voices that have emerged from the Bay Area across times and cultures, highlighting transhistorical affinities among the many artists, filmmakers, authors, and other creative practitioners who have drawn inspiration from the region’s distinctive character. Rather than a conventional historical survey, Way Bay 2 is an open-ended and provocative attempt to reveal hidden currents and connections among works from disparate times, cultures, and communities.

Continuous film screenings in the galleries showcase the Bay Area’s rich history as an incubator for avant-garde and experimental cinema, beginning with a silent film that captures life on the streets of San Francisco just days before the 1906 earthquake destroyed much of the city. The exhibition also includes highlights from BAMPFA’s extensive archive of video and audio recordings of Bay Area artists.

A section of the exhibition is devoted to poetry by Bay Area writers, presented through an original, interactive postcard project. A series of performances and other programs, including readings by local poets and participatory workshops in the museum’s Art Lab, complements the exhibition.

In addition to works from BAMPFA’s collection, including a number of recent acquisitions on display for the first time, Way Bay 2 includes exceptional paintings, prints, photographs, and other works from UC Berkeley’s Bancroft Library and Hearst Museum of Anthropology.”

Two of Frank’s oil paintings, “Patti Smith” and “Mariah” were added to the museum’s permanent collection earlier this year.



35. Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn, at Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA, June 10, and more

Dear Diary,
I am asleep in my car right now. I just pulled over into a S'barro parking lot for a nap on the side of the 5 Freeway. I guess this is what life has to offer. Good thing there is my favorite night, WEIRDO NIGHT, coming up soon. For which I am composing a new numba, "It's So Hard, To Be Avand Gard" Also, I continue to work un diligently on my new show "Shell Of A Woman", which will take up a lot of my TV time in July and early August. I am hoping to do as little as possible to put together and evening's worth of edu-tainment worth $20 a head. And that's exactly what my head is worth. I hope you come see me, dear dairy, because I don't have any real friends anymore since I scammed all the 8th graders in my class with my essential oils ponzi scheme. Also I voted to day in the california primarys dear diary. I don't know who i voted for, because I just stabbed random holes which is how I do most of my decision making. I also have adrenal fatigue which is the new eating disorder in LA now! TTYSoon! Love you DD!


6/10/18 - WEIRDO NIGHT!!! at Zebulon, with Jennifer Moon, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, Amanda-Faye Jimenez - PLUS, Dynasty Handbag's alter ego Dynamite Bathrobes makes an especialy appearance! And DANCE-Y-OKE! TICKETS
read our generous LA Weekly recommendation here!

7/1/18 - WEIRDO NIGHT! guests TBA (theme - celebrities with face problems)

8/14/18 - Shell of A Woman, Joe's Pub, NYC tickets on sale soonishly!

Moreon Weirdo Night
Jennifer Moon
Within realities constructed by normative modes of representation, Jennifer Moon is a Los Angeles based artist, writer, adventurer, and revolutionary with the appropriate qualifying degrees. Within realities of the impossible, the unknown, and the unimaginable, Jennifer Moon is an android-like humanoid creature from the quantum realms of dark matter and dark energy committed to understanding human emotions and creating alternatives to the predetermined outcomes of art and of life. Drawing from the extremely personal, blending a mix of queer life, science, self-help, popular culture, and fantasy, Moon presents possibilities of futures and ways of being beyond binaries, hierarchies, and capital that keep us locked in a 5% universe.

Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs
Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs is a Berkeley-raised, Los Angeles-based composer and multi-media artist creating entry points into her compositions through sculpture, video, costume, and performance. The core theme of her practice is the conviction that the creation of new mythologies can lead to the deconstruction + devastation of real-life hierarchical structures. She leads Community Chorus, a resistance-themed, no-commitment chorus; is one half of the pop duo, Bouquet; and is the creator/composer of the choral/movement ensemble, Song of Eurydice. CPR has presented work at The Getty Center, deYoung Museum, Hammer Museum, MOCA LA, SFMOMA, Bangkok University, High Desert Test Sites, Berkeley Art Museum and All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival (UK).
IG @carolynpennypackerriggs

Amanda-Faye Jimenez
is a Blaxican queer fat femme dyke writer and comedic performer. She has performed at The Hammer Museum, the Radar Productions Queer Readings Series, SORORITY, and in the playroom of the McDonald's in next to her favorite gay bar. Fans say she just has that “it” factor, like the Beyoncé of unattractive, broken humans with excellent comic timing. When she isn’t spilling her guts on stage, she can be found creating semi-relatable social media content @failureprincess on Instagram/Twitter and letting her dogs kiss her on the mouth, even though everyone keeps telling her that’s some white people shit.
IG @failureprincess

Copyright © 2018 Dynasty Handbag, All rights reserved.



36. LAPD, FF Alumn, at Skid Row History Museum & Archive, Los Angeles, CA, June 23

Public Safety For Real Presentation: Gregory Sale and Anti-Recidivist Coalition
Saturday, June 23, 2018 3 p.m. –5 p.m.
At the Skid Row History Museum & Archive, 250 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012
A project of The Los Angeles Poverty Department https://www.lapovertydept.org
For further information, please call the office Tel. 213 413-1077 (LAPD office) Fax 213 413-1077 or email info@lapovertydept.org

Artist Gregory Sale and members of The Anti-Recidivist Coalition will discuss their community building and advocacy work that engages people coming out of prison, to make a future that keeps them from going back in. They’ll unpack their strategic use of art to change the narrative around incarceration through their collaborative art project Future ID’s for Alcatraz.
Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) is a movement of formerly incarcerated individuals, advocates, and allies committed to transforming the justice system and improving reentry outcomes. Today, the Coalition has grown into a support and advocacy network of more than 300 members, and hundreds of volunteer mentors and allies, committed to helping one another through reentry, and advocating for a fairer criminal justice system.
Working nationally, Gregory Sale has generated aesthetic frameworks for individuals directly affected by the system, connecting them with communities and initiating discourse around social justice. Sale is now undertaking a series of projects focused on the challenges of reentering society after incarceration. He recently completed Rap Sheet to Resume (2015-16), a workshop and social practice project for the New York-based Urban Justice Center and is currently producing Future IDs: reframing the narrative of re-entry (2016-present), with the Los Angeles-based Anti-Recidivism Coalition.
Future IDs at Alcatraz Opening in Fall 2018 at the iconic prison-turned-national park in San Francisco Bay, Future ID’s at Alcatraz is a year-long exhibition featuring ID-inspired artwork by men and women with conviction histories. In stark contrast to prison-issued IDs, these artworks are about individual stories of transformation and how those stories collectively can help reframe the narrative of re-entry. The installation will be accompanied by a series of monthly public programs and workshops created in collaboration with local organizations and communities.
Developed with individuals honing their ability to succeed after incarceration and desiring to make that transition easier for others, the project is led by a core project team of Dr. Luis Garcia, Kirn Kim, Ryan Lo, and artist Gregory Sale who are working in partnership with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, the William James Association, the National Park Service, its nonprofit partner the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and others to realize this art and social justice campaign. The project will activate the public’s imagination, changing underlying cultural biases and helping to generate the critical community support necessary to advance justice reform.

The event is part of LA Poverty Department’s “Public Safety for Real” project. The project reconsiders the idea of “Public Safety” as something applied to communities by the authorities, and articulates an alternative vision, one in which “Public Safety” is generated by cultivating a sense of mutual responsibility among community members for creating the well being of their community. The June 23 event is the fifth in a series of public conversations integral to building an LAPD performance of the same name that will be presented in late fall / winter 2018.

The walls of the Skid Row History Museum and Archive are currently hung with the “Zillionaires Against Humanity” exhibition (through June 30), which documents the campaign to create a Skid Row Neighborhood Council and the extreme lengths employed to defeat it by downtown development interests.

About the Skid Row History Museum & Archive
The Skid Row History Museum & Archive is an exhibition /performing arts space curated by LAPD. It brings forward the distinctive artistic and historical consciousness of Skid Row, a 40-year-old social experiment. The Skid Row History Museum and Archive functions as a means for exploring the mechanics of displacement in an age of immense income inequality, by mining a neighborhood's activist history and amplifying effective community strategies.

About the Los Angeles Poverty Department
Founded in 1985, Los Angeles Poverty Department was the first ongoing arts initiative on Skid Row. LAPD creates performances and multidisciplinary artworks that connect the experience of people living in poverty to the social forces that shape their lives and communities. LAPD's works express the realities, hopes, dreams and rights of people who live and work in L.A.'s Skid Row. LAPD has created projects with communities throughout the US and in The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Bolivia.
LAPD’s “Public Safety for Real” project is supported by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, The MAP Fund, The National Endowment for The Arts-theater and The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. This evening’s conversation was made possible with support from California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit www.calhum.org



37. Terry Berkowitz, Kay Hines, FF Alumns, at 42 Washington Mews, Manhattan, opening June 14

I am pleased to be in this small exhibition in a very small space with some wonderful people. Showing two old ‘transformations’ from the 70s and a still video, "Portraits from Western Sahara."

in collaboration with the
Chelsea Music Festival

Terry Berkowitz
Claire Gilliam
Jeannine Guidi
Kay Hines
Regula Rüegg
Silvelin von Scanzoni
Ursula Scherrer
Sokhi Wagner
June 14 – August 24, 2018
Opening reception: June 14, 6–8 pm
42 Washington Mews, New York, NY 10003

Just letting everyone know.

Terry Berkowitz




38. Michelle Handelman, John Kelly, FF Alumns, at Art Market Provincetown, MA, opening June 8, and more

Dear Friends, In case you're in NYC, P-Town or Houston this summer I'd like to let you know about a few upcoming shows. This week I'll be at AMP: ART MARKET PROVINCETOWN showing with some of my fav artists including John Kelly, Katrina del Mar, Bobby Miller, and the following week is Liz Collins' queer portrait xtravaganza at the BUREAU OF GENERAL SERVICES - QUEER DIVISION, which is sure to be a night of visual overload with work by 99 LGBTQ artists! And in August, WALLS TURNED SIDEWAYS: ARTISTS CONFRONT THE JUSTICE SYSTEM, curated by Risa Puleo opens at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. If you happen to find yourself in one of these cities I'd love to see you at one of these events or really, anywhere soon!

Happy Summer + XOXO Michelle

with works by Bobby Busnach, Katrina Del Mar, John Kelly, Bobby Miller.

EXHIBITION: JUNE 8 - 27, 2018

AMP: Art Market Provincetown
432 Commercial St.
Provincetown, MA 02657


an immersive exhibition by Liz Collins
JUNE 14 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2018

Bureau of General Services - Queer Division

Cast of Characters is a dramatic transformation of the Bureau by artist Liz Collins featuring a salon-style exhibition of portraits by 99 LGBTQ artists with uniquely designed custom wallpaper, carpet, and lighting that transforms the Bureau into a bright lounge, beckoning visitors to linger, look and read.

Bureau of General Services - Queer Division
208 W. 13th St. Rm. 210
New York, New York 10011



39. Andrea Fraser, Coco Fusco, Michelle Handelman, Suzanne Lacy, Shaun Leonardo, Dread Scott, Martin Wong, FF Alumns, at Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX, Aug. 15, 2018-Jan. 6, 2019


Curated by Risa Puleo

AUGUST 25, 2018 - JANUARY 6, 2019

Walls Turned Sideways: Artists Confront the Justice System includes artists from across the country who have addressed the criminal justice system and prison-industrial complex through their artistic practice. Representing the full range of contemporary art production made in the studio and the social realm, the exhibition includes artworks that take issues of social justice as a subject for images and objects, position the prison and court systems as structures for questioning through institutional critique, and aim to change legislature as part of a social practice.

Artists include: Chris Burden, Jamal Cyrus, Andrea Fraser, Coco Fusco, Michelle Handelman, Alexa Hoyer, Suzanne Lacy, Shaun Leonardo, Glenn Ligon, Lucky Pierre, Trevor Paglen, Carl Pope, Dread Scott, Martin Wong, among many others.

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
5216 Montrose Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77006



40. Edward Albee, Richard Foreman, Lisa Kron, Builders Association, FF Alumns, in the New York Times, June 1

Please visit this link to the complete New York Times special theater section, “The Great Work Continues”


thank you.



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