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Contents for August 15, 2017

1. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, on NY1 news, now online, and more

Please visit this link:







(The day of the Great American Solar Eclipse)


Please bring a candle to light and some incense to burn.

If you are not in New York City, please join us
by lighting a candle &smudging the air wherever you are.

To my dear spirit circles,

I was a Freedom Rider in 1964. I witnessed a cross burning and was shot at by the KKK. But because we never stopped protesting (protest means "to speak in favor of") we got a Civil Rights Act passed. That was then and the Charlottesville abomination is now. I weep to see everything we fought for, every beautiful bit of progress we made as a nation being pissed upon.

Lately there have been several rituals called by witches around the country in response to the entire avalanche of negativity that we have been inundated with lately. I have been offended by the tenor of these ceremonies, which are meant to bind and hex the dangerous influences. In my opinion, they are adding to the negative energy that is already so powerful.

Instead, I want to purify the tainted air that is choking the entire world so that we may be inspired (inspire means "to breathe in") by a fresh spirit of optimism and determined positive action. I do not want to fight fire with fire, but rather surround it with a stronger, saner, sustainable energy of reverence for life.

With untold blessings,

This is a video of the Inauguration Purification Ritual and Smudge-In that I did with Kate Clinton in Dupont Circle in Washington on the evening before Obama's first inauguration in 2009. Thousand of people burned sage to clear the air after Bush and pledged their allegiance to their own purpose, passion and power to effect change.

Thank you.



2. Ginny Lloyd, FF Alumn, in Atlas Obscura, now online

Emily Cleaver wrote an article for Atlas Obscura about the strange and beautiful world of faux stamps. She wrote, "Researching it took me down a weird postal rabbit hole full of stamps for imaginary places, mail art, DIY stamp issues, Fluxus anti-art, local posts and cinderellas." She also features the fabulous mail art of Ginny Lloyd. The complete article can be read at:



3. Iris Rose, Nancy Spero, Nora York, FF Alumns, now online at Franklin Furnace's student intern blogpost

Franklin Furnace student intern Clara Perlmutter is creating blog posts about historical Franklin Furnace performances. Here are links to her first two posts:



and here's the link to the blog homepage:


Thank you.



4. Liliana Porter, FF Alumn, at Siccardi Gallery, Houston, TX, thru Aug. 24

Extended thru August 24, 2017

Order of Things and Other Works coincides with Liliana Porter's exhibition at the Arsenale in the 57th Venice Biennale that will be on display through November 26, 2017. Porter's installation in the Arsenale, Man with an Axe and Other Brief Situations (2017), forms a critical component of the 57th International Art Exhibition, titled VIVA ARTE VIVA, curated by Christiane Macel of the Musée National d'Art Moderne - Centre Pompidou of Paris. Part of a new chapter titled Tiempo e infinito [Time and Infinity], the work reflects Porter's "new effort to restructure the order of things," as art critic Julio Sánchez freshly noted. The installation is comprised of arrangements of multiple objects situated on three platforms placed in U-shaped formation, featuring the array of everyday objects that Porter is known for, but engaged in a novel narrative of destruction.

Likening her own work to "watching a movie with the lights on," the Buenos Aires-born artist first studied at the School of Manuel Belgrano before moving to Mexico City where she attended the Universidad Iberoamericana, taking classes in printmaking with Guillermo Silva Santamaría and participating in an experimental workshop with Mathias Goeritz. After returning to Buenos Aires for further study at the Escuela de Bellas Artes, Porter relocated to New York in the mid-1960s, where she co-founded the New York Graphic Art Workshop with fellow Latin American artists Luis Camnitzer and José Guillermo Castillo. In addition to her print work, Porter's art engages with notions of time, memory, and emotionality that define the human condition via the forms and movements of small flea-market figurines and found objects across austere backgrounds. She describes her art as "interested in the simultaneity of humor and distress, banality and the possibility of meaning." Porter's works can be found in major international collections including Daros Latinamerica Collection in Zürich, the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH), the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, Pérez Art Museum Miami among others.

For more information, contact Annalisa Palmieri Briscoe at annalisa@sicardi.com, or call 713-529-1313. Visit www.sicardi.com.

Sicardi Gallery
1506 W. Alabama St.
Houston, Texas 77006
(T) +1 713 529.1313
(F) + 713 529.0443

Tuesday - Friday 10 - 6
Saturday 11-5
or by appointment



5. Mierle Laderman Ukeles, FF Alumn, at Whitney Museum of American Art, Manhattan, Aug. 24

Artist's Talk with Mierle Laderman Ukeles:
I Make Maintenance Art One Hour Every Day

August 24th, 3:00pm
Whitney Museum of American Art
Sixth floor
Free with museum admission

Join us Thursday, August 24th, for an artist's talk on I Make Maintenance Art One Hour Every Day (1976), on view as part of the exhibition An Incomplete History of Protest: Selections from the Whitney's Collection, 1940-2017, opening August 18th.

Due to preservation constraints, the piece will be shown for three months only - August 18th through mid-November. This is the last time the piece will be exhibited before it goes to "rest" for ten years!

From the Whitney's website:
"In 1976, Mierle Laderman Ukeles invited three hundred maintenance workers at 55 Water Street, the site of the Whitney Museum's former downtown branch, to conceive of their work as "maintenance art" for one hour every day during their eight-hour work shift. The resulting work I Make Maintenance Art One Hour Every Day (1976) exemplifies her commitment to making art engaged with the endless maintenance and service work that is essential but often invisible. On the occasion of the exhibition An Incomplete History of Protest: Selections from the Whitney's Collection, 1940-2017, Ukeles speaks about I Make Maintenance Art One Hour Every Day, her role as the official, unsalaried Artist-in-Residence at the New York City Department of Sanitation, and her creation of art as activism."

An Incomplete History of Protest: Selections from the Whitney's Collection, 1940-2017
opens August 18th, 2017
The Whitney Museum of American Art
99 Gansevoort Street, Meatpacking District, Manhattan



6. Ron Littke, FF Alumn, Filmmaking Workshops for Kids, Sullivan County, NY, thru Sept. 1

FF Alumn Ron Littke will be teaching filmmaking workshops for kids in Sullivan county, NY.
The schedule is:
August 14-18 at Narrowsburg, meet at the Tusten Library 10 am - noon.
August 21-25 (advance class) at Narrowsburg, meet at the Tusten Library 10 am - 2 pm.
August 28-September 1 at Eldred, meet at The Sunshine Library 10 am - noon.

Classes are $65/week for two hour classes and $120/week for the advanced classes. The films will be shown at the Big Eddy Film Festival on Sunday, September 17, at noon at the Tusten Theater in Narrowsburg. For more information, call: 845-252-6583, or go to www.icehouseartsny.org.

The program is partially funded by the New York State Council for the Arts and the Sullivan County Arts and Heritage grants.



7. Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn, at Joe's Pub, Manhattan, Aug. 31, and more

I, An Moron
und more

My award winning (lie) one-woman (true) comedy (true) show (true-y) is returning the east coast! If you missed it in NYC in January please come pay your respects as I am now dead! (true)


August 24th - Toronto! at DDL
August 31st - NYC! at Joe's Pub
September 12th - Provincetown! - Afterglow Festival

September 17th - Weirdo Night! returns to Zebulon Los Angeles

about I, An Moron
Dynasty Handbag's "insanely funny" falling-apart stand-up show takes a googley eyed macroscopic look into the climate of contemporary American white activism and its myriad ways to "resist" while still maintaining bourgeois pour-over prison labor coffee and nut milk. It is also a "queering" of the ever popular one-woman show that often hinges on heterosexual female struggles without necessarily taking into account their evil origins. Topics covered include: white women having babies and how this makes her feel enraged/grossedout/inadequate, a cover of Rihanna's well-known blue-collar anthem celebrating the proletariat and an analysis/jazz dance number about coyote discrimination in relationship to the Hollywood desert nightmare that is now a metaphor for complete global destruction. TRIGGER WARNING There is a new segment in this version of the show called "A Handbag's Tale". It contains a dog cone.

"One of the nuttiest and most brilliant artists working today" - Artillery Magazine
"Hilarious and extraordinarily original" - Paper Magazine
"Outrageously smart, grotesque and innovative" - The New Yorker

you can now get this fucking rope-a-dope new t-shirt, designed by Jess Cuevas at GAVEGOODFACE.!!!! CHALLENGE: See if you can locate the classic F-U in the signature! org. photo by Charlie Gross

Music Videos!!
Released from the maximum security capitalist machine that is my daddy who went out for cigs and came back!

got paid blood $$ by verizon via the very jenerous JASH to make videos last year but they were trapped in their online platform which no one wanted to look at, my contract is up and NOW THEY HAVE BEEN SET FREE! enjoy! thank you JASH !!!!!
directed by Mariah Garnett with produced by Amanda Verwey and animations and edits by Joseph Kraska all wonderful all gay all day /// production stuff with Conci Althouse and Natalie Casagran Lopez



8. Brendan Fernandes, FF Alumn, August news

Dear Friends,

This August I am excited a share a few new opportunities and to report on the continued success of a few others!

In New York, I am continuing my residency, Steady Pulse at Recess. The installation and weekly performances (see schedule below) will continue to September 1st. Generous coverage of Steady Pulse and it's performances, Hit Back and Emergency Rave is currently featured in Art Forum by Wendy Vogel.

Also continuing in August is Marching to the Beat, a significant group show organized by Jessica Silverman Gallery in San Francisco, will remain on view to August 26.

Last, I am excited to announce a new article in Urban Glass Quarterly by James Yood. Appearing in the Summer 2017 issue of the the magazine, "Brendan Fernandes: Free Fall" reviews the glass, crystal and performance works exhibited in Free Fall at Monique Meloche Gallery in January of 2017. A PDF of this and other recent texts in available through my artist's page on Monique Meloche's website, here: http://moniquemeloche.com/artists/brendan-fernandes/

As always, sending my best!

Recess Schedule:

Hit Back
An ongoing series of open rehearsals. This process-based exploration focuses on the dance floor's potential as a space of agency and political resistance.
August 15, 17, 22, 24, 26

Free Fall
A dance performance and party during which the accompanying music stops 49 times, prompting performers to fall to the ground. Free Fall pays homage to the Orlando massacre while exploring the dance floor as a support for the upright body that simultaneously carries the power to impact, damage, and ultimately hold still the bodies that fall onto it.
August 25
Make your Mark - Sign the Floor
A community-building event inviting visitors to mark the dance floor as a site of memorial. This program builds off of the example of the Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, California, where names of dancers and actors who died of AIDS are marked on the floor in the space.
August 26th

August 19, 3-5pm - "On Flashing Lights" a conversation Kavita S Kulkarni



9. Peter Cramer & Jack Waters, FF Alumns, at Le Petit Versailles, Manhattan, Aug. 19

Peter Cramer and Jack Waters appear in CHAKRA CABARET at the community garden Le Petit Versailles.

August 19, Saturday at 7pm.
Le Petit Versailles @ 346 East Houston St. between Ave. B&C.

7 Years later, finally, it's happening again! A world changed in 2010 when a family of performers came together to explore in performance the ways in which spirituality, queer experience and life, and our need for healing and self-knowledge could be easily and beautifully braided in the medium of cabaret--It's OUR favorite! Join us once again as work our way up/down/side/slant/above/below/out with the chakras with your guides with Handsome Jeremy, Peter Cramer, Connor Donahue, Dharma Jay, Carlo Maria, Jack Waters
and Mysterious Others To Be Announced!
The first manifestation of this cabaret of talents that included Jeremy Miskush, Alaska Thunderfuck, Bizzy Barefoot, Carlo Maria, Liam Barnes, Davi Cohen and Peewee Nyob!
Ideas and practices involving so-called 'subtle bodies' have existed for many centuries in many parts of the world. (...) Virtually all human cultures known to us have some kind of concept of mind, spirit or soul as distinct from the physical body, if only to explain experiences such as sleep and dreaming. (...) An important subset of subtle-body practices, found particularly in Indian and Tibetan Tantric traditions, and in similar Chinese practices, involves the idea of an internal 'subtle physiology' of the body (or rather of the body-mind complex) made up of channels through which substances of some kind flow, and points of intersection at which these channels come together. In the Indian tradition the channels are known as nadiand the points of intersection as cakra.
- Geoffrey Samuel and Jay Johnston, Religion and the Subtle Body in Asia and the West: Between Mind and Body



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