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Contents for June 20, 2017

1. Franc Palaia, Norm Magnusson, FF Alumns, at Wilderstein Historic Site, Rhinebeck, NY, thru Oct. 31

Franc Palaia, FF Alum curated the 4th Outdoor Sculpture Biennial at Wilderstein Historic Site in Rhinebeck, NY. Dates are from June 3 - Oct 31, 2017.

The exhibition includes 18 sculptures by 18 Hudson Valley and regional artists from 4 states. Artists include:
Michael Abill, Carl Grieco, Alex Kveton, Jodi Carlson, Michael Ciccone, Dave Channon, Joe Chirchirillo, David Nyzio, Peter Schlemowitz, Naomi Teppich, Tom Holmes, Jeff Johnson, Bernard Klevickas, Norm Magnusson, Shelley Parriott, Herman Roggeman, Suprina, Mimi Czajka Graminski. The show is open daily from 9-4pm, free to the public.
Franc Palaia will give three free tours of the show on Sundays, Aug 6, Sept 10 and Oct 8 at 1pm.
For more info: 845-876-4818, or 845-516-4758. www.wilderstein.org



2. Priscilla Stadler, FF Member, at Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, June 21

Happy Solstice!

You are invited to the Summer Solstice activities at Socrates Sculpture Park tomorrow, June 21.

During the range of festivities celebrating the longest day of the year, from 5:30 - 6:30 I'll be inviting people to question a homemade oracle comprised of random phrases selected from multiple sources related to light, dark, and solstice.

You can also contribute your own answer -- to an unknown question.

From these questions and answers we will co-create a poem that will be read by writer Audrey DiMola during the evening's performances.

Socrates is a lovely spot by the water in LIC/Astoria, with a great view of another borough's famous skyline. And, currently, a lot of goats made by sculptor Nari Ward.

Hope you can join us at this beautiful spot for some creative fun to celebrate the solstice!


Priscilla Stadler
@priscillastudio instagram



3. Julie Tolentino, FF Alumn, receives California Arts Council grant 2017-18

With support from the California Arts Council, Hope Mohr Dance's Bridge Project will work with artist Julie Tolentino in 2017-18 to offer a year-long community engagement residency called Bodies of Resistance: Creating Leadership from the Margins in which Tolentino will lead a cohort she calls "The Hardcorps" - a small group of experimental LGBT artists and artists of color in a series of workshops to deepen creative and social engagement skills and to co-create ensemble and solo performances around issues of gender justice.



4. Hector Canonge, FF Alumn, at Glasshouse Project, Brooklyn, June 21, and more

Hector Canonge, FF Alumn, performs "OLVIDO" for Neo Domesticity Performance Art Festival at Glasshouse Project (June 21st), continues with "projekt RECOVERY" (June 11th - ongoing), and prepares to embark on a month long exploratory and performative journey through various cities in Spain and Portugal with artist and collaborator, Veronica Peña (June 27th - August 1st)
Wednesday, June 21st, 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Neo-Domesticity Performance Art Festival, Glasshouse Project
246 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC

Durational performance where the artist attempts to organize "proof" of his economic validification and verification of his presence in the United States since his return to New York City in late 2015. After 3 years of living abroad (2012-2015) Canonge returned "home" and had to confront with the bureaucratic challenges of housing, work, and living as an artist in New York City. In "OLVIDO" the artist tries to solve the economic puzzle of domesticity in a society that is more technologically connected yet separated and individualized.
More information: www.

projekt RECOVERY

June 2017 - ongoing

Through the recent launch of "projekt RECOVERY," Hector Canonge attempts to "rescue" and "rebuild" his artistic documentation archive. "projekt RECOVERY" asks friends, colleagues and the public in general who took pictures and/or video documentation of his performances, initiatives, and presentations to send their documentation to the artist. The project is a reflection about loss, obsolescence, detachment, ephemerality, and the transitory nature of Live Art.
Artist Statement: "projekt RECOVERY" is an attempt to mend my persona after being submitted to a violent act where my psychological and physical well being were suddenly disrupted. The project is not only a presentation / performance / dialogue / reflection, but an opportunity for me to (re)formulate my art practice, understand better my own objectives for the years to come, and reflect on the nature of my own material and moral values. To a larger degree, projekt RECOVERY is also an attempt to rescue documentation of 3 years of work (2014-2016) in three different continents. Work that vanished in a moment of joy and trustfulness. Joy as we were celebrating the presentation of my last work, and trust as I believed in the safety of a space, and the good will of people. projekt RECOVERY is a plea, a request, an act of solidarity, and a call for actions from friends, colleagues, acquaintances, the public in general who took pictures and/or video documentation of my performances, initiatives, and presentations. Please send send any visual documentation via Wetransfer, Dropbox or Email. All contributors and supporters will be credited accordingly. Use the email: canonge.projekt.recovery@gmail.com
More information (Coming soon): www.hectorcanonge.net/projekt-recovery

Hector Canonge
Artist / Curator / Educator / Cultural Entrepreneur
Email: hector@hectorcanonge.net
Website: www.hectorcanonge.net
Skype: HectorCanonge



5. Seung-Min Lee, FF Alumn, at Honey's, Brooklyn, June 25, and more

Sunday June 25th, 8-11pm
3 Scott Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237


Privatetime / Annie Pearlman, Brian Belott
Seung-Min Lee
Lindsay Beebe
Doody Boy / Max Eisenberg
Spookfish / Dan Goldberg


June 30th, 8:30-10:00pm
Safe Gallery
1004 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Comedy Night at COSMIC JOKE
Organized by Jennifer Sullivan

A night of comedy and performance with Jacques Louis Vidal, Larissa Velez, Seung-Min Lee and a musical performance from BOBONYC. Hosted By Jennifer Sullivan and Erica Magrey.

Copyright (c) *2017* *Seung-Min Lee, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:



6. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, now online

My album "That Regrettable Weekend" is now available on Bandcamp! It contains 20 of my songs and a memorable instrumental; you can now enjoy such songs as "Little Two-Headed Kitten," "The Renaissance Faire," and "Buenas Noches, Little Roaches" whenever you like. As is the case with Bandcamp, you can listen free, or pay to download. You can find it here:
dougskinner(dot)bandcamp(dot)com/album/that-regrettable-weekend. (Just replace the parenthetical dots with real ones.)



7. Richard Serra, FF Alumn, at Kunstmuseum Basel, Switzerland, thru Oct. 15

Kunstmuseum Basel
Richard Serra
Films and Videotapes
May 20-October 15, 2017

Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart
St. Alban-Rheinweg 60
4010 Basel


Richard Serra (b. San Francisco, 1938) is one of the most influential artists working today. He is best known for the monumental steel outdoor sculptures he has made since the 1970s; several of these have sparked public controversies-including in Basel, where his sculpture Intersection on Theaterplatz is a striking sight in the urban fabric.
The exhibition Richard Serra: Films and Videotapes at the Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart turns the spotlight on Serra's work in film, which goes back to 1968 and has been a crucial source of impulses for his artistic and experimental use of both media. The artist also recruited several people to work with him on his films who went on to distinguished careers in the fields of visual art and filmmaking, including Joan Jonas, Nancy Holt, and Babette Mangolte.
The show presents sixteen films and videos Richard Serra made between 1968 and 1979. All works are screened in the original formats. Richard Serra: Films and Videotapes is the first exhibition to offer such a comprehensive survey of Serra's entire output on film: although art theorists regard these works as a vital component of his oeuvre, they have rarely been shown as a cohesive ensemble-perhaps in part because it is difficult to screen 16mm footage in constant quality over an extended period of time.
The art collection of the City of Basel has six films and four videos by Richard Serra-some were acquired early on in 1977 and 1980. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, has lent us four films and one video. Another video is presented with support from Stiftung Situation Kunst, Bochum, Germany.
All film copies for the exhibition were produced with support from the MoMA, which has been working to develop new restoration techniques for celluloid-based art.
For further information and image requests, please contact karen.gerig@bs.ch



8. Claire Jeanine Satin, FF Alumn, now online

I am happy to send you the clip of my segment featured on an episode of PBS's "Art Loft", which aired on WPBT Channel 2 back in March. Enjoy!






9. John Cage, FF Alumn, at Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA, thru July 16

SUSAN BARRON with work by John Cage
Solo exhibition through 7/16/17

PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART Perleman Building Galleries

http://www.philamuseum.org then go to "What's New" and then "In the Galleries" and scroll down



10. Jim Johnson, FF Alumn, in Le Scat Noir, now online

Here's a link to Le Scat Noir's JUNE GLOOM issue. They've included a couple of my recent drawings in this issue.


Read it and weep.

Jim Johnson



11. Bonnie Sherk, FF Alumn, at the Venice Biennale, Italy, thru Nov. 26

Bonnie Sherk, FF Alumn, in 57th Venice Biennale, Viva Arte Viva, Arsenale, installation through November 26, 2017.

For more information, please visit www.labiennale.org



12. Julia Scher, FF Alumn, at Natalia Hug, Cologne, Germany, opening June 23

Julia Scher at Natalia Hug group show, Cologne Germany opening June 23

For complete information please visit http://www.nataliahug.com/main



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