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Contents for June 14, 2017

1. Martha Wilson, FF Alumn, at Flux Factory, LIC, Queens, July 6

Curated by Christina Freeman & Emireth Herrera
@ Flux Factory
39-31 29th St.
Long Island City, NY 11101

July 6-July 30, 2017
Opening Reception, Thursday, July 6th, 6-9PM

All events are free and open to the public

For a full schedule please visit: www.fluxfactory.org
Contact: tonguetide@fluxfactory.org
Web: www.fluxfactory.org

Long Island City Flux Factory is pleased to present its next 2017 Major Exhibition, Tongue Tide, opening Thursday, July 6 from 6-9PM. The exhibition will be on view through Sunday, July 30 with gallery hours on Saturdays & Sundays from 1-6PM, and by appointment.

Inspired by Flux Factory's location in Queens, NY -- the most language-dense area in the world-- Tongue Tide explores the multitude of ways in which artists engage with language, addressing both its tide-like ebb and flow as well as its limitations.

Investigating the ways in which we experience, use and understand words, the projects will take many forms including: games, performances, photography, installation, neon sign, nomadic library, opera, karaoke booth, artists books, online dictionary, video installation, walks, conversations over meals, visual storytelling workshops and more.

Public Events:

Opening Reception, July 6th, 6-9PM
Featuring The Blue Bus Project, and performances by Martha Wilson, Irene Chan and JeviJoe Vitug.
Flux Thursday, July 13, 5:30PM
Artists walk by Bibi Calderaro, followed by a potluck and performance by Maribel Placencia.
Cinema Flux, July 26, 8PM organized by J Triangular.
Closing Reception, July 30th, 2-6PM
Performances by Amela Parcic with Marija Draskic and Purgatory Pie Press with an opera by Michal Dzitko, as well as a potluck dinner organized by Masoom Moitra.

Participating Artists:
Amela Parcic & Marija Draskic, Amira Hanafi, The Blue Bus Project, Bibi Calderaro, Carlos Salas, Eugenio De Giovanni Pizzorno, Graciela Cassel, Grayson Earle, Heather Kapplow & Ernie Kim, Helen Lee, Irene Chan, Jean Barberis & Daupo, Jevijoe Vitug, J Triangular, Katie Murray, Kristin McIver, Magali Duzant, Masoom Moitra, Maribel Plasencia, Martha Wilson, Michal Dzitko, Nina Ross, P A L / Pilipinx American Library, Patricia Silva, Purgatory Pie Press, Rashedul Deepon & Dan Silverman, and Xenia Diente

This exhibition is curated by Flux Artist-in-Residence Christina Freeman and Curator-in-Residence Emireth Herrera. Christina Freeman teaches studio art at Hunter College in New York and Haverford College near Philadelphia. Emireth Herrera is an Independent Curator and serves on the faculty at Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila in Saltillo, Coahuila, México



2. Ruth Hardinger, Louise Bourgeois, Joan Jonas, Martha Rosler, FF Alumns, at Lennon, Weinberg, Inc., Manhattan, opening June 22

Ruth Hardinger, FF Alumn, has a sculpture, Feminists Rocks Rise, 2016, alongside work by FF Alumns Louise Bourgeois, Joan Jonas and Martha Rosler, and others, in CITING / SIGHTINGS at Lennon, Weinberg, Inc., 514 W. 25th Street, Manhattan.
The opening is June 22, 6 - 98 pm and the show closes at the end of the day on
September 16, 2017. For complete information please visit lennonweinberg.com



3. Hanne H7L, FF Alumn, at Coco Mat Suite, Manhattan, June 22

THURSDAY JUNE 22, 2 -5pm
Suite 417
979 THIRD AVENUE at 59th St
New York City
MAY 24 - JUNE 23, 2017
Mon. thru Thurs.

With "Who Is The Monster?" Installation Hanne embarked on a truly international adventure, inaugurating an installation in Paris that was soon followed by equally successful shows and performances in Copenhagen and New York.
It included mixed-media paintings on un-stretched canvases and on burlap potato sacks, masks of handmade paper, sculptures of papier-mâché and chicken wire, and ink drawings on rice paper created by pouring ink directly from the bottle.

In this provocative installation, visitors were immediately confronted with the "Big Black Monster" in the form of the Wolf-Dog, a phantom hybrid creature, half wolf, half Labrador. It was an encounter meant to tease the subconscious and seed the question that reverberated throughout an exhibit intended to trigger reactions and elicit answers which guests were then invited to write in the guestbook.
In Copenhagen, Hanne performed by painting monsters on the T-shirts of visitors, and in the East Village show, fifteen poets were invited to let the installation inspire their poetry and then encourage to read it out loud at the exhibit closing, during which a dancer Francis Alenikoff performed a monster dance.
While in Copenhagen Hanne also onionized the Round Tower and after doing so placed her last leftover onions in the stomach of the chicken-wire wolfsculpture installed outside the gallery. www.H7L.com



4. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, now online

Frank Moore, FF Alumn, featured in a new episode of the web video series about his life and art, LET ME BE FRANK

Let Me Be Frank
Episode 7 - Nonfilms

Episode 7, "Nonfilms", of the LET ME BE FRANK web documentary series is now available for viewing. Readings by photographer/author David Steinberg and artist/activist Paul Escriva. This episode explores Frank's "street series", his "nonfilms" sessions in Santa Fe, discoveries he made painting live models and his first experiments with erotic play. Episode 7 also includes a live performance of Moore's poem, "Mutation Is Evolution" by Annie Krist. Music by Frank Moore, Vinnie Spit Santino, Michael LaBash, waveformalpha, Cosmic Starfish and Tha Archivez. It also features a brand new song, "My Heart Is In Your Asshole", which was created for this episode, written and performed by Mutant Press with Frank on vocals.

Let Me Be Frank is a video series based on the life and art of shaman, performance artist, writer, poet, painter, rock singer, director, TV show host, teacher and bon vivant, Frank Moore.

The series is partly a biography, but also a presentation of Frank's philosophy on life and on art. Twenty-plus episodes have been planned based on Frank's book, Art Of A Shaman, which was originally delivered as a lecture at New York University in 1990 as part of the conference "New Pathways in Performance". Each episode will feature readings by people who played an important part in Frank's life, either as friends, lovers, students, artistic collaborators or supporters of his art.

Let Me Be Frank presents Frank's exploration of performance and art as being a magical way to effect change in the world ... performance as an art of melting action, of ritualistic shamanistic doings/playings. Using Frank's career and life as a "baseline", it explores this dynamic playing within the context of reality shaping.

The series is available on Frank's website at http://frankadelic.com and on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/channels/letmebefrank.



5. George Peck, FF Alumn, at Museum of Jewish Heritage, NY, Sept. 2018

BOOKBURN/ Library of Books Burned
Watercolor storyboards

Dear Friends,

While we work on crafting the final version of our BOOKBURN/ Library of Books Burned installation that will premiere at Museum of Jewish Heritage, A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in September 2018, we want to share with you some insights into the early conception of our project.

Beginning today, we will be releasing the STORYBOARDS image sequence on our BOOKBURN/ Library of Books Burned Instagram and Facebook feeds. Every day we will share a new image from the watercolor storyboards painted by George Peck that have guided the narrative of our video installation. Over the course of these coming weeks, this narrative will unfold one image at a time, leading you to the heart of our project.

"The use of watercolor is an important part in the search for lucidity with the spontaneous 'accident' of the medium serving as a possible guide," explains George. His watercolors have been created as, "an attempt to figure out an atmosphere and ideas for staging....a search of vision played out in loose water and color."

We encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and get an inside look at BOOKBURN/ Library of Books Burned prior to next year's opening.

George and Hugo



6. Richard Serra, FF Alumn, at Museum Boijkmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 24-Sept. 24

Richard Serra
Drawings 2015-2017
June 24-September 24, 2017

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Museumpark 18-20
3015 CX Rotterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 10 441 9400

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen presents Richard Serra: Drawings 2015-2017, the first public presentation of the artist's most recent drawings. The exhibition, created in close collaboration with the artist, consists of more than 80 works, from smaller to large-scale drawings, including works from the Ramble drawings (2015), the Composites (2016), and the Rifts (2011-17). For this exhibition, Richard Serra has exclusively executed the series Rotterdam Horizontals (2016-17) and Rotterdam Verticals (2016-17), that will be shown for the first time, as well as a number of private sketchbooks never exhibited before.

Richard Serra: Drawings 2015-2017 provides a way to rethink our collective understanding of the medium of drawing, to take account of its potential to act on space and on the physical presence of the viewer. Constantly searching for new expressive languages, Serra has created many series of drawings that, while independent of his sculptures, correspond to the founding elements of his sculptural language: time, process, and materiality. The works presented in this exhibition depart radically from his previous drawings: they are intimate, direct and executed with an economy of means, and as such, reveal a characteristic to Serra's output that is unknown to many.
Richard Serra: Drawings 2015-2017 attempts to reveal the breadth of Serra's current practice. It also considers the depth of his work's relationship to the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, where, for nearly four decades, the artist's Waxing Arcs (1980) has invited visitors to reckon with the museum's architecture, the place of sculpture there, and the physicality of the very process of experiencing art. In expanding on these questions, the works in the exhibition constitute a critical reevaluation of the role and possibilities of drawing.

The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue, published by Steidl Publishers, examining the artist's drawing practice. The publication includes essays by Francesco Stocchi and Neil Cox, together with an updated, in-depth biography, or "Drawing chronology" by Michelle White.

Curated by Francesco Stocchi, Curator of modern and contemporary art at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

About Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
A visit to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is a wonderful journey through the history of art. Discover the extraordinary museum collection with its masterpieces spanning the centuries from Bosch, Bruegel, Van Eyck and Rembrandt to Salvador Dalí, Kees van Dongen, Edvard Munch and Charley Toorop. Next to Richard Serra's Waxing Archs, Boijmans exhibits prominent installations of contemporary artists, among them Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Room, Olaf Nicolai's Apollo and Wieki Somers' Merry-Go-Round Coat Rack. The collection with its world-class works of art is always on view, and there are spectacular and thought-provoking exhibitions to enjoy.



7. Linda Stein, FF Member, at Human Rights Education Institute, Coeur d'Alene, ID, thru Sept 28, and more

Linda Stein, FF Member, Fluidity of Gender, Solo Exhibition
Human Rights Education Institute
414 West Fort Grounds Drive, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, 83814

The Fluidity of Gender explores the continuum between the binaries of masculinity and femininity, while inspiring the compassion, empathy and bravery it takes to become an upstander rather than a bystander. Stein asks people to re-invent and visualize bravery for themselves, to look at the armor they wear, the safety they seek. The artist says, "with my androgynous forms, I invite the viewer to seek out diversity in unpredictable ways, to 'try on' new personal avatars and self-definitions, knowing that every new experience changes the brain's structure and inspires each of us to a more authentic self. Fluidity of Gender will be on display at the Human Rights Education Institute through September 28.



Linda Stein, FF Alumn, Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females, Solo Exhibition
Museum of Biblical Art in collaboration with University of North Texas
7500 Park Lane, Dallas, Texas 75225

The three-part exhibition includes: Heroic Tapestries, Spoon to Shell sculptures, and a Protector sculpture. Heroic Tapestries represent different aspects of bravery during the time of the Holocaust: Jew and non-Jew, child and adult, World War II military fighter and ghetto/concentration camp smuggler, record keeper and saboteur. Together they represent the many types of female heroism, with war battle gear and without, during the years of the Holocaust. For her Spoon to Shell sculpture, the artist blended spoon and shell into an amalgam of materials, addressing sexual abuse. Protector includes a Wonder Woman shadow and becomes a symbol for the brave defender.




8. Michelle Stuart, FF Alumn, at the Venice Biennale, Italy, thru Nov. 26

Michelle Stuart, 57th Venice Biennale, Viva Arte Viva, Arsenale, installation through November 26, 2017.

For more information, please visit www.labiennale.org



9. Liz Phillips, FF Alumn, at Governors Island, Manhattan, thru July 23

WAVE CROSSINGS Liz Phillips May 26- July 23, 2017
"Wave Crossings" is a soundscape/landscape created by Liz Phillips. Phillips has been recording sounds and exploring Governor's Island and its history since 2014. The video in the glass sphere is of fog rising one early morning over Governor's Island. During a fog you can hear the foghorns, bell buoys and boat air horns of the New York Harbor. Phillips discovered the sounds first on an old navigation map of Governor's Island. The other recordings were made close to and under the water's surface at the Billion Oyster Project's dock. The telescope at the window picks up light changes from the sky and the moving leaves. In real time Phillips translates the telescope's view into sound changes that create patterns in the wavetable. Other objects in the room act as filters and tactile speakers. Ultrasonic automatic focuses from cameras across the hallway entrance cause changes in the room's sound based on the viewer's presence and motion. The glass sphere shows the boats riding in Buttermilk Channel as we record in the morning fog.
One of Liz Phillips's ongoing projects is to make installations based on her observations of different waterscapes. In "Here/Hear: Manhattan is an Island" (2010) Phillips worked with recordings made simultaneously around Manhattan Island. In "Spectral Reservoir" (2011) Phillips recorded the oceans around the Long Island Sound. In "Niagara Sound Composition 1974/2010" Phillips made recordings near Niagara Falls for the first exhibition of Artpark(1974) and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery(2010).

Liz Phillips has been making interactive multi-media installations for the past 40 years, which combine audio and visual art forms with new technologies to create an interactive sound experience. Born in New Jersey in 1951, Phillips received a B.A from Bennington College in 1973. She received the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in 1987. Phillips has made and exhibited interactive sound and multimedia installations at numerous art museums, alternative spaces, festivals, and public spaces. These include The Whitney Museum of American Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Spoleto Festival USA, the Walker Art Museum, Ars Electronica, Jacob's Pillow, The Kitchen, and Creative Time, Stedelijk Museum, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Rene Block Gallery, Fredrieke Taylor Gallery. Phillips has also collaborated with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, and her work was presented by the Cleveland Orchestra, IBM Japan, and the World Financial Center.

This project was made possible by Harvest Works, The New York State Council on the Arts, the David Bermant Foundation and Parabola Arts Foundation and by the recording, design and concept work of Andrew Russell, Annea Lockwood, Earl Howard, Eric Shekerjian, Isaac Zal Sprachman, Erica Vitucci, Frank Spigner, Heidi Howard, Kyla Raskin, Paula Rabinowitz, and Robert Scheuering.

Thank you to Carol Parkinson and all the interns at Harvestworks for their continued support on this project, Matthew Haiken of the Billion Oyster Project, and many other people working on to maintain this special space that is Governor's Island.

When you get to the parlor of Building 7a in Nolan Park we invite you to sit in my mother's circular garden chairs and listen and feel the sound.

I am planning to be there on June 17th, June 24th and July 8 from 3-5 PM or by appointment.

Harvestworks opens Building 7a to the public on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 12-5 PM - July 23.

Enjoy your ferry ride and visit!
Thank you!
Liz Phillips June 5, 2017

Robert Scheuering has created and maintained this blog: http://lizphillipsgovsisland.blogspot.com/ for the Wave Crossings Project.



10. Iris Rose, FF Alumn, at Howl! Happening, Manhattan, June 28

Dear friends,
I will be presenting a FREE screening of my 40min video The Joe Project (description below) at Howl! Happening on Wednesday, June 28th, preceded by my very short video TV Addict. These are both autobiographical stories I created a while back but have never shown publicly. I hope that you will join me. Here's the lowdown:
The Joe Project (2007)
Wednesday, June 28th at 7pm
at Howl! Happening
6 East 1st Street (between Bowery & 2nd Avenue)
New York, NY 10003
The Joe Project tells the story of Iris Rose's trip "down the mommy hole." After her son Joe was born in 1988, she struggled - as many parents have before and since - to find the perfect balance between her work as a artist and her devotion to her child.
When Joe graduated from high school in 2006, Iris began work on The Joe Project to mark that milestone and the transition to a new phase that it represented for both of them. Together mother and son collected a profusion of media artifacts representing specific years of his childhood as she set to work examining their evolving relationship and her accommodations to motherhood. Written by Iris and edited by Joe, The Joe Project documents changes in their lives but also in the East Village around the turn of the millennium, the very specific place and time in which their story unfolded.



11. Claire Fergusson, FF Alumn, at Tribeca Park, Manhattan, June 21

Save the Date!

What: Tribeca Art Night
When: Wednesday June 21st 2017, 6-9pm
Where: TriBeCa Park (Btwn Beach St, Walker St. and Ave. of the Americas)

Join us on the longest day of the year for an evening rendition of Artists In The Parks! Artists will exhibit their work and engage with the local community, alongside the musical stylings of Rahi High.

Come out and celebrate the first night of summer with art, music, friends and fun!

For more information visit http://www.claireandjan.org/upcoming-events



12. Hector Canonge, FF Alumn, at Glasshouse Project, Brooklyn, June 21, and more

Hector Canonge, FF Alumn, launches "projekt RECOVERY" (June 2017 - ongoing), performs "OLVIDO" at Neo Domesticity Performance Art Festival

June 2017 - ongoing
"projekt RECOVERY"

Hector Canonge introduces "projekt RECOVERY," his long term venture to "rescue" and "rebuild" his artistic documentation archive. The artist spoke on June 11th in the program TALKaCTIVE hosted at Queens Museum about loss, obsolescence, detachment, ephemerality, and the transitory nature of Live Art.

About "projekt RECOVERY" (Artist Statement):
My most recent visit to Berlin, Germany, was marked by the joy of being back with friends and colleagues whom I had not seen since the last Month of Performance Art, MPAB, in 2015. Right after wrapping up the week-long program of ITINERANT, Performance Art Festival NYC, that I organize independently in various boroughs, I traveled to the city that has always welcomed me and nurtured the production of my work. My scheduled presentations: featured guest artist at OKK, Organ Kritischer Kunst, and invited participant in the 4th Annual Performance Art Weekend organized by Luisa Catucci Gallery, former Cell63 Gallery, had been arranged months in advance. The excitement of being back in one of my favorite places in Europe overshadowed my long journey, and gave me the strength to move freely around the city despite the heavy load of my backpack. What follows to my first night of presentations is a series of events that have changed my state of Being, my relationship with others, and my psychological awareness about the world we are now living in. From the darkness corners of Prinzenallee Straße, to the parks and green areas in Berlin-Wedding, from the police station of PankStraße to the consular offices in Berlin-Mitte, and from U-Bahn to S-Bahn, my wonderings in search of what I thought was "mine" made me realize that in actuality nothing is really "ours" for too long.

"projekt RECOVERY" is an attempt to mend my persona after being submitted to a violent act where my psychological and physical well being were suddenly disrupted. The project is not only a presentation / performance / dialogue / reflection, but an opportunity for me to (re)formulate my art practice, understand better my own objectives for the years to come, and reflect on the nature of my own material and moral values. To a larger degree, projekt RECOVERY is also an attempt to rescue documentation of 3 years of work (2014-2016) in three different continents. Work that vanished in a moment of joy and trustfulness. Joy as we were celebrating the presentation of my last work, and trust as I believed in the safety of a space, and the good will of people. projekt RECOVERY is a plea, a request, an act of solidarity, and a call for actions from friends, colleagues, acquaintances, the public in general who took pictures and/or video documentation of my performances, initiatives, and presentations. Please send send any visual documentation.

The photos and/or videos can be sent through Wetransfer, Dropbox or Email. All contributors and supporters will be credited accordingly:

More information will follow as the project unfolds in the upcoming weeks and months: www.hectorcanonge.net/projekt-recovery

Wednesday, June 21st, 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Neo-Domesticity Performance Art Festival, Glasshouse Project
246 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC

Durational performance where the artist attempts to organize "proof" of his economic validification and verification of his presence in the United States since his return to New York City in late 2015. After 3 years of living abroad (2012-2015) Canonge returned "home" and had to confront with the bureaucratic challenges of housing, work, and living as an artist in New York City. In "OLVIDO" the artist tries to solve the economic puzzle of domesticity in a society that is more technologically connected yet separated and individualized.
More information -



13. Alicia Grullon, FF Alumn, in The Bronx, Sundays in June, and more

Dear Friends,

I am please to inform you about my upcoming commissioned project this month in the Bronx- ¡Empanar! a mobile art project working with traditions of the Bronx's informal food economies and using print traditions from El Taller Grafico Popular and the Sheffield Group's anti-apartheid campaign to look at issues about immigration in the Bronx.

Activating a shopping cart as vehicle and empanadas as medium, I will freely distribute broadsides (& homemade pastelitos) that weave together graphics, immigrant stories, recipes, and know your rights guidelines. Aimed at passersby, I will travel on foot to various locations in district 15 in the Bronx. Stay tuned for documentation on instagram.

¡Empanar! was commissioned by the Bronx River Art Center. This project is supported in part, by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council, and funded through the Cultural Immigrant Initiative Discretionary Grant and Councilman Ritchie Torres.

What: ¡Emapanar!
When: Sundays in June and Friday June 16th
Where: various locations in District 15 in the Bronx



14. Babs Reingold, FF Alumn, at Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL, opening June 23

Dear All,
I am pleased have my work included in "Skyway: A Contemporary Collaboration" at the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg FL

June 24 - October 1, 2017

Opening Reception:
Friday June 23, 2017
6 - 8 pm

"Skyway" is an exhibition shared between three museums, MFA St. Petersburg, Ringling Museum of Art and Tampa Museum of Art, celebrating artistic practice in a variety of media by artists throughout Tampa Bay.

RSVP to MFA St. Petersburg,
255 Beach Dr. NE


I look forward to seeing you there!



15. Mama Donna Henes, FF Alumn, at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, June 21, and more

Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman

You have two chances to celebrate the Summer Solstice this year with Mama Donna! Stay up late Tuesday night / Wednesday morning at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, for celebration number one, where Donna will ring in the solstice moment shortly after midnight. Then, bring the whole family out to Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens, for fete number two on Wednesday evening.

Description: Join New York's "Unofficial Commissioner of Public Spirit", urban shaman Mama Donna Henes, for two sizzling celebrations of summer!

Mama Donna has been performing public rituals in various locations around New York City for more than 40 years. This year marks her 42nd Annual celebration of the Summer Solstice.

Both events are free and family friendly. Bring kids, dogs, drums, and lots of spirit.

Event #1: A Midsummer's Night Solstice Celebration
June 21, 2017
Wednesday, **12 midnight, Event Begins **Remember, that's Tuesday night / Wednesday morning!
Exact Solstice Moment, 12:24 AM
A sizzling Celebration of Summer. Drumming in the dark!

Where: Grand Army Plaza, Bailey Fountain, Park Slope, Exotic Brooklyn, NY

Cost: FREE

Contact: 718-857-1343 cityshaman@aol.com


Event #2: Sunset Solstice Ceremony
June 21, 2017
Wednesday, 7:45 PM

Where: Socrates Sculpture Park
32-01 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, Queens, NY

Cost: FREE

Contact: 718-956-1819

*Unofficial Commissioner of Public Spirit of NYC. - The New Yorker
* For 35 years Ms. Henes has been putting city folk in touch with Mother Earth. - The New York Times
* Part performance artist, part witch, part social director for planet earth. - The Village Voice
* A-List exorcist!" - NY Post
* The Original crystal-packing mama. - NY Press

Donna Henes is an internationally renowned urban shaman, contemporary
ceremonialist, spiritual teacher, award-winning author, popular speaker and
workshop leader whose joyful celebrations of celestial events have introduced
ancient traditional rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of people
in more than 100 cities since 1972. She has published four books, a CD, an
acclaimed Ezine and writes for The Huffington Post, Beliefnet and UPI Religion
and Spirituality Forum. A noted ritual expert, she serves as a ritual consultant
for the television and film industry. Mama Donna, as she is affectionately called,
maintains a ceremonial center, spirit shop, ritual practice and consultancy in
Exotic Brooklyn, NY where she works with individuals, groups, institutions,
municipalities and corporations to create meaningful ceremonies for every
imaginable occasion.

Read her on the
Huffington Post:

Connect with her
on Facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/MamaDonnaHenes ;

Follow her on

Watch her

Mama Donna's Tea Garden &
Healing Haven
PO Box 380403
Exotic Brooklyn, New York, NY 11238-0403




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