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Contents for September 26, 2011

1. Cary Peppermint, FF Alumn, at University of Massachusetts Harbor Art Gallery, Boston, MA, October 5

Cary will exhibit an installation of "Eclipse," a collaborative net art work created with ecoarttech, at Harbor Art Gallery's "Mediating Place," a group show curated by Meredith Hoy and Kevin Benisvy

Opening October 5
McCormack Building
University of Massachusetts
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125

"Eclipse": http://turbulence.org/Works/eclipse/
"Eclipse" installation: http://tinyurl.com/5s3qaxj
ecoarttech: www.ecoarttech.net



2. Benoit Maubrey, FF Alumn, now online

news from Accroche Coeurs festival in Angers France
two projects from Benoit Maubrey:

Plantagenets 3000 Plantagenet folklore costumes outfitted with sound-to-light technology, amplifiers and wireless system that play their accordion tunes while lighting up with each 300 LEDs:

Cyclistes Sonores (audio cyclists) at Chemille
local cycle team wearing "audio tricots" that play the voice of Bernard Hinault while racing along a local parcours




3. Claudia DeMonte, FF Alumn, at York College, York, PA, opening Oct. 12

Claudia DeMonte: Retrospective, York College, York, Pa. Oct 12-Nov 16th, opening Oct 12, 5-7.



4. John Held, Jr., John Cage, FF Alumns, at Black Mountain College, Asheville, NC, October 7-9

Franklin Furnace Alumn, John Held, Jr., will be presenting a paper at the forthcoming Black Mountain College International Conference, October 7-9, in Asheville, North Carolina, which this year focuses on John Cage.

The paper, "Utopia in a VW Microbus: John Cage and the Cunningham Dance Company, 1956-1964," focuses on the communal utopianism of the fledgling Merce Cunningham Dance Company, between November 1956, when John Cage and Cunningham purchased their first Volkswagen Microbus from Cage's Italian quiz winnings, and June 1964, when the company set off on an expanded world tour, replacing the Microbus for larger and swifter travel accommodations. For Cage, this was his greatest period of influence on the Cunningham Company in his role as "company manager, bus driver, philosopher-in-residence, master chef, and chief minister in charge of entertainment." His was a philosophy of "the multiplicity of things," which later gave way to Cunningham's "weeding out," subsequently finding Cage with less direct impact on the Company.

For more information on the conference:




5. Charlemagne Palestine, FF Alumn, at ISELP, Brussels, Belgium, thru November 30

Charlemagne Palestine presents a sculptural, sound and video installation at ISELP Brussels opening the 22 Sept the name of the exhibition is

ISELP 40 Years / Charlemagne 40+ years from Thursday the 22nd till
the end of November 2011 in Brussels Belgium.
L'iselp - institut supérieur pour l'étude du langage plastique
Boulevard de Waterloo, 31 B-1000 Bruxelles.

tél:+32 (0)2/ 504 80 70



6. R. Sikoryak, Doug Skinner, Kriota Willberg, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, Oct. 5

Hi Everyone,

Bob (R. Sikoryak) and I will be in New York in October performing in the ever-entertaining Carousel cartoon slide show at Dixon Place Theater!

DIXON PLACE presents...
The Science Edition

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
at 7:30 pm

Tickets: $10 in Advance, $15 at the Door, or TDF

My contribution to the evening will be a continuation of the series I started working on last year in collaboration with auspicious persons at the NYC Department of Health.

Check out the history of the illustrious Carousel: http://carouselslideshow.com
And/or visit the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=277468462280758

Hope to see you there!



7. Liliana Porter, FF Alumn, at Luciana Brito Galeria, Sao Paulo, Brazil, thru Oct. 22

Liliana Porter , Solo exhibition: "The Enemy e Outros Olhares Obliquos", Luciana Brito Galeria, Sao Paulo, Brazil. From September 21 to October 22 2011.



8. J.SON, Adam Buckman, DAZE, Norm Magnusson, Por El Ojo, Harley Spiller, FF Alumns, in new Abrams publication

Graffiti 365, a new Abrams book to be released on October 1, 2011, delivers the first real insider's view into the contemporary graffiti and street-art scenes, as well as their antecedents. A fun, wide-ranging survey of the international graffiti movement, this book uses more than 600 rare, previously unpublished, or legendary images to introduce and describe important artists-from Blade to Banksy-and styles-from bubble to wild. Along the way, Graffiti 365 covers different eras, cities, legendary walls and crews, police and public responses to graffiti, including pages on Franklin Furnace Alumns DAZE, Por El Ojo (Julia Balmaceda, Federico Gonzalez, Daniel Sanjurjo, and Ignacio Sourrille), "Hello! My Name Is..." the 1988 Franklin Furnace exhibition of graffiti stickers from the collection of Adam Buckman, Norm Magnusson, and Harley Spiller which featured an invitation drawn by J.SON, ten texts written by Harley Spiller, and more.

The author of Graffiti 365, J.SON, has been an artist and historian of the graffiti movement for decades-he started writing graffiti in 1973 and retired in 1984. Unparalleled in its breadth and depth of coverage, Graffiti 365 is a wide-angle snapshot of an entire movement.

"J.SON knows the origin of every tag and piece since the dawn of time. He's my go-to guy whenever I need clarification on an obscure graff factoid. Graffiti 365 is destined to become the Google of graffiti and street art."
-Martha Cooper, photographer and co-author of Subway Art

"For someone who was in the trenches, J.SON has a keen memory for pivotal occurrences and moments throughout this movement." -Lee Quinones, artist and actor

"The good news is that Graffiti 365 is on its way. We've had plenty of graffiti books by enthusiastic fans but not so many from actual graffiti writers, those who have braved the gritty tunnels, run from crazy cops, and endured or handed out beat-downs to put their art on the trains. Graffiti 365, by the notorious J.SON, also known as Terror 161, artist, poet, graffiti bomber, is bound to be a winner."
-Henry Chalfant, photographer and filmmaker

Graffiti 365 by Jay "J.SON" Edlin
Abrams; October 2011; U.S. $32.50/Can. $37.50; ISBN: 978-0-8109-9744-8

Available at Abrams, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookdepository.com, Buy.com, and elsewhere



9. Eleanor Antin, Jerri Allyn, Jacki Apple, The Dark Bob, Cheri Gaulke, Kim Jones, Allan Kaprow, The Kipper Kids, Suzanne Lacy, Johanna Went, FF Alumns, at LACE, Los Angeles, CA, opening Sept. 27

The Getty Museum's Pacific Standard Time presents

LOS ANGELES GOES LIVE: Recollecting Performance: Performance Art in Southern California 1970-1983


Opening Reception September 27, 2011

At LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)
6522 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90028



Cheri Gaulke, FF Alumn, is also included in this exhibition, as follows:

I hope you can attend my upcoming openings as part of the Getty's Pacific Standard Time exhibitions. Peep Totter Fly is my new performance/video/installation about high heels opening with a performance, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 8:30 pm in Hollywood. I have two installations - Feminist Art Workers and Sisters Of Survival - in Doin' It in Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman's Building, opening Saturday, Oct. 1, 4-7 pm at Otis College of Art and Design in West Los Angeles. See my blog for more info and locations.


-Cheri Gaulke



10. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, autumn events


Yeehaw! 2011-12 here I come!

Hope the summer has brought (is still bringing for one more day...very hot in Calif today!) good gifts and the new year is beginning auspiciously! The First Day of Fall is also my birthday September 22!

I am very excited about all my travels, workshops, performances and adventures coming up in 2011-12. As the LAY OF THE LAND tour continues, I am performing in all parts of the country this Fall- Northwest to Southeast, Texas to Tennessee, Southern California to Southern Illinois to Southern Florida! It will be great to return to longtime friendly turf like 7 Stages Theatre in Atlanta and the Colony Theater in Miami for Sleepless Night Festival as well as first performances at Reed College, UT Dallas, Austin Peay State University, Georgia College & State University and others. I am particularly buzzed to be doing weeklong performance residencies at SIU-Carbondale, California State University Northridge and Lamar University in Texas where I will be making pieces with students out of intensive workshops.

As I look to the new year, 2012 brings us yet more assaults on gay people as certain states try to write bigotry into their state Constitutions. I will be doing two residency projects exploring this nasty phenomenon in both states where citizens will be voting to take away rights from gay folks: North Carolina and Minnesota. Also runs of LAY OF THE LAND coming in 2012 in Minneapolis and Philadelphia at InterAct Theater.

Here's the main stops for Fall, 2011!

Sept 25-30 Southern Illinois University
Oct 1-2 Dallas, SMU
Oct 3 University of Texas, Dallas
Oct 10-11 Reed College, Portland OR
Oct 12 Oregon State University
Oct 12 Western Oregon University
Oct 21-28 Cal State University, Northridge, CA
Nov 1-2 Austin Peay State University, Tennessee
Nov 5 Colony Theater, Miami Beach Sleepless Night
Nov 7-9 Georgia College and State University
Nov 10-13 Atlanta, 7 Stages Theater
Nov 25-Dec 2 Lamar University, Beaumont, TX

Very happy that an essay/conversation I wrote with Guillermo Gomez Peña is out in his new book "Conversations Across Borders" (Seagull Books) which re-imagines conversations GGP has had over the years with other artists, theorists and activists as performance and provides a way of work-shopping theory through conversation. Our essay is about political performance and travels post 9/11.

To all the people I worked with last year, I have thought of you all so many times these last months. Our work has stayed with me so strongly. Hope to see you somewhere on my travels! I love how the creative energy just keeps going!

Best, Tim



11. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, at Sofia Arsensal - Museum for Contemporary Art, Bulgaria, and more

My work "Endless Performance" is at this show:
Exhibition "Re-production" 09.09 - 02.10.2011
Sofia Arsensal - Museum for Contemporary Art
Curators: Alla Georgieva, Nadezhda Dzhakova

and another work

"Dust Pattern" is published in this book:
INFINITE INSTANCES: Studies and Images of Time

Curation and Design: Olga Ast

Thank you.

Irina Danilova



12. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, now online

These links are to the pre-release HTML version of Joseph Nechvatal's new book Immersion Into Noise - published by Open Humanities Press in conjunction with the University of Michigan Library's Scholarly Publishing Office.





13. Komar & Melamid, Ligorano/Reese, Christy Rupp, FF Alumns, at carriage trade, Manhattan, thru Nov. 13

POP Patriotism, curated by Peter Scott at Momenta Art in September 2002, is being re-presented at carriage trade from September 22 to November 13, 2011. A note on the re-presentation of POP Patriotism in 2011:

In the panicked days, weeks, and months following September 11, 2001, many Americans were too overwhelmed to be aware of the way in which their fear was being appropriated by certain factions within government and business to further a set of goals, often having little to do with "security" or "freedom." An attack that seemed to "come from nowhere" stimulated an aggressive series of government policies and ad campaigns by businesses that reflected an acute understanding of the opportunity that this traumatic attack presented. In the ten years that have passed, this opportunism, from the failed "contract wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan (reaping billions for private firms while helping drive the U.S. deeply into debt) to the tapering-off of the patriotic spirit when it no longer served a consumerist agenda, has mostly faded from view. Buried under partisan conflict, which focuses on the liberal / conservative divide, the attention eventually fell on a series of "mistakes" by the Bush administration, mostly overlooking the gutting of the public sector for private profit (brilliantly outlined in Naomi Klein's 2007 book, "The Shock Doctrine"), launched with patriotic fervor in the wake of the September 11 attacks.

When POP Patriotism was first presented at Momenta Art in September 2002, the idea was to witness a momentary rupture which revealed some of the brutal contradictions of "free market" democracy by "freezing" it in the guise of a historical museum. The exhibition was intended as a kind of time capsule, perhaps to be opened at some later date, which might present an opportunity to examine, not through the gauze of memories or reflections, but with artworks and support material that came from the immediacy of moment. In representing the exhibition as faithfully as possible (accounting for a change in venue and the time that has passed) POP Patriotism now has the possibility to function as it was originally intended, as a historical record of an extraordinary period, the repercussions of which are perhaps still not fully understood.

carriage trade
62 Walker Street
New York, NY 10013

Peter Scott / Director



14. Doug Beube, Karen Shaw, FF Alumns, at Islip Art Museum, thru Nov. 13

Secret Message
Curated by Karen Shaw

September 14 through November 13
Reception: September 25 from 1-4 pm

Ariel Ruiz Altaba
Suzanne Anker
Dennis Ashbaugh
Doug Beube
Michael Ensminger
Cui Fei
Paul Glabicki
Charles Gute
Alfred Jensen
Amy Pryor
Dee Shapiro
Cristina Vergano

This exhibit features artists who use codes in their work-everything from signs, symbol transfers, Braille and computer codes. The exhibit will coincide with an exhibit in the History Room exploring famous codes associated with Long Island, including codes used to communicate with George Washington during the Revolutionary War, and the DNA code developed at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Historical exhibit curated by Kathy Curran.

Islip Art Museum
50 Irish Lane
East Islip, NY 11730-2098
Phone: (631) 224-5402



15. Peter Downsbrough, FF Alumn, at Wiels, Brussels, Belgium, Oct. 12
Alexander Streitberger, Shifting Places. Peter Downsbrough - the Photographs, Lieven Gevaert Series, Leuven University Press 2011.
Since the late 1960s Peter Downsbrough (1940) has been an important figure in contemporary art, associated with major international art movements such as minimal art, conceptual art, and visual poetry. In his artistic work he explores various fields including sculpture, architecture, books, film, and photography.
This book provides, for the first time, a profound insight into Downsbrough's diverse and complex use of photography within his artistic work over the last 40 years. The author discusses the artist's photographic work - which includes single prints, series, postcards, collages, and books - and relates it to fundamental issues of photographic practice and discourse such as the photograph as document, the representation of urban space, space-time relations, collage as an aesthetic and political means of expression, the relationship between still and moving image, and the context of presentation. The rich image material - some of which has never been published before - is arranged by the artist himself in order to create a fertile exchange between the topics of the text and his own intervention. Concluding with an exclusive interview with the artist, this book offers a real dialogue between artistic practice and theoretical reflection.
Alexander Streitberger will present the book and introduce in the Peter Downsbrough's photographic work. Volker Mühleis will then act as a respondent to the issues raised in the book and the presentation.
Peter Downsbrough will be present and answer questions posed by the audience.
Alexander Streitberger is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) and director of the Lieven Gevaert Centre for Photography.
Volker Mühleis has a PhD in art history and is a lecturer of philosophy at the Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst, Sint Lucas, Gent.
Publication infos:
Shifting Places has been published by Leuven University Press, 2011
ISBN 9789058678720
€ 34,50€
Paperback • 188 pages,
140 illustrations
Free entrance
Av. Van Volxemlaan 354
1190 Bruxelles - Brussel
tel +32 (0)2 340 00 53
fax +32 (0)2 340 00 59
(c) 2007 Wiels



16. Laura Parnes, FF Alumn, at Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL, Sept. 29

Laura Parnes's Blood and Guts in High School at Conversations at the Edge this Thursday, September 29

As a prelude to an upcoming Video Data Bank (VDB) box set featuring the work of Laura Parnes, we will welcome the artist on Thursday, September 29. Parnes's bracingly inventive, stylized work operates at the intersection of narrative film and video art. This evening, Parnes will present her acclaimed feature, Blood and Guts in High School (2009). Distilled from Kathy Acker's subversive feminist novel of the same title, the film interweaves events surrounding the book's publication - the Jonestown Massacre, Three Mile Island, the rise of Reagan Republicanism and the Moral Majority - with interludes from the short, violent life of its pre-teen protagonist, Janie Smith. Parnes will also screen episodes from her new web series, County Down (2011-present). Building on the darkly comic spirit of Blood and Guts, County Down is set in a lavish gated community where parents suddenly prey upon their children. (Jessica Bardsley) Laura Parnes, 2009-11, USA, multiple formats, ca. 75 min + discussion.

Artist Laura Parnes (b. 1968, Buffalo, New York) has screened and exhibited her work widely in the US and internationally, including Light Industry, New York, NY; Kunsthalle Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland; Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA; the Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY; Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand; the Institute for Contemporary Art /P.S. 1 Museum, New York, NY; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Galizia, Vigo, Spain; Miami Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami, FL; Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Lake Worth, FL; the Brooklyn Museum, New York, NY; and on PBS and Spanish Television. Her work has been featured in solo shows at Alma Enterprises, London; Locust Projects, Miami, FL; Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles; Participant Inc, New York, NY; Deitch Projects, New York, NY; and in a two-person screening at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY. She is currently a Faculty Lecturer in the graduate department at Yale University School.

Co-presented by Video Data Bank, in collaboration with Conversations at the Edge, a program of the Film, Video, New Media and Animation Department at SAIC.

Thursday, September 29, 2011, 6:00 PM
Gene Siskel Film Center
164 N. State Street
Chicago, IL



17. Nancy Buchanan, FF Alumn, autumn events

Nancy Buchanan's work is featured in several Pacific Standard Time exhibitions opening Sept. 30 - Oct. 7:

Under the Big Black Sun: California Art 1974-1981

Los Angeles Goes Live: Performance Art in Southern California 1970-1983 http://www.welcometolace.org/events/upcoming/

State of Mind: New California Art Circa 1970 http://www.ocma.net/index.html?

Additionally, she is co-curator, with Kathy Rae Huffman, of Exchange and Evolution, an exhibition celebrating the Video Art Program at the Long Beach Museum http://www.lbma.org/Exchange%20and%20Evolution.html



18. Agnes Denes, FF Alumn, at Lisa Cooley Gallery, Manhattan, thru November 6

Lisa Cooley Gallery
Agnes Denes, Robert Smithson and Andy Coolquitt
September 24 - November 6, 2011
Lisa Cooley
34 Orchard Street
New York, New York 10002
p. +1 212-680-0564
f. +1 212-680-0565
m. +1 347-351-8075

Directions: Orchard between Hester and Canal
Subway: F at East Broadway
Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 6 pm



19. Dynasty Handbag, Nao Bustamante, FF Alumns, autumn events
UPCOMING DH sightings:

Saturday, October 1st
Dead Herring Presents
Doors at 8:30
Comedy at 9pm SHARP!
Plus Free Cupcakes.

Comedy From:
Jim BanVlaricum
Amber Nelson
Mike Lawrence
Jeff Seal and Chris Manley

Music From:
The Immaculates

a soul dance party with Dj Joey Moonass

Sunday October 2nd
2 PM
New York Art Book Fair, PS1 Long Island City
RANDYZINE! Release Party!!!
with performances by:
Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn
Nao Bustamante, FF Alumn
+ MORP.S. come see Erase Errata with me at Glasslands later this night. WootWoot!

October 22nd - In The Akt - Silvershed, NYC
October 28th - The Future Has Two Faces / Triple Canopy Benefit - Picture Ray Studios, NYC
November 15th - the Lab, SF, CA
November 18th - Human Resources, LA, CA
November 20th - workshop Peiter Space, LA, CA

all in 2011.




20. Alicia Grullon, FF Alumn, on 14th Street, Manhattan, October 2, 9

I will be presenting the project on 2 Sundays: October 2 and 9, 2011 on 14th street between First Avenue and Avenue A from 10am to 4pm in front of the post office. The project is a part of Ritual: AIOP (Art in Odd Places), curated by Kaila Brooks, Exhibitions Director of MoCADA and Trinidad Fombella, is Assistant Curator and Exhibitions Manager at El Museo del Barrio. The festival kicks off on October 1 and runs through the 10th.

My project, Domino!, celebrates empowering identity in the public space. As a native New Yorker, I grew up with domino games that blanketed the side walks. I see the NYC Parks and Recreation agreeing to include domino tables in its renovation of Dry Dock Park - the 1.5-acre space on East 10th Street- as a victory to preserving all aspects of residents' way of life that is many times undermined by urban renewal.

To learn more about my work go to: www.aliciagrullon.com

To learn more on AIOP project !Domino! go to:

Please feel free to contact me or pass this email along to community members, neighbors, or any other organizations that will enjoy participating.

Please feel free to contact me at becomingmyth@gmail.com and pass this email along to community members and neighbors. Come play dominoes!

We're taking back public space one domino at a time.



21. LuLu LoLo, FF Alumn, on 14th Street, Manhattan, opening Sept. 30

LULU LOLO as The Gentleman of 14th Street in "A Tip of the Hat on 14th Street"
For ART IN ODD PLACES: RITUAL http://artinoddplaces.org/artist.php?subj=82
ART IN ODD PLACES: RITUAL will feature over 60 artists performing on 14th Street from Oct.1-10, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, September 30, 6-9pm
Theaterlab 137 West 14th Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues
LuLu will be strolling up and down 14th Street from Broadway to Seventh Avenue on the following days:
Saturday, October 1 1-3pm
Tuesday, October 4 9-11 am
Saturday, October 8 1-3pm
LuLu LoLo as the "Gentleman of 14th Street" attired in top hat, white tie, and tails will stroll up and down 14th Street enacting the once popular male ritual of the 19th and early 20th centuries of "Tipping One's Hat" as an act of nonverbal greeting, respect, and a gesture of chivalry towards women. Doffing her top hat LuLu will acknowledge the presence of the multitude of passersby on 14th Street either with the ritual silent gesture or by adding a greeting "Hello" or "Have a Good Day".
Listen to LuLu on Broadcastr as The Gentleman of 14th Street and a Tip of the Hat and also about 14th Street NewsBoy in 2009 http://beta.broadcastr.com/ Search LuLu LoLo or Aiop2011



22. Miriam Schaer, FF Alumn, autumn events

Dear Friends

Although it's been a while since I've sent out an email announcement, a lot has been going on!

I am very pleased to let you know my essay, Notes Of A Dubious Daughter: My Unfinished Journey Toward Feminism, is included in Entering the Picture: Judy Chicago, The Fresno Feminist Art Program, and the Collective Visions of Women Artists, Edited by Jill Fields, and published by Routledge. I will be in LA for the first Book Party and signing on October 1 at Otis College of Art and Design. There are several events in the Women's Building beginning at 4 pm, but the book signing is from 5-7. If you are in the area, please stop by!

I was surprised and honored to find that my work is cited in The Oxford Companion to the Book.

This recently published comprehensive 2 volume set looks at all aspects of the book from the history of print and paper to new technologies. The work mentioned in the article, Within My Reach, shown at the left, is in the Book Arts Collection at the University of Washington. You can find the section on Artist's Books, that cites my work, on page 485!

Baby (Not) On Board
I am continuing to work on several projects, including Baby (Not) On Board. One of these pieces was shown this past summer in an exhibition titled Text, at Gallery 440 in Brooklyn and several of the works are currently on view in (Trans) form, a multi-disciplinary exhibition at Columbia College Chicago, in the Faculty Center, 600 S Michigan, 8th Floor. The show is up until December 17. And of course, the series is still online at Nanomajority, where your comments are always welcome.

(c)2011 Miriam Schaer Studio | 199 Eighth Avenue, #A3, Brooklyn, NY 11215



23. David Medalla, FF Alumn, at Archive Kabinett, Berlin, Germany, October 10

Archive Kabinett

Live Archive. David Medalla in conversation with Axel Wieder
Monday, 10 October, 2011, 19:00, Archive Kabinett

David Medalla, kinetic sculptor of the iconic Cloud Canyons was honored by Marcel Duchamp with a 'medallic' object as a tribute to his name. Fairly unknown to the forefront, he is an icon of an artist who has made no clear distinction between his art and his life. Curator Axel Wieder engages a conversation to talk about his affinity with kinetic art, ephemera, 1960's Avant-garde London, and the secret history of the Mondrian Fan Club (which he acts as president).

The Event is organized by Lian Ladia and Jerlyn Jareunpoon
For further information and images please contact Lian Ladia, lian@plantingrice.com

Acknowledgements: Galleria Duemila, Silvana Diaz, Petty Benitez Johannot, Node Center, Perla Montelongo, Adam Nankervis, Alex Forsey, Tobias Korne, Lizza May David, Maria Cruz, James McKinnon, Ellie de Verdier, Paolo Caffoni, Chiara Figone, Iniva, Plantingrice.com

About David Medalla
David Medalla's work stretches back to the sixties when he co-founded Signals Gallery in London and presented international kinetic art. He has initiated the Exploding Galaxies which mediated relationships between international artists and was a pioneer in participatory art. His work was highly influential in the works of Conceptual artists from Brazil (Tropicália/Tropicalismo movement with Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica). As an artist - he is more well known for a body of work entitled, Cloud Canyons; automated sculptures in which thick bubbles slowly come out from a central machine to produces random shapes that glisten like rainbows when perceived by light. His work was included in Harold Szeemann's exhibition 'Weiss auf Weiss' (1966) and 'Live in Your Head: When Attitudes Become Form' (1969) and in the DOCUMENTA 5 exhibition in 1972 in Kassel. Marcel Duchamp honored him with a 'medallic' object, as a tribute to his name. In 1997, Medalla was a DAAD artist in Berlin, Germany. Very recently his Kinetic sculpture Cloud Canyon has been acquired by the New Museum in New York as an iconic sculpture of Modern Art. He is set to publish a book about his collaboration with artist Adam Nankervis entitled, The Mondrian Fan Club.

About Axel Wieder
Axel J. Wieder is the former artistic director or Künstlerhaus Stuttgart and Co-founder of beloved experimental Berlin book shop, Pro qm. He is a curator and art historian who has organized exhibitions, amongst others, for KW Institute for contemporary art. He held positions lecturing at various universities and art academies, including the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the Zurich University of the Arts. He is frequently writing on architecture and exhibitions for Spike, Texte zur Kunst, and Springerin amongst other publications.

Archive Kabinett
Dieffenbachstraße 31
10967 Berlin, Germany



24. Gabriel Martinez, FF Alumn, at Samson, Boston, MA, thru Oct. 15

Gabriel Martinez
September 9-October 15, 2011
450 Harrison Avenue #29
Boston, MA 02118

For his second solo exhibition with Samsøn, Cuban American, Philadelphia-based multidisciplinary artist Gabriel Martinez addresses the complex intersections at the core of contemporary, gay male sexual identities. The exhibition, a diverse mix of new works, questions male power dynamics; subverting and making reference to a wide range of cultural products at the heart of socio, political and sexual discourses on masculinity. In Martinez's hands, these elements, playful at first, belie deeper meanings about sexual desire among men, reclaiming and bringing what seems to exist at the margins' full center.

In the photograph Configuration (Triangle), a pyramid of male bodies in jock straps viewed from behind speaks directly to hierarchies of power in its direct reference to the pyramid as an organizational structure in Western thought. The pyramid, traditionally used to define a wide array of (male centered and rational power dynamics in multiple spheres of human interaction) specially top and bottom, is here used to question and blur the validity of viewing things so simply.

Martinez exerts a willful intent to include you in the fun he is having, but linger a bit, take in the individual pieces and revisit them in the context of the entire exhibition, and the semiotics of the objects and their meaning become clear. Martinez invites you to peel back the layers of language inherent in the eclectic, visual elements he is referencing. In so doing, Martinez forces the viewer to reconsider the contradictions at the heart of how male power and desire are constructed and consumed privately and publicly.
-David Acosta, August 2011

David Acosta is a Philadelphia based poet and writer. He is the Artistic Director, for Casa de Duende (Philadelphia, PA). More info at: www.casadeduende.com
Gabriel Martinez (b. 1967, Miami, FL) received an M.F.A from Tyler School of Art (PA). His work was recently exhibited in Close at Hand: Philadelphia Artist's from the Permanent Collection at the Fabric Workshop & Museum (Philadelphia, PA). He has done performance work for Thread Waxing Space, Franklin Furnace, X-Initiative, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and White Columns (NY, NY). His work will be published in Art and Queer Culture, edited by Catherine Lord and Richard Meyer (Phaidon, 2012). He has an upcoming performance at the Waterloo Center for the Arts (IA).



25. Sonya Rapoport, FF Alumn, at Richmond Art Center, CA, thru Nov. 12

Sonya Rapoport, FF Alumn, Beyond Tradition: Art Legacies at the Richmond Art Center, Part II, September 17-November 12

In continued celebration of the Richmond Art Center's 75th Anniversary, Beyond Tradition, Part II features the work of recognized artists that have been a part of the center's history from the 1970's until the present. This exhibition is the partner to Beyond Tradition Part I that ran from March to June and featured artists from the 40s, 50s and 60s. The artists in this exhibition encompass talents across an array of disciplines. They investigate a range of subjects and represent the diversity of contemporary artists of the Bay Area. Curated by Emily Anderson and Anthony Pinata.

Adam Kadman: The 3rd incarnation of Kabbalah/ Kabul. The multi-dimensional print diagrams the work depicted in Rapoport's previous Kabbalah pieces, extending and cataloguing the meaning of each "emanation" toward a free and just society. 45 1/2" x 24" (proof version--orig 78" x 44" print housed in lightbox not on display.)

Richmond Art Center
2540 Barrett Avenue | Richmond, CA 94804



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80 Arts - The James E. Davis Arts Building
80 Hanson Place #301
Brooklyn NY 11217-1506 U.S.A.
Tel: 718-398-7255
Fax: 718-398-7256

Martha Wilson, Founding Director
Michael Katchen, Senior Archivist
Harley Spiller, Administrator
Judith L. Woodward, Financial Manager
Eben Shapiro, Program Coordinator
Jenny Korns, Webmaster
Mary Haberle, Digital Specialist