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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
November 29, 2005

1. Diane Torr, FF Alumn, World AIDS Day event, Glasgow, Scotland, December 1
2. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, CD release party, Galapagos, Brooklyn, December 3, 10 pm
3. Tadej Pogacar, FF Alumn, in Leipzig, thru January 29, 2006
4. Artists Alliance at Office of the Manhattan Borough President, opening December 8
5. Shirin Neshat, Kiki Smith, William Wegman, FF Alumns, in benefit for WITNESS, at the Supper Club, NY, December 5
6. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, at 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, December 2, 8 pm, and more.
7. Doug Beube, FF Alumn, at Temple Judea Museum, Elkins Park, PA, opening December 11, 3-5 pm.
8. Jeff McMahon, FF Alumn, has scripts published in new book on performance.
9. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, at Cunneen-Hackett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, December 3
10. Robbin Ami Silverberg, FF Alumn, at Open Book, Minneapolis, opens December 3
11. Heidi Arneson, FF Alumn, offers performance workshop, MN, February 10-11, 2006
12. Eileen Myles, FF Alumn, at UC San Diego, November 30, 7 pm
13. Alice Wu, FF Alumn, at Studio in a School Gallery, NY
14. Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, FF Alumn, at Momenta Art, Brooklyn, opening December 9

1. Diane Torr, FF Alumn, World AIDS Day event, Glasgow, Scotland, December 1

Brother for a Day - Benefit for PHACE Scotland December 1st 2005 World AIDS Day
9pm-2am Waged - £7 / Unwaged - £5
Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick Street, Glasgow

This BROTHER FOR A DAY event is one that New York performance artist, Diane Torr, initiated on December 1 st, 8 years ago at the infamous Club Mother in New York’s Meat Packing District. Originally it was an event where sisters would for one day, become their brothers (blood or soul) who had died of AIDS. The sisters could celebrate the lives of their brothers by being a living requiem to them, and thereby fill the vacuum created by their loss.

Over the years, the event has expanded to include artists, performers, and anyone of any gender who wants to remember both those who have died of AIDS, and those who are interested in its prevention. Now Diane has brought her BROTHER FOR A DAY event to the Brunswick Hotel, Glasgow in a benefit for

PHACE Scotland , a major HIV/AIDS service provider for the West of Scotland and Grampian. PHACE Scotland provides vital services including; 1-1 Counselling, Welfare Rights Advice, Gay Men’s Services and administering the Crusaid Hardship Fund in Scotland.

Not only will you be contributing to one of the worthiest HIV/AIDS charities in Scotland (PHACE Scotland also provides all the free condoms and lube in clubs and bars around town), this night will be a uniquely fabulous experience.

Hosted by comedienne Viv Gee, with music by dj Alan Miller (of Hush Puppy, Utter Gutter, Abnormals Anonymous) and live music by Murnie and a variety of performances including drag kings, Mister “EE” and dusty Donald; faux queen Hedonista Trout-Snaffler RGDQ, and performances by Suzie Sparkle, Doreen, oxy-jen x, post-queer art student weirdos, Magnanimous Anonymy - Seb and Nat. There are excellent raffle prizes to be won and a slave to bid for, in a real live SLAVE AUCTION.

With bountiful thanks to our sponsors:
The Brunswick Hotel; Unison; Pernod/Ricard
Come one, come all!! (but please, wear a condom!)


2. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, CD release party, Galapagos, Brooklyn, December 3, 10 pm

Hi All,
Paprika is having a party to celebrate the release of our new CD "Exquisite 100% Sweet Delicacy" this Saturday, Dec. 3rd,10pm sharp at Galapagos.  Please come and dance your ass off for FREE, FREE, FREE.  We play dance music from around the globe in case you didn't know so come on out and shake it, shake it shake it like a polaroid picture.
Paprika is Robin Burdulis: percussion, vocals, Terry Dame: saxophones, vocals, Viva DeConcini: guitar,vocals, Dawn Drake: bass, vocals, Vanessa Roe, vocals, Lafrae Sci: drums.
The Paprikas

Saturday Dec 3rd  FREE
10pm sharp (they really start on time over there)
Galapagos ArtSpace
70 North 6th (btn Wythe and Kent)
williamsburg, Brooklyn


3. Tadej Pogacar, FF Alumn, in Leipzig, thru January 29, 2006

Tadej Pogacar & The P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art,

Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig
Karl Tauchnitz Straße 11   04107 Leipzig
Exhibition 2 
"Shrinking Cities" - Interventions"
November 26, 2005 to January 29, 2006

The basic social process that has been unfolding in Eastern Europe is one of privatization. This concerns not only a political rupture but, primarily, an economic one, in which there is no longer any valid social contract. The task of Treuhandanstalt (or Treuhand) was to transform the formerly socialist East German economy into a “replica” of the West German model.

The formation of a TREUHAND PUZZLE is an open organizational chart that represents a group search for the hierarchies and informations between involved companies, banks, political parties, the economic and political elite etc. The big green shape represent a territory of former East Germany. Over this field there is a diagram spread giving an implication about possible connections and relations. The diagram, formed as a system of light blue line structures has more connected center spots that indicates existence of several related power centers that collaborate closelly. Circles in different colours stands: pink for bussines men, white for companies, light green for politicians, dark green for liquidators and consultants, dark red for banks.
This is a participatory “puzzle,” and museum visitors are encouraged to participate in playing and shaping the relations and connections among the various protagonists of politics and economy.



4. Artists Alliance at Office of the Manhattan Borough President, opening December 8

MBP - Method Becomes Practice

The Office of the Manhattan Borough President and Artists Alliance Inc present a selection of works from artists involved in AAI’s Studio Programs Office of the Manhattan Borough President

1 Centre Street , 19th Floor, New York, NY, 10007
December 8, 2005 - January 31, 2006
Opening reception: December 8, 2005 from 6-7:30pm

Performance by: Frank London of the Klezmatics and friends

Please Note: You must bring Photo Id to gain entry to the building.
For more info visit www.artistsai.org

Carlos Ancalmo, Zeina Assaf, Doug Blanchard, Linda Byrne, Joyce Chan, Paul Clay, Pamela Crimmins, Eduardo Difarencio, Nancy Friedeman, Charlie Friedman, Chitra Ganesh, Robert Grant, Linda Griggs, Kylie Heidenheimer, Felicity Hogan, John Hogan, Michael Katchen, Tine Kinderman, Chang Jin Lee, Bill Massey, Shelly McGuinness, Buxton Midyette, Nancy Muller, Selime Okuyan, Rune Olsen, Steve Page, Nicole Parcher, Mark Power, Maya Puchkoff, David Pushkin, Nola Romano, Heidi Russel, Madhukanta Sen, Flavia Souza, Sherman Sussman, Suzanne Varni, Melanie Vote.

Organized by Suzanne Varni and Paul Clay

Contemporary art and culture do not materialize without effort. Just as with all ages and cultures it is the drive of a people which calls forth the resources, both physical and creative, to accomplish the work, which in turn enriches the present and is bequeathed as heritage to the generations to come.

Recently there has been a renewed appreciation of this need to support the work of artists if we hope to see it continue to come into existence. This new awareness in the arts can be seen in a number of vital initiatives, from the seminal report “Culture Counts: Strategies for a More Vibrant Cultural Life for New York City”, 2001, initiated by the New York Foundation for the Arts, to the more recent survey, “The Continuing Economic Impact Upon Visual Artists of all Disciplines in NYC”, 2004 by Jonathan Slaff and Delphine Veaudor.

We have been reminded that we cannot take anything for granted. The status quo does not automatically maintain itself. If we want a great City and a great Nation, we have to make it. We have to build, to rebuild and foster. We must provide space and resources where none exists and must work to conserve the materials already at hand. By maintaining a stock of available art studios and increasing the availability of affordable and accessible space for artists in Lower Manhattan, AAI helps the arts to flourish.

Working with proven methods and best practices, AAI implements programs to increase culture and serve New York City. The practice of making art does not occur by itself. It must be nurtured. When artists have the chance to create art in their own studio workspace, AAI's methods for serving arts and culture transform into the art-making practice.

AAI always looks for new opportunities for collaboration and enhancement of the arts, often through joint ventures with other organizations and institutions. Here, the Office of the Manhattan Borough President demonstrates a strong vision by presenting contemporary artwork in their gallery space. AAI is honored to be working with them to serve the needs of artists and the city. In presenting this set of art works we look to support and strengthen the cultural landscape downtown, and celebrate the artists, the ones who both reflect culture, and help to create it.

-Paul Clay and Suzanne Varni 2005


5. Shirin Neshat, Kiki Smith, William Wegman, FF Alumns, in benefit for WITNESS, at the Supper Club, NY, December 5

Internationally Acclaimed Artists Collaborate On a Unique Effort to Benefit the Human Rights Organization WITNESS

(New York, November 22, 2005) - WITNESS, the non-profit human rights organization founded by musician and activist Peter Gabriel, announces the US premiere of the project "Artists Support www.witness.org" at the upcoming benefit "Focus for Change" to be held December 5, 2005 at the Supper Club in New York City. The first annual gala dinner, auction and concert will be hosted by Peter Gabriel and Academy Award winning actress Angelina Jolie.

"Artists Support www.witness.org" founded and curated by artist Izhar Patkin (who is also a WITNESS board member), features internationally known visual artists and photographers such as Shirin Neshat, Izhar Patkin, Sebastião Salgado, and William Wegman. The fine art print project will promote awareness of the WITNESS website as a global meeting place for people interested in promoting human rights and will support the organization's work deploying video cameras, technology and training to human rights defenders around the globe.

Each image is a collaboration between two artists born in different countries. "At a time when there is so much conflict around the world," said Peter Gabriel, "it is gratifying to see artists from different cultures and with different religious backgrounds collaborating to bring about change." Collaborations in the series include:

* Shirin Neshat, born in Iran & Izhar Patkin, born in Israel
* Olaf Breuning, born in Switzerland & Fabrice Hyber, born in France
* Cai Guo-Qiang, born in China & Kiki Smith, born in Germany
* Sebastião Salgado, born in Brazil & William Wegman, born in USA
* Alfredo Jaar, born in Chile & Dayanita Singh, born in India

These signed & limited editions of 100 are printed by the Swiss fine art publisher Ink Tree and Maurice Sanchez at Derriere L'Etoile Studios, New York. All sales will benefit WITNESS.

For more information about this project and to view the artwork, visit

Press Contacts:

Matisse Bustos
Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 718-783-2000 ext. 306
Suvasini Patel
Communications and Outreach Manager
Phone: 718-783-2000 ext. 316

WITNESS ( www.witness.org) uses the power of video to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses. By partnering with local organizations and empowering human rights defenders, WITNESS brings often unseen images, untold stories and seldom heard voices to the attention of key decision makers, the media, and the general public. Over the past decade, WITNESS has partnered with more than 200 groups in 60 countries, catalyzing grassroots activism, political engagement, and lasting change.


6. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, at 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, December 2, 8 pm, and more.

Dear Friend/Colleague

The 59 Seconds Video Festival is pleased to announce its west coast tour of 59 videos selected from the first two screenings. The tour will start in Seattle, continue in San Francisco and Los Angeles and finish in San Diego. Information about dates and venues is listed below. Please invite your colleagues and friends on the west coast.
911 Media Arts Center
Friday, December 2nd, 8pm
402 - 9th Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

Artists' Television Access (ATA)
Thursday, December 8th, 8 pm
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Tuesday, December 13th, 8pm
1629 18th Street, Ste.6
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Media Arts Center San Diego
Thursday, December 15th, 6:30pm
921 25th Street
San Diego, CA

Thanks to all the above organizations for hosting 59 Seconds Festival. Thanks to Fara and Kent, Brad Thompson, Michael Masucci, and Ethan van Thillo for organizing the screenings. Special thanks to Victor Barbieri for help with organizing the screening in San Francisco.

Launched by Project 59 this spring in Tribeca (NYC), the 59 Seconds Festival presents a wide ranging collection of 59 videos and animations, 59 seconds each by artists from around the world.

59 Seconds Festival is a play off as well as a metaphor for the short video format. Mini documentary, political satire, tragedy, comedy, outstanding video projects, metaphorical, narrative, experimental, edgy, controversial, including a unique collection of video works that integrate number 59 in different ways Â- all just 59 seconds each, by more then 59 international artists:

Petri Ala-Maunus (Finland),  Lora Alaniz (USA),  Victor Barbieri (USA),  Jeff Bauer & Melania Semerad-Radulescu (USA), Michelle Beck & Jorge Calvo (USA/Costa Rica),  Raina Benoit (USA),  Isidore Bethel (USA), Lloyd Blander & Aaron Krach (USA),  BridA (Jurij Pavlica, Tomi Kersevan, Klemen Brun, Sendi Mango) (Slovenija),  Sofia Bustorff (Portugal),  Horia Cadariu (Romania), Mauro Ceolin (Italy),  Yu-Chen Chiu (USA), Cinzia Cremona (UK), Irina Danilova & Hiram Levy (USA), Alexandra Dementieva (Belgium),  Carine Doerflinger  (Germany),  Alistair Gentry (UK),  André Gonçalves (Portugal), Are Hauffen  (Norway),  Yan Chung Hsien (Taiwan),  Ianthe Jackson (USA), Alain K (France),  Dubi Kaufmann (USA),  Diana Kingsley (USA),  David Lachman (USA), Josephine Lipuma (USA), Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada),  Catherine MacGregor (UK), John H. Malone (USA), Erik Moskowitz (USA),  Galina Myznikova & Sergey Provorov (Russia), Szacsva y PaÂ'l (Hungary),  Norm Scott (USA), Gruppo Sinestetico (Albertin M., Perseghin M., Sassu A., Shimizu T.) (Italy), Akiko &  Masako Takada (Japan/UK),  Mark Ther & Andy Brody (Czech Republic),  Myriam Thyes (Germany),  Fereshteh Toosi (USA),  Jenny Vogel (USA),  Randall Wakerlin (USA),  Franz Wassermann (Austria),  Lisa Wigren & Jacqueline Forzelius (Sweden/Norway), Brooks Williams (USA),  Darya Zhuk (Belarus),  Alessandra Zucchi & Antonio Della Marina (Italy)


7. Doug Beube, FF Alumn, at Temple Judea Museum, Elkins Park, PA, opening December 11, 3-5 pm.

The Temple Judea Museum Presents Doug Beube
A Void

Books are the medium in Beube’s sculpture. The viewer recognizes the book and its contents, even though they have been transformed, and is invited to participate in a dialogue with, or critique of, the visual object.  For example, in one of Beube’s bookworks entitled, A Void; Consonants and Vowels (After George Perec,) the intentional elimination of essential text alludes to historical and contemporary Jewish issues and purposefully refers to the writings of Holocaust survivor George Perec in his novel A Void, wherin he equates the removal of the letter “e” from his work with fate of the Jews in France during World War II. The bookworks and collages in this exhibition carry this theme one step further, referencing not just “the Final Solution,” but additionally, the problems of ethnic cleansing, religious hatred and social injustice today.
Rita Rosen Poly, Director

The Temple Judea Museum
8339 Old York Rd
Corner Old York and Township Line Roads
Elkins Park, PA 19027

December 11, 2005 - February 17, 2006
Opening Reception: Sunday December 11, 3:00 – 5:00pm
Program: 4:00pm – The artist will speak

Mon-Thurs. 9am-5pm Fri. 9am-the start of Shabbat Services
(for closing times on Friday please call the Museum)
Open by appointment
215-887-2027 tjmuseum@aol.com

Sandy Jackman’s bookworks and collages, Cautionary Tales, will be exhibited concurrently.


8. Jeff McMahon, FF Alumn, has scripts published in new book on performance.

Two performance scripts by Jeff McMahon, "HEEL" and "Honorable Discharge," appear in: PERFORMING THE HERE & NOW: AN INTRODUCTION TO CONTEMPORARY THEATER & PERFORMANCE
Edited by Chris Danowski (Kendall-Hunt 2005) ISBN#0-75752085-5

Jeff McMahon
Theatre Department
Arizona State University
POB 872002, Tempe, AZ 85287-2002
(480) 965-9444


9. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, at Cunneen-Hackett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, December 3.

Franc Palaia-FF Alumn, announces the dedication of his Solar House Sculpture, an outdoor solar powered photo-llightbox sculpture at the Cunneen-Hackett Art Center in Poughkeepsie, NY on Dec 3, 3-4pm. This shed-like structure illuminates three large Duratrans powered by two solar panels. It lights up at dusk and turns off at dawn automatically. For more info- FPalaia@earthlink.net


10. Robbin Ami Silverberg, FF Alumn, at Open Book, Minneapolis, opens December 3.

I will be exhibiting artist books in “Plane & Form", at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts Gallery

Dates: 12/3/05-3/25/06
Open Book
1011 Washington Ave South, Suite 100
Minn., MN 55414

- Robbin Ami Silverberg
Dobbin Mill / Dobbin Books


11. Heidi Arneson, FF Alumn, offers performance workshop, MN, February 10-11, 2006

Dear Friends of HeidiHouse Performance Workshop,
Greetings from Heidi Arneson!

I am offering ONE HeidiHousePerformance Workshop in 2006,
as I'm otherwise devoting myself to teaching performance Workshops in MN prisons.

Here's your opportunity to take a HeidiHouse Workshop
and perform your work-in-progress at Patrick's Cabaret,
February 10 & 11, 2006 at 8pm.
Partial scholarships are available for low-income participants.
Three of the students in class will be graduates from the Direct Action Workshop.

All performers will be paid for their performace At Patrick's Cabaret.
All performers recieve free photos of their performance by professional photographer Salvatore Salerno.

Class runs six Saturdays,
January 7- February 11,
3:30 to 5:30 pm,
@ Patrick's Cabaret,
3010 Minnehaha Ave S, Mpls

Sign up deadline:
December 16, 2005

Class fee $250.
If you are in need of a partial scholarship,
please contact Heidi at number or email below.

To secure a place in the workshop/performance,
mail non-refundable deposit
of $100 (or full class fee)
post-marked by Dec 16 to:

1916 S. 8th St
Mpls MN 55454

Full class fee due first day of class.
Class limited to ten participants.
All participants have option of performing
in  Feb. 10 & 11 Patrick's Cabaret.

FFI call Heidi @ 612.333.6816
or email

Motivate. Inspire. Transform.
The HeidiHouse Performance Workshop

 The HeidiHouse Performance Workshop creates a safe space for professional artists and for students of all abilities, to develop their own performance/stories onstage.

Heidi Arneson has the workshops since 1994, for colleges, artist groups, schools, churches and forums on diversity, at Playhouse Merced in California, Augsburg College, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, the College of St. Thomas, The Loft, Patrick's Cabaret, Dixon Place, Grace Trinity Church, Mount Mercy College (IA) and Tesseract International School.

"Transformative! I learned to tap into my creative energy, relate to an audience and test my ideas with a nurturing group of classmates." -- Susan Lieberman, Executive Director, Leland Johnson Common Vision

Ms. Arneson establishes an atmosphere in which all the participants feel comfortable investigating and sharing thoughts, feelings and emotions.

"Liberating! This Workshop made me passionate and enthusiastic, enlivened my spirit and improved my speaking ability 100%. " -- Joe Selvaggio, Founder of Project for Pride in Living

Each class consists of a physical and vocal warm up, writing and relaxation exercises, and a live performance by the participants. The main purpose of the workshop is to stimulate creativity. This workshop is ideal for adults who wish to develop new work, change creatvie meduims, break through barriers, take risks, expand their voice, and improve public speaking skills in a supportive, process-based atmosphere. The focus is on creating theater, but the workshop often has a therapeutic effect.

"The best class I've taken yet! Heidi created an energy and vitality, a sense of support and warmth among the participants that I've never experienced before." -- Amy Salloway, Writer/Performer

Heidi Arneson is a multidisciplinary artist renowned for her one-person plays about girlhood, sexuality and American archetypes, including Ten Bedroom Heart, Degrade School, and Mary Margaret Please Appear.  Ms. Arneson has performed her original plays as featured artist for Franklin Furnace and Dixon Place in New York City, Merced Playhouse in California, N.A.M.E. in Chicago, Cleveland Performance Art Festival, Ace Arts in Winnipeg, and nearly every venue in the Twin Cities, including Red Eye, the Walker Art Center, the Weisman Museum, the Jungle Theater and the Southern Theater.  She is a recipient of the Bush Artist Fellowship for Performance Art, the Franklin Furnace Emerging Artist Performance Artist Award in New York, Core Alumna of the Playwrights’ Center and a 2005 nominee for the prestigious Alpert Award in the Arts for Theater.

Please forward this message to anyone who may  be interested.
Thank you!

Best Wishes and Happy Winter!!
Heidi Arneson


12. Eileen Myles, FF Alumn, at UC San Diego, November 30, 7 pm.

the pathetic conference
Che Café (on ucsd campus - try http://checafe.ucsd.edu/directions.html)
Nov 30 7PM

7pm pathetic panel moderated by Laurie Weeks w respondents Juliana Cho, Jocelyn Jacobs, Amy Adler, Julia Dzwonkoski, Eileen Myles, Tania Jabour, Tara Barnes, Jessalyn Aaland, Deanna Erdmann

8PM special guest Chris Kraus, reading something
830 film screening

Gravity and Grace Chris Kraus

I, a man Andy Warhol selected short videos Jocelyn Jacobsen plus Diving for Pearls by Tara Jepsen and Beth Lissick about 1030 DJ George Costanza. funded by ucsd dept of literature and public events of lit, and vis arts contribution $1 for purpose to be determined later.


13. Alice Wu, FF Alumn, at Studio in a School Gallery, NY

Dear Friends,

Studio in a School is a non-profit organization I have worked with this past year as an artist in residence at public schools in NYC. Several of the large sculptures created during my residency -- a unique collaboration between Newcomers High School and MetLife volunteers -- are now on display at Studio in a School's gallery at One East 53rd Street. If you are in the neighborhood, please check it out! You'll pass the gallery on your way to MoMA if you are headed in that direction. The gallery will be open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 am until 6 pm.
Regards, Alice
For more information on Studio in a School, see


14. Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, FF Alumn, at Momenta Art, Brooklyn, opening December 9

LEFT OUT: What's Left, an installation by Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga,
Momenta Art, 72 Berry St. Brooklyn, NY
Opening Friday, December 9th on exhibit through January 23rd

Drawing from public text submissions to an online repository of personal perspectives on Nicaragua, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga constructs a revisionist history portraying the ebb and flow of Latin American Marxist revolution. At a time when the U.S. Government considers possible flaws in its current interventionist strategies and  as South American socialist leaders challenge U.S. policy, the installation "FALLOUT: What's Left" collapses the past with the present in an attempt to rattle the U.S.'s media amnesia. The installation will feature propaganda posters commissioned for the installation from four designers: Isabel Chang, Enrique Sacasa, Ed Adams and David Ulrich; a new video game by the artist "Always Go Left;" a mini FM public radio station and free Scype sessions during the holiday season for migrant's separated from family. For a prelude to the installation please visit: http://turbulence.org/Works/fallout/.

Momenta Art is located at 72 Berry Street, ground floor, between N9th and N10th Sts. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

By subway, take the L train to Bedford top (the first stop in Brooklyn). Exit on the Bedford side. Walk one block towards the river to Berry Street. Make a right on Berry Street and continue 2 1/2 blocks


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