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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
October 18, 2005


1. Alvin Eng, FF Alumn, at West End Theatre, NY, October 20 & 22
2. Jon Keith Brunelle, FF Alumn, at Collective: Unconscious, October 21 & 28
3. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Stella Waitzkin, FF Alumns, in France, thru January 7, 2006
4. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, in "Fate" magazine, and more.
5. Ken Friedman, FF Alumn, at Centre of Attention, London, October 21-24
6. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, at National Academy, NY, November 4, 6:45 pm
7. Susan Hiller, Chrysanne Stathacos, FF Alumns,at Univ. of Maryland, October 20-December 17
8. Stella Waitzkin, FF Alumn, at Robert Steele Gallery, NY, October 20-November 19
9. Tracy Quan, FF Alumn, at Rocky Sullivans, NY, October 26, 8 pm
10. Alice Wu, FF Alumn, in Index Magazine, & Gowanus Artists Studio Tour, October 22-23
11. Erica Van Horn, FF Alumn, at Small Publishers Fair, L ondon, October 21-22.
12. Marcus Young, FF Alumn, on Wall Street, October 18-20
13. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Milk Gallery, NY, opening October 21
14. Jenny Holzer, FF Alumn, in The New York Times, October 14.

1. Alvin Eng, FF Alumn, at West End Theatre, NY, October 20 & 22

Friends and Colleagues,

For the first time in many a year, yours truly will be getting back on stage. On October 20 & 22, I will perform an excerpt from my new monologue play, THE LAST EMPEROR OF FLUSHING, in Pan Asian Repertory Theater's 2+2 Nights Only series at The West End Theatre, 263 West 86th St., between Broadway and West End Ave.

The series is being directed by the wonderful Ernest Abuba, and yes "Last Emp." is the sequel, and most likely final accord, to "The Flushing Cycle" which many of you have seen.

THE LAST EMPEROR OF FLUSHING explores the irony/tragedy of a child that struggled mightily to adjust to “Father's Knows Best” Americana Flushing, only to find that struggle irrelevant in the 21st Century pan-cultural Flushing (NYC's second Chinatown) . . . sort of like The Last Emperor paying admission to gain entry to The Forbidden City once his childhood home.)

Thus you are cordially invited to:

Experimental/Emerging Artist Forum
Directed by Ernest Abuba

Program B
Thur. Oct. 20 & Sat. Oct 22, 8pm
Kendra Ware in Recollections co-written by Naoko Maeshiba
Farah Bala in To The Death of My Own Family by David L. Meth
Alvin Eng in The Last Emperor of Flushing

Tickets: $15, call 212.868.4030 to purchase tickets.
263 West 86th Street between Broadway and West End Ave.

As always, I hope this finds everybody well, and hope to see you at 2 + 2 Nights Only.

Take Care,


2. Jon Keith Brunelle, FF Alumn, at Collective: Unconscious, October 21 & 28

Collective: Unconscious presents
The Psychasthenia Society in "The Nanolove Report"
at Collective: Unconscious
279 Church Street, Tribeca, Manhattan
<< near Canal Street train stops --
see MapQuest at http://tinyurl.com/cbgkj >>
Fridays, 10 pm
Remaining shows: October 21, and 28
Tickets at door: $10
Advance tickets: www.theatermania.com
Information: 212.254.5277

Storytelling meets the sampling culture. Live VJ and DJ action blends with a stream of remixed movie stills to create a universe of runaway nanobots, psychic anarchists, and frustrated cyborgs. Sixty minutes of startling video, sharp narration, and driving music by The Psychasthenia Society, the premiere storytelling multimedia art group.

Stories and still frame sequencing: Jon Keith Brunelle
Video mixing and visual coordination: Daniel Vatsky
Sound sampling and original music: Mad EP
Producer: Ted MacLeod
Featuring: Jon Brunelle, Daniel Vatsky, and Mad EP



3. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Stella Waitzkin, FF Alumns, in France, thru January 7, 2006

An exhibition entitled "Metamorphoses du Livre" will take place at Mediatheque Francois Mitterand in Argentan, France. The exhibition celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the Mediateque and runs to January 7, 2006. The artists selected are from South America, Asia, Europe and North America. Representing the USA are Ellen Banks, Barton Benes, Carolyn Berry, John-Eric Broaddus, Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Eileen Senner, Ursula Sternberg, Kate Van Houten and Stella Waitzkin.

Mediateque Francois Mitterand
1-3 rue des Redemptoristes
61200 Argentan
(Region Basse-Normandie)


4. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, in "Fate" magazine, and more

I have an article in the current (October) issue of "Fate," the colorful digest that has brought you "True Reports of the Strange and Unknown" since 1948. The article concerns "The Giants' Highway," a limestone formation in Oklahoma once promoted as an ancient highway. This is the 666th issue of "Fate"; look for Crowley on the cover!

Also: my article on Tiffany Thayer, noisy iconoclast and smutty fictioneer, is now posted at www.forteantimes.com. Be sure to read it, if you like that sort of thing.


5. Ken Friedman, FF Alumn, at Centre of Attention, London, October 21-24


The Centre of Attention feat. Franko B, Breyer P-Orridge, Jessica Brouder, Ben Carpenter, Ann Course & Paul Clark, Tyler Coburn, Dave Critchley, Sam Ely/Lynn Harris, Ken Friedman, Katharina Heilein, House of O'Dwyer, Jasper Joffe, Susanne Oberbeck, ERIC Rosoman, Markus Vater

The Centre of Attention is delighted to present a new piece: Fodder (shredded proposals) at PILOT London, Farmiloes Building, 28-36 St John Street, London EC1 4BE (21-24 October 2005. Opening party Friday 21st October from 7.30 pm)

'...Some sell, and others buy; some do the deed with many tears, and some without a sigh: for each man kills the thing he loves, yet each man does not die...'

The Centre of Attention commissioned a selection of artists unrepresented by a commercial dealer to put forward a proposal on paper for a show, a work or an idea etc

15 artists took part.

All the proposals from these artists were then collected by us and shredded.

This shredded material was gathered up and placed on a plinth in the gallery space. And finally it was given a name... Fodder

The artists selected represent an extremely wide variety of projects, practices and generations.

As curators we wanted to create an artwork as well as curate a group show (within a show): The first to explore the plausibility of the curator as artist; the second because of our generous nature...

For us there was a great appeal in that these artists would not have the occasion to work together without our facilitation, without us as an axis.

We wanted to create an art work with as little effort as possible (we used an assistant and even allowed her to use an automatic shredder) in the characteristic manner of the 'baroque povera' style. For us it was important to take the work out of the art work and see what remained...

For more information: http://www.thecentreofattention.org/exhibitions/fodder.html


6. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, at National Academy, NY, November 4, 6:45 pm

I'll be one of the commentators on this panel. Hope you can come.

The National Academy and artcritical.com present:

The Review Panel, #7
Friday, Nov. 4, 6:45pm
The National Academy Museum
Fifth Ave. at 89th St. (lecture entrance might be on 5th Ave. or on 89th St.)
OPEN TO ALL, Admission $5.00
further info: 212.369.4880
or: www.nationalacademy.org
and: www.artcritical.com

David Cohen, New York Sun (Moderator)
Deborah Garwood, Gay City News
Lance Esplund, New York Sun
Raphael Rubenstein, Art in America

Exhibitions under review:
Jeremy Blake at Feigen Contemporary
Luis Guispert and Jeffrey Reed at Zach Feuer
Julie Heffernan at PPOW
Luc Tuymans at David Zwirner

Each month at the National Academy, prominent art critics join David Cohen in discussing four pre-selected exhibitions on view in New York museums and galleries, with time alloted for audience response.
Please visit www.artcritical.com to link to previous panels.


7. Susan Hiller, Chrysanne Stathacos, FF Alumns,at Univ. of Maryland, October 20-December 17

October 20 – December 17
Blur of the Otherworldly: Contemporary Art, Technology and the Paranormal at Center for Art and Visual Culture at The University of Maryland Baltimore County

From October 20 through December 17, 2005, UMBC’s Center for Art and Visual Culture (CAVC) presents Blur of the Otherworldly: Contemporary Art, Technology, and the Paranormal, organized at the CAVC by Mark Alice Durant and Jane Marsching. This major traveling exhibition features twenty-eight contemporary artists whose work employs modern communication technologies (photography, film, video, computers, radio, internet, and digital media) to explore culturally inbred questions/ superstitions concerning parallel worlds to our own.

From the infamous Cottingham fairy photographs through Victorian spiritualist images to recent grainy images of Sasquatch and sky-borne saucers, photographs have attempted to provide the material of proof of the otherworldly. The earliest photographic images rendered a detailed impression of the subjects materiality, and, through the process of doubling and repeating, seemed to destabilize reality by producing the ghost image, a dematerialization of the three-dimensional world. In response to this strange new technology, some Victorian minds associated photography with the occult, believing the human eye did not see at all, that human perception was blind to the spirit world. Occultists conjectured that the air was charged with floating images and disembodied spirits, and they set out to prove their claims by documenting episodes of visitations. Photography was the perfect tool conscripted in this effort.

Today, the amount of attention devoted to paranormal phenomena—UFOs, demonic possession, psychics, ghosts—in the media indicates that photography’s early fascinations have not disappeared. Millennial angst, bewildering leaps of science, wildly improbable technological inventions, and ever-decreasing wilderness as human sprawl grows exponentially, make other worlds once again appear possible, even probable, and definitely alluring. Our escalating desire to prove the existence of another dimension (no matter which one) is linked to photography, with its history of providing us with our proofs. Seduced by the invisible in the face of the mediums relentless and dull dependence upon the physical, photography as a tool of fact (in science), fantasy (in spirit photography), and invention (in the hands of artists) is exploring new frontiers once again.

Included in the exhibition are works by Mark Amerika, Zoe Beloff, Diane Bertolo, Jeremy Blake, Corrine May Botz, Susan Collins, Gregory Crewdson, Paul DeMarinis, Spencer Finch, Ken Goldberg, Susan Hiller, Marko Maetamm, Miya Masaoka, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark, Mariko Mori, Paul Pfeiffer, Fred Ressler, John Roach, Ted Serios, Leslie Sharpe, Chrysanne Stathacos, Thomson & Craighead, and Suzanne Treister.

Blur of the Otherworldly: Contemporary Art, Technology, and the Paranormal will be accompanied by a 200 page fully illustrated catalogue with essays on the significance of paranormal and the supernatural in contemporary culture by Lynne Tillman, associate professor and writer-in-residence at the University at Albany, and Marina Warner, novelist and former scholar at the Getty Center for History of Art and Humanities. Mark Alice Durant and Jane D. Marsching, co-curators of the exhibition, will contribute extensive essays on the interplay between science, art, and the occult as it relates to the artworks in the exhibition. The publication will contain over eighty illustrations in color and black and white as well as a checklist for the exhibition, illustrated timeline, and a bibliography. Published by the Center for Art and Visual Culture, as the ninth title of its Issues in Cultural Theory series, Blur of the Otherworldly: Contemporary Art, Technology, and the Paranormal will be distributed internationally by Distributed Art Publishers (DAP), in New York.

• An Opening Reception will be held on Thursday, October 20th at 5 pm.
• On October 28th, the exhibition hosts the Paranormal Party. Costumes are optional but encouraged. This event is sponsored by the CAVC, the UMBC Alumni Association, the UMBC Student Events Board and the UMBC Student Government Association. 7 to 10 pm. Admission is free.
• On November 3rd, the Center for Art and Visual Culture presents a Panel Discussion in conjunction with the exhibition. The panel will be moderated by Mark Alice Durant, curator and professor of Visual Arts at UMBC; and Jane D. Marsching, curator of assistant professor, Studio Foundation and Studio for Interrelated Media, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. Panelists will include Lynne Tillman, novelist, critic, essayist and professor/writer in residence at the University at Albany; artist Diane Bertolo, and Jeffrey Sconce, associate professor in the Screen Cultures Program, Northwestern University. This panel will be a conversation among a small group of scholars, artists and writers whose works have involved the subject of the paranormal. From gods and ghosts to telepathy and Electronic Voice Phenomena, issues such as the otherworldly as metaphor; technology and the shape of imagination; and art as a site for exploration of belief and superstition will be discussed. 6–7:30 pm at UMBC’s Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery. Admission is free.

UMBC Artsline (24 hour recorded message): 410-455-ARTS
Center for Art and Visual Culture: 410-455-3188
Media inquiries only: 410-455-3370


8. Stella Waitzkin, FF Alumn, at Robert Steele Gallery, NY, Oct.ober 20-November 19

Stella Waitzkin: A Retrospective
will be on view at the Robert Steele Gallery in Chelsea from October 21st through November 19th.

Opening Reception on Thursday, October 20, 6:00-8:00 pm

Robert Steele Gallery is located at 511 West 25th Street.

Information on the artist, images of work and information on the exhibition can be found at www.robertsteelegallery.com


9. Tracy Quan, FF Alumn, at Rocky Sullivans, NY, October 26, 8 pm

Free Event in Manhattan... Please feel free to circulate this announcement!

Diary of a Married Call Girl: A Nancy Chan Novel
by Tracy Quan

(Three Rivers Press, 12.95)

Chick lit, meet trick lit. -- Time Out New York

Join us for a reading, discussion and more at Rocky Sullivan's Pub!
When: Wednesday, 10/26 8:00 PM
Where: Rocky Sullivan's, 129 Lexington Ave (near 28th Street)
Phone: 1-212-765-3871
Email: mailings@tracyquan.net

Reviews & Links:
A salty, saucy concoction -- "Belle de Jour" meets the "Robyn Bird Show."
-- Liesl Schillinger, The New York Times

A new perspective on infidelity and modern marriage.
-- Houston Chronicle

Forget diamonds. Rationalization is a girl's best friend.
--The Boston Globe

Continues the vicarious sluttiness that readers enjoyed in the first book.
--Jessica Cutler, The Washington Post

http://www.tracyquan.net/gossip/blog. php3


10. Alice Wu, FF Alumn, in Index Magazine, & Gowanus Artists Studio Tour, October 22-23

Saturday and Sunday 10/22-23
Feral Childe Open Studio & Fall Sample Sale
NOW featured in the Sept/Oct issue of Index Magazine


Feral Childe Open Studio & Sample Sale

Part of 9th Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour
Saturday and Sunday, Oct 22 & 23, 1PM - 6PM
269 Douglass Street @ Third Avenue, 2nd Floor
Come see FERAL CHILDE at work and at play
Get your samples and one-offs at irresistible prices
Sit, relax, snack
View artwork by Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson

For more information and maps, see

Feral Childe was at Fritz Haeg's latest installment of Sundown Salon, SALON SALON. An afternoon mashup of makeover madness, fashion designers and stylists, fashion photographers, models, and everyday beautiful people. Feral Childe provided wax-tique and body decoupage, in addition to supplying the fashion-hungry masses with our latest creations. INDEX MAGAZINE captures the fun and excitement of it all. Please check it out at yer local newstand!
917 541 4306 / 347 225 7287


11. Erica Van Horn, FF Alumn, at Small Publishers Fair, L ondon, October 21-22

21 st and 22nd OCTOBER
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1
Open daily 11am - 7pm Admission Free
(Nearest Tube: Holborn)


The Fair will display some of the best of recent small press publishing, featuring work by contemporary artists, writers, and poets. More than forty publishers will be participating from UK, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, USA, & Canada

Readings & Booklaunches will take place on Saturday 22nd – see panel for details Highlight of this programme will a reading / performance by Christian Bök who has been invited from Canada to appear at the Small Publishers Fair.

“The Small Publishers Fair intends to establish a continuous forum for the activities of many small presses from Britain and further afield internationally. The range of published material has been produced by artists and writers, composers and poets.....often such work needs particular and careful distribution, and may not immediately fit the shelves of existing bookshops and libraries.”

Latest programme details, participants, events and

updates can be found at www.rgap.co.uk/spf.php

The Small Publishers Fair is co-ordinated by RGAP

tel: 07789 338952 (contact: Martin Rogers)
email: fair@rgap.co.uk

With event support from the Open Studio at the University of Derby

Ambeck + Nicholson
Boekie woekie
Cats meow press
Centre des livres d’artistes /
Pays Paysage
Éditions Héros-Limite
Essence Press
Folding Landscapes
Gefn press
Tony Hayward
Hector & Glen
Impact press (UWE Bristol)
In House Publishing
Longhouse Publishing
Lucky Dip
Mermaid Turbulence
Morning Star
Natsuko Nakamura
Mark Pawson
Moschatel Press /
Cairn Editions
Per se press + felix zakar
Poetic Practice Group /
Royal Holloway ( University of London)
Poets Poems / Aggie weston’s
Pupa Press
Reality Street Editions
Red Fox Press
Colin Sackett
Salt + Shaw
Madeleine Shaw Publishers
Stem Recordings /
Emmanuelle Waeckerle
Twelve Bells Press
West House Books
Xtina lamb

Readings and events
Saturday 22 nd October

2.00 Poetic Practice MA students curated by Redell Olsen
2.30 Les Coleman: Dreaming
3.00 Christian Bök
4.00 Michael Gibbs: All or Nothing reading & booklaunch
4.30 Reality Street Editions: John Hall & David Miller
5.00 West House Books:Jeff Hilson, Geraldine Monk, Alan Halsey
5.30 Coracle Press: Cralan Kelder & others
6.00 Sean Bonney & Gavin Selerie

All readings are free and will take place in the Brockway Room, adjacent to the Main Hall


12. Marcus Young, FF Alumn, on Wall Street, October 18-20

Dear Friends,

This week, I will be smiling and walking extremely slowly, from one end of Wall Street to the other. This stroll which started earlier this year in Beijing and continued in Minneapolis will take place in New York several hours a day, approximately 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, October 17-20, 2005. This lifelong, multi-city walk will continue next year in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Dressed in a light-grey robe and holding a sky-blue umbrella, I will greet my fellow Wall Street companions and hope to provide some subtle confusion to their fast-paced routines. In other cities, curious passers-by have tried to converse with me. I respond silently, only with smiles, nods and shakes of the head. I trust New Yorkers will have their own answers as to why I walk so slowly.

Even though much of the stretch from Trinity Church to the East River looks like a war zone, with barricades and machine guns, on my stroll I will consider Wall Street " Pacific Avenue". To see other "Pacific Avenues, please go to:

Thank you and good wishes, Marcus Young


13. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Milk Gallery, NY, opening October 21

Hey everyone,

I would like to introduce you to an interesting exhibition project for charity. Hasbros popular MY LITTLE PONY brand teams up with Thunderdog Studios, Inc. to present The Pony Project, a five- day exhibition featuring nearly 50 of todays leading and up-and-coming female artists, including Betsey Johnson, Junko Mizuno, Lori Earley, Sas Christian, Isabel Samaras, Claw Money, Fafi and Lisa Petrucci, to name a few. Each artist will debut her own customized 18-inch MY LITTLE PONY figure at a private press screening, followed by an exhibition open to the public. Fifty percent of the proceeds from art sales and other merchandise will be donated to the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps. A non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with serious illnesses and life-threatening conditions.

Hasbro Inc. Presents...

An exhibition of art inspired by every girl's favorite toy.
Opening Reception: Friday, October 21, 2005
Private Press Preview hosted by Paper Magazine 5pm to 7pm
Public Viewing 7pm to 10pm
On view: October 21-25, 2005

@ Milk Gallery
450 W 15 St (corner of 10th Ave)
New York , NY 110011


Please RSVP to: rsvp@theponyproject.com

For more information visit:


See you there!


14. Jenny Holzer, FF Alumn, in The New York Times, October 14

Clyde Haberman started his article, What Lies Underfoot in the Friday October 14 th New York Times, by acknowledging the importance of Jenny Holzer, FF Alumn, and her outdoor projection pieces throughout NYC. Congratulations!



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