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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
September 19, 2005


1. Jimbo Blachly, Julia Mandle, Mierle Ukeles, FF Alumns, at White Columns, thru October 15
2. Cary Peppermint, FF Alumn, at Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY, September 22
3. David Michalek, FF Alumn, in the New York Times, September 11
4. Stefanie Trojan, FF Alumn, at Transit, Belgium, thru October 30
5. Cheri Gaulke, The Dark Bob, FF Alumns, at Armory Center, Pasadena, opens September 24
6. Jane Dickson, FF Alumn, at Marlborough, Chelsea, opening September 22, 6-8
7. John Fleck, FF Alumn, at Evidence Room, LA
8. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, in Kitchener, Ontario, Seot, 23 thru October 2
9. Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, finalist in Idaho Library Assn. Book Awards |
10. Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer, Yoko Ono, FF Alumns, at Paterson Museum, NJ, opening Septemebr 20
11. Eve Biddle, FF Alumn, at The Williams Club, NY, thru October 20
12. Todd Alcott, Lisa Kron, Tom Murrin, R. Sikoryak, Kriota Wilberg, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place at University Settlement, September 29-October 8
13. Tracy Quan, FF Alumn, book launch party, September 28. 6:30-8:30 pm
14. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at Le Petit Versailles, NY, September 24, 7 pm onwards
15. City of Women, 11 th International Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 7-14
16. Penelope Goodfriend, FF Alumn, at Project Room, NY, Oct. 1-November 12
17. Jerri Allyn, Suzanne Lacy, FF Alumns, at Otis College, LA, September 27


1. Jimbo Blachly, Julia Mandle, Mierle Ukeles, FF Alumns, at White Columns, thru October 15.

White Columns Gallery
320 West 13th Street, 212 924 4212
September 10 - October 15
"Odd Lots: Revisiting Gordon Matta-Clark's Fake Estates"
curators: cabinet editors Jeffrey Kastner, Sina Najafi, Frances Richard
artists: Francis Alys, Jimbo Blachly, Isidiro Blasco, Jaime Davidovich, Mark Dion, Maimillian Goldfarb, Valerie Hegarty, Julia Mandle, Helen Mirra, Mathew Northridge, Dennis Oppenheim, Sarah Oppenheimer, Dan Price, Lisa Sigal, Katrin Sigurdardottir, Jane South, Jude Tallichet, Mierle Ukeles, Clara Williams.

For more details, please visit


2. Cary Peppermint, FF Alumn, at Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY, September 22

TECHNORGANIC: International Mini-festival of New Media Art Technologies and the Environment http://www.ecoarttech.net/technorganic

TECHNORGANIC is a one-night, international mini-festival celebrating the autumnal equinox through the uncommon merger of new media art technologies with an emphasis on creative figurations of the natural environment. The evening will include live, multimedia performances as well as works in digital video, animation, installation, and sound-art from artists and students experimenting in this emerging field.

TECHNORGANIC will take place at The Pine Lake Environmental Campus of Hartwick College in the upper Catskills approximately 8 miles from the main campus in Oneonta, NY. Vans will provide transportation from Hartwick main campus leaving at 6:30 from the Yager Museum. Driving directions are available at: http://hartwick.edu/x8074.xml

7:00 PM September 22nd, 2005
(Rain Date September 29th)

TECHNORGANIC will feature works by: Soo Yeun Ahn, MTAA Art Associates, Tom
Sherman, Terry Slade, David Kinney, Torsten Zenas Burn, and The Bob
Peppermint Experiganza. More to come!

For more info contact:

Peter Blue - Organizer

Cary Peppermint - Curator-Coordinator


3. David Michalek, FF Alumn, in the New York Times, September 11

David Michalek, FF Alumn, was featured in The New York Times on Sunday, September 11 th in the “Vows” column. Hearty congratulations to David and his new bride, Wendy Whelan, a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet.


4. Stefanie Trojan, FF Alumn, at Transit, Belgium, thru October 30

Bert de Leenheer & Dirk Vanhecke are inviting you and your friends to the exhibition and she was
Virgine Baily
Vika Bigalska
Sara Claes
Stefanie Trojan
Marilou van Lierop

Zandpoortvest 10
BE-2800 Mechelen
tel +32 15 336 336
fax +32 15 336 337
gsm +32 478 811 441



5. Cheri Gaulke, The Dark Bob, FF Alumns, at Armory Center, Pasadena, opens September 24

Dear Friends,

I will be exhibiting my new artists’ book, Marriage Matters, as well as Sears portraits from the book in the exhibition:

Whose Who’s California: Golden State X10

Armory Center for the Arts – Mezzanine Gallery
145 N. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena , CA 91103

Opening reception: Sept. 24, 7-9 p.m. (performance by the band Double Naught Spy Car)
Exhibition dates: Sept. 24 – Jan. 6, 2006
Regular gallery hours: Tuesday thru Sunday, noon - 5 p.m.

The exhibition was organized by NewTown.

Contact:  Richard Amromin at (626)398-9278 or email at newtownart@charter.net

About Gaulke’s work:
Whose Love Counts? Whose Marriage Matters? Questions for California.
In a year of intensifying public debate about the freedom to marry, Cheri Gaulke (and partner Sue Maberry) invited 10 lesbian and gay couples to go to Sears and have their portraits taken. These were accompanied by personal stories and the story of Maberry and Gaulke’s own 26 year relationship in an artists’ book, Marriage Matters. This is Gaulke and Maberry’s third Sears portrait project, in which they invert this middle-American tradition to question what and who defines family.

About the exhibition:
Featured Artists:

Sandow Birk                Cheri Gaulke               Michael Guccione

Clement Hanami          Dana Lovell                 Gilbert Lujan (Magu)

Ben Sakoguchi            Suzanne Siegel           The Dark Bob

LaMonte Westmoreland

Whose/Who's California: Golden State x 10 is the finale of NewTown's series exploring California artists' views of their home state.  Perhaps saying more about our state than we wish to know, Sandow Birk's ironically idyllic paintings of California prisons and Ben Sakoguchi's Manzanar series both commemorate, in their own way, the Golden State's propensity for incarcerating its citizens.  Cheri Gaulke's installation explores marriage in our state, while Dana Lovell probes our seemingly endless penchant for residential transience.  New installations and sculptural works addressing "Californianess', in its numerous guises, are being prepared by Gilbert Lujan (Magu), Michael Guccione, LaMonte Westmoreland, Suzanne Siegel and Clement Hanami, artists all too rarely seen in Southern California, while The Dark Bob returns to the gallery scene with his "viewer" sculptures and watercolors.

The opening night party includes a special appearance by the legendary Double Naught Spy Car. “Double Naught Spy Car sprang into existence in the 20th century to provide the soundtrack for the approaching meltdown of civilization. In sweat-drenched shows harkening back to 50’s jazz clubs, the stinging Stratocaster of Marcus Watkins, the Telecaster and spooky steel of Paul Lacques, the nihilist/classicist bass of Marc Doten, and the all-knowing unyielding drums of Joe Berardi beguile, bewilder, bait, and beatify their audience--no pesky vocals or lyrics to water down the twang and throb."

For information about NewTown, please visit www.newtownart.org.

Thank you.
Cheri Gaulke



6. Jane Dickson, FF Alumn, at Marlborough, Chelsea, opening September 22, 6-8

The Directors of Marlborough Gallery cordially invite you to attend a reception for
Jane Dickson
celebrating the opening of her exhibition
Everyone's A Winner
Thursday September 22, 2005 six to eight in the evening
The exhibition will continue trhough October 22

*Marlborough Chelsea*
211 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011
Tel: 212.463.8634  -  Fax: 212.463.9658
chelsea@marlboroughgallery.com  -  www.marlboroughgallery.com


7. John Fleck, FF Alumn, at Evidence Room, LA

Any of you New Yorkers jettin out this way, stop in & say Hello .. cheers ! x john fleck, ff alumn

Dear Evidence Room Friends:
David Greenspan's

She Stoops to Comedy
VILLAGE VOICE: "80 minutes of near total delight." THE STORY: Alexandra Page, renowned tragedienne and doyenne of the avant-garde, has lost her actress girlfriend to summer stock.  Unswayed and indomitable, Alexandra disguises herself as a man and schemes to woo her back in the role of Orlando opposite her lover's Rosalind in As You Like It.  But all the world becomes a stage in David Greenspan's Obie-Award-winning rollicking romp.  Time, space, gender, and identity buckle and spin out as the play transforms from backstage comedy to postmodern deconstruction to a heartfelt meditation on the nature of illusion.

Tony Abatemarco Dorie Barton Mandy Freund
Shannon Holt Sean Runnette THUR-SUN @ 8
Directed by  Bart DeLorenzo
Designed by Lap-Chi Chu info & reservations : 213 381 7118
We'll see you at the Evidence Room. Bart DeLorenzo
Artistic Director


8. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, in Kitchener, Ontario, Seot, 23 thru October 2

12,000 Expected to Attend CAFKA.05 - X Industria:
An International Exhibition of Art Projects Taking Place at Kitchener City

Kitchener (Ontario) CANADA September 1, 2005: CAFKA.05 - The 5th annual international thematic exhibition of cutting-edge contemporary art will once again take place in and around Kitchener City Hall from September 23 to October 2. The Forum, consisting of 22 projects by 29 regional, national and international visual and media artists, will be accompanied by 2 video programmes, a performance by MT Space, artists' talks, round-tables, and daily tours. An opening gala will take place at 7:00 pm on Friday, September 23, and all events are completely free to the public.

This year's theme - X INDUSTRIA: 100 years ago, in October 1905, the first "Made in Berlin" trade fair was launched. The City of Kitchener, formerly Berlin, was known for its visionary entrepreneurs and its skilled labour, humming with activity in the trades and crafts and following the promise of industrial wealth. "Ex industria prosperitas" is the motto of the City of Kitchener, "with industry comes prosperity".

Visual and media artists proposed works that considered the industrial past, obsolete and new technologies and the relationship of labour to prosperity, or the lack thereof, in local and global contexts. Artists also addressed economic issues, the shifting roles of governments and corporations; the increasing gap between the first and third world; moral issues of ownership of natural resources (in the traditional sense or the more modern sense, such as human DNA); biotechnology and commerce; cultural identity vs. mass production; and research areas such as nanotechnology or quantum computing.

22 projects by artists from Canada, the United States, Cuba, Germany, Great Britain, and Japan were selected based on high artistic quality, presence, site specificity, and relevance to the theme:

Michael Jacob Ambedian (Kitchener), anti-cool (Yokosuka, Japan), Thomas Bégin (Montréal), Philippe Blanchard (Toronto), Doug Buis (Long Beach, CA), Jillian Catton, Jahan Kargar and Stefan Smeja (Kitchener), Nicolás Dumit Estévez (Bronx, NY), Adonis Flores Betancourt (Sancti Spiritus, Cuba), Laurent Gagnon (Québec), Seema Goel (Regina), Insoon Ha (St. Catherines), Ivan Jurakic (Hamilton), In-Sun Kim (Kitchener), Doris Kuwert (Berlin, Germany), Mark Laliberte (Guelph), Paul Matosic (Nottingham, UK), Rick Nixon and Matt Millard (Waterloo), Marianela Orozco Rodriguez (Sancti Spiritus, Cuba), Tony Paginton and Roswita Busskamp (Toronto), Will Pappenheimer (Brooklyn, NY), Michael Waterman (Guelph), and Dane Watkins (Somerset, UK). The Video Programme includes work by Joe Hiscott (Montréal), Jacqueline Goss ( Boston, US), Pretty Big Dig, the award-winning short by Anne Troake ( St. John's), and many more.

CAFKA - Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area is an annual international
exhibition/symposium whose mandate is "to take works of contemporary art out
of galleries, studios and artist run centres and bring them into the civic
space," and "to engage a public that does not otherwise frequent art
galleries or artist run centres." Centred in and around Kitchener City Hall,
this 10-day event invites and encourages people of all ages and backgrounds
to encounter, react to, and engage with contemporary art and with the
artists who create it. In addition to presenting cutting-edge works and
screening videos by regional, national and international artists, CAFKA
presents artists' talks, round tables, and daily tours. Most of the artists
remain present for the duration of the event to engage with viewers, making
contemporary artistic practice more accessible to a greater public. There
currently exists no other event of this kind in Canada and our relationship
with the City of Kitchener is unique in North America. Last year, the Forum
received over 9,000 visitors and we expect this year's Forum to exceed

The exhibition will take place in and around Kitchener City Hall ( Ontario),
located at 200 King Street West in Kitchener, Ontario and is open daily from
September 23 through October 2, 2005, from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.
The media is invited to attend a special preview on Friday, September 23 at
6:00 pm.

To schedule interviews with participating artists or CAFKA's Artistic
Director, Christian Bernard Singer, or for more information, please call Iga
Janik, Public Relations Coordinator at 519.744.5123 or e-mail
iga@contemporaryartforum.ca or visit www.contemporaryartforum.ca


9. Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, finalist in Idaho Library Assn. Book Awards

Idaho Library Association Book Award Finalists
The Idaho Library Association has announced the finalists for this year's Idaho Book Award contest.  The award is given each year to a book which "has made an outstanding contribution to the body of printed materials about Idaho. The fourteen books eligible for this year's award were published in 2004.

The finalists are:
Cougar Dave by Pat Carey Peek, published by Ninebark Publications
The Cyanide Canary by Joseph Hilldorfer and Robert Dugoni, published by Free Press
James Castle: His Life and Art by Tom Trusky, published by the Idaho Center for the Book/Creasey Printing
Mapping Identity: the Creation of the Coeur d' Alene Indian Reservation, 1805-1902 by Laura Woodworth-Ney, published by University of Colorado Press
Tales of the Tract by James F. Varley, published jointly by the Twin Falls Public Library Foundation, Inc. and Big Lost River Press

A complete listing of the nominated titles is available on the Idaho Library Association's Book Award web page at www.idaholibraries.org/bookaward/ .

The winner will be announced at the awards banquet of the Idaho Library Association's Annual Conference to be held October 6, 2005 at the Red Lion Hotel in Pocatello, Idaho.


10. Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer, Yoko Ono, FF Alumns, at Paterson Museum, NJ, opening September 20

"Who is the greatest female artist alive?"

An exhibit of art by
Louise Bourgeois Jenny Holzer Yoko Ono
Bridget Riley Gloria Vanderbilt
Curated by Baird Jones

Sept. 20, 2005 through Jan. 5, 2006
The Paterson Museum
2 Market St.
Paterson, NJ (973-321-1260)


11. Eve Biddle, FF Alumn, at The Williams Club, NY, thru October 20

Eve Biddle
Mary Lydecker
Michael McBean

What: A group show featuring cellular abstractions by Eve as both woodblock prints and paper pieces, sketches in pen and ink by Michael capturing his inimitable style, and Mary's fascinating family portraits in gouache and graphite.
Where: The Williams Club, #24 East 39th Street between Park and Madison (closer to Madison)
When: Now until October 20 (they are technically open 24 hours a day...)
Party: TBA -- watch your email



12. Todd Alcott, Lisa Kron, Tom Murrin, R. Sikoryak, Kriota Wilberg, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place at University Settlement, September 29-October 8

Hey Everyone!
Finally! The Bentfootes!
The show you've heard so much about!
The history of America's most resilient dance family!
...Is coming to...

Dixon Place at University Settlement:
184 Eldridge Street
(F train to 2nd Avenue)
Thursdays– Saturdays, Sept. 29 – Oct. 8, 8PM
$10-$15 sliding scale at door; $12 advance at theatermania.com,
TDF Thursdays only
Reservations: 212.219.0736 x110

What a story!
The Bentfootes tells the irreverent yet touching story of downtown choreographer Susan Bentfoote and her extraordinary family, who for 200 years have used dance as a creative force in their lives.

This imaginative history weaves live “recreations” of obscure Bentfoote family dances, with original music and images from family memorabilia, into a memorial/documentary performance exploring the social, political, and artistic aesthetic of our country from post-revolutionary times to the present. In projected video sequences, additional performers play the roles of historians, Bentfoote family members, and friends, who keep the Bentfoote flame of dance burning bright in this humorous and poignant tribute to the lives of unsung American artists.

Layered together, dance and video give historical context to the work, tell Susan's story of artistic discovery, and bring the dances of the past to life. Styles include Colonial singing games with Epicurean themes, square dancing depicting Civil War battles, romantic ballet from the Vaudeville circuit, modern dance interpretations of Isadora Duncan and Helen Tamiris, excerpts from a 1960’s post-modern Broadway musical, and Susan Bentfoote's own iconoclastic approach to choreography.

Just look at that all-star cast...
Choreography, story, editing by Kriota Willberg
Videography by David (Squid) Quinn
Video direction and dramaturgy by Todd Alcott
Additional video direction by Elyse Singer
Lighting by Roderick Murray
Costumes by Jennifer Brightbill
Music composition by Brian Dewan, Bob Goldberg, Nora Laudani, Paul Spong, David Wells
Animation by R. Sikoryak

Live dances by Jessica Ames, Julie Betts, Carol Knopf, Maja Lorkovic, Denise Murphy, Beth Simons, Katrina Van Zee, Kindra Windish, Kriota Willberg
Video appearances by James Urbaniak and Nina Hellman, with Jack Garrett, Jill Sigman, Larry Goldhuber, Nina Hellman, Lisa Kron, Tom Murrin, Marjorie Mussman Jody Sperling, Katya Vasilaky, & Elizabeth Zimmer
See you at the show!

If you have been sent this message in error and would like to be removed from our list, please reply with the word "remove" in the subject heading. Thank you!

Kriota Willberg,
Dura Mater
10 Stuyvesant Oval, #10D
New York, NY 10009


13. Tracy Quan, FF Alumn, book launch party, September 28. 6:30-8:30 pm

Launch Party for Tracy Quan's New Book: Diary of a Married...

Hi everyone! Fall's upon us. Book season is in high gear. And the most enticing
novels are out! As such, on behalf of Three Rivers Press, Tracy Quan and myself, you are cordially invited to the book launch party for Tracy's latest novel:
Diary of a Married Call Girl:
(A Nancy Chan Novel)
Published by Three Rivers Press, On Sale September 27, 2005, $12.95.
It will be held on: Wednesday, September 28th, 2005 from 6:30 PM to 8:30PM
At the home of Nomi Prins, 24 East 20th Street (between Park and Broadway),
4th floor, Buzzer #0001, New York, NY

Tracy 's debut novel, Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, a tremendous international success, was optioned for a feature film by Sex and the City creator, Darren Star. Come join me in celebrating Tracy's brilliance! Sample our new hot drink for the fall - the Married Call Girl! Books will be available for sale on the night. Look forward to seeing you all there!

As space is limited, please be sure to RSVP for yourself and guests by September 23rd via email: nomiprins@msn.com or by telephone: 212-673-8679.
Love, Nomi

Love, sex, money, marriage, lies, infidelity, shopping, and strap-ons. What more could you ask for in a novel?"
-David Henry Sterry, bestselling author of Chicken: Self-Portrait of a
Young Man for Rent

For more information about Diary of a Married Call Girl and Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, visit Tracy's website: www.tracyquan.net

To pre-order a book, go to:


14. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at Le Petit Versailles, NY, September 24, 7 pm onwards

"GenderFluXXXors UnCoded: an FTM Supornova" is a performance lecture by artist Tobaron Waxman (CA) and PhD candidate Eliza Steinbock (USA). This presentation will cover many moments in film/video which had previously been read as 'Lesbian', and later read as 'Drag King' which could be included in the development of an FTM gaze. The purpose in revisiting these old coup d'oeil, while including works made by FTM/GQ male contemporary artists, is to remind an FTM audience of their image history while simultaneously acquainting them with a cultural diversity that is a contemporary FTM reality. The works by contemporary FTM/GQ artists include a variety of ethnicities, body sizes, and cultural expressions, the unifying element being their sexplicit transmasculine content.

On September 24, 2005 in addition to the performance of the screening and critical commentary, the collaborators will be dialoguing with each other and their audience from different countries and time zones. Tobaron will be in NYC's Le Petite Versailles Garden (346 East Houston, NYC) from 7pmEST onwards while Eliza will be at the School for International Training's Office in Amsterdam starting at 1amGMT. Using the AV possibilities of online chat to transverse geographic boundaries and evade linear time, the performance will open up a community network to the people who experience the "lecture". We will be passing the hat to fundraise for a trans family in crisis, otherwise the event is free.

Tobaron Waxman is the recipient of a Franklin Furnace Performance Art Award (2003), and Canadian Arts Council grants (2003, 2005). His videos "True Spirit", "how long has it been" and "Reverence" have screened internationally. Eliza Steinbock's PhD dissertation at The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis explores the impact of trans erotics on film philosophy. She is the director of "Pull In" (2003), a portrait of a trans sexual relationship.

Shannon Bell taught in the name of Annie Sprinkle to dedicate ones orgasm. In the spirit of that teaching, GenderfluXXXors Uncoded is dedicated to the memory of the late Chance Ryder, the first "male hermaphrodite pornstar" ---a person who was ahead of his time.

We wish to thank Ginni Fleck and Kevin Connors of the School for International Training in Amsterdam and Peter and Jack of Le Petite Versailles Garden in New York for their support and assistance.

Eliza Steinbock -- elizasteinbock@yahoo.com

Le Petit Versailles -- www.alliedproductions.org
346 East Houston (ave b&c)212-529-8815


15. City of Women, 11 th International Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 7-14

11th International Festival of Contemporary Arts
7th ¯ 14th October 2005, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The City of Women Festival 2005 will focus on the concept of in/security as one of the key issues in contemporary debate. Today, security of any kind is a mere illusion; while new measures of exclusion, control and violence have all been imposed in the name of 'security' in order that they may be perceived as acceptable. Often, the woman's body is a crucial locus where discourses on national identity, multicultural society and acceptable family norms are played out, sometimes in the name of equality and emancipation, and other times in the name of difference. The obsession with security and fear, surveillance and control, has also become a common issue in many spheres of cultural and artistic endeavour.

The Festival will present around 40 women artists, theoreticians and activists from UK, USA, Belgium, France, South Korea, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, South Africa, Iran, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia, who focus on various physical, psychological, environmental, ideological, economic and political issues that pertain to in/security.  The City of Women anticipates a fruitful interdisciplinary exchange.

In attachment you can find this year’s festival programme. More information is to be found online www.cityofwomen.org . For photos of participants look on www.cityofwomen.org/press/galerija  

During the festival also look for CoWeb - the online project will offer a critical debate for which we have invited young writers, theoreticians and artists from Slovenia and abroad to enter virtual polylogue.

For additional informations please contact us on pr@cityofwomen.org .

Petra Slatinsek (public relations)
Festival Mesto zensk / City of Women
Kersnikova 4, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1/ 432 23 90; 438 15 80
Fax: +386 1 438 15 85


16. Penelope Goodfriend, FF Alumn, at Project Room, NY, Oct. 1-November 12

Penelope Goodfriend will be exhibiting in a group show at the project room 88
20 east 88 th Street
October 1-November 12
Wednesday. 2-6pm
Friday 6-9pm
Saturday 2-6pm

wish you were here ,vacation postcards:an invitational group show
thank you!


17. Jerri Allyn, Suzanne Lacy, FF Alumns, at Otis College, LA, September 27

BEN MALTZ GALLERY at Otis College of Art + Design
is pleased to present
(Note: Jerri Allyn, Suzanne Lacy, Marcia Tucker involved in this evening, please come if you can!)

A lively discussion of women’s rights and artistic practice
Tuesday, September 27, 2005, 6:00 pm, Free, Outdoors on the Plaza at Otis College of Art + Design (dress warmly)
Everyone is invited to join Otis College of Art + Design for an evening of presentations and moderated audience discussion, featuring  inspirational comments by:

Judy Hawkins, managing director of Women’s Economic Venture in Santa Barbara, who will address the question: What is the relationship between entrepreneurship and cultural activism?

Judy Baca, artist and founder of Social and Public Art Resource Center, who will address the question: How can an artist make a political difference in the world?

Leliani Chan, performance artist and artistic director for TeAda Productions, who will address the question: How can women’s cultural production broaden the limitations of mainstream media?

Unique Holland, program director for the East Bay Leadership Forum, who will address the question: What issues do young women of today face, and how are they politically and culturally active?

Also on hand to add to the discussion are the following well-known artists and critics:
Marcia Tucker, founder of  the New Museum of Contemporary Art
Barbara Smith and   Mary Kelly,  Los Angeles  artists
OTIS Faculty: Jeanne Willette, Debra Ballard, Laura Kuo, Meg Cranston, Jerri Allyn and Suzanne Lacy

Meg Linton, Director of the Ben Maltz Gallery & Public Programs at Otis College of Art + Design

This event is part of OTIS Speaks http://www.otis.edu/index.php?id=691 , a series of lectures and events featuring distinguished contemporary artists, curators, writers, and critics who openly share their ideas, projects and observations about our visual world. Organized by the Ben Maltz Gallery <www.otis.edu/gallery and the Fine Arts Department http://www.otis.edu/index.php?id=167&amp;PHPSESSID=bb34546214984fbeb06c07d863fc2ffd at Otis College of Art + Design www.otis.edu

Location: Otis College of Art + Design, 9045 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Parking: Free visitor parking inside gate at the La Tijera entrance and on the street
Gallery Hours: Tue – Sat: 10a – 5p / Thu: 10a – 7p. Closed Sun, Mon & major holidays.
Gallery Office Hours: Mon – Fri: 10a – 5p
Gallery Admission: Free
Information: 310.665.6905, galleryinfo@otis.edu, http://www.otis.edu
Gallery Tours: 310.665.6909 to schedule tours for school, museum or other groups.



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