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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
August 30, 2005


1. Billy X. Curmano, Andrea Fraser, Tehching Hsieh, William Pope.L, FF Alumns, at Baltic, UK, September 3
2. Norm Magnusson, FF Alumn, at Shore Institute, NJ, reception September 11
3. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, announces 2005 Fall tour
4. Susan Barron at Smith College, MA, Sept. 6-October 28
5. Ilona Granet, Vernita Nemec aka N’Cognita, Robin Tewes, FF Alumns, at Diesel Gallery, Brooklyn, opening September 16
6. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, at Château de Linardié , France , opening September 4
7. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, Ligorano/ReeseJenny Polak, Beatriz da Costa, Jamie Schulte, Brooke Singer, Christy Rupp, Dread Scott, Christopher Wool, FF Alumns, at South Street Seaport Museum, opening September 8, 6-9 pm
8. Carolee Schneemann, FF Visionary, at Articule, Montreal, opening September 9, 7:30 pm
9. Peggy Diggs, FF Alumn, in LMCC international Summit, September 8-11
10. Paul Brach, FF Member, at Flomenhaft Gallery, opening September 8, 5-8 pm
11. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Edward Gomez, FF Alumns, in September Art & Antiques.
12. Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, at the Arctic Circle!
13. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at Le Petit Versailles, September 24, 7pm
14. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, at ArtSTRAND, Provincetown, opening September 16, 6-9 pm
15. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, reviewed at artcritical.com
16. Coco Go, FF Alumn, announces fall schedule
17. Vernita N’Cognita, FF Alumn, announces September schedule


1. Billy X. Curmano, Andrea Fraser, Tehching Hsieh, William Pope.L,
FF Alumns, at Baltic, UK, September 3

Performance Day History of Disappearance
Saturday 3 September, 12.00-18.00.
£10/£8 concessions

To mark the end of the History of Disappearance exhibition BALTIC will host an exclusive day of live performance by Tehching Hsieh, Billy X. Curmano, Andrea

Fraser and William Pope.L, FF Alumns. This is an extremely rare opportunity to see work by these artists. For more information visit www.balticmill.com
Booking essential for all events - please call 0191 478 1810 or email events@balticmill.com


2. Norm Magnusson, FF Alumn, at Shore Institute, NJ, reception September 11

Norm Magnusson, FF Alumn, in "Over the top - under the rug," at the Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts, September 2 - October 8, 2005. Reception Sunday, September 11, 3:00 - 6:00.

Curated by D. Dominick Lombardi, it's an exhibition of nearly 70 artists whose diverse and sometimes extreme creations emanated from the solitude of the artist's studio.

For more information, go to http://www.sica.org/exhibitions.html


3. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, announces 2005 Fall tour


Hi Everybody!
Hope everyone is having a great summer! (It ain't over yet!) Though I am happily jumping in the Pacific Ocean every day here in Venice Beach, I am really looking forward to my busy autumn of performing and gallivanting all over the U.S., Canada and England. (Ah, those frequent flyer miles! Who knew Cathay Pacific flies nonstop from Vancouver to NYC!!!!)

I am tickled that I will be ping-ponging between the US & Canada & England for several gigs. I am particularly delighted that the Canada premieres of my new performance "Us" will be taking place in Vancouver and Ontario!!! I will perform "Us" at the The Vancouver East Cultural Centre in British Columbia. 1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC Oct 18-22. Tickets 604-251-1363. http://www.vecc.bc.ca/index.html

Also in Peterborough, Ontario Nov 11-12 presented by Public Energy at the Market Hall Performing Arts Centre. (705) 745-1788 www.publicenergy.ca

I will be doing many juicy University performance & teaching residencies this Fall at Southern Methodist University, Trent University, Ontario, Hull Uni-Scarborough, Illinois State, Montclair State in New Jersey, and Brandeis University. I will be in Boston for the National Communications Association Conference where I am really honored my pals & colleagues from Louisiana State and University of South Florida have put together a presentation on the performance projects I do with students. Here's a nice essay from the Women's Playwriting Newsletter that was written by a participant about my 2004 workshop residency like this at Univ of Minnesota theater program which was a great expeience.

Also I am really pleased- even "chuffed"- to return to Liverpool and the fabulous Unity theatre! I will be back there for the Liverpool Queer Arts Festival Homotopia Oct 31-Nov 2. Then I train across England to Hull University-Scarborough where I will be doing a residency and performing.

Here are highlights from my fall performing and residency schedule. Hope to see you on my travels!
Best, Tim Miller

Oct 1-2 Dallas, Southern Methodist University
Oct 3-10 Illinois State University
Oct 17-22 Vancouver East Cultural Center, CANADA
Oct 23-30 Montclair State University, NJ
Nov 2 Liverpool, ENGLAND, Unity Theatre, HOMOTOPIA FEST
Nov 3-8 Hull University, Scarborough, ENGLAND
Nov 11-12 Peterborough, CANADA  Market Place Theatre
Nov 10-11 Trent University, CANADA
Nov 14-20 Brandeis University, Boston
Nov. 17 National Communications Association Conference, Boston


4. Susan Barron at Smith College, MA, September 6-October 28

Exhibitions in the Library- SMITH COLLEGE, NEILSON LIBRARY, Third Floor Book Arts Galleries, ON THE QUAD, NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS : 413-585-2906 for hours.
Paper, Bone, Vellum, Stone Bookworks by Susan Barron
September 6 - October 28 2005

Book Arts Gallery, Neilson Library, 3rd floor ( hours the same as Neilson's) If the most successful artist’s books are those that combine a variety of printing and craft techniques in order to present a multivalent amalgam of visual, verbal and plastic “text,” then Susan Barron’s bookworks are certainly worthy of our undivided attention and study. Here are talismans that inhabit a quasi-magical frontier between genres, where words, pictures, and all sorts of materials are dissociated from their ordinary contexts and recombined. In the startling and sometimes unsettling works on exhibition here Susan Barron explores language and its relationship to music, to image and to the natural world.

Since the publication of her first major project, Another Song, in 1981, Barron’s work has attracted wide critical attention. John Russell of the New York Times has observed that her photographs “seem rather to have been breathed onto the paper than printed … the varied ingredients seem, in fact, to have drifted together on their own accord, and what they say comes to us in a whisper. But it is a whisper worth bending down to listen to.” Others have remarked on her astonishing technical skills; Nicolas Barker of the National Trust writes that “the craftsmanship, both in artistic and book production terms, is of breathtaking virtuosity, but so absolute is the union between the two that one is never aware of the preponderance of any one element.”

Taken as a whole, Susan Barron’s oeuvre may be construed as an iconography of time, universal in scope and conception and entirely lacking in sentimentality. Moreover, the individual pieces on display – whether delicate and intimate or powerful and intense – serve to halt its passage, release its pressure, and rend its fabric, allowing tantalizing glimpses from various perspectives into what we might call time’s primordial harmonic.

About The Artist
Susan Barron was born in 1947 and grew up in Lake Forest, Illinois, near Chicago. Although she studied music seriously as a child, she graduated from the University of Illinois ( Urbana) in pre-medicine. She abandoned plans to become a physician in favor of doing “something in music or art,” but completed advanced degrees in clinical diagnostic chemistry in order to make a living. She was serendipitously introduced to the visual arts by photographer Art Sinsabaugh. Barron spent four years living and photographing in Europe, during which time she also met photographer Paul Strand. She and her husband, a classical musician and actor, settled in New York City in 1974. She now makes collages, drawings, etchings, and other ink prints, as well as photographs. Some of her works eventually are transformed into books. Her work is in many private and public collections, and she also has exhibited her art worldwide.

Contact: Barbara Blumenthal at 413-585-2906 for hours
Smith College Libraries, Northampton


5. Ilona Granet, Vernita Nemec aka N’Cognita, Robin Tewes, FF Alumns, at Diesel Gallery, Brooklyn, opening September 16

The Diesel Gallery, 242 Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn presents Ilona Granet, Vernita Nemec aka N’Cognita and Robin Tewes, FF Alumns, and others in Girltalk, opening September 16, 7-10:30 pm and continuing thru October 13. Closing Brunch October 9, 1-5 pm. For more info call 917-251-4070 or 212-349-3017

GIRLTALK @The Deisel Gallery

The Alternative Refill in Brooklyn
242 van Brunt St,
Red Hook, Brooklyn 11231

September 16 th - October 13 th, 2005
Opening reception: Friday September 16 th, 7-10:30 pm
Closing brunch Sunday October 9 th, 1- 5 pm

Jennifer Bowen * Ursula Clark * Jody Culkin * Ilona Granet
Susan Happersett * Bibi Lencek * Charlene Liu * Bonnie Lucas
Kazuko Miyamoto * Hyo-Jeong Nam * Vernita Nemec aka N'Cognita
*Katherine Ellinger Smith * Robin Tewes

Deisel Gallery in Red Hook Brooklyn is pleased to present GIRLTALK, a group exhibit of 13 artists addressing Feminity and Feminism in the 21 st Century, the similarities and the differences. The show opens Friday September 16 th and continues through October 9 th, 2005. There will be an opening reception on Friday September 16 th from 7-10:30 pm, featuring live music in the back yard and a performance by N’Cognita aka Vernita Nemec and a closing brunch, Sunday October 9 th, 1- 5pm.

There is still much to debate and explore in these issues in the real world of work and politics. Bibi Lencek has brought together 13 artists who have done so with their art seriously, seductively and in some cases, scintillatingly, each in their own unique way, working with bark, cast paper, glitter, stitching, body casts, sign painting and paper dolls, whether hanging from the ceiling or bouncing off the walls.

“Yes. we are serious but not in a tormented, hard on, super sized way. We are celebrating and preserving the feminine and the feminist sensibility. We as women  respond to the world with intuition, collaboration and nurturing. Through our bodies and our senses we know who we are and why we are here.”

Deisel Gallery can be reached by subway & bus. Take the A or F to Jay St, then Bus B61 to Red Hook & get off at Commerce St. If driving, call 917 251 4070 for driving directions. Gallery hours are Saturday and Sunday, 1- 5 pm. Call 917 251 4070 or 212 349 3017 for appointments or additional information.


6. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, at Château de Linardié , France , opening September 4

Joseph Nechvatal <Contamination>
An Art Exhibition at Château de Linardié
September 4th – October 16th Opening: September 4th at 5pm.

The artist Joseph Nechvatal has used the computer for twenty years to create his computer-robotic assisted acrylic paintings and electronic installations. To do so he has subjected his image compositions to custom computer virus programs. From 1991-1993 he worked as artist-in-resident at the Louis Pasteur Atelier and the Saline Royale / Ledoux Foundation's computer lab in Arbois, France on The Computer Virus Project: an experiment with computer viruses as a creative stratagem. In 2001 he extended that artistic research into the field of viral artificial life through his collaboration with the programmer Stéphane Sikora of the collective music2eye.

The dominant hermaphroditic visual form seen throughout <CONTAMINATION> is created through the computational morphing of testicles, ovaries, female breasts, and the buttocks of both sexes. <CONTAMINATION> was chosen by the artist for the title of this exhibition for a very specific reason. Through the utilization of digital-robotics, the paintings on view hold in suspension aesthetic moments preserved from real-time computer viral attacks which the artist performed using the most recent version of his custom viral software. This C++ based software, developed with the programmer Stéphane Sikora, launches unpredictable progressive real-time virus operations that live off and transform its image hosts – hosts created by the artist using a blend of digital-photography, computer graphic maneuvers and externalized computer code. These real-time viral attacks fall into the category of artificial life (A-Life); that is into a synthetic system that exhibits behaviors characteristic of natural living systems.

With <CONTAMINATION> artificial life viruses are modeled to be autonomous agents living in/off the hermaphroditic image. These <Contamination> attacks simulate a population of active viruses functioning as an analogy of a viral biological system. The host for the viruses are the digital files on which the computer-robotic assisted paintings in <CONTAMINATION> are based. Among the different techniques used here are models that result from embodied artificial intelligence and the paradigm of genetic programming.

Dr. Nechvatal earned his Ph.D. in the philosophy of art and new technology at The Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts (CAiiA) University of Wales College, Newport, UK. Dr. Nechvatal presently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City (SVA) and at Stevens Institute of Technology.

His Home Page is at: http://www.nechvatal.net
Château de Linardié is in Sénouillac - near Toulouse France

Admission is Free
Open to the public Thursdays-Sundays from 2:30 – 7pm
and other times by special request
Tel: 33 5 63 81 59 29
Email: chateau.linardie@wanadoo.fr


7. Beatriz da Costa, Nicolas Dumit Estevez, Ligorano/Reese, Jenny Polak, Christy Rupp, Jamie Schulte, Dread Scott, Brooke Singer, Christopher Wool, FF Alumns, at South Street Seaport Museum, opening September 8, 6-9 pm

A Knock at the Door

An exhibition about artistic freedom and the new national security state with:

Carlos Andrade & Todd Ayoung; Doug Ashford; Autonomedia; Al Brandtner; Lisa Charde; Keith Christensen; Jim Costanzo; Critical Art Ensemble; Daedalus; Kouross Esmaeli; Nicolas Dumit Estevez; Benj Gerdes;Day Gleeson; Grace Graupe-Pillard; Anthony Graves; Gregory Green; Group Material Archive; Hackett; Kathy High; Hiroyuki; Christina Nguyen Hung; Jason Lahr; Lou Laurita; John Leanos; James Leary; Ligorano/Reese; Bradley McCallum & Jacqueline Tarry; James Mead; Saul Melman & Ani Weinstein; Arnold Mesches; Neistat Brothers; Barbara Nitke; Jenny Polak; Preemptive Media (Beatriz da Costa, Jamie Schulte and Brooke Singer); Walid Raad; Red76; Duke Riley; Miguelangel Ruiz; Christy Rupp; Tom Sachs; Jayce Salloum; Julia Scher; Dread Scott; Gregory Sholette; Shelly Silver; Camilla Storm; Surveillance Camera Players; Ken Tam; Miyuki Tsushima; Ultra Violet; The U.S. Joint Terrorism Task Force; VISIBLE Collective/Naeem Mohaiemen; Paulina Von Ahlstrom; Naomi White; Christopher Wool

Curated by Seth Cameron, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

Openings: September 8th - October 1st
South Street Seaport Museum , Melville Gallery 213 Water Street
Opening Reception: September 8th, 6 - 9pm

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art 7 East 7th Street
Panel Discussion: September 30th, 7pm
Video Night at the Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue, September 12th, 8 - 11pm

Our First Amendment rights are no guarantee. In 2001, shortly after the September 11th attacks, polls indicated that 50% of the U.S. population agreed with the statement "The First Amendment goes too far in the rights it guarantees." This dramatic climate change has a huge impact on art, how it is made, exhibited, and discussed. Now, when works by certain artists or of an indefinable political nature are exhibited, we can virtually guarantee the Secret Service will show up.

Since September 11th, the media has reported a number of cases of the Secret Service visiting art exhibitions based on citizens' reports that artworks posed threats to the president and national security. Steve Kurtz, a member of the artist collaborative Critical Art Ensemble, was brought to trial on charges of bioterrorism (now lessened to mail and wire fraud) after he called the police when he woke to find his wife had died of a heart attack.

But often, no legal action is actually taken. Censorship operates effectively at the level of a threat. Artists can feel the threat of prosecution without knowing what they would possibly be prosecuted for. Now while this is certainly a frightening development, it does afford the possibility of an exhibition that raises public awareness of the current retreat of our most basic rights. A Knock at the Door is this exhibition. Anchored with works and artists already targeted by the Secret Service, the show expands to show how, with no accountability required of the federal government, any cultural activity could come under investigation. A Knock at the Door challenges the assumption that there is a clear line defining so-called "threatening" or "Un-American" art and activity, and that all art is an expression of the most basic foundation of a democratic society - the free expression and exchange of ideas.

For more information see: http://www.lmcc.net/knock/


8. Carolee Schneemann, FF Visionary, at Articule, Montreal, opening September 9, 7:30 pm

Carolee Schneemann, FF Visionary, is having a solo exhibition at Articule, 4001 rue Berri #105, Montreal. The op ening is September 9 at 7:30 pm and the show is on view from Sept. 7 thru Oct. 23, 2005. For more information please visit www.articule.org


9. Peggy Diggs, FF Alumn, in LMCC international Summit, September 8-11

Peggy Diggs’ LMCC project, READINESS (an 8-layer outfit of emergency preparedness paraphernalia) will be in the exhibition during this stellar conference. LMCC announces “What Comes After: Cities, Art & Recovery” an international summit, September 8-11

What Comes After: Cities, Art and Recovery
An International Summit, September 8-11, 2005
Registration begins August 22
Thirty cultural leaders from 19 countries will come together for three days of roundtable discussions, performances, films, and art installations in all media. Cities, Art and Recovery will consider how people remember and rebuild after tragedy and how the arts have been crucial to such recovery.

The New York Premiere of Diamanda Galás: Defixiones, Orders from the Dead And Political Cabaret With Danny Hoch, Rennie Harris, Carl Hancock Rux and Suheir Hammad

After Effects After the World Trade Center residency, LMCC artists look at what comes next.A Knock at the Door... Is it art or is it dangerous? Homeland Security Garden transforms the Winter Garden into a participatory sculpture that reveals our notions of safety and freedom. book A sketchbook travels between Brooklyn and Belfast.Greetings Without Flowers Large scale photo-portraits taken in Iraq.Chat the Planet Young people in NYC and around the world connect by video chat in real time conversation.


10. Paul Brach, FF Member, at Flomenhaft Gallery, opening September 8, 5-8 pm

Paul Brach, FF Member, is having an opening at the FLOMENHAFT GALLERY 547 West 27 St, NY.10001 on September 8 th, 2005, from 5-8 pm


11. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Edward Gomez, FF Alumns, in September Art & Antiques.

An article, "Mixing It Up," by Edward M. Gomez, in the September issue of Art & Antiques magazine explores the subject of mixed media art.  A reproduction of the artwork, "Bill and Coo," by Stephanie Brody-Lederman and a discussion of her concerns regarding her multi media arwork is included in the article. The feature defines and offers advice on how to collect, display and care for mixed media art. It also helps educate the public on the opportunities and challenges inherent in collecting this less conventional art form. One-of-a-kind and limited edition books are included within this genre.


12. Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, at the Arctic Circle!


On September 5th, Billy X. Curmano's Expeditionary Art Adventure Team will depart Newcastle, Great Britain on board the Princess of Scandanavia bound for the Arctic Circle in the first act of "Live Art: 66º 33' North". The international crew will carry music, art, film and video equipment across the North Sea to Kristiansand, Norway and continue overland by train and other public means north to the top of the world.  Their journey as performance will document the use of efficient public transportation, even in seemingly remote areas, while entertaining people, creatures and the environment with "live art" concerts. The Expeditionary Art Adventure Team, Dr. David Christenson, Laura Harrington, Ilana Mitchell and Billy X., will travel lightly and walk gently, massaging the earth with each and every intentional step.

Screenings of "Swimming the Mississippi" in the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art's "History of Disappearance" exhibition through September 3rd and "Death Valley Desert Classic" at Newcastle's Side Cinema on September 4th set the tone for "Live Art: 66º 33' North". The documentaries, of a 2,367.4 mile Mississippi River swim in the abundance of water and a 40 day Death Valley Desert Fast in its absence, were the first installments of this water based environmental art trilogy. Water solidifies, flows or evaporates according to its seasons and takes shape according to its container - whether a vase, stream, fjord or glacier.  "Live Art: 66º 33' North" celebrates those changing states of water.

On September 3rd, the Baltic Centre will also host an exclusive day of live performance by Tehching Hsieh, Billy X. Curmano, Andrea Fraser and William Pope.L. to close the "History of Disappearance" exhibition. As prelude to his Arctic Odyssey, Curmano will perform "Adventures with Billy" at the Baltic and "Greetings from the Mississippi to the River Tyne" on the Millennium Bridge connecting Gateshead to Newcastle.

"Live Art: 66º 33' North" emphasizes the interconnectedness of systems within our biosphere and how the misuse of the planet's resources impact people, even worlds away.  The documentation will be brought home in an attempt to show how the environmental consequences of parasitic practices come back to haunt us.  The continued exploitation of resources, fight for oil and talk - turned to drilling - in the fragile arctic environment make\ the timeliness of the project evident.

Studies prove airborne pollution from around the globe threatens the indigenous people of the Arctic. Perhaps this vortex of poison has even created an endangered human species.  Life expectancy for indigenous Arctic Russians is 20 years less than average Russians. The Mansi don't even reach retirement age. In a Canadian study, 200 Inuit women, from communities without industry or smokestacks and where sled dogs were more common than gasoline, had toxic chemicals in their breast milk five times higher than the average. Some levels were higher than those recorded anywhere in the world.  Hazardous substances affect living organisms from the smallest lichens to the noble polar bear.  Like the mineshaft canary, the health of the Arctic's indigenous people is an indicator for the rest of the world.

Another great moral dilemma confronts Western Culture, as we take advantage of Arctic Resources. The indigenous population gains virtually no benefits from our exploitation. The less than 4 million people spread over vast distances have only a small political voice to dissuade our greed.  The combined wealth of the world’s three richest people is greater than the total gross domestic product of the 48 poorest countries.  Just 4% of the combined wealth of the 225 biggest fortunes (1 trillion dollars) could pay for education, food and basic health care for the planet's entire population.

Nowhere on the planet are the affects of global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer more prominent than in the Arctic. In 30 years, the Arctic ice floe has decreased in thickness by 40%. (Average thickness: 3.12 m 1960; 1.8 m 1990) Pests, like mosquitoes, are on the rise under these more favorable conditions, while caribou herds and other wildlife have markedly diminished.  Where does the water go when the ice melts? Deterioration of the Arctic environment as a result of climatic changes will very likely have severe consequences for us all as sea levels rise and major ocean currents change their paths affecting the entire world climate.

"Live Art: 66º 33' North" names the Arctic itself as a principal character in our struggle for survival.  It is a call for action.  It is meant as a wake up call for each and every one of us to conserve resources and recognize dependence on oil to be as debilitating as a junkie's addiction.  It continues a "Search for the spiritual in art" and explores the importance of "art to life and life to art" while expressing an ecological imperative.

Carbon dioxide emissions in 1990 (the base year for the Kyoto protocol) from the top ten wealthiest nations. All figures are in millions of tons of carbon

United States 1,348.2
Russia 647
Japan 306.7
Germany 276.6
Ukraine 190.9
United Kingdom 159
Poland 130
Canada 125.7
Italy 117.9
France 106.6


13. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at Le Petit Versailles, September 24, 7pm

Press contact: Peter Cramer 212 529 8815
Allied Productions,Inc. PO Box 20260 New York New York 10009
www.alliedproductions.org info@alliedproductions.org 212 529 8815
Le Petit Versailles Garden Season 2005
346 East Houston Street < Avenues B & C >
F / V trains to Second Ave. Walk east on HOUSTON St. or J / M trains to Delancey. Walk northeast to HOUSTON St. Rain or Shine. FREE or voluntary donation.
212 529 8815 www.alliedproductions.org petitversailles@earthlink.net

GenderFluXXXors UnCoded: an FTM Supornova
Presented by Tobaron Waxman & Eliza Steinbock

GenderFluXXXors was originally born out of a series of conversations between Lisa Ganser, Artitstic Director of the Flaming Film Festival Minneapolis in 2004, and myself. I was invited to do a presentation, or workshop, on something to do with FTMs and pornography, due to the growing list of indy titles in this genre, and as foreplay to the screening of Morty Diamond’s Trannyfags.

I sought out every moment of transmasculine eroticism I could find on film and video. In my research, I found that there were many moments in film which had previously been read as ‘Lesbian’, and later read as ‘Drag King’ which could be included in the development of an FTM gaze. The purpose in revisiting these old coup d’oeil, while including works made by FTM/ GQ male contemporary artists, would be to remind an FTM audience of their image history at the same time as acquainting them with a cultural diversity that is a contemporary FTM reality. The works by contemporary FTM/GQ artists included a variety of ethnicities, body sizes, and cultural expressions, the unifying element being their sexplicit transmasculine content.

Events are made possible by Allied Productions,Inc.,Gardeners & Friends of LPV,The Trust for Public Land, Citizens for NYC, GreenThumb/NYC Dept. of Parks,Materials for the Arts; NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs,NYC Dept. of Sanitation & NYC Board of Education, Manhattan Neighbourhood Network (MNN), WNYC-FM. LPV Programs are made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a State agency


14. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, at ArtSTRAND, Provincetown, opening September 16, 6-9 pm

53 Bradford Street (at Shankpainter Road & Central Street), Provincetown, MA 02657
Gallery hours: 12-9 daily
Contact: Bob Bailey, Director at 508-487-1153 or bailey@artstrand.com

Jay Critchley celebrates Provincetown’s cosmic sand with his installation BEIGE

Provincetown artist and activist Jay Critchley will dramatically transform artSTRAND, Provincetown's newest and most dynamic gallery at 53 Bradford Street, with a major one-person installation and exhibition, BEIGE. The exhibition opens Friday, September 16 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. and runs through September 28. It is open from noon to 9:00 pm daily. The artist will show his award winning movies on Sunday, September 25 at 8:00 pm at the gallery.

Jay Critchley, who is an internationally known conceptual and multi-media artist, made a splash with his early 1980s sand car series installed in Provincetown's MacMillan Wharf Parking Lot. The current exhibition returns Critchley to his roots, reconnecting with the sand-filled sedan by filling the entire structure at 53 Bradford Street with dune sand.

In 2002 astronomers Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry of Johns Hopkins University set off a cosmic firestorm when their research determined the color of the Universe. By taking a census of all the light from 200,000 galaxies, the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey created the Cosmic Spectrum. To everyone's astonishment it was determined that the color of the Universe was "Cosmic Latte" or beige.

"This confirms my longtime suspicion that Provincetown sand has a cosmic and effervescent quality to it," states Critchley. "It's a colorful place," he added.

The millions of grains of beige sand in this show represent the forces of nature, the dunes, and the legendary reflective light of the Cape tip.

Inside artSTRAND, BEIGE exhibits sandworks from the early 1980s, including clothing, iconography, sculpture, models and drawings. Proposals and monuments for a Fishermen's Memorial, a Ricki Lynn Cooper Memorial, the town 's first computer, and a shopping mall monument will be featured.

Artist Jay Critchley's visual, conceptual and performance work has traversed the globe, from his controversial, patriotic Old Glory Condom Corporation-Worn with pride Country-wide, and the Blessed Virgin ?Rubber Goddess-Immaculate Protection, to Miss Tampon Liberty and the Nuclear Recycling Consultants (NRC).

The artist lives year round in Provincetown, Massachusetts where he founded and directs Theater in the Ground@ Septic Space in his backyard septic tank. He has produced, written and directed two movies: Toilet Treatments, which received the HBO Audience Award at the Provincetown International Film Festival in 2002; and, Providence Dirt Newsreel in 2002. Both will be shown at the gallery on September 25 at 8:00 pm.

Critchley produced a CD in 2004, Big Twig ? Boston's Big Dig Sings ( www.bigtwig.org), in collaboration with other artists and musicians, inside Boston's Big Dig tunnel before it opened to traffic. His International Re-Rooters Society's (IRS) annual January 7 ceremony in Provincetown Harbor
is in its 23rd year.

Critchley has taught at the Museum School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and has had recent residencies at Harvard University, AS220 in Rhode Island, and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York City. He founded the Provincetown Community Compact, Inc. and co-founded and runs the annual Provincetown Harbor Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla benefit ( www.swim4life.org), with this year's 18th annual event set for September 10.

Images available at www.artstrand.com or by request.

The gallery hours are 12 - 9 p.m. daily.


15. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, reviewed at artcritical.com

This time - a link to a review about, rather than by me! When you go, if you wish, please click on "Post a Comment"... Best Regards,
PS The quotes were taken from Pamela Crimmins's interview of me on www.artcritical.com. The link will be added to the article soon.

View master
Bringing sculptural strategies to photography, Deborah Garwood documents and interprets.





Exhibition: Paris at Spring Equinox, 2004: Parc des Buttes Chaumont.
Photographs by: Deborah Garwood.

Related links: Official site
Berlitz Language Center Lobby
Rockefeller Center
40 West 51st St.
Mon.-Fri., 10-6 through September 9


16. Coco Go, FF Alumn, announces fall schedule

News from Coco Go:
You are invited to jump on the wave of SuperSkyWoman's Bush calming with her new Rules of Engagement 50cinquanta a yearlong project  curated by Simona Barucco

The environs of the Cinema is transformed. Spaces habitually arranged for creating communication between rooms, with its simple corridors for passage all become sites for vision, glance, exchange and proposal. 50/cinquanta is born from the collaboration between CODICE EAN, Association for contemporary art of Naples, and ZORBA, Society for the Management of Multicinema Corallo of Torre del Greco, with its strange encounter between one non profit associative reality and one unequivocally commercial operation. The attempt is to approach two publics: that of the cinema and that of contemporary art. In simultaneity with this juxtaposition, we find room for proposals outside of the central organizational events, ones that reduce the distance between specific cultures of the city and the perifery. The ultimate objective is to create a new collection of contemporary art, initially private, but hopefully to remain as a new stable concrete opportunity for the collective as it comes to the end of its long journey just initiated.

Eight collaborative appointments are projected for 2005 with invited artists: Angelo Ricciardi, Nello Teodori, Betty Bee, Antonio Picardi, Coco Gordon, Gabriele Di Matteo, Vincenzo Rusciano, Antonio Izzo.

Coco Go at the Corallo Thursday September 8 2005   7pm
The exhibition remains open through October 11, cinema hours

What¹s better than to construct a show little by little, using the missing pieces like a puzzle, having them drop into place after having imagined them perfectly in the mind? The sequence of creation is also based on this: an imperceptible equilibrium between desire and materialization. Coco Gordon came up with a deconstruction of the show she had in mind for 50/cinquanta and sent it by mail to Torre del Greco, where bit by bit as they show up in their numbered sequence modes, the exhibition will take shape in a new form, reconstituting itself in the hands of the artist. Opening up the diverse elements of this Mail Art project, and filming or photographing the diverse phases of the operation, new options are added to the drafting of the entire show, granting it a second phase of actual creation. The two modalities of desire and materialization, are newly placed in a dialectic: of exchange, renewal and equilibrium.

³Saluti, Salute!² is the title of this solo show which investigates a very delicate theme: The present difficulty of preserving healthy conditions in our lives in an environment kept to equal levels of good health, protected by autoimmune defenses as is typical in Nature. Ecosystems are in an endangered continuum, continuously transformed by pathetic substitute initiatives of conversion. Coco Gordon¹s idea is to push up against this offensive with all strategies and instruments at her disposal, such as reflection, observation, meditation, magic ritual, thought pattern, throwing intention out to the airwaves, consolidating image and sound of the moment, and with her primal SuperSkyWoman Permacultural dialogs her alter ego uses with humor to transform us into human ecosapiens who can eject ourselves from our worst negative consumerist habits. This American artist¹s artistic approach is really critical to her country. The scarce political-ecological conscience visible in a United States of America controlled by media giants supercedes despite whatever is scientifically demonstrable of whichever research is attainable to stop and repair damages inflicted on comprehensive global ecosystems. Exploitation of resource use, breakdown of life systems, impoverishment, desertification, devastating pollution: nothing stops the USA and other industrialized countries from accumulating riches for egoistical objectives, even to the destruction of future generations.
³Saluti, Salute!² Is an operation to wield synergistic exorcism of this horrific tendency.

Simona Barucco
info: Multicinema Corallo  Villa Comunale 80059 Torre del Greco-NA
e-mail: codiceean@hotmail.com  - tel. 348 77 23 292

Coco Go
Pollinated by the Tree of Light she arrives in this world. It is 1991. The place of her birth once again, Genova Italy. It takes her three years to transition from (Haudenausaunee) Skywoman to American icon SuperSkyWoman, a super-action figure with no vooms, only timelessness. Her mission signals a return to nutritive health of all beings and slow steady watchfulness over the commons to enjoy right livelihood, good water, air, earth, seeds, the fruit of experience.Coco has participated in projects for the past four Venice Biennales, an Istanbul and a London Biennale and produces her zany Zen Fluxus type art through New York,Italy, Canada, Belgium, Germany and Austria. She has published 36 artist and poetry books.Her dream events defy the senses. Radical Food. TIKYSK. Kicking up the Bottom Line. You Are poetry. Jane Doe. Akua origins. Unframed intelligence. The Future of Hands and Feet. Hello Health!. You will find her here.

Corallo Thoughts, Coco Go says, read this!

Dialog. In a  blip moment you know things you should know. Calm Bush type politicians back to an original substance. New Rules of Engagement.Figure out the Bye Buy signal. SuperSkyWoman is it!Jump through Nature between coming attractions. A real attraction. Break the political disregard of the public. With humor. ³I want you I want you³, call out your cells. Pick up a yellow magic sound. Fit it into the large puzzle Nature offers.Practice healing, pull a gold capsule over you, then crystal. Listen.
Get sensitive. Get strong. See inside you. Save the world.


17. Vernita N’Cognita, FF Alumn, announces September schedule

Hello Fellow FF Alumns!
What I will be doing in September & where. Please come if you are nearby!

a)September 8th I will be performing a new work, "Butoh Words" at Central Wyoming College in Riverton, Wyoming & in the 3 person exhibit there, "Composed of the Commonplace"  curated by Nita Kehoe-Gadway, my "Endless Junkmail Scroll" and 7 other Security Collages will be on view. The show is from August 22- September 18, 2005.

b)"NewsArt" opening reception, Thursday September 15th, 6-8, with over 40 artists participating at Viridian Artists, 530 W 25th St. The show is from September 13th - October 1, 2005.

c)September 16th, 7-10:30 a reception at Diesel Gallery in Brklyn presents "Girltalk", curated by Bibi Lencek with myself & 12 other artists. I will re-perform an adaption of "Paper Doll", first presented at Soho 20 Gallery a few years ago. The performance will be either during the opening reception, or more likely, on the last Sunday of the show, Oct 9th during the brunch 1-5pm. The performance will happen at 3pm.

d) Darmstadt, Germany September 24, 25 & 26, 2006, Vogelfrei 6, STATT Paradise and Paradise Gardens.I will be performing outdoors at this outdoor event organized by Ute Ritschel.Two new works there as well, "Novalis at Night" ("the Blue Flower") with Gabrielle Juvan and "Transformation Daze", a solo work.

e)These events are to all be considered as part of my 7 Years of Living Art, curated by Linda Montano. 2005 is the first year of my 7 years which focuses on time passing and aging.

vernita nemec aka n'cognita



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