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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
August 16, 2005


1. Jean Toche, FF Member, at WC Gallery, De Pere, Wisconscin, opening August 27, 7 pm
2. Federico Gonzalex, FF Alumn, in Buenos Aires, thru September 22
3. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, on Turner South, August 16, 20, 25
4. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, receives NJ Transit commission for Woodbridge train station.
5. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at Joe’s Pub, August 24, 9:30 pm
6. Kiyoko Kashiwagi, FF Alumn, at the Chocolate Factory, Long Island City, September 1-10
7. Nicolás Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, new website: http://longwoodarts.org/Artists/nicolas
8. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Joe’s Pub, August 18, 7 pm
9. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, at Long Island Techfest, August 19-21
10. Martha Wilson, FF Alumn/Director, at Le Petit Versailles, August 27, 8 pm
11. LMCC announces “What Comes After: Cities, Art & Recovery” an international summit,
September 8-11


1. Jean Toche, FF Member, at WC Gallery, De Pere, Wisconscin, opening August 27, 7 pm

WC Gallery, 908 Talbot Avenue in De Pere Wisconsin announces “The Rubbish War Dance of the Elephants” an installation by Jean Toche, FF Alumn, August 27 through November 26, 2005 Opening reception, Saturday August 27, 7 pm onwartds Curator’s talk 8 0m Hours by appointment 920-337-2976


2. Federico Gonzalez, FF Alumn, in Buenos Aires, thru September 22 GONZALEZ - LO PINTO

"ARTISTS' PROOF" The works that are part of this exhibition are the result of our casual encounter, and they are born from the need to integrate the art works with the interest that we find in the artistic eyes of other people, both far away and very close. So far, the result are two bodies of works. One of them is "The Four Seasons", which is produced on the neighboring floors of the most populated train stations of Buenos Aires City: Chacarita, Once, Constitucion, and Retiro. The other one consists of works done where popular struggle and protests occurred, and that we support. At the same time both bodies of works are framed under a more general project called "Artistas sin patron". (Artists without pattern/boss, the word patron has both meanings).

Thru 9/22/05. Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 7PM CEDInCI Centro de Documentación e Investigación de la Cultura de Izquiedas en Argentina Fray Luis Beltrán 125 C1400BEC Ciudad de Buenos Aires Argentina


3. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, on Turner South, August 16, 20, 25

Joni Mabe, the Queen of the King, and the 6th Annual Big E Festival Winner - Arik Christopher and Kingsize will appear in the bumps for the documentary, 200 cadillacs Turner South commemorates the 28th anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley with the documentary 200 Cadillacs.

The one-hour special explores Presley's love of giving lavish gifts to friends and strangers, including jewelry, mink coats, the entire dog inventory at a pet store, 48 horses and, most notably, 200 Cadillacs.

The King's generosity is revealed in candid interviews with Cadillac salesmen, who recall Presley's spending sprees, and with the recipients of some of these cars. Along the way, we meet former girlfriend Linda Thompson; original drummer D.J. Fontana;, Presley's karate instructor; and his bodyguard, hairstylist and personal nurse.

The documentary uncovers where many of these Cadillacs are now, from museums to charity auctions to private garages.

Never-before-seen photographs of Presley, including many from his private collection, are interspersed throughout the film, along with five original songs. 200 Cadillacs is executive-produced by Susan Rod Graham.


4. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, receives NJ Transit commission for Woodbridge train station.

Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, recently received a commission from New Jersey Transit to produce a mural and three windscreen designs for the Woodbridge train station in Woodbridge, NJ. The station renovations and artwork will be completed in Spring 2007.


5. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at Joe’s Pub, August 24, 9:30 pm

Penny Arcade at Joe's Pub in her only NY show until 2006. Penny Arcade is provocative, intellectually stimulating, perceptive, and hilariously funny! the List, UK

Laugh yourself into a state of altered consciousness in an extraordinary evening with the queen of underground performance and international performance star in her Howl Festival special ! Experience what creates the legend!

"Penny Arcade is an incredibly astute, a take no prisoners, feminist stand up comic! Jagged! Unexpected ! Mesmerizing! " - Village Voice

Beg! Steal A Ticket! Newsweek
WED AUGUST 24th 9:30pm $15. Joe's PUB www.telecharge.com or 212.239.6200
425 LAFAYETTE ST .www.howlfestival.com www.pennyarcade.tv


6. Kiyoko Kashiwagi, FF Alumn, at the Chocolate Factory, Long Island City, September 1-10

Anime Dance Theater in X KILLS Y, AND VICE VERSA
Conceived and choreographed by Kiyoko Kashiwagi
Presented by The Chocolate Factory

Thursday-Saturday, September 1, 2 & 3, 2005 @ 8pm
Thursday-Saturday, September 8, 9 &10, 2005 @ 8pm

@ The Chocolate Factory, 5-49 49th Avenue, Long Island City, NYC 11101

Tickets are $15 and may be reserved by calling (718) 482-7069. Thursday night performances are “pay what you will” for Queens residents! The first 480 guests will receive a complimentary cute cold Japanese tea bottle from ITO EN.

X KILLS Y, AND VICE VERSA is a satirical dance comedy about a mad scientist Dr. X and his crazy experiments to invent a new deadly eapon (female robot) to conquer the world. The piece is directly nspired by Japanese animations. But instead of pictures, Kashiwagi uses dance and mime techniques in live theater settings. She calls  her style “anime dance.” A futuristic, live-action, cartoon-like fusion of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Romeo and Juliet, X KILLS Y, AND VICE VERSA tells a story that is both comical and frightening.

Kiyoko Kashiwagi (choreographer/performer) was born and raised in Japan. Her works have been presented by HERE Arts Center, Joyce SoHo, Dixon Place, Children's Museum of Manhattan, NY International Fringe Festival, Galapagos, Chashama, and others. She has received funding from the Puffin Foundation and Meet the Composer, and was an Artist in Residence at Movement Research 2004-05. She is a co-founder of the physical theater group Ex.Pgirl, which participated in HERE's Artist Residency Program (HARP) from 2003-05, and has received grants from the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, and NYSCA. As a dancer, she has worked with Karole Armitage, David Salle, Yoshiko Chuma, Yasuko Yokoshi, Nami Yamamoto, and others.

X KILLS Y, AND VICE VERSA will feature performances by Suzi Takahashi (Richard Schechner, Richard Foreman) and Vincent McCloskey (Mark Morris, Dusan Tynek); sound and music by Shuichiro Nakamura (recipient of a Meet the Composer grant); and video Kazuhiro Soda (nominated for the Silver Lion Award @ the Venice Int’l Film Festival).

For more information: www.laboratoryx.us


7. Nicolás Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, new website: http://longwoodarts.org/Artists/nicolas

Dear All: I just completed my website at the BX Museum Media Lab.
The site is hosted by Longwood Arts Project.



8. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Joe’s Pub, August 18, 7 pm

Nora York to sing With her amazing band
JOE's PUB at the Public Theater, 475 Lafayette St.
NYNY 20$ dollars
Box Office 212.539.8778 Telecharge 212.239.6200
Seating limited -- Reservations suggested!
Steve Tarshis guitar
Charlie Giordano accordion
Dave Hofstra bass
John Clancy drums
and Claire Daly on baritone Sax

Nora York “the Philosopher Diva” (The Austin American Statesman), Returns to Joe's Pub with a hot new summer show Truth to Power: Sometimes it Comes Down to Just One Thing. Defiant and sly with a glorious sound, York will spin her song stories through an evening of absolutes. She’ll put truth, lies and love on the witness stand of her heart, and let you come up with the verdict. Come experience Nora York who the New Yorker magazine described as “ingenious, radical extravagant talent... sure to take us to parts un-dreamed of."

New Press excerpts
“What do you get when listening to Nora York? A little Sting, a bit of Joni Mitchell and a whole lot of wonderful.  Juxtaposing eras, genres, and attitudes to create a series of bold, brave sound sculptures. ...you know you are dealing with an intensely sharp witted fatalist who is as gifted an emotional puppeteer as she is a poet.”
-- JazzTimes - June 2005

“Longtime followers of improvising chanteuse Nora York are well aware of her penchant for sophisticated pop, even so, York’s  new CD, WHAT I WANT ( SayYES) might surprise devotees in the extent to which the singer follows her pop muse. Shrugging off genre boundaries, she presents a worldly, literate cycle of songs in which desire and redemption intertwine.  Shorn of York’s imposing stage manner, both canny originals and repurposed standards (“Stand By Your Man” “Ruby Tuesday”) are called upon to stand on their own merit, and manage to do just that”

PICK “ Her stunning What I Want CD is a testament to the breadth of her talent. This town is full of talents due much wider recognition. None is more deserving than this tall and model thin singer-songwriter-truth teller. Grab this chance to drive yourself nuts trying to categorize the intrepid boite habitué. Her new CD What I Want’s title tune is innovative and deserves airtime. Yeah, but on what format? Answer: on every format. She’s sold across the board. You ain’t seen nothing like what this long drink of water does with her eclectic bag of songs. If she sings an evergreen, she turns it a shade not known in nature.  A must-catch!”  
 -- The Village Voice —

“Nora York has a wonderful new CD out, What I Want. Its concluding track is a stunning interpretation of the 1800s Stephen Foster classic, Hard Times, which says it all for jazz.” -- Financial Times — Jurek Martin


9. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, at Long Island Techfest, August 19-21

I am showing some of my smaller techy stuff, ie: sensor based machines and telerobotics at the LONG ISLAND TECH FEST
August 19-21, 2005.
thanks, kal

Kal Spelletich
institute for the arts , sciences and letters. since , well, 1980!


10. Martha Wilson, FF Alumn/Director, at Le Petit Versailles, August 27, 8 pm

Le Petit Versailles Garden Season 2005
346 East Houston Street < Avenues B & C
F / V trains to Second Ave. Walk east on HOUSTON St. or J / M trains to Delancey. Walk northeast to HOUSTON St.
Rain or Shine. FREE or voluntary donation. 212 529 8815 petitversailles@earthlink.net

August 27, 8pm
MIKE DIANA – In Person. The first comic artist to be jailed in US for his art. Join us for portraits & performances captured on video including Mike Kuchar’s “Statue in the Park” and Cramer & Waters “Introducing Mr. Diana” featuring an interview with Martha Wilson of Franklin Furnace plus more unseen footage and excerpts. A discussion on censorship will follow.

In 1994, underground cartoonist Mike Diana was thrown in jail for 4 days without bail on obscenity charges, for publishing, advertising, and selling his zine BOILED ANGEL. Mike was on probation for 3 years, terms of which included fines of $3000, no contact with children under 18 (or within 10 feet of a minor), 1280 hours of community service ( more than 250 hours were done at Le Petit Versailles in NYC), maintain full time employment, and at his expense, see a psychiatrist and take journalism courses at his own expense; AND no drawing for his own personal use... his home was subject to unannounced searches by local police to make sure he was complying. Mike Diana is now serving another 2 years of probation, including $2000 in fines, and the same probationary terms..

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) has estimated that over $56,000 has been spent on Mike's case to date. "It's futile that Mike's case is appealed to the State court as the State of Florida's history of overturning is nil." stated Susan Alston from the CBLDF. http://www.testicle.com/mikediana.htm
Mike Diana & his case are the fictionalized subject of a new play, Busted Jesus Comix, now playing in Manhattan.


11. LMCC announces “What Comes After: Cities, Art & Recovery” an international summit, September 8-11

What Comes After: Cities, Art and Recovery
An International Summit September 8-11, 2005
Registration begins August 22
Thirty cultural leaders from 19 countries will come together for three days of roundtable discussions, performances, films, and art installations in all media. Cities, Art and Recovery will consider how people remember and rebuild after tragedy and how the arts have been crucial to such recovery.

The New York Premiere of
Diamanda Galás: Defixiones, Orders from the Dead And Political Cabaret
With Danny Hoch, Rennie Harris, Carl Hancock Rux and Suheir Hammad

After Effects After the World Trade Center residency, LMCC artists look at what comes next.A Knock at the Door... Is it art or is it dangerous? Homeland Security Garden transforms the Winter Garden into a participatory sculpture that reveals our notions of safety and freedom. book A sketchbook travels between Brooklyn and Belfast.Greetings Without Flowers Large scale photo-portraits taken in Iraq.Chat the Planet Young people in NYC and around the world connect by video chat in real time conversation.

Ammiel Alcalay, USA
Sultan Barakat, UK
Elazar Barkan, USA
Gillian Caldwell, USA
Clifford Chanin, USA
Craig Dykers, Norway/USA
Horst Hoheisel, Germany
Vannak Huy, Cambodia
Suada Kapic, Bosnia
Avila Kilmurray, UK
Robert Kluyver, Afghanistan
Duma Kumalo, South Africa
Gerald McMaster, Canada
Semezdin Mehmedinovic, Bosnia/USA
Ana Miljanic, Serbia & Montenegro
Dijana Milosevic, Serbia & Montenegro
Vasuki Nesiah, Sri Lanka/USA
Brigitte Oleschinski, Germany
Maysoon Pachachi, Iraq/UK
Leo Rubinfien, USA
Biljana Srbljanovic, Serbia & Montenegro
Jad Tabet, France/Lebanon
Lyonel Trouillot, Haiti
Patricia Tappata de Valdez, Argentina
Clive van den Berg, South Africa
Camilo Jose Vergara, Chile/USA
Eyal Weizman, Tel Aviv/London
Lebbeus Woods, USA
James Young, USA



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