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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
December 15, 2004

1. Lisa Moren, FF Alumn, opens www.lisamoren.net
2. Condolences on the death of poet and composer Jackson Mac Low, FF Alumn
3. Maciej Toporowicz, FF Alumn, at GAS, NY, opening Dec 16, 6-8 pm
4. Tadej Pogacar, FF Alumn, in Ireland, Dec 16 - Jan 22, 2005, and more
5. Joni Mabe, Greely Myatt, FF Alumns, in Alanta, GA, thru Jan 8, 05
6. Alice Wu, FF Alumn, at Space Untitled, NY, opening Dec 16, 6-8 pm
7. Rev Billy, FF Alumn, at St. Mark's in the Bowery, TONITE, 8 PM
8. Victoria Vesna, FF Alumn, at Location 1, NY, opening TONITE, 6-8 pm
9. Eyewash, FF Alumn, at MoMA, Dec 18, 6-9 pm
10. Nancy Andrews, FF Alumn, at MoMA, Dec 20, 8:30 pm
11. Diane Ludin, FF Alumn, at Whitney Museum's Artport website, Dec 04
12. Annie Sprinkle, FF Alumn, live webcast wedding, begins Dec 18, 3:10 pm EST
13. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, reviews Shomei Tomatsu at Japan Society
14. Murray Hill, FF Alumn, December 2004 events at Fez, NY
15. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, in the Catskills and Australia, Dec 04
16. Stanya Kahn, FF Alumn, in The Believer, art issue

1. Lisa Moren, FF Alumn, opens www.lisamoren.net

lisamoren.net is up (with a few text links pending). cheers. lisa


2. Condolences on the death of poet and composer Jackson Mac Low, FF Alumn

On December 10, 2004, Margalit Fox of the New York Times reported on the death of Jackson Mac Low, 82, Poet and Composer and FF Alumn, as follows:
Jackson Mac Low, a poet, composer and performance artist whose work reveled in what happens when the process of composition is left to carefully calibrated chance, died on Wednesday at Cabrini Medical Center in Manhattan. He was 82 and lived in Manhattan.
The cause was complications of a stroke that he had last month, according to the Academy of American Poets, which announced his death.
The author of more than two dozen books of poetry, as well as musical compositions, plays and multimedia performance works, Mr. Mac Low was a seminal figure in the American experimentalist movement of the 1950's and after. A founding member of the avant-garde group Fluxus, he collaborated frequently with the composer John Cage. In recent years Mr. Mac Low often worked with his wife, Anne Tardos, a poet, artist and composer.
What united Mr. Mac Low's output was a fascination with randomness and with the limitless combinatorial possibilities of language.
"The sense of words as being primarily in a circumstance that's limiting - sentencing them to sentences - he did not take kindly to that," the poet Robert Creeley said in a telephone interview yesterday.
Mr. Mac Low's poems, like his musical compositions, did not so much blur the boundary between language and music as render it invisible. He prized words not simply for their meaning (he worked as an etymologist as a young man) but as movable fragments of pure sound.
Sprung from their sentences, shuffled and reassembled, Mr. Mac Low's words became layered acoustic collages, meant to be performed aloud. Constantly shifting, always evolving, rarely the same twice, his poems laid bare the machinery of poetry-making itself.
In Mr. Mac Low's work, structure depended on chance. He composed some poems by shuffling index cards containing words and phrases. For others he used random-number tables and, in later years, computer programs.
Some sprang from a roll of the dice. "!11.6.7!4.,a biblical poem" was the first in a cycle, begun in the mid-1950's, that was rooted in the Hebrew Bible. The poem comprises not only words (spoken aloud by one or more performers) but also rhythmic silences (represented by "/__ /").
Mr. Mac Low prefaced the poem with two pages of instructions describing the various possibilities for reading it. (The title represents the number of words and silences in each line, which he determined with dice.) When read aloud by multiple performers, each going at a different pace, the poem evokes the wash of murmuring of Orthodox Jews at prayer.
Jackson Mac Low was born in Chicago on Sept. 12, 1922. After receiving an associate's degree from the University of Chicago in 1941, he earned a bachelor's degree from Brooklyn College in 1958. He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1985 and in 1999 received the Wallace Stevens Award, which carries a $100,000 prize, from the Academy of American Poets.
Mr. Mac Low's first marriage, to Iris Lezak, ended in divorce in 1973. Besides Ms. Tardos, whom he married in 1990, he is survived by two children from his first marriage, Mordecai-Mark and Clarinda, both of Manhattan, and one grandchild.
His other work includes "Two Plays: The Marrying Maiden and Verdurous Sanguinaria" (1999), "Pieces o' Six: Thirty-three Poems in Prose" (1992) and the CD "Open Secrets" (1993).
In a 1999 lecture, Mr. Mac Low described what he called his "ways of working."
"They are almost always ways in which I engage with contingency, and in doing so I am often, to a large extent, 'not in charge' of what happens while I do so," he explained. "They often surprise me, and they almost always give me pleasure and seem to give pleasure to others."


3. Maciej Toporowicz, FF Alumn, at GAS, NY, opening Dec 16, 6-8 pm

Gigantic ArtSpace
59 Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013
T. 212 226-6762 | F. 212 226-6505
Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 7pm

The Book as Object and Performance: An Evening of Performances
Thursday, December 16, 6-8 pm
Curated by Sara Reisman

Please join us for an evening of performances by AUX (Reynard Loki and Christopher Shores), Joseph A. Fish, Jesal Kapadia, Pia Lindman, and Maciej Toporowicz, in conjunction with our current exhibition The Book as Object and Performance.

Beginning at 6:00 pm, Pia Lindman will perform in the front window of the gallery, visible to viewers and passersby on Franklin Street. As part of her project entitled Lakonikon and Black Square (2004) Lindman will re-enact gestures of mourning that she has drawn from the front pages of The New York Times between 2002 and 2003.

Beginning at 6:30 pm, a sound program curated by artist Reynard Loki will take place inside the gallery. The program features live performances by the sound artists in the show, AUX (a duo formed by Reynard Loki and Christopher Shores), Joseph A. Fish and Maciej Toporowicz. AUX and Fish will collaborate on a digitally-manipulated reading of Tolstoy's "War and Peace." Toporowicz will perform a reading of the Ten Commandments.

Around 7:15 pm, Jesal Kapadia will activate "How to wear a saree in 5 easy steps" (2004), a memorial to the 21 women who died in the "saree stampede" in the northern Indian city of Lucknow.

On view until January 22, 2005, The Book as Object and Performance is an exhibition of artworks that take the format of the book as a point of departure to consider the dynamics between text, image, and transformation in the interpretation of the written word. The Book as Object and Performance considers the broad implications of technology on the book and print media, and ultimately how history and culture are articulated through both mass and unique media. The exhibition includes an exhibition of works by 22 artists, two evenings of selected book projects "read" and performed by the artists, a sound component organized by Reynard Loki, and a catalogue with an essay by art historian Eva Diaz.


4. Tadej Pogacar, FF Alumn, in Ireland, Dec. 16-Jan 22, 2005, and more

ON THE ROAD. Tadej Pogacar & P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary ArtCoalesce: With all due intent, Model Arts and Nilland Gallery, Sigo, Ireland16 December 2004 - 22 January 2005
Tadej Pogacar & P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum is participating in the show COALESCE: WITH ALL DUE INTENT with video work Code:Red, Sex Worker, Documents, 2001. COALESCE: WITH ALL DUE INTENT is the working title of an exhibition of on-going artist's works that are brought together to create one coalescent, environment. Coalesce…is an exhibition about spatial-cohabitation. Mixing together on-going projects by a selecton of artists, the works are fused together and co-habit the same space as the exhibition takes the form of one and many works at the same time. By exploring and articulating formal and conceptual similarities, COALESCE: WITH ALL DUE INTENT will literally be an overlapping of individual works. With: Ursula Biemann, Phil Collins, Esra Ersen, Jakup Ferri, Jaime Gili, Adla Isanovic, Sejla Kameric, Helmut and Johanna Kandl, Alexander Mir, Isabel Nolan, Marko Raat, Lawrence Weiner and others.
MARX UPDATE, Ojo Atomico, Madrid, Spain
17 December 2004

Tadej Pogacar & P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum are presenting part of the CODE:RED extensive archive on exhibition MARX UPDATE in Ojo Atomico in Madrid. CODE:RED is a interdisciplinary and collaborative research platform interested in non formal economies, sex work, activism and global trafficking. MARX UPDATE exhibition is focused on documentation of political engaged art and theory. Other participants are Republicart.net, Social Impakt Projekt, RTMark, La Fiambrera Obrera, The Center for Land Use Interpretation, Reclaim the Streets, Critical Art Ensemble, and B+B.

Seven Sins: Ljubljana-Moscow, Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana
20 December 2004 - 28 February 2005

Tadej Pogacar & P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art are presenting a new project The Topography of Sinfulness, 2004 on the exhibition Seven Sins: Ljubljana-Moscow. The exhibition Seven Sins: Ljubljana - Moscow proposes to explore the various dimensions of contactsbetween the two cities and to underscore the continuity of cooperation between them and their shared interest in similar aesthetic concepts. Both cities and cultures essentially belong to a common context that has been described as the Eastern European culture. Geographical position, particular traditions and character of both Moscow and Ljubljana, however, indicate how wide the range of issues and contents of such a culture actually is.
Since Moscow and Ljubljana both belong to a common cultural (and social) context of Eastern Europe, the exhibition addresses the very issue of this context. What exactly is "Eastern European culture", which are its basic characteristics, its identity? The issue of identity has proved to be a highly controversial one, and the exhibition deliberately deals with its ambiguous nature. It presents "seven sins" that are, supposedly, typical for Eastern Europe, and thus common to Russian and Slovenian artists. These "sins" are Collectivism, Utopism, Masochism, Cynicism, Laziness, Unprofessionalism, and Love for the West.
They can be - from an outside, presumably Western point of view - understood as weaknesses and imperfections, but they are also "virtues", qualities that Eastern, Slavic countries can contribute to European culture to make it more diverse and rich. For example, utopianism is an antidote to pragmatism, stressing the dimension of hope and future perspectives. Laziness gives artists time to concentrate on themselves and the questions that obsess them. Since eastern artists often are not real "professionals", they can really love what they do, etc. The seven "sins" ("virtues") have, in fact, been strongly present in the cultural production of Eastern Europe in the last decades.


5. Joni Mabe, Greely Myatt, FF Alumns, in Alanta, GA, thru Jan 8, 05

Drawings and/or Works on Paper
Show runs thru January 8, 2005
This exhibit is a group show of their gallery aritsts (including 50 +) whose works are drawings or works on paper. The size limitation in 22" x 30". There will be a variety of interpretation of "drawings" and also how paper is used. Artists included are: Amalia Amaki, Maria Artemis, Patrick Atkinson, Tania Becker, John Belingheri, Scott Belville, Lillian Blades, Holle Black, Teresa Bramlette Reeves, Lilly Cannon, Elizabeth Cain, Dana Cibulski, Hope Cohn, Carmon Colangelo, Kevin Cole, Woody Cornwell, Willian Dennisuk, Emilt Diehl, Terri Dilling, Didi Dunphy, Ton Ferguson, Jim Frazer, Melissa Harshman, Jim Herbert, Pinkney Herbert, Luzene Hill, Marietaa Hoferer, Daniel Hoover, David Ivie, Laurie Jackson, D.E. Johnson, Tom Judd, Miriam Karp, Kenn Kotara, Frances de La Rosa, Fernando La Rosa, Caroline Lthan Stiefel, Elizabeth Lide, Evan Levy, Susan Loftin, Pam Longobardi, Anne Lopez, Joni Mabe, Angelbert Metoyer, Donna Mintz, Jacqueline Mitchell, Greely Myatt, Jo Peterson, Mario Petrirena, Wendy Phillips, Dixie Purvis, Susan Robert, Matthew Roberts, Justine Rubin, Alice Schindel, Ruediger Schoell, Ilene Sunshine, Lisa Tuttle, Katie Walker.

For questions or direction, call Sandler Hudson Gallery at 404.817.3300 or gallery@sandlerhudson.com We are at our new location: 1009-A Marietta St., Atlanta, GA, 30318


6. Alice Wu, FF Alumn, at Space Untitled, NY, opening Dec 16, 6-8 pm

December 16 through January 15
Opening Party Thurs 12/16, 6-8pm
Space Untitled/Culture Outlet
133 Greene Street betw Houston & Prince

Hot off the press! Just when we thought we could rest easy from our whirlwind adventures in California, we're doing SHERWOOD FOREST at Space Untitled/Culture Outlet in Soho,133 Greene Street. The opening party is this Thursday, 12/16, from 6-8pm. The installation will be on view through mid-January. We have limited supplies of our furry, shiny, pretty things, so come Thursday for best pickings of our Fall/Winter clothing and accessories!

Also invited to the opening are well-socialized, non-peeing woofs of all shapes and sizes. Doggie flash mob!

Feral Childe
Alice + Moriah



7. Rev Billy, FF Alumn, at St. Mark's in the Bowery, TONITE, 8 PM

Please Steal Christmas Revival
Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir
Dec 15 , 8 pm, St Marks's in the Bowery, E 10th at 2nd Ave
information at www.revbilly.com
10$ cash --- no one turned away


8. Victoria Vesna, FF Alumn, at Location 1, NY, opening TONITE, 6-8 pm

Nano Mandala
by Victoria Vesna with nanoscience pioneer James Gimzewski

Opening: Wednesday, December 15, 2004, 6-8 pm
Exhibition: December 16, 2004 through January 29, 2005
Artist talk: January 26, 2005

Location 1 gallery, 26 Greene street, NYC
Tel: 334-3347



To salute World Peace in this Holiday Season, Location One presents an
installation by media artist Victoria Vesna, in collaboration with nanoscience pioneer James Gimzewski.

The installation consists of a video projected onto a disk of sand, 8 feet in diameter. Visitors can touch the sand as images are projected in evolving scale from the molecular structure of a single grain of sand-achieved my means of a scanning tunneling microscope (STM)-to the recognizable image of the complete mandala, and then back again. This coming together of art, science and technology is a modern interpretation of an ancient tradition that consecrates the planet and its inhabitants to bring about purification and healing.

The sand mandala of Chakrasamvara seen in this installation was created by Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Gaden Lhopa Khangtsen Monastery in India, in conjunction with the "Circle of Bliss" exhibition on Nepalese and Tibetan Buddhist Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This particular sand mandala had never before been made in the United States.

To complement the video, sound artist Anne Niemetz has developed a meditative soundscape derived from sounds recorded during the creative process of making the sand mandala.

Of the installation the artist says: "Inspired by watching the nanoscientist at work, purposefully arranging atoms just as the monk laboriously creates sand images grain by grain, this work brings together the Eastern and Western minds through their shared process centered on patience. Both cultures use these bottom-up building practices to create a complex picture of the world from extremely different perspectives."


9. Eyewash, FF Alumn, at MoMA, Dec 18, 6-9 pm

What: EyeWash at MoMA's Family Festival
When: December 18, 2004 6-9pm
Where: The Museum of Modern Art, 11 W. 53rd Street, NYC
Admission: FREE for MoMA Family Members and Contributing Members, $9 each
for Individual and Dual Members,$18 per person for non-members.

To register, call (212) 333-1234 or e-mail: members_programs@moma.org.

New York, NY EyeWash is pleased to announce its participation in The Sixth Annual MoMA Family Festival on Saturday, December 18, 2004. The event is for families with children ages 5 and up and takes place from 6-9pm at the Museum of Modern Art¹s Main Gallery, 11 W. 53rd Street.

Up, down, and all around-bring your family to explore the new MoMA from top to bottom. Discover the many moods of MoMA's collection-from paint and paper to chairs and soup cans. Enjoy interactive gallery tours specially created for children and adults to explore together. Or, choose your own adventure from self guided activity books and family-oriented audio programs. Let young imaginations soar with hands-on art-making workshops. Unwind with kid-friendly food and live entertainment, all before bedtime.

A live chromakey station by Forward Motion Theater, producer of EyeWash, provides interactive motion capture area where children and their parents are invited to dance, move, play in front of a bluescreen. Their image is composited and manipulated by EyeWash video artists and projected on the walls of the MoMA¹s Main Atrium.

Participating artists include Holly Daggers (http://www.wetcircuit.com),
Chris Jordan (http://www.seej.net/), Melissa "Miixxy" Ulto
(http://www.multo.com), Joshua Goldberg (http://www.goldbergs.com), Daniel
Vatsky (http://www.skyvat.net) and Motomichi Nakamura aka VJ Moto

EyeWash is a series of live-mixed video events featuring VJs and Video Artists who manipulate video in real time. EyeWash is presented by Forward Motion Theater, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization since 2001, and is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a State agency.

Contact: Eric Dunlap
212-683-9053 or eric@FORWARDmotiontheater.org


10. Nancy Andrews, FF Alumn, at MoMA, Dec 20, 8:30 pm

An Evening with Nancy Andrews
The Dreamless Sleep. 2004. USA. 31 min. Monkeys and Lumps. 2003. USA.
38 min. Mixing live action with stop-motion photography and puppetry,
Maine-based filmmaker Andrews creates a singular and delirious universe.
Program 69 min.
Monday, December 20, 8:30. T2
The Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019-5497
More Info: http://www.moma.org


11. Diane Ludin, FF Alumn, at Whitney Museum's Artport website, Dec 04

Hello Hello,
Converging the Body and Information:
I recycle existing Internet news media to collage a series of automated records of contemporary communication. My collages use voices of intimacy, confession and fragmented illusion to reflect a twisted and ever mutating definition of contemporary consciousness. These montages focus a lived intersection between our increasing information intake and ourselves. They are poetic frames of Information, platforms for the artifactual. At the Whitney Artport for the month of December. Go take a look:


Diane Ludin


12. Annie Sprinkle, FF Alumn, live webcast wedding, begins Dec 18, 3:10 pm EST


We, Elizabeth M. Stephens and Annie M. Sprinkle will explore love as art for seven years. Each year will be based on a chakra and begin with a wedding. We want to invite you to our first wedding via a live web cast.

This Wedding and web cast will be on Saturday, December 18, 2004.
Ceremony ritual begins at approximately 3:10 pm eastern standard time-(12 noon pacific time.) Celebration begins at 4:30. The event ends at 6:30.

The theme of this year's wedding is "security" and the chakra color is RED. We will be gathered with a few friends and family in a small performance space in Manhattan. Guest are all collaborating in the creation of the wedding. (Please forgive us if you didn't get invited to this wedding in the flesh. We had very limited space, and there are 6 more weddings to come, so we would love for you to join us in the future. Next wedding will be in San Francisco.)
Look at our web site, loveartlab.org for more information. ( It's a work in progress.) Click on the red bride. To watch the wedding you need to do one of two things. Go to our website and there will be an embedded Quicktime address. The website is http://www.loveartlab.org and the wedding link will be in the 2004 red wedding section. Click on this link and enjoy our performance.
or if you can't find that address Open Quicktime Player, under file do "Open URL in New Player" and enter the URL rtsp://dmedia.ucsc.edu/arts/redwedding.sdp
If nothing happens for a few minutes hang on it might take a little time to get it up and going. feel free to pass this around to friends. this will work best if you have a dsl or cable connection. This piece was inspired by the work of Linda M. Montano and her Seven Years of Living Art.


13. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, reviews Shomei Tomatsu at Japan Society

Please follow the link below to read my review, launched today
SHOMEI TOMATSU at Japan Society, 2004-2005
Review published on www.artcritical.com December, 2004:
Comments welcome, Best Regards, Deborah


14. Murray Hill, FF Alumn, December 2004 events at Fez, NY

with special guests

MURRAY HILL sleighs into town with his annual nightlife tradition: a bawdy, cocktail-friendly holiday variety show. This year, the show is "on ice" and Murray will be premiering a full-bodied figure skating routine, complete with skates, jazz hands, and mesmerizing dance moves.

Murray hosts a stellar rotating line-up featuring many of his longtime showbiz pals and SANTA CLAUS (who happens to look a lot like Murray) headlines each night. Audience members will get the exclusive opportunity to write Santa a letter on the spot and have him respond in "real-time".
This week's guest stars:
12/8 - *BOB* and her poodle, DIRTY MARTINI
MURRAY HILL ON ICE * only 7 shows left!
Sat. 12/11, 18 at 10:30pm
Sun. 12/12, 19 at 10:30pm
Wed. 12/8, 15, 22 at 9:30pm

at FEZ (under the Time Cafe) 380 LaFayette St. at Great Jones St.
Call now: 212.533.7000
code word: cheeseburger
For nightly guest stars: http://www.mrmurrayhill.com


15. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, in the Catskills and Australia, Dec 04

On December 17th at The Colony cafe 22 Rock City Road $6 8PM International performance star Penny Arcade and composer and singer /songwriter Chris Rael will do a performance of their show Rebellion Cabaret before they head off to Sydney ,Australia to perform the show at Sydney's famous Opera House February 26-March 1st. Respecting the Catskill's local economy tickets are $6.00.Please spread the word!

Rebellion Cabaret is Penny Arcade's antidote to denatured, sterile and homogenized performance, as she and brilliant singer/songwriter Chris Rael, the mastermind of one New York's most enduring bands, Church Of Betty, join forces to bring you REBELLION CABARET, a hilarious and often edgy walk through the current landscape of culture and politics. The combined forces of Arcade and Rael make a powerful impact. Arcade's insightful and hysterically funny monologues and one liners, delivered in her internationally famous rock and roll style, combust with Rael's sophisticated, topical lyrics, memorable arrangements and, quite simply, one of the very best voices in contemporary music.

Never before has Rael's vocal, melodic and lyrical power been more evident than in this collaboration,where Rael , stripped of his band Church of Betty,plays solo ,on sitar, electric guitar and Portugese guitar, is highlighted in the theatricalized context of Penny Arcade's monologues and segues.

Rebellion Cabaret is loaded with content about how we live and think today.Sexual and identity politics, hegemony and the media, are de-boned and investigated. Rebellion Cabaret tears away the veil from the commodification of rebellion, celebrity culture, bourgoise bohemia, The Vagina Monologues, America's new patriotism and the future of Western Civilization.

Penny Arcade continues to redefine theatre, performance, and political standup comedy with an exciting sound score that will have you rocking in your seat. Chris Rael will remind you why anyone, anywhere, ever cared about rock and roll.

"Penny Arcade is provocative,intellectually stimulating,perceptive and hilariously funny! She combines the anarchy of Lenny Bruce with the pathos of Judy Garland *****" - Edinburgh List

"Penny Arcade has a mind like a steel trap!
This is comedy of scorching candour!" The Guardian UK

"Chris Rael is a purveyor of urban psychedelia, with a voice sweeter than Prince." Magnet Magazine,

"Chris Rael rails righteously against consumerism, piss tests, Clear Channel,and the gentrification of New York , with more rock and less raga, on his witty and galvanizing new cd 'The Devil You Know'.
Village Voice


16. Stanya Kahn, FF Alumn, in The Believer, art issue

FF alumn Stanya Kahn and collaborator Harry Dodge appear in this months The Believer, the art issue. Celebrating the 20th issue of the Believer. The special double issue includes a DVD of short films which concerns itself with subject matters as diverse as boredom, AA, punk rock, cannibalism, wrestling, drowning, and squash. There is also art by ten L.A. artists, all chosen and lovingly narrated by Benjamin Weissman. Also included are essays about artists in the desert, film critic and painter Manny Farber, the esteemed writer John Hawkes, plus a handwritten fax-screed by David Hockney, and interviews with Joan Silber, Ed Kienholz, and Raymond Pettibon (and more).



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