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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
November 30, 2004

CONTENTS: (Franklin Furnace experienced some difficulty receiving emails this week. Please accept our apologies for events which may not be listed below.)
1. Franklin Furnace Holiday Bash, Brooklyn, Dec 20, 7-9 pm
2. Renate Bertlmann, FF Alumn, in Vienna, Austria, thru Dec 21
3. Barbara Pollack, FF Alumn, at Art Fair, Miami, 2004
4. Leon Ferrari, FF Alumn, at Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
5. David Cale, FF Alumn, at Lion's Theatre, NY, thru Dec 18
6. Jon Ippolito, at Columbia Univ., TONITE, 6 pm
7. Doug Beube, FF Alumn, at Grand Army Library, Brooklyn, thru Jan 30, 2005
8. Aaron Landsman, FF Alumn, at PS 122, NY, Dec 6
9. Zhang Ga, FF Alumn, at whitney.org/artport
10. Carmelita Tropicana, FF Alumn, at INTAR, NY, thru Dec 11
11. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, at Participant, Inc., Dec 7, 8 pm
12. Penny Arcade, Bob Holman, Tom Murrin, RENO, FF Alumns, at BAM Café, Brooklyn, December 3-11
13. Nora York, FF Alumn, record release party at Joe's Pub, Dec 9
14. Peculier Works Project, FF Alumns, at the Ohio Theater, NY, December 7
15. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Varnish, San Francisco, Dec 4

1. Franklin Furnace Holiday Bash, Brooklyn, Dec 20, 7-9 pm

Franklin Furnace celebrates its recent move to Brooklyn with a Holiday Bash at our offices, 80 Hanson Place, on Monday evening, December 20, from 7-9 pm. Please mark your calendar and stay tuned to Goings On for more details.


2. Renate Bertlmann, FF Alumn, in Vienna, Austria, thru Dec 21

Renate Bertlmann und Andrea Kalteis laden zur Ausstellungseröffnung am Dienstag, den 30. November 2004 um 19 Uhr herzlichst ein.

Die Ausstellung findet statt im:
AUTO ­ der neue Kunstraum, Radetzkystrasse 5/1, 1030 Wien



DAUER: 30. November 2004 ­ 21.Dezember 2004, Dienstag von 17- 20 Uhr


3. Barbara Pollack, FF Alumn, at Art Fair, Miami, 2004

Barbara Pollack, FF Alumn, announces an unlimited edition collar pin, "How can we think about art at a time like this?" This pin was presented by Participant at NADA at the Art Fair, Miami, 2004.


4. Leon Ferrari, FF Alumn, at Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dear friends:
I have the pleasure to invite you to the opening of my retrospective at Centro Cultural Recoleta, at Cronopios and C Rooms on Tuesday November 30 at 7pm. On Thursday, December 16 at 7pm, room J will be added with recent works and projects that will premiere on that occasion. Best regards,
Leon Ferrari, FF Alumn


5. David Cale, FF Alumn, at Lion's Theatre, NY, thru Dec 18

The New Group (Naked)
Written and Performed

Sets: Jo Winiarski
Lights: Josh Bradford
Costumes: Deidre Wagner
Stage Manager: Anna Saggese

Wednesday - Saturday December 1 - 18 at 8 PM (Saturday matinee also at 2 PM)
The Lion Theatre, Theatre Row 410 West 42nd Street (between 9th/10th Avenue)
For Tickets: 212-279-4200. www.ticketcentral.com


6. Jon Ippolito, at Columbia Univ., TONITE, 6 pm


Please join me for an Art & Technology Lecture by Jon Ippolito at 6:00 PM on Thursday, December 2, in 702 Hamilton Hall on Columbia University's Morningside Campus at 116th and Broadway (see map at
http://www.columbia.edu/about_columbia/map/hamilton.html). Mr. Ippolito's lecture, "How to Hack Copyright for Fun and Profit," will examine alternative approaches to intellectual property and creativity.

Here's Jon's abstract:

Now that the music labels have sued 6,000 college kids and universities are spending more on anti-plagiarism software than on student art exhibitions, you'd think young people would finally grok the message that sharing is bad. But as this presentation aims to demonstrate, a cadre of dedicated artists, musicians, and activists are offering digital creators an end-run around broadcast flags and RIAA summonses--from tools for embedding open licenses in music files to an online environment for sharing art and code to a semantic search engine for remixable art and video. In conclusion, this presentation will examine the question of whether such innovations are sufficient to prevent the lockdown of creative culture.

Jon Ippolito is an artist, a curator at the Guggenheim museum, and co-founder of the Still Water program for network art and culture at the University of Maine, where he is an Assistant Professor of new media.

This is the fourth lecture in a series on Open Source Culture. The series will conclude with a lecture by Cory Arcangel on December 16.

For more information about upcoming speakers, and streaming video of previous lectures, please visit

The Art & Technology Lectures are organized by the Digital Media Center and sponsored by the Computer Music Center. Streaming video of the lectures is produced in partnership with the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Tribe
Director of Art & Technology
Columbia University School of the Arts


7. Doug Beube, FF Alumn, at Grand Army Library, Brooklyn, thru Jan 30, 2005

REDUCTIVE READINGS by Doug Beube in the Balcony Cases, 2nd Fl.

with Katarina Wong and Marc Sapir in the Lobby Gallery

by Doug Beube

Grand Army Plaza-Central Library
Brooklyn, NY. 11238

Nov 30th-Jan 30th, 2005

Doug Beube explores the ambiguous space between abstract and the specific, between what is known and unknown. Beube physically deconstructs books only to reconstruct them in ways that also call to mind the playful construct of language. His books are forms of conceptual sculpture: he cuts into, folds, and reshapes books to mirror or suggest their implied content.


8. Aaron Landsman, FF Alumn, at PS 122, NY, Dec 6

Elevator Repair Service
invites you to a party at PS 122
on Monday, December 6th, 2004
with A short preview of GATZ (GATSBY) performed by Jim Fletcher & Scott Shepherd Music of the 20's and beyond from DJ Jonathan Jacobs
Food from Veselka, Dawgs on Park, BBQ and more...Great raffle prizes including: Signed copies of Jon Stewart's "America" Signed copies of Richard Maxwell's "Plays Volume I" A gift certificate from FRESH DIRECT worth $100 Two Tickets to a Culture Project Show and more. and a CD of music from ERS shows for sale!
150 East Ninth Street, Downstairs Theater 6:30 - 10 PM,
December 6, 2004
Information and tickets: 212-529-7875 or http://www.elevator.org/gatz.benefit.html

This party is to help us make GATZ - our presentation of the entire text of F. Scott Fitzgerald's THE GREAT GATSBY at the Performing Garage for four weeks in January 2005. This is our biggest production in a decade and we can't do it without your help. This is a critical time for ERS and we've never needed individual contributions like we do now. Come toast the new show with us or, if you can't make it, please consider making a contribution. Anything you can give will help.


Please make checks payable to Elevator Repair Service.
All donations are tax-deductible. ERS is a 501(c)(3) organization.
More information about donations here:
For GATZ, ERS is Laurena Allan Mark Barton Steve Bodow Paul Boocock John Collins Bob Cucuzza Jill Dombrowski Jim Fletcher Aaron Landsman Ethan Lipton Annie McNamara Kate Scelsa Scott Shepherd Susie Sokol Louisa Thompson Tory Vazquez Amanda Villalobos Colleen Werthmann Ben Williams Daya Wolterstoff


9. Zhang Ga, FF Alumn, at whitney.org/artport

the peoples' portrait (http://whitney.org/artport, http://people.apiece.net)- a global networked public art project has been extended for another month through december with a special event on reuters video wall for new year's eve.

times square viewing time (on the reuters' video wall) every 12 minutes throughout the day -- photo capturing kiosk located @ times square
information center: 7th ave between west 46th and west 27th streets.

since the launch of the project on october 27th, there are over 14.000
portrait photos taken by people all over the world (new york, singapore, linz, rotterdam, brisbane).

a video clip from times square:

ars electronica installation view:

have your 15 seconds of fame on the 7000 square feet video wall, the world's largest digital display system

zhang ga, ff alumn


10. Carmelita Tropicana, FF Alumn, at INTAR, NY, thru Dec 11

Last two weeks of Carmelita Tropicana's new show. With What Ass Does the Cockroach Sit? Weds.-Thurs., Fri at 8
and Sat. Matinees at 3PM.

How can you miss not knowing:
directed by David Schweizer
Intar West 53rd St. off Tenth Ave.
$15 and less for students.Reservations: AMIGO discount code
tel: 212-279-4200

Weds. Dec. 1; Thurs. Dec. 2; Fri. Dec. 3 all shows at 8 PM
Sat Dec. 4 at 3PM Matinee

Weds. Dec. 8; thurs Dec 9; Fri. Dec. 10 all shows at 8 PM
Sat. Dec 11 at 3PM Matinee

Carmelita Tropicana directed by award winning director David Schweizer

Themes: Love, lies, politics of survival and cafe con leche.

Village voice: "the always entertaining Carmelita Tropicana..." sidesplitting antics."
Intar is now run by Eduardo Machado head of Columbia's Playwriting.

Hope I see you there.
besitos, Carmelita


11. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, at Participant, Inc., Dec 7, 8 pm

"trans>" at Participant Inc Tuesday, December 7, at 8pm

Roberta, c'est la vie!
"trans>" @ rbmc / pi 12.7.04 @ 8pm

The very first show of the trans-mutated Roberta Beck Memorial Cinema at its new venue, Participant Inc, on the theme of "trans>", as in, trans-species, trans-gender, trans-sexual, trans vestite, & trans-formations...(etc)

"I wish I could change my sex as often as I change my shirt."
-Andre Breton

Featuring polymorph films & videos by Tara Mateik (Society of Biological Insurgents), Rafael Sanchez,
Charles Atlas (with Leigh Bowery), Jean Painleve (seahorses), (The Pavilion of )Virginia Puff-Paint, & Joseph Nechvatal (andrOgynes)..and surprises.

The artist (venue) formally known as Robert Beck, is NOW, the Roberta Beck Memorial Cinema, the FIRST
TUESDAY of the month, at Participant Inc,

Participant Inc, 95 Rivington Street (between Ludlow & Orchard)
TUESDAY, December 7, 2004, at 8pm


12. Penny Arcade, Bob Holman, Tom Murrin, RENO, FF Alumns, at BAM Café, Brooklyn, December 3-11

East Village in the 80s In conjunction with the New Museum of Contemporary Art's exhibition "East Village USA" and FEVA, BAMcafé Live presents some of the most influential performers of the 1980s East Village club scene.
Penny Arcade: Escape from the East Village
Fri, Dec 3 at 9pm
"There was Soho, Noho and I lived in Uh-oh." --Penny Arcade on life in 1980s East Village. There is a gentrification that happens to neighborhoods and there is a gentrification that happens to ideas. Experience one of the most original voices to come out of New York's East Village hotbed of the 80s before the Lower East Side became just another required undergraduate course. Internationally known and respected performer, writer, director, and actress Penny Arcade continues to define performance art in this special evening.
Phoebe Legere
Sat, Dec 4 at 9pm
In the late 80's composer/artist Phoebe Legere erupted out of the East Village with an unparalleled brand of Live Art she describes as "proto burlesque rock n' roll surrealism" that stunned the world. Since 2000 this Pulitzer Prize nominee has been performing her uniquely transcendent music with symphony orchestras around the country introducing her musical invention, The Sneakers of Samothrace, a wearable computer for real time music improvisation. At BAMcafé Live Legere will be performing excerpts from "Dark Energy" an astrophysics oratorio for piano, midi accordion, and Sneakers 3.0.
Bob Holman
Fri, Dec 10 at 9pm
Nuyorican mastermind and current Bowery Poetry Club proprietor, Bob Holman has been the leading force in Slam poetry in New York City ever since he and a handful of downtown artists defined the art form in the 70's and 80's. A three-time Emmy winner and "ringmaster of the spoken word" (New York Daily News) Holman will be joined by performance legend Tom Murrin, renowned for his notorious Full Moon performances, as the "alien comic." Proclaimed Eternal Spirit of Downtown and machine-gun of a comic performance artist, RENO, will round out the night's trio of performances.
Ben Neill
Sat, Dec 11 at 9pm
"The mad scientist of dancefloor jazz." --CMJ Joined by Robert Poss on guitar and Don Yallech on acoustic and electronic percussion, the inventor of the mutantrumpet will perform excerpts from his work ITSOFOMO (In the Shadow of Forward Motion), a collaboration with the late David Wojnarowicz. Neill met Wojnarowicz around the same time as Poss and Yallech in the mid 1980s East Village. ITSOFOMO includes music by Neill and spoken texts by Wojnarowicz, which have been remixed for this performance and for a new DVD recently on exhibit at PPOW Gallery. Neill, Poss, and Yallech will also perform other compositions and improvisations taken from and inspired by their early work in the East Village.No Cover! $10 per person food/drink minimum.
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Peter Jay Sharp Building
30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
718-636-4100 / BAM.org


13. Nora York, FF Alumn, record release party at Joe's Pub, Dec 9

Final BLAST!
Special sneak preview record release party for New York fans only
Nora York
with her amazing band
At Joe's Pub...
"ingenious ...radical.... extravagant talent."
-- The New Yorker --
To CELEBRATE their new CD
WHAT I WANT on Say Yes Records
(This will be the only opportunity to purchase What I Want
National release date April 2005)
THURSDAY December 9th
Joe's Pub -- The Public Theater.
475 Lafayette St. New York City
performance starts at 7pm....
doors open at 6 ! come early to buy CDs!!!!
Tickets $20
Box Office 212.539.8778
Telecharge 212.239.6200
Seating limited -- Reservations suggested!
Steve Tarshis, guitar
Allison Miller -- Drums
Sherryl Marshall --voice
Jamie Lawrence -- piano
Dave Hofstra , Bass --
Claire Daly -- Baritone Sax


14. Peculier Works Project, FF Alumns, at the Ohio Theater, NY, December 7

Here's a fun way to support peculiar work, and a great time to hang out with friends. stop by anytime - performances and raffles throughout the night - and share a holiday toast among the sets and props of the Ohio Theater's storage basement - very peculiar!
Ralph Lewis Catherine Porter Barry Rowell
and our wonderful Board of Advocates
Christopher Burney * John Herndon * Vanessa Klimkova * Nomi Tichman
Ellie Covan * Russ Kane * Nello McDaniel * Dan Williams * Barbara Yoshida Karen E. Etcoff * Jeffrey Kazin * Howard F. Seligman * Sara Winkler
invite you to join us for this special holiday party
featuring our peculiarly talented friends
Nomi Tichman
Randy Lake
Michael John Garcés
Hooper Girl Anna McHugh
Babes In the Woods
David Parker & The Bang Group
plus hot toddies, cool prizes and much more!
7pm, Tuesday, December 7, 2004
downstairs @ The Ohio Theater
66 Wooster Street, NYC, (between Spring and Broome)
$20 w/RSVP ($25 w/out)
Reservations: 212-529-3626, rsvp@peculiarworks.org


15. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Varnish, San Francisco, Dec 4

Come on down to Varnish Fine Art this Saturday, Dec, 4th, from 4-8pm, for a book signing party for the fabulous new book "Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art".

"Pop Surrealism is the first book to offer a comprehensive survey of this movement featuring 23 of today's most important and interesting artists." If you haven't guessed, I'm in the book and I'll be at the signing to scribble in your very own copy! Anthony Ausgang will also be present, the books' author Kirsten Anderson, as well as many other fine published offerings from Last Gasp, including "Tiki Art NOW!", a volcanic eruption of art chronicling the recent huge Tiki art show at Shooting Gallery. (Oh yeah, I'm in that book too and sure, I'll scribble in both -- no charge!) Otto Von Stronheim, the genius behind both the Tiki News and "Tiki Art NOW" will also be on hand to sign books.

Groovy, glossy art books make great presents, but a SIGNED book is even more glam-tastic! Plus Varnish has kick-ass cocktails. Need I say more?

Check out "Pop Surrealism" here:
And "Tiki Art NOW!" here:
The Vastly Wonderful Book Signing Event
Saturday, Dec. 4th, 4-8pm
Varnish Fine Art
77 Natoma (btwn 1st & 2nd, Mission & Howard)
See you there,
Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn



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