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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
October 28, 2004

1. Anahi Caceres, FF Alumn, new media project now online
2. Betty Beaumont, FF Alumn, at Natural World Museum, SF, thru October 31
3. Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumn, at Remy Toledo Gallery, NY, thru Nov 20
4. Joshua Fried, FF Alumn, at Here, NY, November 2, beginning at 9:30 pm
5. Dotty Attie, Jon Keith Brunelle, Ligorano/Reese, FF Alumns, at Eyewash at Parker's Box, Brooklyn, Oct 29, 7-10 pm
6. Nicolás Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, in Jamaica, Queens, http://www.jcal.org
7. Jack Waters, Tobaron Waxman, and many other FF Alumns at "Another Queer World is Possible!" at CUNY Grad Center, NY, starting Oct 28, 5:30 pm
8. Vernita N'Cognita, FF Alumn, at Dick Shea's, NY, Nov 2, starting at 7 pm
9. William Pope.L, FF Alumn, performs on Roosevelt Island, Oct 29, 30, and more
10. Ex.Pgirl, FF Alumn, at HERE Arts Center, NY, Nov 4-14
11. Roy Colmer, FF Alium, at the Univ. of Texas, Austin, thru Dec 23, 2004
12. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Copro Nason Gallery, Culver City, CA, opens Nov 6
13. Alice Wu, FF Alumn, at Mak Center, West Hollywood, CA, Oct 30, 2-6 pm
14. Marshall Reese, FF Alumn, at NYPL Donnell Center, Oct 28, 6 pm

1. Anahi Caceres, FF Alumn, new media project now online

"Woman: Memory of Repression in Argentina"
New Media project curated by Raquel Partnoy and Agricola de Cologne
For [R][R][F]2004---XP
global networking project

"Woman: Memory of Repression in Argentina" is an Internet based multi-media project environment realized in the framework of RRF Channel of [R][R][F]2004---XP---direct acces also via www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/argentina1.htm
The project is referring to the darkest period of Argentine history when during the dictatorships countless husbands and sons disappeared, and these women, better known as "Mothers of Plaza de Mayo" took initiative and started their demonstrations against the military regime. The project spotlights Past, Present and Future of these traumatic experiences, but also the courage and power of the Argentine mothers as an appeal that such inhuman circumstances must not happen again, not in Argentina and not elsewhere in the world.

"ArteUna-RRF" by Anahi Caceres ArteUna-RRF is Anahis contribution to "Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina" and simultaneously an extension of this project through new networking features connected to the "Mothers of Plaza de Mayo" and related actions. In this way, it represents a most contemporary component. Another aspect is how people deal, in general, but young people in particular with this still frightning Past of Argentina. ArteUna is an Internet portal dealing with art and culture created by Anahi Caceres. A small video lecture by Anahi Caceres completes this impressive ongoing project.
These Argentine participants form currently this networking extension directed by Anahi Caceres.

Artist in arteUna/ R R F
Fernanda Bragone, Miguel Angel Bustos, Eduardo Blaustein Gabriela Borgna, Patricia Carini, Walter Costas Anahí Cáceres, Emma Coll, Zulma Ducca, Alejandro Delgado, Claudio Escobar, León Ferrari, Marisa Gallo, María Galluccio Marta Gonzáles, Paula Jimenez, Roberto Joarróz, Liliana Luckin, Marcos Luczkow, Carmen Lapacó, Iris Mafía, Claudia Masin, Nicolás Ojeda, Jorge Pinedo, Alicia Porcel de Peralta, Claudina Pugliese Carmen Pezido, José Quiero, Gustavo Rapoport, Rosa Revsyn Raquel Roberti, Marta Sacco, Fernando Traverso, Lionel Wainsztok

participation interviews
Pedro Zañudo, Mónica Mazone, Mercedes Fagionatto Abuelas Plaza de Mayo: Aurora Zuco de Beloccio - Carmen Lapacó - Cecilia Devincenti ( hija de Azucena Villflor) - Hijos: Gastón Gonçalves - Artistas del Borda

Assisted by Javier Beccaria, Vicky Illas, Federico Signorelli, Sergio Varela

About the artist
Anahi Caces is a multidisciplinary artist living and working at Buenos Aires/Argenita Between 1974/ and 1994, she was mainly working in Painting, Drawing, Print, Sculpture, Object, Installations, Vídeo and Performances, and since 1994 focussing mainly on 1994/2004 :Electronic Arts,.Installations and Performances. The received numerous awards and participates in more than 400 solo and collective exhibitions in Argentina and abroad,

Woman: Memory of Repression in Argentina
is an online project environment
in the framework of RRF Channel of
global networking project
direct acces also via

subject: argentina

Technical requirements:
DSL Internet connection recommended
latest Flash - plug-in required
( free download from www.macromedia.com)
latest browser versions of :
MS Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and Firefox.


2. Betty Beaumont, FF Alumn, at Natural World Museum, SF, thru October 31

Betty Beaumont's images to be presented by The Natural World Museum in the San Francisco exhibition, Anima Mundi, this October.

The Natural World Museum
Anima Mundi~ "SOUL OF THE WORLD"
Herbst International Exhibition Hall
The Presidio of San Francisco, CA
October 1st - 31st, 2004

Beaumont's images will be featured at The Natural World Museum, cultivator of environmental awareness and provider of new perspectives, which stimulate social engagement in conservation in its Anima Mundi exhibition. Given the importance of Beaumont's contributions to the ecological art movement, the green museum has created a multi-media installation featuring some of Beaumont's images and the images of other significant environmentally aware artists.

The Anima Mundi exhibition seeks to become a work of art in itself. The showcase has been newly designed to achieve a space of contemplative sanctuary. The art featured in Anima Mundi is meant to serve as a catalyst for interactive programs including workshops, lectures, a major symposium, film series, and cultural performances.

Beaumont's works whose images are featured include:

Cable Piece, made using the sort of steel cable used for the Brooklyn Bridge - the excess of our military industrial society - it is an iron ring formed of 4,000 feet of wire rope. The work is slowly burying itself into the ground of Macomb, Illinois. Cable Piece acknowledges the passing of an industrial age while contributing to an ecological era. Teddy Bear Island rejects the notion of dam building by locating Teddy Bear Island and its ecology lost by flooding. In an effort to "re-connect" this lost site one thousand feet of loose cable, a human-made umbilical cord, located in a memory-trace on the surface of the shifting water. Ocean Landmark is a seminal interdisciplinary work that successfully integrates industry with nature and first signaled the shift from the then minimalists ethos of earthworks/land art and embraced the principles of ecological restoration and the ecological aesthetic in contemporary art practice. Ocean Landmark transformed 500 tons of a stabilized industrial waste product into an underwater sculpture that has developed into a thriving reef environment that is fished and feeds people.

Each of these works present issues and ideas that challenge us to question norms; to re-examine our own beliefs, actions or inactions, tolerance of misinformation, and potential to effect change. Beaumont, like the Natural World Museum, has a broad definition of environment. Environment is all-encompassing - personal, political, social, spiritual, physical, cultural and economic."

Anima Mundi
Herbst International Exhibition Hall
The Presidio of San Francisco, CA
October 1st - 31st, 2004
For more information:
Contact: Mia Hanak,
Executive Director


3. Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumn, at Remy Toledo Gallery, NY, thru Nov 20

Carolee Schneemann
Remy Toledo Gallery, NYC. October 21st - November 20th.
Print editions - "Infinity Kisses II"; "SNAFU" new motorized sculpture ith video projection.


4. Joshua Fried, FF Alumn, at Here, NY, November 2, beginning at 9:30 pm

Dear People near and far--
It's official! I will be audio-processing U.S. Election results as they come in on the radio, LIVE in New York City at HERE Arts Center, starting at 9:30pm, November 2, Election Night 2004. For us U.S. voters, it may be a way to stay sane while still remaining fairly up-to-the-minute.

Since this will be taking place at HERE's cafe, you are encouraged to drink, eat and mix with fellow humans while hearing strange juxtapositions, quirky grooves and funny voices made out of real live radio. And dig the world debut of The Musical Wheel--my giant control knob made from an old steering wheel. I will be drumming on shoes too, as usual, making those percussive radio bits dance. For those of you out of NYC, please consider this tidbit something I wanted to share. And indeed, I've always wanted to get breaking news into my performances. This time I know it will happen.

Show time 9.30pm until....? (As if we'll know anything by Nov. 3rd.)

HERE Arts Center Cafe
145 6th Ave (below spring)
Election Night, Nov. 2, 2004, 9.30pm until...?
drinks and food all night!


5. Dotty Attie, Jon Keith Brunelle, Ligorano/Reese, FF Alumns, at Eyewash at Parker's Box, Brooklyn, Oct 29, 7-10 pm

New American Story Art:
An Evening of Performances and Video Art
This Friday, October 29 from 7-10pm at
Parkers Box
193 Grand Street Brooklyn
Video Artists Include
Carla Gannis
Justin Marshall
Suzie Silver
William Powhida
David Kramer
Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese
(complete video program to be shown twice)
Performances by
Jon Keith Brunelle
Larry Krone
David Kramer

Jon Keith Brunelle brings his laptop storytelling: rapid-fire digital slide show comprising hundred's of vintage movie stills, remixed to form satiric new stories that he tells in live voice over.

Every hour is 'Happy Hour' for slacker artist David Kramer who shares six stories about the modern world and his inability to find happiness and success.

Larry Krone serenades us with kooky country and western ballads concerning life and love. Just off a hot show at the Fez, Larry sings his heart out.

New American Story Art is a collection of artists currently involved in that genre of narrative art often referred to as "Story Art". This New York City - based exhibition includes work by Mac Adams, Dotty Attie, Sue Coe, Renee French, Carla Gannis, David Kramer, Larry Krone, Nate Larson, Joe Sacco, Scott Teplin and Jim Torok. This show is a collaboration between Parkers Box and eyewash.

Exhibit runs through November 14, 2004
Gallery Hours - Friday thru Monday 1:00 - 7:00
eyewash was founded in 1997 at 143 North 7th St. in
Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Since leaving its original space
eyewash has become a migratory gallery selecting spaces to
match the character and style of individual artists and group

This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Annie Herron.

Visit http://www.eyewash.cc for additional information.


6. Nicolás Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, in Jamaica, Queens, http://www.jcal.org

Dear All:

I'm presenting these two projects as part of "Jamaica Flux: Workspaces & Windows." For more information about this exhibition please visit http://www.jcal.org

Food Sampling in Queens
Menu for Jamaica Flux Opening
I create an ongoing spread the opening afternoon of "Jamaica Flux" that consists of dishes served by establishments located along Jamaica Avenue. I travel by bicycle, seeking out the flavor of this commercial artery, and transport goods from restaurants, eateries, and bakeries to the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning. Dishes arrive one at time throughout the event.

"Help Offered"
Site-specific interventions

For this piece I offer my services free of charge to small-scale independent businesses in Jamaica, Queens to work in close proximity with their owners and employees, performing a variety of tasks that meet the needs of the establishments while bringing purely utilitarian actions such as waiting tables, washing dishes, waxing cars, or selling goods, to the realm of performance. Work is purposely devoid of all capital production and is instead shaped into a poetic exercise. In return, labor reassembles art into a utilitarian practice that questions commodification.


7. Jack Waters, Tobaron Waxman, and many other FF Alumns at "Another Queer World is Possible!" at CUNY Grad Center, NY, starting Oct. 28, 5:30 pm

"Another Queer World Is Possible! Queering and Reclaiming Urban Space in NYC"
Thurs, Oct. 28th, 5:30-7, CUNY Grad Center, Rm C205
The CUNY Grad Center is located at 365 5th Ave (betw. 34th and 35th st).
For more info on the NYC Social Forum go to www.nycsocialforum.org


8. Vernita N'Cognita, FF Alumn, at Dick Shea's, NY, Nov 2, starting at 7 pm

Subject: Where ya gonna have the most fun on Election Night? With the Missile Dick Chicks, of course! We proudly announce our Swinging States Victory Tour Benefit Party
Tuesday night, November 2, 2004 7pm-until?

*DJs and fabulous acts including Darlinda Just
Darlinda, Mykronesia, and Vernita N' Cognita
*TV Projections for watching the returns
*Electronic Voting Booth
*Photo Ops with the Chicks
*Red and Blue Jello Shots
*And much more, including brand new numbers by the
Missile Dick Chicks!

The Patriot Room at Dick Shea's, 69 W 14th St (NE corner of 6th Ave)
$10 donation

Y'all come on out and party with us, ya hear?

Who are the Missile Dick Chicks? Read more about us:

and check out our website for more press, photos, and news from the big tour:


9. William Pope.L, FF Alumn, performs on Roosevelt Island, Oct 29, 30, and more

Grizedale Arts Presents
(The) Romantic Detachment (Live all the Time)
P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Museum of Modern Art Affiliate
2nd Floor International Project Space
October 16 - November 7
A Romantic exploration of culture by artists working in the US and UK
Art Sucks the Life out of Everything

Matt Bakkom, Beagles and Ramsay, Mark Beasley, John Russell, Damon Packard, Jesse Bercowetz, Matt Bua, Carrie Dashow, David Blandy, Jimbo Blachly and Lytle Shaw, Simon and Tom Bloor, Olaf Breuning, Adam Chodzko, Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane, Brian Dewan and Nina Katchadourian, eteam, Ryan Gander, Jonathan Griffin, Henry VIII's Wives, juneau/projects, Nathaniel Mellors, David Osbaldeston, Sarah Pierce, Garrett Phelan, Olivia Plender, Marianne Walker, Giorgio Sadotti, William Pope.L, Prairie Oysters (Kevin Reid, Graeme Roger, Abby Loveland, Amy Marletta), Cindy Smith, Kerry Stewart, Emily Wardill, Bedwyr Williams, Matt Stokes, Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope, Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson, Anita di Bianco, Eric Wright and Catharyn Wright.

Curated by Adam Sutherland and Sarah Glennie. Conceived in collaboration with The Henry Moore Foundation Contemporary Projects.

(see below for yours truly oct 29/30
28 Oct - Sean Parfitt and Barry Sykes a talk on surviving on nothing
29 Oct - 'You can't cheat an honest man', an afternoon event organised by the Metropolitan Complex from 2pm
'The Confidence Trick', a lecture delivered by a representative of the New York Police Department Crime Prevention Unit, followed by a screening of the film'Midnight Cowboy'

31 Oct - Olivia Plender and the Spiritualists
1 Nov - Gary Cheney will give a presentation of his COUNTER RECRUITMENT ideals
4 Nov - All the way from Memphis ex basketball star/punk rock god Justice will perform with the Prairie Oysters
5 Nov - Ryan Gander - Loose Associations Lecture (Version 1.1 / version 2.1)
6 Nov - Jimbo Blachly and Lytle Shaw 'Specific'
October 29th and 30th
Lighthouse, North End, 4 - 9pm
William Pope L
White Room#2/Moby Dick
For two nights, the eminent US artist, William Pope L, will be staging a major new work commissioned for Roosevelt Island. From the top of the lighthouse William will perform White Room#2 from his memory of Moby Dick.

More events to be programmed, keep an eye out in the space for further information and on www.grizedale.org
We look forward to seeing you there


10. Ex.Pgirl, FF Alumn, at HERE Arts Center, NY, Nov 4-14

Satirical Riot Grrrls Hang - 10 In New Dance Theatre Extravaganza!
Waving Hello
Surf's Up Beginning November 4th

September 23rd, 2004 (New York, NY) - HERE Arts Center is proud to present the light-hearted dance theatre group Ex.Pgirl's multi-disciplinary theatrical experience, Waving Hello at HERE (145 6th Avenue at Spring Street, Main Stage). Performances run November 4th-7th, Thursday-Sunday and November 10th-14th, Wednesday-Sunday, at 8:30 PM. Tickets are $20 ($45 advance tix for the benefit performance on November 4th) and can be purchased by calling 212.868.4444. For more information, please go to www.here.org. This production is a part of HERE's 2004-05 season featuring six premiere productions developed by their resident artists, four festivals, three visual art exhibitions and the anticipated purchase of their space.

Waving Hello is a highly physical dance theatre piece full of whimsical dances, songs, language games, scenes, and video. Reveling in iconic pop American images of surf culture while riding the tough waves of New York's urban landscape Ex.Pgirl creates a humorous, entertaining, and touching look into how four international women assert their place in America. Ex.Pgirl seeks to subvert the idealized American experience and create new ideas of nationalism. Each scene offers one interpretation of America, then sweeps it away with a contrasting perspective. In a magical world where a simple plastic box is transformed into a surfboard, a bathtub, and an instrument of torture, Waving Hello is a feast of visual creativity where the simplest of objects become imbued with resonant meaning.

"Waving Hello explores the isolation and freedom found in joining American culture", says Ex.Pgirl Suzi Takahashi. "The image of a Californian surfer creates the thematic through-line of the piece; lending itself to our physical comedy strengths where much of the humor is mined."

The international cast hailing from 4 different countries are Suzi Takahashi (an Amerasian actor/director who performed in Richard Foreman's "King Rufus Cowboy Rules the Universe" at the Ontological/Hysteric Theater and four seasons at the Williamstown Theater Festival), Bertie Ferdman (a permanent resident of France, but born in Puerto Rico to parents of Argentinean descent. Bertie studied at the Jacques Lecoq School of Theatre in Paris), Kiyoko Kashiwagi (the dancer of the group born in Japan, where between 1981 and 1989, she danced for Yukako Maeda Ballet Company. In 1990, she started working with modern dancers of Beijing National Dance Company as a dancer and a choreographer. She has also worked with Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks), and Paula Salomon (from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she has studied juggling, trapeze, and clown with the Videla Brothers as well as contemporary dance with De La Guarda's own Maira Bonard).

The artistic team includes Shuichiro Nakamura (musician - born in Nagoya, Japan), Julien Jourdes (video artist born in Toulouse, France who has exhibited at ICP and HogarCollection), and Dahlia Fischbein (video artist - born in Buenos Aires, Argentina) and LABULO (from Montpellier, France by drummer Jerome Hoffmann and jazz guitarist Julien Valette).

Ex.Pgirl was founded in 2002 by Bertie Ferdman, Kiyoko Kashiwagi, Paula Salomon and Suzi Takahashi. Hailing from four different countries (France, Japan, Argentina, and USA), and four different artistic disciplines (Theatre, Dance, Mime and Circus), Ex.Pgirl was created to compose dance/theatre work that stylistically reflected the diversity of experience of its members. They are now in their second year of residency with the HERE Artist Residency Program for hybrid performance. Ex.Pgirl collaborates with an international team of composers, musicians and video artists.

Since opening in 1993, the OBIE-award winning HERE Arts Center has housed New York's most daring and unique theatre, visual art, puppetry, music and dance in its three theatres, two art galleries and café. Previous works originally produced by HERE include Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues, Basil Twist's Symphonie Fantastique, Camryn Manheim's Wake Up! I'm Fat, and original musical and dance works created and directed by Executive Director Kristin Marting. In 2003, HERE launched its Secure HERE's Future campaign to purchase its space and secure a permanent position as one of the city's preeminent presenters of multidisciplinary art.

HERE Arts Center supports the work of artists at all stages in their careers through full productions, artist residency programs, festivals and subsidized performance and rehearsal space. All work at HERE is curated based on the strength and uniqueness of the artist's vision. Waving Hello is being presented through HERE's Artist Residency Program (HARP), which provides development, commissions and full production support.

Waving Hello is made possible, in part, by the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, supported by Jerome Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts. Additional support was also provided by the Bubble Lounge, L magazine and Neighborhoodies.

On November 4, the Bubble Lounge and L magazine will host the Ex.Pgirl Post-Election Benefit Bash at the fabulous downtown champagne bar, the Bubble Lounge with cool music and visuals from 10pm to 2am. Open bar, 10pm-11:30pm. Price includes single ticket to any performance of Waving Hello and party: advance $45; at door, $50. Proceeds benefit Ex.Pgirl.

HERE Arts Center is located at 145 Sixth Avenue (one block below Spring Street) in SOHO. Tickets for Waving Hello are $20. Purchases can be made online at www.here.org, by calling SmartTix at (212) 868-4444 or by visiting the HERE Box Office from 4 p.m. until curtain. For more information, visit HERE online at www.here.org.


11. Roy Colmer, FF Alium, at the Univ. of Texas, Austin, thru Dec 23, 2004

Roy Colmer, FF Alumn has several paintings on exhibition at the Jack Blanton Museum at the University of Texas in Austin. Also being show are two of his films from the 1970s, Metamorphosis and 278. for details, please visit


12. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Copro Nason Gallery, Culver City, CA, opens Nov 6

Copro Nason Gallery is proud to present...

Marion Peck, Sas Christian and Isabel Samaras

"All 3 artists have beautiful visions based on dreams and fantasies with a mysterious, surreal cutting edge. Their work is humorous and a little bizarre, done with a magnificent style reminiscent of master painters from the past. It has to be seen in person to best capture the effect it will have on you. "

Opening Reception -- Saturday, November 6th
Copro Nason Gallery
11265 Washington Blv.
Culver City CA 90230
Show runs through Dec. 4th

If you're in the LA sprawl or just in the mood for a road trip, come on down 'cause I'll be in town for the opening with ten, count 'em *ten* paintings. -- Isabel


13. Alice Wu, FF Alumn, at Mak Center, West Hollywood, CA, Oct 30, 2-6 pm

$15/$12 Friends of the Schindler House
MAK Center at the Schindler House
835 North Kings Road [4 blocks east of La Cienaga, betw Santa Monica & Melrose)
West Hollywood, CA 90069-5409
Phone 323 651 1510

As part of the MAK Center/Sundown Salon Showdown! (http://www.fritzhaeg.com/salon.html) chain of events, LA-based hometown sweethearts My Barbarian joins NY-based design / performance team Feral Childe (http://www.feralchilde.com) for an afternoon of performance.

Feral Childe presents Dingo Derby, a confectionery caucus race. Participants jockey and joust for the lead with effigies clad in Baby Dingo. From the inner ring, the Kung Fu Shek Dance-Pak cheers them on. Butterknife Krüsh will meet up with Feral Childe to disperse fallen edifices in energetic rumbles. Butterknife Krüsh is a dance-a-phonic transitive architecture band. Feral Childe is no mere spectator sport: rabid fans and casual passersby alike are welcome to join in the fray. Prepare to get dusty.

My Barbarian presents a new multi-media musical work: The Web of the Ultimate! Allow us to take you on a time-travel adventure, as My Barbarian frees the Medieval within the Modernist (the sword in the stone). My Barbarian performs a new musical entitled Medieval Morality Play! A troupe of troubadours leads the audience through Everyman's struggle to find a decent job in the creative field. As Heaven and Hell collide, in a decidedly prog-folk-acid-choral-rock score, expect a Satanic showcore
finale! This is a collaboration with artist Pearl Hsiung and Scott Martin of Snake Versus Wizard. My Barbarian presents their latest video, Morgan Le Fay, shot entirely on location at the Schindler House, which is transformed into a sexy, druidic fantasy fortress! Human sacrifice = HOTTT! My Barbarian presents the video project Séance at the Schindler House, a document of a real séance held by the band (with the help of one of their mothers) and a cast of unsuspecting invitees.

For Reservations call 323.651.1510
For more information please see http://www.makcenter.org
http://www.feralchilde.com, and http://www.mybarbarian.com

See you there!


14. Marshall Reese, FF Alumn, at NYPL Donnell Center, Oct 28, 6 pm

Artists look at 50 years of Presidential campaign spots
at the Donnell Library Center Auditorium
The New York Public Library
Thursday, October 28th at 6:00 pm

Muntadas and Marshall Reese will present their latest edition of Political Advertisement VI 1952-2004. This one-hour, 15 minute videotape spans 50 years of Presidential campaign spots. This is the sixth version in an ongoing twenty-year project, which Muntadas and Reese have revised, expanded, and updated with every major election.

This fascinating anthology, includes advertisements from the 2004 presidential campaign. It documents the selling of the American presidency. As Muntadas and Reese trace the development of the TV "spot" what emerges is the political strategy and manipulative marketing technique of the American televisual campaign process.
Political Advertisement includes many rare spots, some never before seen, edited without commentary. An endless stream of candidates, from Dwight Eisenhower to John Kerry, is paraded and sold like commercial products.

Mark Crispin Miller, professor of media studies, NYU and author of the recent book Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney's New World Order will introduce the latest version of Muntadas/Reese's work in New York.

This screening is in conjunction with a series of presentations taking place in San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Amsterdam and Bremen just prior to the U.S. election.

Free Admission. Donnell Library Center Auditorium, 20 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019. For more information call 212-621-0609.



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