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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
October 12, 2004

1. Micki Watanabe, FF Alumn, at Evergreen House, Baltimore, opening Oct 23
2. Leon Ferrari, FF Alumn, reviewed in The New York Times, Oct 8, 2004
3. Murray Hill, Rev. Billy, FF Alumns, selected for Village Voice's Best of NYC issue
4. Mendi Obadike, FF Alumn, at SUNY Purchase, Oct 14, 7:30 pm
5. Gearoid Dolan, FF Alumn, at DUMBO Fest, Oct 16, 3-9 pm
6. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa, Carmelita Tropicana, FF Alumns, at El Museum del Barrio, NY, Oct 14, 7:30-9 pm
7. Linda Sibio, FF Alumn, at Beatnik Café, Joshua Tree, CA, Oct 19, 9 pm
8. Jess Dobkin, Stefanie Trojan, FF Alumns, in Toronto, Canada, Oct 20-31, 2004
9. Peggy Diggs, FF Alumn, open studio at LMCC, 120 Broadway, Oct 30-31, 12-6
10. Robin Tewes, FF Member, at 30Vandam, Oct 14 - Nov 30, 2004
11. Dura Mater, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Oct 14 and 15 8 pm
12. John Fleck, FF Alumn, at Highways, Santa Monica, CA, Oct 15-16
13. Stanya Kahn, FF Alumn, at Pilot 1, London, England, Oct 16-18
14. Vito Acconci, Agnes Denes, Dominic McGill, Robert Rauschenberg, Javier Tellez, FF Alumns, in White Box Benefit Auction, Oct 13, 6:30-10:30 PM
15. Julia Mandle, FF Alumn, at Van Alen Inst., NY, thru Nov 19
16. Jon Keith Brunelle, FF Alumn, at Galapagos, Brooklyn, Oct 21, 8 pm
17. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, in Boston, Oct 13-17, 2004
18. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Oct 15, 8 pm
19. China Blue, Deborah Garwood, Eve Packer, Valery Oisteanu, FF Alumns, at Brooklyn Fireproof
20. NYU Libraries preservation lecture, Oct 28, 4 pm at Fales Library, NY
21. Clarinda Mac Low, FF Alumn, to receive BAXten Award, Nov 4, 2004
22. Coco Go, FF Alumn, announces Fall 2004 events
23. Koosil-ja, FF Alumn, at Performing Garage, NY, Oct 14-17
24. Betty Beaumont, FF Alumn, at the Presidio, SF, thru Oct 31
25. Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, at Winona (MN) Arts Center, Oct 13, 7 pm
26. Ken Aptekar, FF Alumn, at Reed College, Portland, OR, thru Nov 18
27. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at Nuyorican Poets Café, Oct 14-16, 7 pm
28. Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, in Italy, Oct 10-16
29. Joseph Nechtvatal, FF Alumn, opening in Paris, France, Oct 14, 6-9 pm

1. Micki Watanabe, FF Alumn, at Evergreen House, Baltimore, opening Oct 23

Micki Watanabe, FF Alumn, presents Object of Literature, at Evergreen House in Baltimore, MD, opening reception Oct 23 from 2-5 PMN. For more information, please visit www.jhu.edu/historichouses.


2. Leon Ferrari, FF Alumn, reviewed in The New York Times, Oct 8, 2004

The current exhibition of Leon Ferrari, FF Alumn, drawings at The Drawing Center in New York City was reviewed in the October 8th New York Times by Holland Cotter. Congratulations Leon.


3. Murray Hill, Rev. Billy, FF Alumns, selected for Village Voice's Best of NYC issue

Murray Hill, FF Alumn, was selected by the Village Voice in the October 4-12 issue as "Best excuse to put midgets onstage for no good reason." Catch Minikiss, polysexual parties hosted by Murray Hill and Larry Tee. For info, visit www.mrmurrayhill.com

Rev. Billy, FF Alumn, was selected by the Village Voice in same issue as "Best religious figure you'll agree with." Learn more at his website, www.revbilly.com


4. Mendi Obadike, FF Alumn, at SUNY Purchase, Oct 14, 7:30 pm

Mendi+Keith Obadike will perform a reading of their Internet opera, The Sour Thunder, at The Neuberger museum of SUNY Purchase, Thursday October 14 at 7:30. Admission is free. For information, call (914) 251-6100. This performance is presented in conjunction with the Neuberger's *New Media: Who* exhibition, where M+K's surround sound / Internet work "The Pink of Stealth" is currently on display.


The Sour Thunder tells a double-sided story blending autobiography and speculative fiction. In the fictional side of the story, a character named Sesom travels from a world where scent is the primary means of communication to a world where sound is the primary means of communication. Her new relationships to scent radically change her identity. In the autobiographical side of the story, a character named Mendi travels from an English-speaking city (Atlanta) to a Spanish-speaking city (Santiago, DR) and the new context for communication changes her identity. Both threads of the story explore the role of geography in identity and the idea of language as a technology. The album will be released on Bridge Records later this year.

Mendi+Keith Obadike are interdisciplinary artists whose music, live art, and conceptual Internet artworks have been exhibited internationally. Their work generated much discussion online and offline when they offered Keith's blackness for sale on eBay in 2001. In 2002 Mendi+Keith premiered their Internet opera The Sour Thunder which was the first new media work commissioned by the Yale Cabaret and they launched The Interaction of Coloreds (commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art). In 2003 they launched The Pink of Stealth, an Internet/ DVD surround sound work commissioned by the New York African Film Festival and Electronic Arts Intermix and The Sour Thunder was broadcast internationally from 104.1 fm in Berlin. Most recently, Keith was awarded a Connecticut Critics' Circle Award for his sound design work at the Yale Repertory Theater and Mendi's new book Armor and Flesh (Lotus Press) won the Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Award. Their upcoming projects include a new installation and album entitled TaRonda Who Wore White Gloves, supported by a Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship, and an Internet opera entitled Four Electric Ghosts, for Toni Morrison's Atelier at Princeton University in 2005.

Mendi Lewis Obadike, FF Alumn


5. Gearoid Dolan, FF Alumn, at DUMBO Fest, Oct 16, 3-9 pm

Hi all, I'm going to be doing an outdoor installation and performance this Saturday, October 16th, as part of the D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival. The installation site will be at what has become my usual spot, on the corner of Jay and Water Streets. The piece is titled "Protest" and will exist for only 3 hours, from 9 pm to midnight. It will include 3 building size video projections with audio, forming the installation, and a roving car fitted with my V.R.A.G. projection device, doing Drive-By projections with live mixed video and audio hitting the installation site and the surrounding streets. For more information, check out my website: http://www.screaMachine.com
Also check out the host gallery site: http://www.dumboartscenter.org
I believe it will be featured in this week's Village Voice, so you could check that out too.

Gearoid Dolan a.k.a. screaMachine, FF Alumn


6. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa, Carmelita Tropicana, FF Alumns, at El Museum del Barrio, NY, Oct 14, 7:30-9 pm

Cabaret del Barrio: Survival of the Fittest
Thursday, October 14, 7:30 - 9 pm
Teatro Heckscher at El Museo del Barrio

Join Performance Artista extraordinaire Carmelita Tropicana in a colorful exploration of today's performance art scene with the artistry of Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa, and Heather Cox Carducci! Cabaret
para todos!

FREE and open to the public. This event is presented in conjunction with the exhibition, "No lo llames performance / Don't Call it Performance." For more information, call (212) 831-7272.

1230 Fifth Avenue at 104th Street
New York, NY 10029


7. Linda Sibio, FF Alumn, at Beatnik Café, Joshua Tree, CA, Oct 19, 9 pm

Artist Linda Carmella Sibio collaborates with filmmaker Blake Brousseau
Short Film: World premiere of "Fantasy of a Cockroach" done in response to Michael Moore's movie "Fahrenheit 9/11"
Tuesday, October 19th at 9PM
The Beatnik Café located at 61597 29 Palms, Highway (corner Hillview) in Downtown Joshua Tree, CA

"Fantasy of a Cockroach" is a short film exploring the ins and outs of American politics through the symbol of babies dying. From this grotesque image performance veteran Linda Carmella Sibio awakes the howling of the night and the screams inside her head. The performance is encapsulated with beautifully edgy film work by emerging filmmaker Blake Brousseau. Using the camera as a stalker and as a vehicle to make a "moving painting" he utilizes surrealistic imagery coupled with breathtaking editing techniques. Brousseau and Sibio are both "outsider" artists. Sibio's vision is stylized schizophrenia while Brousseau's knowledge comes from his purely self-taught techniques. Together they have made a powerful and moving statement. This is the first of several collaborations they are planning.

Linda Carmella Sibio's work spans two and a half decades and has dealt with the relationship between art and madness coupled with important social issues including homelessness, suicide, mental illness, violence, prostitution and drug addiction. Blake Brousseau derived his impeccable eye and rigorous discipline through the study of many cultures including American Indian and Mayan. In these studies he sought out shamanistic states, which lead him to understanding other realities. It is this, which forms the visual bridge between Sibio's American Butoh and Brousseau's fundamentals of beauty.

In 2003/2004 Sibio exhibited her paintings at the United Nations, the Kennedy Center and in a solo show entitled "The Insanity Principle" at The Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York City. She was the recipient of the VSA fellowships and was a featured artist in SCOPE, Los Angeles. Her work is known throughout the U.S. having been supported by The California Arts Council, The Rockefeller Foundation, and The Lannan Foundation. She has done major shows at The Walker Art Center and with Franklin Furnace in New York City.

"Fantasy of a Cockroach" is being presented as part of an on-going series at The Beatnik Café. Open Film night each Tuesday is at 9PM features alternative and independent films and is hosted by Blake Brousseau. This is an opportunity for people in the Morongo Basin community to see challenging works by contemporary and local filmmakers.

DVD copies of "Fantasy of a Cockroach" are being sold for $25 (signed and dated). One can also purchase special archival quality prints (2' x 3') for $300 (signed and dated limited edition). You will be able to order copies on October 19 or you can call Linda Sibio at 760-362-4071 and place an order by phone or just send a check with you name, phone, address to:

Linda Carmella Sibio
PO Box 1972
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Linda Carmella Sibio is represented by Andrew Edlin Gallery,NYC - 12-206-9723 - www.edlingallery.com


8. Jess Dobkin, Stefanie Trojan, FF Alumns, in Toronto, Canada, Oct 20-31, 2004

d2d.2 = Direct to Documentation II
Co-sponsored by Vtape.
Programmed by Rochelle Holt and Johanna Householder.

Some of these video documents record fragments of longer pieces, some are works for the performer and camera alone, and this year two artists made work specifically for this program. What you see is what you get.

A selection of works by: i josée benin, Desearch and Revelopment, Jess Dobkin, Lezli Rubin Kunda, Zarathustra Onkel, Lisa Patzer, Philip Ryder, Seaberg Acrobatic Poetry, Zon Sakai, Melati Suryodarmo, tomoko takahashi, Stefanie Trojan, Lori Weidenhammer & Donna Lewis.

at the 7a*11d performance Festival in Toronto/ canada (october 20-31 2004)


9. Peggy Diggs, FF Alumn, open studio at LMCC, 120 Broadway, Oct 30-31, 12-6

Melanie Baker, Kabir Carter, Peggy Diggs, Franklin Evans, Frantiska + Tim Gilman, Sharon Hayes, Christopher K. Ho, Eunjung Hwang, Colin Keefe, Carlos Motta, Jihyun Park, Charlotta Westergren

This is not your ordinary studio site. Residency artist Colin Keefe, whose work involves drawings and models of fantasy cities, recounts, "Working in a skyscraper downtown is a real thrill for me - being in the middle of my own subject matter after years of working in a windowless basement…well, it's an embarrassment of riches." Lower Manhattan offers these artists a chance to discover, what is for most, an uncharted area of the city. Melanie Baker's images of the loaded gestures of men in power, Franklin Evans's cosmological abstractions blending into literal space, and Peggy Diggs's intensive preparation for the possibility of terrorism, are just a few of the densely layered projects brewing at the LMCC/Workspace. Residency artists have the opportunity to respond to a new world of sounds, images, social, political, and architectural situations through, as Sharon Hayes says it, "…walking, on a daily basis, directly into the challenges of this present moment."

120 Broadway: The Equitable Building
120 Broadway's neo-Renaissance façade reaches 40 stories offering resident artists views of lower Broadway, Trinity Church, and the former World Trade Center site. Occupying the entire block between Cedar and Pine Streets, the building is now a City and National Historic Landmark. Subway: 2, 3, 4, 5 to Wall Street; J, M, Z to Broad Street; 1, 9, R, W to Rector Street. Enter at Cedar Street. For security reasons, an RSVP and valid photo ID is required to attend the Open Studio Weekend at 120 Broadway. Please RSVP online at www.lmcc.net/rsvp. For more information, please call us at 212.219.9401 x304.

LMCC's Workspace program is made possible with support from Silverstein Properties, Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation, Booth Ferris Foundation, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Jerome Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, New York State Council on the Arts State & Local Partnership Program, a state agency, and Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts; with founding support from the New York Mercantile Exchange Charitable Foundation. This program is part of our Downtown Cultural Real Estate Initiative supported by Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, Con Edison, and City Council Speaker Gifford Miller.


10. Robin Tewes, FF Member, at 30Vandam, Oct 14-Nov. 30, 2004

30Vandam &New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) present collaborative exhibition series, October 14 - November 30, 2004

Five NYFA Fellows will exhibit their work at 30Vandam from October 14 ? November 30, 2004. This unique exhibition will feature the work of these innovative artists alongside that of the up and coming designers currently being showcased by 30Vandam, a combination retail store and showroom that serves as a space for young designers to develop their careers.

The collaborative showcase will last for six weeks, allowing the public to see and purchase the work of some of NYFA's most promising artists. 30Vandam will host an opening reception to kick off the exhibition on Thursday, October 14, from 6:00 - 8:00pm.

30Vandam's unique 5000sq ft loft-style space currently hosts the work of over 60 fashion designers and allows designers and artists to exhibit their work together. Paul Berman, 30Vandam's creative director, notes that he has had success in the past with selling art to his customers, saying 'Our customers love the fact that they can come into the store and buy a beautiful ball gown as well as buy a painting from an emerging artist.'

The NYFA Fellows participating in this show were selected from among hundreds of artists by distinguished peer panels to receive artist fellowships in their given discipline. The works selected for the upcoming exhibition at 30Vandam include photography, computer art, painting and printmaking. The participating NYFA Fellows are:

Andrew Holbrooke, 2004 Photography
Ken Montgomery, 2003 Computer Art
Nancy Olivier, 2003 Printmaking/Drawing/Artists Books
Miriam Schaer, 2003 Crafts
Robin Tewes, 1989 &2004 Painting

About New York Foundation for the Arts
New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) provides more support to artists and arts organizations in all disciplines than any other private organization in the country: nearly $6 million annually. NYFA?s Fellowships are awarded to New York State artists from a field of 16 disciplines, covering the visual, performing, and literary arts.

For more information and images for use in print, visit www.nyfa.org/press
30Vandam is located at: 30 Vandam Street, NYC, 10013, (212) 929-6454, www.30vandam.com.


11. Dura Mater, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Oct 14 and 15, 8 pm

Dixon Place presents Dura Mater in The Bentfootes
An in-progress imaginative historic recreation.
How could this family be in the dance business for 200 years and not become famous?
Thursday October 14 and Saturday October 16 @Dixon Place
258 Bowery, NYC (between Houston and Prince)
Tickets: $12, Show at 8pm
Reservations (212) 219-0736
Choreography: Kriota Willberg
Video Director: Elyse Singer
Video: David (Squid) Quinn
Dura Mater's dancers: Jessica Ames, Julie Betts, Maja Lorkovic, Beth Simons, Katya Vasilaky, Katrina Van Zee, Kriota Willberg, and Kindra Windish with Video Guests: Larry Goldhuber, Nina Hellman, Lisa Kron, Jill Sigman, Jody Sperling, James Urbaniak, and Elizabeth Zimmer Music: Brian Dewan, Bob Goldberg, and Paul Spong Poetry voice over: Charles Parnell Cartoon Storyboard: R. Sikoryak Costumes: Jennifer Brightbill
Post-performance discussion both nights.


12. John Fleck, FF Alumn, at Highways, Santa Monica, CA, Oct 15-16

John Fleck, FF alumni, performs YANKaDoodle DANDY at Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica on Friday & Saturday, Oct 15th & 16th..

YANKaDoodle DANDY continues on after workshopping this past summer at Dixon Place .. Fleck performs for 2 evenings Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA on Friday & Sat, Oct. 15th & 16th - reservations: (310) 315-1459 - 17 bucks or FREE with new Highways Membership or Membership Renewal. YANKaDoodle is a swashbucking Dandy who won't grow up. This little Freedom-Fighter's polarized. Blinded by the slipping superhero mask that he wears whilst riding his pony, he's on a Holy Crusade to save our Motherland: a mother addled with Alzheimer's and crippled with rheumatoid arthritis fighting to hold on to the ideals of a past she or he can barely remember. "Fleck is that increasing rarity; a superb performer with something to say"- LA Weekly "Fleck tests the boundaries by turning performance into cultural commentary"- Artweek Magazine


13. Stanya Kahn, FF Alumn, at Pilot 1, London, England, Oct 16-18

FF alumn Stanya Kahn shows new video, made in collaboration with Harry Dodge,
at Pilot 1 show in London.
October 16th-18th.
Gallery open daily 11am-8pm
Old Limehouse Townhall
646 Commercial Rd
London E14 7HA
These curators, writers, collectors and artists have all put forward their favourite unrepresented artist to take part in PILOT:1 Bruce Allan Ute Meta Bauer Dave Beech Donatella Bernardi Cicero Egli Bob & Roberta Smith Waling Boers Francesco Bonami Dan Cameron Ele Carpenter Paolo Colombo Celine Condorelli Aileen Corkery RCA Curating Course Shezad Dawood Angela De La Cruz AK Dolven Barnaby Drabble Flora Fairbairn Milovan Farronato Mario Flecha Thomas Frangenberg Free Association Rainer Ganahl Massimiliano Gioni MACC Goldsmiths Carolina Grau Alison Green Katerina Gregos Martin Herbert Matthew Higgs Rolf Hoff Jens Hoffmann Teho Kang Robin Klassnik Jessica Lack Helen Legg David Leister Jean-Conrad Lemaître Peter Lewis Goshka Macuga Francesco Manacorda Bartomeu Mari David Medalla Shirley Morales Lynda Morris Neil Mulholland Sarah Munro Hans Ulrich Obrist Kirsty Ogg Sally O'Reilly Luke Oxley Vincent Pécoil Emily Pethick Nigel Prince Juan Puntes Christian Rattemeyer Kevin Rice David Risley DJ Roberts Alistair Robinson Jane Rolo Silvio Salgado Dave Smith Peter Suchin Adam Sutherland Ingrid Swenson Rachael Thomas Per Gunnar Tverbakk Jochen Volz Gavin Wade Jeff Wall Miguel Wandschneider Lawrence Weiner Alun Williams Find out who they nominated on http://www.pilotlondon.org


14. Vito Acconci, Agnes Denes, Dominic McGill, Robert Rauschenberg, Javier Tellez, FF Alumns, in White Box Benefit Auction, Oct 13, 6:30-10:30 PM

Wednesday, October 13, 2004
6:30 ­ 10:30 pm
Live Auction begins at 7:30 pm
Presidential Debate Watch at 9:00 pm
Hosted by Diane von Furstenberg Studio
Live Auction by Lydia Fenet of Christie¹s
389 West 12 Street, NYC
Tickets for the Live Auction event are $75 each or 2 for $125
includes Grand Prize Draw for
An exceptional work of art by Agnes Denes and a two-night Connoisseur Stay at The Emerson Inn and Spa

Artists in the Live and Silent Auctions include:
Vito Acconci / Xu Bing / Randy Closky / Lisa Corinne Davis / Alejandro Diaz / Yun Fei Ji / Rainer Fetting / Angelo Filomeno / Orly Genger / Peter Halley / Alfredo Jaar / Rajkamal Kahlon / Dominic McGill / Santi Moix / Franco Mondini-Ruiz / Owen Morrel / Antonio Murado / Ivan Navarro / Yoko Ono / Dennis Oppenheim / Bruce Pearson / Lucio Pozzi / Jack Early and Rob Pruitt / Robert Rauschenberg / Erwin Redl / Larry Rivers / Tim Rollins + KOS / Ray Smith / Keith Sonnier / Pat Steir/ Kunie Sugiura / Javier Tellez / Bernar Venet / Chris Verene / Roger Welch (For a complete list of artists please visit the website)

Viewing and bidding: OCTOBER 12 - 16, 2004
12 noon - 6PM at White Box + online
Silent Auction closes on Saturday, October 16th at 8:00 pm
Admission for the Silent Auction is FREE

525 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001
Tel 212-714-2347
Fax 212-714-2354

White Box is a 501 (c)(3) arts organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


15. Julia Mandle, FF Alumn, at Van Alen Inst., NY, thru November 19

Franklin Furnace Alumn Julia Mandle opens solo exhibition "VARIABLE CITY"
at Van Alen Institute: Projects in Public Architecture, NYC
Running now- November 19, 2004

VARIABLE CITY: exhibits the results of a month-long outdoor performance art intervention with a two-year urban design study to challenge how we view our public space.
WHEN: now through November 19 (Mon - Fri from 12:00-6:00pm)
WHERE: Van Alen Institute: Projects in Public Architecture 30 West 22nd Street, 6th Floor, NYC (212 924 7000)
(N/R to 23rd Street at Fifth Avenue; F/V to 23rd Street at Sixth Avenue; or 1/9 to 23rd Street at Seventh Avenue).

Special Honor Received
from Brooklyn's Borough President with a special citation:
"Whereas on behalf of all Brooklynites, I salute J Mandle Performance, the Van Alen, and all of the artists and designers who collaborated to make this fascinating exploration of the intersection of Fulton and Flatbush possible; Now, I do hereby proclaim Tuesday September 28, 2004 Variable City: Fox Square opening day."

More reactions:
"Variable City: Fox Square has revealed itself as a project that speaks volumes for the importance of multi-disciplinary approaches to urban regeneration." - Zoe Ryan, Curator

"Combining her training as visual artist with her work and study under architect Steven Holl and theatrical wiz Robert Wilson, Julia Mandle creates performances that unexpectedly confront audiences in their own environment. Last October the performers of Variable City, smartly choreographed by Mark Jarecke and strikingly cloaked by Mandle, occupied Fox Square in Brooklyn with precision and grace, in the hopes of rekindling the once-thriving theater district there. A hi-tech installation [at Van Alen] examines the design process and project development via photo and video documentation, costumes, props and an analysis of the original site." - Paul Laster, Flavorpill

"There is a resonant, spiritual message in the exhibit: be present. Your elaborate, thorough, multi-perspectived, artistic bight on this place encourages the experience of it in the present." -Paul Lazar, exhibition visitor

J Mandle Performance
232 Third Street #D0A
Brooklyn, NY 11215
T: 718 246 7440 F:718 596 5566


16. Jon Keith Brunelle, FF Alumn, at Galapagos, Brooklyn, Oct 21, 8 pm

Announcing the autumn 2004 edition of:
The Psychasthenia Society
laptop stories and music
This month: Love, vinyl, and pre-election desperation
Video storytelling by Jon Keith Brunelle
Video mixes by Daniel Vatsky
Digital music by Socks & Sandals and Ezekiel Honig
Thursday, October 21
8:00 pm sharp

Galapagos Art Space
70 North 6th Street
(between Wythe and Kent,
L train to Bedford Ave.)

The Psychasthenia Society is a program of storytelling, video, and music mediated by portable electronics, featuring some of the best work by New York artists whose instruments are laptop computers and related devices.

Jon Keith Brunelle, the host and curator of the Psychasthenia Society, calls his work laptop storytelling: rapid-fire digital slide shows comprising hundreds of vintage movie stills, remixed to form satiric new stories that he tells in live voiceover. Various editions of "The Hammer Variations," Jon's remix of the movie "Kiss Me Deadly," have been featured at Collective: Unconscious and P.S. 122, and in New York gallery events. During August 2004, The Psychasthenia Society appeared in P.S. 122's Schoolhouse Roxx series with a program that incorporated dance by Sasha Soreff, Gail Accardi, and Isabel Gotzkowsky. Further details at http://www.psychasthenia.com


17. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, in Boston, Oct 13-17, 2004

Hi All!
I will be perfoming my show US in Boston during The Theater Offensive's 13th Annual Out on the Edge Festival of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Theater, from Oct. 13-17, Wednesday through Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m at Boston Center for the Arts. For more information, call 617/933-8600 or connect to www.thetheateroffensive.org

Send folks you know in Boston to the show!

13th Annual Out on the Edge Festival of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
Transgender Theater, from Oct. 13-17, Wednesday through Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. For more information, call 617/933-8600 or connect to www.thetheateroffensive.org.


18. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Oct 15, 8 pm

Alison Davy (soprano) and John Sheridan (piano) will perform Doug Skinner's "Greenaway Pictures," four songs to poems by Kate Greenaway and June & Ann Taylor: "The Boat Sails Away," "Dirty Jim," "Poor Dicky's Dead," and "The Butterfly." Also on the bill: songs by John Sheridan and Tarik Ghiradella. Also: Carmen Borgia will perform songs from "North" on guitar and ukulele. Dixon Place, Friday, October 15, 258 Bowery, NYC, 8PM, $12.


19. China Blue, Deborah Garwood, Eve Packer, Valery Oisteanu, FF Alumns, at Brooklyn Fireproof

SPECIAL EVENT: Friday, October 15 @ 7 PM:

Brooklyn Fire Proof
101 Richardson Street
Brooklyn, NY
[Call 718 302 4702 for directions]

"INTIMACY" Group Exhibition curated by David Gibson at BROOKLYN FIRE PROOF
September 23 - October 24, 2004
101 Richardson street
Brooklyn, NY
Gallery Hours: Fri-Sun 1:00-6:00 PM, 718 302 4702 for directions
Artists: Sandra Bermudez, China Blue, Kim Connerton, Annette Cyr, Jen Denike, Carla Gannis, Elizabeth Hendler, Amy Jenkins, Jennifer Karady, Alexis Karl, Norma Markley, Leemour Pelli, Gae Savannah, Raven Schlossberg, Roxanne Wolanczyk.


20. NYU Libraries preservation lecture, Oct. 28, 4 pm at Fales Library, NY

New York University Libraries Preservation Department invites you to join us for the fall 2004 Barbara Goldsmith Preservation Lecture on Thursday, October 28, 2004, at 4 p.m. A reception will follow. Hannah Frost, Media Preservation Librarian at Stanford University, will deliver a talk titled, "Growing a Program in Media Preservation."
Fales Library and Special Collections
Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
New York University
70 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012
Space is limited. Please R.S.V.P. to 212.992.9018


21. Clarinda Mac Low, FF Alumn, to receive BAXten Award, Nov 4, 2004

BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange announces the
Thursday November 4, 2004 at the International Center for Tolerance Education

BAXten ARTS AND ARTISTS IN PROGRESS AWARDS, first developed as part of BAX's tenth anniversary in 2001 and now in their fourth year, are designed to honor individuals in the arts who have revealed and transformed our creative world. By instigating and enduring change they have deepened the definition of their field and paved the way for others. The awards are given in four categories: to artists, arts educators, arts managers as well as one honorary award. Each BAXten Award recipient chooses an individual or an organization/project that exemplifies the same criteria that the awardees were chosen for to receive a PASSING IT ON AWARD - a cash award to assist them in their work.

The Awards will take place on Thursday, November 4 at the International Center for Tolerance Education, 25 Washington St. in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The Awards Ceremony will begin at 8:00pm. A pre-award cocktail reception will be held at 7:00pm for awardees, presenters, and priority ticket holders.

Tickets are $100 (priority), $50 (general), $25 (students/artists/low income) and can be reserved in advance by calling (718) 832-0018.

The evening will include live vocal performances by Meredith Monk and Paprika International Dance Ensemble.

The 2004 BAXten Awards are generously sponsored by Assembly member Jim Brennan; Freidson & Joyce, LLP; Jane Holzka & Mark Winther; and Park Slope Pied a Terre with major support from M&T Bank.

ARTISTS: Clarinda Mac Low, Elizabeth Streb
ARTS MANAGEMENT: Maurine Knighton, Craig Peterson
ARTS EDUCATORS: Sister Kwayera Archer-Cunningham, Joan Finkelstein
HONORARY: Liz Koch (Arts & Culture Specialist for Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz)

CLARINDA MAC LOW (DIRECTOR, IMPROVISOR, CHOREOGRAPHER, WRITER) for the creativity and ingenuity she has shown in living her life as an independent artist. Not only has she created insightful and acclaimed work and worked as an able collaborator, in addition she has shown through her advocacy as a writer, panelist, and educator her deep commitment to the performance community. Her recent role as the editor of the Movement Research Anniversary Journal is a significant contribution to the field and to the public at large. Presented by Carla Peterson, Executive Director, Movement Research.

ELIZABETH STREB (founder STREB/RINGSIDE) for her extraordinary work developing physical performance. For establishing a new baseline for the interdisciplinary work she has mastered and by doing so paved the way for a new generation of physical performers and companies. Presented by Paula Gifford McKenzie, original company member of Ringside.

MAURINE KNIGHTON (outgoing EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 651 ARTS) for her determined commitment to keeping 651 ARTS a vigorous performance and community venue and setting it on new paths in its development. It also reflects her contributions to developing and nurturing African American performance artists and contributing to an important international dialogue. Presented by Claudine Brown, Director of Arts and Culture Program, The Nathan Cummings Foundation.

CRAIG PETERSON (FORMER CO-ARTISTIC DIRECTOR DANCE THEATER WORKSHOP) for his work to make DTW more available and nurturing to a new generation of artists. His work as an advocate for developing artists and for new significant voices whether on panels, award committees or as a curator has made a significant contribution to the field. These contributions were particularly important combined with the efforts he made in establishing DTW in its new home. Presented by
choreographers Peggy Peloquin & Keely Garfield.

SISTER KWAYERA ARCHER-CUNNINGHAM (FOUNDER/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR IFETAYO CULTURAL ARTS, BROOKLYN) for the extraordinary commitment she has made to young people and families in the arts and particularly dance education. Her contribution though developing a unique cultural base (Ifetayo Cultural Arts Facility) as well as her work utilizing the arts as a cultural and activist tool has broken new ground for students, families, colleagues and the public at large. Presented by Evelyn Cruse, Singer/Designer, Community Relations Manager Con Edison (retired).

JOAN FINKELSTEIN (Director of dance programs NYC DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION) for her strength, vision and determination behind her tenure as the Director of the 92nd Street Y's Harkness Dance Center. Her creative programming and deep commitment made a significant difference invigorating the Y's Dance program and made it a destination for audiences, students and a place of nurturing strength for emerging artists. This award also reflects the endurance she has shown in the new challenge she has taken on as the Director of Dance programs at the NYC Department of Education. Presented by Greg McCaslin, Director of Programs, Center for Arts Education.

LIZ KOCH (ARTS AND CULTURE SPECIALIST FOR BROOKLYN BOROUGH PRESIDENT MARTY MARKOWITZ) in recognition of the extraordinary and ordinary work she does in behalf of Brooklyn artists every day. Her working knowledge and advocacy for individuals and groups working in the arts is a powerful force that creates sustainability for artists to continue to make an impact on our communities. She "shows up" and then continues to show up through the best times and difficult ones too. Presented by Marya Warshaw, Executive Director BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange.

Photos/Interviews available upon request.


22. Coco Go, FF Alumn, announces Fall 2004 events

Coco Go, FF Alumn, announces participation in the following:
1. Printed Matter is pleased to announce a book launch for 8 new publications from New York, Napoli, and Montreal by Coco Go, by Coco in collaboration with Angelo Ricciardi and John K Grande, and by her collaborators themselves, Angelo Ricciardi and John K Grande. The book launch will take place on Saturday, November 20th 2004 from 5 ­ 7 PM. Printed Matter, Inc. is located at 535 West 22nd St., between 10th and 11th Avenues.

UNE AUTRE MATISSE by Coco Go (TIKYSK Press), handbound + hm paper page, signed ed. 92: Danced by the pond in which danced Roy Staab¹s Mobius reed sculpture at St Germain for the Ligne Du Nord Mt Tremblant Land-Art Festival we were Roy, Coco, Lise, Chris and Norman (Wisconsin, New York, & Boreal artists), Quebec, August 21, 2003. This book pulls out, into the bounding dance of five Matisse-like characters: turtle, beaver, swan, and Skywoman from the creation myth of the Haudenausaunee, led by SuperSkyWoman in remembrance of timelessness. We are a body book layering all our relations into the land.

CUTESIE ½ CUSP CUPIDITY FOR RAY J by Coco Go (TIKYSK Press), handbound, signed ed. 75: Produced in the triangular ³prison walk² manner of Ray Johnson's prior correspondences with Coco, for her Watery Eyes Club Meeting: A Full Moooon Water Gathering, at the Pollock Krasner House, East Hampton, August 13, 2003, curated by Helen Harrison, in honor of their communal crescent to full moon experiencing together of all things Poison and Art. An inner cryptic view made public.

USE IS A SHORT SELF-LIT FUSE, by Coco Go (TIKYSK Press), handbound, signed ed. 93: An Interactiv'which pulls its proactive text out into larger font from Thomas Berry's Earth wisdom as written in his latest book, The Great Work (Bell Towers Press), to make a musical two voice counterpoint between sage "Ecozoic" writing and its contemplative, oblique upwelling of shared understanding. With six corresponding SuperSkyWoman illustrations, this book is in the poetic style of Coco Go¹s Interactiv¹s as is her "take" in.

A BIOMASS CONTINUITY (Go If Press), a collaboration of Coco Go with John K Grande, handbound with handmade paper cover, signed ed. 100: Written and presented in the same Interactiv' manner for John K. Grande¹s eco-guided (beyond ego-guided) critique, Balance: Art and Nature (Black Rose Books), with startling indictments such as "Museum of Sport of Lust, a Gawker", "Box Use is Not Solved by Incandescence", and "A New Infinite Bottom Line".

PATENTED: IL PANE NON SI BUTTA = DON¹T THROW OUT THE BREAD (Cóngelo Press), perfect bound in Italy, a collaborative action by Coco Go and Angelo Ricciardi as Cóngelo, (one of fifteen multicultural dinners produced in fifteen days at Montescaglioso¹s 1000 AD Abazia for Oreste in September, 2000), co-involving bread-related pieces performed by Cóngelo created for this dinner by Cóngelo & eight invited artists (Alison Knowles, Ernesto Pinto, Rita Degli Esposti, Sheila Sporer, Jasa ban, Fiormario Cilvini, Antonella Catelli, Ruggero Maggi), presenting the risk of grain, which constitutes the most important and available food (bread), becoming a patented object, and as such, the exclusive property of limited numbers of persons.

ART LINE DO NOT CROSS (404 arte contemporanea) by Angelo Ricciardi, documents contiguous events based on the narrow yellow strip inscribed in red, POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS, which separates the scene of a crime from all surrounding it, substituting the word ART LINE. Produced during 2003 in the cities of Napoli, Berlin, New York, Milan, London, Venice, Bologna, Jakobstad, Pforzheim, Millwaukee, Perugia, Novi Ligure, Gleisdorf, Cesena, Weerde, Torino, and Chappaqua as collaborative actions by Alisa, Coco Gordon, Antonio Picardi, Jonathan Monk, Emilio Fantin, Nello Teodori, Marzia Migliora, Robin Kahn, Robert C. Morgan, Giancarlo Norese, Luc Fierens, Anton Roca, Nicola Renzi, Gabriele Di Matteo, Eva Forsman, Rita Degli Esposti, Steffen Mueller, Martin Krusche, Vito Pace, Mary Jo Walters, and Tony Knox, realized by Angelo Ricciardi as his solo show at 404 arte contemporanea, Naples, Italy with his impossible Marcel Duchamp, Piet Mondrian, Hugo Ball and Richard Hamilton who return to their roles and responsibilities in the historic Avantgarde. Catalog texts written by Francesca Comisso (a.titolo), Vinni Lucherini, Vincenzo Cuomo.

THE NEW LITTLE RED BOOK by Angelo Ricciardi (Morgana Edizioni) a deluxe book, ironically represents the red catechism of Mao Tze Tung in its particular red substance, yet with its curious signs it assumes the rules of contemporary grammar, the language of the computer. The commands (play, ctrl, insert, pause) with which the artist has filled his pages are not intended as compulsory but as possibilities or invitations, relegated to the reader to set into motion. The field of action is after all a personal choice. The choice can be logical or existential or rather some other choice not foreseen by the artist.

ART NATURE DIALOGUES: INTERVIEWS WITH ENVIRONMENTAL ARTISTS by John K Grande, (SUNY Press), Foreword: Eco-Art, Then and Now by Edward Lucie-Smith, includes David Nash , Patrick Dougherty, Gilles Bruni and Marc Babarit, Jerilea Zempel, Alfio Bonanno, Doug Buis, Michael Singer, Nils-Udo, Mario Reis, Bill Vazan, Hamish Fulton, Egil Martin, Kurdøl, Betty Beaumont, Alan Sonfist, Peter von Tiesenhausen, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Mike MacDonald, Herman de vries, Chris Drury, presented in conjunction with his curated eco-photo exhibition at the Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs, LIC, opening Nov 21st. info@dorsky.org

Angelo Ricciardi, Born in Naples (Italy), 0815362561@tin.it works round the relationship between language and other forms of communication. Since1999 he cooperates with Coco Gordon under the common name of Cóngelo, and since 2001 collaborates with the Finnish artist Eva Forsman. In 2001 he founded CODICE EAN, an independent laboratory of contemporary ART, staging a Leafletting event in Napoli, New York, Paris, Stuttgart, Firenze, London, Jagokstad, Roma, Chappaqua. He Lives and works in Torre Annunziata-NA, Italy. He took part in Progetto Oreste 90¹s actions culminating in the 1999 Venice Biennale organized by Harald Szeeman. Cóngelo was born 1999 from a short casual encounter between Coco Gordon and Angelo Ricciardi during Oreste 2 at Matera. Cóngelo is an act of im-media-tely ³hard² Art, email & ³postal² Art, a sweet common listening with no definitive ending, a conversation bridging space & time, a reconstruct of each deconstruct. Cóngelo, has contributed to dinners, Biennales, exhibitions, performances, readings, book art. Cóngelo as an edition of five encyclopedic copies functions like Duchamp¹s always closing yet open door to be repositioned.

John Grande is a poet, writer and art critic. His reviews and feature articles have been published extensively in Artforum, Vice Versa, Sculpture, Art Papers, British Journal of Photography, Espace Sculpture, Public Art Review, Vie des Arts, Art On Paper, Circa & Canadian Forum. The author of Balance: Art and Nature (Black Rose Books, 1994), Intertwining: Landscape, Technology, Issues, Artists (Black Rose Books, 1998) and Jouer avec le feu: Armand Vaillancourt: Sculpteur engagé (Montreal: Lanctot, 2001). John Grande has published numerous catalogue essays on selected artists and has taught art history at Bishops University. He co-authored Judy Garfin: Natural Disguise (Vehicule Press, Montreal, 1998) and Nils-Udo: Art with Nature (Wienand Verlag, Koln, Germany 2000) and his latest book is David Sorensen: Abstraction From Here to Now (Centre culturel Yvonne L. Bombardier, Valcourt, 2001). He lives in Montreal, jkgrande@sympatico.ca

Coco Gordon, aka Coco Go aka SuperSkyWoman is a longtime book artist, performance artist, poet, paper maker and visual / installation artist whose work deals with zany issues relating to bioregionalism, ecology and Permacultural restoration of the environment back to sustainable good health. She founded Water Mark Press in 1978, producing fifteen books under that label. She has created hundreds of one-of-a-kind large scale books, cataloged in I Libri Aperti (The___Reader), and thirty-four editioned artist¹s books under her W Space and TIKYSK insignias. Her book KNEE, published by Porto Dei Santi Press in 2000 is part of a series of ³Beat² poets. Her Jane Doe actions can be found at the Austrian site, http://www.galerie.kultur.at/coco/base/core.htm - her waterworks and works for Ray Johnson can be found at http://harvestworks.org/creativec/index3.html & 45 years of self-representation art are featured on http://www.nmartproject.net/cur/mirror/index.html curated by Agricola de
Cologne in Germany. cocogord@mindspring.com

Printed Matter has carried artists¹ books by Coco Gordon since the late 1980¹s. Publications are available from Printed Matter¹s website: www.printedmatter.org. Printed Matter is located at 535 West 22nd Street, between 10th and 11th Avenue, in New York's Chelsea district. For more information, please contact Max Schumann, Manager, Printed Matter, Inc. at (212) 925-0325 or mschumann@printedmatter.org.

NEW COOPERATION PROJECT: As part of Luc Fierens show November-December 2004 at the Galerie les Contemporaines in Elsene (Brussels) curated by Anne-Marie Rona will be a special exhibition to show that networked art as social art and social sculpture is still contemporary. Because Luc has been active in the Eternal Mail-art network since 1984 he thought it was necessary also to show a ³cooperation² project . Not a mail-artproject with an open call but instead invited 28 friends to work on a document (ADD & RETURN) and send it back to him. Catalogue will be produced after the show . INVITED ARTISTS : J.N.LASZLO, K.NAKAMURA, A.RICCIARDI, C.GORDON, R.ALTEMUS,\ J.LEFTWICH, J.HELD jr., B.GAGLIONE, J.BENNETT, M.SONNENFELD, S.SEGAY, R.NIKONOVA, M.TODOROVIC, J.BLAINE, S.RANDOM, T.TILLIER, K.P. DENCKER, J.M.CALLEJA, R.PENARD, A.BOSCHI, D.B.CHIROT, M.BASINSKI, L.PELATI, C.DAVINIO, C.PADIN, U.WARNKE, S.SHIMODA, J.O.OLBRICH , A.VAN SEBROECK & L.FIERENS
Luc Fierens
Galgenberg 18
B-1982 Weerde BELGIUM
e-mail home : fierens.mailart@belgacom.net

Coco as SuperSkyWoman contributed to FFFO Secret Fluxus, visit the FREEFORMFREAKOUT ORGANISATION http://art.supereva.it/alanfffo.superdada/ http://xoomer.virgilio.it/n.waugh/secretfluxus/secretflux1.html

Sent "Love Your Wild Feet"to the IMPERMANENCE Project Scuola grande di S. Giovanni evangelista ­ Venice December 2004

Exhibition produced by: Centro studi Maitreya-Venice
Fondazione Maitreya-Rome Fondazione Venezia per la ricerca sulla pace-Veni Comune di Venezia

Curator: Giancarlo Vianello
(co-curator MARKERS, Venice Biennale, 2001
curator UNIVERSO/DIVERSO, Venice, 2002
co-curator WANDERING LIBRARY, Venice Biennale, 2003
curator ZEITGEIST, Venice, 2003)

The IMPERMANENCE PROJECT produced by the Fondazione Maitreya, Rome and the Fondazione Venezia per la ricerca sulla pace, Venice is part of the 4th Expo of publishing on peace subjects. We have asked poets and artists from 15 different countries to send an image to be printed and exhibited in Venice in December 2004 at the Scuola grande di S. Giovanni evangelista and in the railway stations of Venezia and Mestre. The works will be included in the exhibition catalogue and published in the review Dharma The main concept of this exhibition (the frailty of the world) as related to the inter-religious dialogue and to the multicultural perspective. Buddhist thought maintains that everything is an aggregate and will sooner or later break up. Being conscious of this originary frailty produces an attitude of respect and protection towards the surrounding world. On the contrary western ontology reduces everything to object, matter and field on which its technological domination can be exerted. Nevertheless in recent times a new awareness of world¹s frailty has been forming in the western culture, introducing a critical approach to the logic of domination. We have asked artists and poets to set forth their feeling and opinions on these themes.
Giancarlo Vianello Dorsoduro, 3441 ­ 30123 Venezia ­ Italy


23. Koosil-ja, FF Alumn, at Performing Garage, NY, Oct 14-17

Please come to see a premiere performance of deadmandancing EXCESS at Performing Garage 33 Wooster Street October 14-17 [Thur-Sun] & 19-23 [Tues-Sat], 2004 at 9 pm. The ticket price is $15 For reservations, please call (212) 375 0186 This performance run of deadmandancing EXCESS is presented in association with Danspace Project's Out of Space series.


24. Betty Beaumont, FF Alumn, at the Presidio, SF, thru Oct 31

Beaumont's images to be presented by The Natural World Museum in the San Francisco exhibition, Anima Mundi, this October.

The Natural World Museum
Anima Mundi~ "SOUL OF THE WORLD"
Herbst International Exhibition Hall
The Presidio of San Francisco, CA
October 1st - 31st, 2004

Beaumont's images will be featured at The Natural World Museum, cultivator of environmental awareness and provider of new perspectives, which stimulate social engagement in conservation in its Anima Mundi exhibition. Given the importance of Beaumont's contributions to the ecological art movement, the green museum has created a multi-media installation featuring some of Beaumont's images and the images of other significant environmentally aware artists.

The Anima Mundi exhibition seeks to become a work of art in itself. The showcase has been newly designed to achieve a space of contemplative sanctuary. The art featured in Anima Mundi is meant to serve as a catalyst for interactive programs including workshops, lectures, a major symposium, film series, and cultural performances.

Beaumont's works whose images are featured include:
Cable Piece, made using the sort of steel cable used for the Brooklyn Bridge - the excess of our military industrial society - it is an iron ring formed of 4,000 feet of wire rope. The work is slowly burying itself into the ground of Macomb, Illinois. Cable Piece acknowledges the passing of an industrial age while contributing to an ecological era.
Teddy Bear Island rejects the notion of dam building by locating Teddy Bear Island and its ecology lost by flooding. In an effort to "re-connect" this lost site one thousand feet of loose cable, a human-made umbilical cord, located in a memory-trace on the surface of the shifting water.

Ocean Landmark is a seminal interdisciplinary work that successfully integrates industry with nature and first signaled the shift from the then minimalists ethos of earthworks/land art and embraced the principles of ecological restoration and the ecological aesthetic in contemporary art practice. Ocean Landmark transformed 500 tons of a stabilized industrial waste product into an underwater sculpture that has developed into a thriving reef environment that is fished and feeds people.

Each of these works present issues and ideas that challenge us to question norms; to re-examine our own beliefs, actions or inactions, tolerance of misinformation, and potential to effect change.

Beaumont, like the Natural World Museum, has a broad definition of environment. Environment is all-encompassing - personal, political, social, spiritual,
physical, cultural and economic."

Anima Mundi
Herbst International Exhibition Hall
The Presidio of San Francisco, CA
October 1st - 31st, 2004
For more information:
Contact: Mia Hanak,
Executive Director


25. Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, at Winona (MN) Arts Center, Oct 13, 7 pm.

Billy X Curmano at "Art As Politics & Propaganda" Winona (MN) Arts Center
October 13th, 7 p.m.

To cap off this highly charged political season, Billy X. Curmano performs at the opening of the Winona Arts Center's international exhibition, "Art as Politics & Propaganda" at 7 p.m. on October 13th. The exhibit continues through October 29th. The exhibbition was also curated for the Winona Arts Center by Billy X.

"Art as Politics & Propaganda" includes masters from original cartoons, posters and the Freespeech Campaign, silk screened prints and hand-painted banners. Photographs, videos, political buttons, photo offset posters and lithos round out the display. The heart of the exhibtion is historical and comes from the Art Works USA collection.

Northern Sun in Minneapolis generously provided items like "Rosie the Riveter" and the circa 1930's "Bathroom Bolsheviks" posters. The Center for the Study of Political Graphics in Los Angeles supplied "War is not healthy for children and other living things" by Lorraine Schneider; Another Mother for Peace. The Art Works USA collection includes selected items from: The Broadway International Post Card & Mail Art Extravaganza representing artists from over 30 countries as well as material from the Foundation for the Community of Artists; Vietnam Veterans Against the War; the American Indian Movement; Art Against Apartheid; Visual AIDS; the Central America Resource Alliance; Mississippi River Revival and Art Not Arms For Central America.

Some of the more recent additions include four graphics from New Zealand by Mic Terry, a dress altered with color xerox by St. Louis artist Bill Russell and the original graphic for Jeff Soto's "City Pages" depiction of the proposed boondoggle tire burning plant in Preston, Minnesota. Americans like to brag about freedoms, but the indigenous American Inipi spiritual practice was outlawed until as recently as the late 70's. It is represented by some handcrafted ceremonial items provided by Ron Luchau.

True to the "Art as Politics & Propaganda" theme, the Winona Film Society will present the documentary "Fog of War" on the weekend of October 22. It combines extraordinary archival footage, a Philip Glass score and eye-opening recently declassified information that shows how some of the important decisions that shaped the 20th Century were made.

"Art as Politics & Propaganda" was curated for the Winona Arts Center by Billy X. Curmano. The opening reception will include short presentations from Ron Luchau and Billy X. and probably a few surprises. The exhibition was made possible by the individual artists; Margarita Baumann; Betty Ann Mocek; Art Works USA; The Winona Area Peacemeakers; Tri-County Record; Northern Sun Merchandising and the Center for the Study of Political Graphics.


26. Ken Aptekar, FF Alumn, at Reed College, Portland, OR, thru Nov 18

Ken Aptekar, A Personal Public
Douglas F. Cooley Gallery, Reed College, Portland OR
Thru November 18, 2004

Ken Aptekar's provocative exhibition presents a complex amalgam of historical identity, narrative voice, and the necessary complications of personae. A Personal Public is based on the life and artistic voracity of Madame de Pompadour (1721-64), Louis XV's mistress, and a patron who used art as a means for positioning and protecting herself within an often hostile community. Pompadour's status as both insider and outsider is reflected in the construction of Aptekar's work. Sumptuous oil re-paintings of historical portraits of Madame de Pompadour-primarily by François Boucher-are housed beneath thick glass panels etched with narrative fragments written by the artist and lifted from Pompadour's letters.

Aptekar debuts a humorously seductive video work in which the artist is transformed into both Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour by a Parisian make-up artist. The 13 minute DVD is entitled "Three Acts" and was videotaped in Paris and Versailles.

For this special exhibition, Reed College is honored to exhibit the Portland Art Museum's François Boucher painting, c.1750, of a fashionable young lady holding a bouquet of flowers. One of only two attributed likenesses of Madame de Pompadour in the United States-the other being in the Fogg Museum at Harvard University-the painting has since been definitively judged not to be a portrait. Selected volumes of Diderot's Encyclopedia are also exhibited courtesy of the Special Collections Library of the Eric V. Hauser Memorial Library at Reed College. Aptekar exhibits a suite of prints entitled A Shorter Encyclopedia that are based on Diderot's project, one that Madame de Pompadour was instrumental in bringing to fruition.

The Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery is located in Reed's Hauser Memorial Library The gallery is open every day but Monday, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. The gallery is free and open to the public For more information, please visit: http://web.reed.edu/gallery

Exhibition tours and classroom pre-visits are available for public school classes and homeless and at-risk youth programs at no charge through the Open Gallery Program. To schedule tours please contact the Open Gallery education coordinator at open-gallery@reed.edu

Ken Aptekar
NYC: NOW 201 West 85th Street 7E New York, NY 10024 USA Tel/fax: 212 724-9299
PARIS: 3 rue de la Fidélité Paris 75010 France
Tel 01 48 01 05 34 (from US: 011 331 48 01 05 34)
Atelier/fax: 01 40 22 97 38 (011 331 40 22 97 38)


27. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at Nuyorican Poets Café, Oct 14-16, 7 pm

Penny Arcade directs Sleepyhead, a new play by Jade Sharma at Nuyorican Poets Cafe 236 East 3rd St b/t B & C, Oct 14,15,16, at 7pm $10 212-505-8183 www.nuyorican.org

Sleephead is the story of the new East Village slackers;that is the 20 somethings who want to live the mythic East Village life of sex, drugs and art but find that trying to be a slacker in the 2000's when your rent is hard work. Comedic, quirky, sexy and sad.


28. Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, in Italy, Oct 10-16

Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, Head of the Idaho Film Collection at Boise State University, will be attending the annual Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, the annual meeting of national film archives, in Pordenone and Sacile, Italy, October 10-16. Trusky will introduce the premier screening of the last, "lost," made-in-Idaho Nell Shipman film, recently acquired by the Idaho Film Collection, "Wolf's Brush."

"Wolf's Brush" is a tinted, 20-minute "two reeler," the fourth in a series of short films Shipman titled "The Little Dramas of the Big Places." It is the last silent film made by Shipman, whose film headquarters were at Lionhead Lodge on the shores of Priest Lake in North Idaho.

All five of Shipman's made-in-Idaho films ("The Grub-Stake" and four "Little Dramas") will be released on DVD by the Idaho Film Collection in 2005.


29. Joseph Nechtvatal, FF Alumn, opening in Paris, France, Oct 14, 6-9 pm

Opening October 14th (18 à 21h)
" Aventures Virales " (Viral Adventures)
An art exhibition by Joseph Nechvatal
thru November 10th, 2004
at Galerie Mabel Semmler
10-12, rue des Coutures Saint Gervais
Paris 75003
TEL 01 48 87 49 04
images: http://www.eyewithwings.net/nechvatal/ViralAdventures/aventures.html

" Aventures Virales " (Viral Adventures) is the virtual hermaphroditic subjected to viral attacks. The hermaphroditic visual leitmotif seen throughout " Aventures Virales " is created through the computational morphing of images of testicles, ovaries, female breasts, and the buttocks of both sexes. It aims to depict an imagined realm of political-spiritual chaosmos where new forms of sexual order arise such that any form of order is only temporary and provisional. The point of which is that within " Aventures Virales " all sexual signs are subject to boundless semiosis and attack - which is to say that they are translatable into other signs. Here, of course, it is possible to find resonances and affinities between sexual opposites through an anti-fundamentalist maneuver. Within the realm of " Aventures Virales " no one fathoms whether the are female or male. All rest between male and female, between straight and gay, between dominant and submissive - nothing but curves and clefts. All is in a matrix of possibilities, self-assembled out of a flowery excess of erogenous organs. It is through this molding amalgamation that " Aventures Virales " suggests a quasi-mythical deep continuance not unlike that found within the Tantric philosophical aspects of the Ardhanarisvara form of Siva: the form which articulates the eternal blending of male and female.

With " Aventures Virales " artificial life viruses are modeled to be autonomous agents living in/off the hermaphroditic image. These real time attacks simulate a population of active viruses functioning as an analogy of a viral biological system. The host for the viruses are the digital files on which the computer-robotic assisted paintings in " Aventures Virales " are based. Among the different techniques used here are models that result from embodied artificial intelligence and the paradigm of genetic programming.

" Aventures Virales " utilizes a viral C++ software, developed with the programmer Stéphane Sikora of music2eye, which launches unpredictable progressive real-time virus operations that live off and transform its image hosts - hosts created by the artist using a blend of digital-photography, computer graphic maneuvers and externalized computer code.

Telepresently Yours,
Joseph Nechvatal

93 Blvd Raspail 75006 Paris
143 Ludlow Street (#14)
New York, NY 10002



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