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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
August 17, 2004

1. Deb Margolin, FF Alumn, at Women Center Stage 45 Below, NYC, Aug 16-18
2. Dan Graham, Gran Fury, Carrie Moyer, Eileen Myles, William Pope.L, Martha Wilson, FF Alumns, at Parlour Projects, Brooklyn, opening TOMORROW, Aug 18, 5-9 pm
3. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, appears in several periodicals
4. Brooke Singer, Jamie Schulte, FF Alumns, announce www.Moport.org
5. Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa, FF Alumn, at El Museo del Barrio, NY, Aug 18 - Nov 7, 2004
6. Penny Arcade, Bina Sharif, FF Alumns, at Pioneer Theater, Aug 20, 8 pm
7. Penny Arcade, Reno, at Pioneer Theatre rooftop, Aug 18-20, 8:30 pm
8. FEVA Howl! Festival presents the Story Café project, Aug 17-21
9. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, FF Alumn, at OK Harris, opening September 10, 5-7 pm
10. Sheelah Murthy, FF Alumn, at Waldheim Jewish Cemetery, Forest Park, Il, Aug 29
11. Ausbury Stevens, FF Alumn, at McPherson Fine Art, NY, opening Sept 18
12. Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, FF Visionary, at Luxe Gallery, NY, Aug. 21, 6-8 pm
13. Richard Prince, Andy Warhol, FF Alumns, at Univ. of Hartford, Ct., Sept 7-Oct. 17
14. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, presents videos at New College of Calif., Aug 28-29
15. John Malpede, FF Alumn, at Foley Square, NY, thru November 13, 2004
16. Daniel Joseph Martinez, FF Alumn, at The Project, NY, opening Sept 3, 6-8 pm
17. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, announces Vote Here, votehere@earthlink.net
18. Paul McMahon, FF Alumn, at Sidewalk Café, NY, Aug 22, 11 pm
19. Andrea Polli, FF Alumn, at Int'l. Festival of Media Arts, Vancouver, Oct 14
20. AA Bronson,Peter Cramer,Bradley Eros,FF Alumns, at Le Petit Versailles, Aug 20-21

1. Deb Margolin, FF Alumn, at Women Center Stage, NYC, TONITE and tomorrow

August 17-18 at 7pm
Women Center Stage 45 Below, 45 Bleecker St
$15 cash only at the door, box office opens at 6PM

Deb Margolin's performance novel is a series of monologues written and enacted on the collapsible boundary between memoir and fiction. It is an aria to the female body in performance, in illness, in pleasure and in the singular utility of Motherhood.

Women Center Stage is produced by The Culture Project @ 45 Bleecker

For more information go to www.womencenterstage.com


2. Dan Graham, Gran Fury, Carrie Moyer, Eileen Myles, William Pope.L, Martha Wilson, FF Alumns, at Parlour Projects, Brooklyn, opening TOMORROW, Aug. 18, 5-9 pm

Republican Like Me
August 18-September 20, 2004
Opening reception: Wednesday, August 18th, 5-9 PM
Featuring a Call-To-Action by "Barbara Bush"

Artists: Bernadette Corporation, Nancy Davenport, Tara DeLong, Jack Doroshow (a.k.a The Flawless Sabrina), Cecilia Dougherty, Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Dan Graham, Gran Fury, John Greyson, Sharon Hayes, Richard Kern, Rachel Mason, Esperanza Mayobre, Carrie Moyer, Ulrike Müller, Eileen Myles, William Pope.L, Sparrow, John Waters, and Martha Wilson

Parlour Projects
214 Devoe St., Apt. 1
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tel. 917-723-8626
Open Sundays from 12-6 PM, and by appointment

"Some people say aesthetics and politics are different. I say the best thing about aesthetics is that the politics which permeate it are totally invisible. Because, when we speak about aesthetics we are talking about a whole set of rules that were established by somebody. We were not born with a set of aesthetic rules in our hands, were we? Aesthetics is not about politics; they are politics themselves. And this is how the "political" can best be utilized, since it appears so "natural." The most successful of all political moves are ones that don't appear to be "political."
Felix Gonzalez-Torres, interviewed by Nancy Spector, 1994

Republic: a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law; also : a political unit (as a nation) having such a form of government
Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Law

Parlour Projects is pleased to present Republican Like Me, an exhibition that investigates the efficacy of politically engaged artistic practices. Republican Like Me, named after the book by poet and presidential-nominee seeker Sparrow, features work in a variety of media that productively engages political concerns. The exhibition is divided into three component parts: Home Base - an exhibition at Parlour Projects; Moving Images - a series of public film and video screenings (think "bring your lawnchair"); and Rabble Rousing - a series of performances and readings at spaces throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Republican Like Me advocates for a reassignment of the term "republican," taking it back to its roots, where a body of citizens makes decisions that are enacted by an elected official. The artists in this exhibition demonstrate their political concerns with clarity, purpose, and pleasure.

Home Base: Nancy Davenport, Dan Graham, Gran Fury, Rachel Mason, Esperanza Mayobre, Carrie Moyer, Ulrike Müller, Eileen Myles, William Pope.L, Sparrow

Moving Images: Bernadette Corporation, Cecilia Dougherty, John Greyson, Richard Kern, John Waters

Rabble Rousing: Tara DeLong, Jack Doroshow (a.k.a. The Flawless Sabrina), Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Sharon Hayes, Eileen Myles, Sparrow, Martha Wilson

Directions: Take the L-train to Graham Avenue (3rd stop in Brooklyn). Exit and walk one block on Graham to Devoe St. Turn left and walk one and one-half blocks on the right side of the street to 214 Devoe, Apt. 1. Parlour Projects is located between Bushwick and Humboldt Avenues.


3. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, appears in several periodicals

You can find Skinner material in four publications now: two pages in "Carousel Comics and Stories" (www.rsikoryak.com); a picture story, "Walter and Benny Strike a Deal," in "Legal Action Comics #2" (www.dannyhellman.com); my column, "Let's Ask Skinner," in "Crimewave #15" (www.crimewaveusa.com); and an article, "The Book of Fortunatus: A Sampling of Strange Lit Crit" in "Strange Attractor Journal #1" (www.strangeattractor.co.uk). There's also a nice write-up of a talk I gave, on Tiffany Thayer and the original Fortean Society, in the current "Fortean Times" (www.forteantimes.com). All of these are lively publications, with or without my stuff; they're worth a look.


4. Brooke Singer, Jamie Schulte, FF Alumns, announce Moport.org

Dear Friends,
We want to let you know about Moport.org, our new mobile phone reporting tool that we will be launching just in time for the Republican National Convention (less than three weeks away!). If you will be in NYC for the RNC, please consider joining the first ever Moport (a.k.a. MObile phone rePORT). 15,000 media representatives will be in attendance, but we don't think they can necessarily handle the job--especially with 250,000 protesters expected to join the fun. If you are unable to participate, stay tuned and watch the RNC Moport unfold online starting August 30th. And, most importantly, help us spread the word and recruit Moporters! For this first run, we are taking "the more the merrier" approach (or merry until our server comes to a screeching halt...).

Also, if you have a good idea for a future Moport, let us know. We hope the RNC will be the first of many. For more info, see below.

This shameless Moport plug brought to you by, Brooke Singer and Jamie Schulte

MOPORT.org is a free service for generating and sharing mobile phone reports. This site allows people to collectively report about important events in real-time using mobile phones.

Features of a MOPORT:
Enables Group Reporting using Cellphone Cameras or Digital Cameras and Email
Instantly Updates when New Submissions Arrive
Integrates News Feeds from Major Media Sources for a Quick Comparison of Event Coverage
Sorts Images by Keywords that are Pre-defined and Dynamically Creates New Keywords Based on MOPORTER Submissions
Sorts Images by MOPORTERS (Identities are Anonymous) for Individual Perspective and Commentary
Accepts Submissions and Updates for Duration of Event and Later Archived on MOPORT.org for Viewing Purposes Only

How do I join: www.moport.org/f_equipment.html
What equipment do I need: www.moport.org/f_equipment.html
Why did you build this: www.moport.org/about.html
Demo of a Moport in progress: coming soon to www.moport.org/active.html


5. Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa, FF Alumn, at El Museo del Barrio, NY, Aug. 18-Nov 7, 2004

August 18-November 7, 2004
Reception Thursday September 9th, 6 - 9 pm

Program One: August 18 - September 26
Program Two: September 29 - November 7

El Museo del Barrio is pleased to present a special second version of the traveling exhibition, No lo llames peformance / Don't Call It Performance. The exhibition was curated by Paco Barragán and originally organized by the Audiovisuals Department of the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, under the direction of Berta Sichel. No lo llames performance / Don't Call It Performance examines recent activities gathered under what has become known as "performative art" and presents the work of 60 international artists, including significant contemporary Latino and Latin American practitioners.

The exhibition is able to gather and present such a wide range of performative work through video programs accompanied by select, live presentations. In the galleries, visitors will have the opportunity to view 5 video programs, each running approximately one half-hour. The works are clustered under the constellations: Memory and Devotion; Mass Appeal; Commitments; Art/Form; and Audioscapes. While these curatorial groupings provide visitors access to the works, most of the works could be easily be considered under several of these broad categories.

Memory and Devotion includes works that are meditative, spiritual, or reflective in nature. These works focus on the body, the self, and histories both personal and communal. Part One of this program includes the works of Sandra Bermudez, Rolf Abderhalden, Heli Rekula, Ernesto Pujol, Beth Moysés, Liza May Post, and Cyríaco Lopes. Part Two will include Ana Rosa Rivera Marrero (with Freddy Mercado), Carlos Betancourt, Praxis, Tim White, Kimsooja, Michel Groisman, and Marialuisa Ramirez.

Mass Appeal gathers works that comment on popular culture. These artists engage with issues of globalization and the increasing connection between so-called "high" and "low" culture. Artists included in Part One are Javier Cambre, Luke Roberts, Yan Duyvendak, Catarina Campino, and Yoshua Okón. Part Two will include works by the artists Carlos Amorales, Manuel Viera-Gallo, Perry Bard, Suzanne Treister, and Arahmaiani.

Commitments considers works that stress personal, social or political views on culture, gender, and life-style. The artists issue either specific, incisive statements, or more broad, metaphorical worldviews on a wide range of topics. Part One includes works by the artists Quisqueya Henríquez, María José Arjona, Roi Vaara, Claudia del Fierro, Mikael Varela, Cabello/Carceller, and Nicolás Dumit Estévez. Part Two will include Alicia Framis, Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa, Sandra Ceballos and René Quintana, César
Martínez, Wanda Ortiz, Miguel Ángel Rojas and Pablo Helguera.

Art/Form presents works that deal with artistic, structural, or formal problems. The artists investigate such diverse concerns as style, sculpture, time, and behavior. Part One includes the work of Ricardo Zulueta, Erwin Wurm, José Luis Cortés, Yael Davids, and Elena del Rivero. Part Two will include Zhang Huan, Pedro Velez, Edra Soto, Gustavo Artigas and Takehito Koganezawa.

Audioscapes offers the opportunity to experience works that deal primarily with sound, language and music. The artists in this grouping, while often also dealing with a visual image, explore the possibilities of audio art. Part One will include the artists Pamela Z, Paulo Vivacqua, Sandra Vivas, David Pérez, Alejandro Cesarco, and Kristin Oppenheim. Part Two will include the works of Longina, Deej Fabyc, Jesús Segura, Júlio Villani, Building Transmission, and Francesco Impellizeri.

This special second presentation seeks, in part, to situate contemporary Latino and Latin American performative artists within a wider international context. Additionally, the exhibition will also contain a selected timeline of Latino and Latin American artists' contributions to historical performance art, as well as a resource area for further research.

From August 18 through September 26, El Museo will present ongoing screenings of the first set of video programs. From September 29 through November 7, El Museo will present the second set of video programs. Visitors will be allowed multiple entries to the museum on one ticket over the course of the exhibition, in order to encourage the public to encounter and learn about this exciting time-based work

El Museo is currently developing a full roster of educational programming related to the exhibition and the dialogue around the contemporary performative arts. Check El Museo's website at www.elmuseo.org for more information.


6. Penny Arcade, Bina Sharif, FF Alumns, at Pioneer Theater, Aug. 20, 8 pm

The Lower East Side Biography Project
Video Screening
Friday August 20th 8pm

155 East 3rd Street at Avenue A

Hosted by Penny Arcade showcasing video of Betty Dodson, Taylor Mead, Tuli
Kupferberg, Jeannie Chan, Jonas Mekas, Jayne County, Holly Woodlawn, Marianne Faithfull, Judith Malina, Marty Matz, Church of Betty, Jack Smith, Bina Sharif, Jack Waters, Steve Cannon, Sarah Schulman, Quentin Crisp, Carmen Pabon & Edgar Oliver

Penny Arcade and Steve Zehentner's award winning Lower East Side Biography Project "Stemming The Tide of Cultural Amnesia" documents the legends of the East Village weaving the art, criminality, rebellion, and iconoclasm that is 'underground New York'.

If Times Square is New York City's heart, The East Village is New York City's spleen, generating fresh blood and constant change for countless decades. With the rich history of this vital urban organ at her fingertips, Penny Arcade reads its pulse like nobody else.

In 1998 Manhattan Neighborhood Network, which receives funds from Time Warner for community access television approached east Village artist Penny Arcade and asked her to create a video project combining her well known fusion of art, politics and social commentary. Lamenting the loss of the multi-generational artistic and activist mileu that had always characterized teh LES/EV with it's mentoring experience that had been the backbone of Bohemia, where young artists met and were influenced by older artists, Penny Arcade decided to use technology to foster the kind of interaction that one had taken for granted in the pre NYU campus LES/EV experience.Enrolling video producer and long time collaborator Steve Zehentner, Arcade called her project "Stemming The tide of Cultural Amnesia". "Cultural amnesia" a term Arcade coined in 1989 when the writing was on the wall about the passing away of the old downtown life as corporate hipness replaced what had been the edgy downtown experience, has found it's way into the international zeitgeist as do many of the things that start out in the LES and are reported in newspapers and magazines..Arcade went about creating a project in which new, young artists in the neighborhood were trained in video production while helping to gather and preserve an oral history of downtown New York which is shared weekly in installments broadcast at 11pm wednesdays on channel 34 Time Warner and 109/112 RCN. Now in it's 5th year the LES Bio Project has inspired many other oral history projects across the city.


7. Penny Arcade, Reno, at Pioneer Theatre rooftop, Aug. 18-20, 8:30 pm

Rooftop Rants, August 18-20

Four of the East Village's biggest talkers--Speed Levitch, Reno (www.citizenreno.com/), Penny Arcade (www.pennyarcade.tv/), and Scotty The Blue Bunny (www.scottybunny.com) -- tell it from the rooftops in this intimate, once-in-a-political-lifetime performance.

Wed August 18 - Reno
8:30pm - $15
Thu August 19 - Penny Arcade
8:30pm - $15
Fri August 20 - Scotty the Blue Bunny
8:30pm - $15
Sat August 21 - Speed Levitch
8:30pm - $15

Meet at the Pioneer Theatre (155 E 3rd St at Ave A) no later than 8:15pm or your tickets will be released.

Reservations: 646-602-9723


8. FEVA Howl! Festival presents the Story Café project, Aug 17-21

Dear Friends,
The Story Café project - "the factory of reminiscence" - is producing 6 conversations next week as part of the FEVA Howl! Festival on the Lower East Side. Topics to be covered include: the history of ABC No Rio, political art on the LES (mostly 1980s), the Rivington School, LES art galleries, and life in the squats.

Tuesday, 17th 6-9pm at ABC No Rio
156 Rivington St. betwn Suffolk & Clinton, 2nd floor

Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th 4-6pm at Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery betwn Houston and Bleecker

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st 6-8pm at Drink Me Café
620 East 6th betwn Aves. B & C

The Story Café is an oral history project. Small conversations will be held and recorded about the recent past of the Lower East Side. We'll talk about Reservations are recommended for all affairs. Call Alan at 718 556 9008.

Participants include - Amy Westfall on ABC No Rio (8/16); Greg Sholette on LES political art (8/17); Howie Solo on Rivington School (8/18); LES art galleries (8/20); squats & coops (8/21). Director: Alan Moore.

Produced by MWF Video Club, Collaborative Projects, Inc..


9. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, FF Alumn, at OK Harris, opening September 10, 5-7 pm

OK Harris
393 West Broadway, NY 10012
www.okharris.com 212 431 3600

An exhibition of new and recent paintings and works on paper by FF Alumn, Stephanie Brody-Lederman will take place at OK Harris from September 10-October 16, 2004. Ms Brody-Lederman combines word and image in her artmaking to illuminate and distill the quixotic emotional content of everyday experience(s).

In 1974 Brody-Lederman brought 4 shopping bags full of drawings and paintings to Martha Wilson at the original Franklin Furnace location. Ms Wilson looked at the work carefully, encouraged her to do more, and ultimately she received a show at Franklin Furnace (and her start). These new works are a continuation of Ms Brody-Lederman's 30-year ongoing narrative.


10. Sheelah Murthy, FF Alumn, at Waldheim Jewish Cemetery, Forest Park, Il, Aug. 29

Not going to New York to protest the RNC? Then join us! Although many of us would like to go but cannot for various reasons our hearts and minds will be there. This art action will give us a time and space to collectively gather our energies to reflect on the significance of this current event while reminding us of the rich and vital radical social movements that have preceded us.

We will be doing another installment of the ongoing performative action called
LAUGH. Sunday August 29 At the grave site of Emma Goldman Waldheim Jewish Cemetery in Forest Park, IL

If you are interested in participating please attend our workshop on Sunday August 22 at 2pm. (RSVP at smurth@artic.edu and I will send you the locale). Our workshop will:
- give brief overview of project and discuss the healing and subversive power of laughter
- lead us in experiential laughing exercises based on Indian Laughter Therapy techniques
- lead discusssion group on life and work of Emma Goldman
- give more specifics on the Waldheim cemetery performance
- and of course we will create space for all of us to share our reflections on the coming national election and protests/concerns around this event.

We look forward to your correspondence and participation. That laugh holds the hope for political liberation; it suggests that the world does not have to be accepted at face value. Instead it can be laughed off, turned aside, kept at bay - transforming hard and fast rules, instantly and miraculously, into something plastic and flexible - into fluidity. Sudden Glory: Laughter as Subversive History, Barry Sanders

Mrs Rao's Growl
(aka Sheelah Murthy and Anuj Vaidya)


11. Ausbury Stevens, FF Alumn, at McPherson Fine Art, NY, opening Sept. 18

Ausbury Stevens, FF Alumn, will exhibit new and old work at McPherson Fine Art on 400 West 14th Street this September. Show opens Saturday, September 18th. Save that date!


12. Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, FF Visionary, at Luxe Gallery, NY, Aug. 21, 6-8 pm

Contact: Press Secretary, Megan Morrow
510-547-2162 morrow@usdat.us

Experimental Party Disinformation Center Opens In New York City

WASHINGTON, DC - The Experimental Party DisInformation Center, presented by the US Department of Art & Technology, an immersive media installation subverting Republican propaganda, opens in New York City on Saturday, August 21st at LUXE Gallery, 24 West 57th St. An opening reception, the Propaganda Hospitality Suite, will take place from 6 - 8 PM. The DisInformation Center runs through Saturday, September 4th, when it will close with the Post-Mortem Lounge from 6 - 8 PM. Regular hours for the installation are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 AM - 6 PM.

Three years in the making, the installation is the culmination of a project started by US Department of Art & Technology Secretary Randall M. Packer in 2001 when he created a "virtual government agency" as a critique of the role of the artist in society. "Following 9/11, I called for recommendations on how Americans can by served by artists in order to be prepared for the consequences of a culturally divisive world," says Secretary Packer. "Now we are bringing our project examining political propaganda to New York City at this critical time right before the Republican National Convention. I call upon Department artists to carry out crucial acts of artistic mediation."

Secretary Packer has collaborated with US DAT staff artists including: Mark Amerika, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Jeff Gates, Jon Henry, Gregory T. Kuhn, Lynn Hershman, Andrew Nagy, and Wesley Smith. Additional works by Andy Deck, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky and '47,' Trace Reddell, and Rick Silva are also included. Convention coverage will be provided by Alexander Provan and the Experimental News team.

A feature of the installation is the Media Deconstruction Kit (MDK) which configures, disorients, and amplifies the misinformation of live broadcast media coverage of the Republican National Convention into an immersive, sensorial, multimedia experience. The MDK scrambles live news broadcasts and puts the altered matter out on the Net as a revolutionary weapon.

Other featured projects at the Experimental Party DisInformation Center include:

Society of the Spectacle (A Digital Remix): Ten-minute DVD art-loop by DJRABBI. WetheBlog.org: Virtual community for media artists and cultural critics. Homeland Insecurity Advisory System: Broadcasting the daily governmental threat. USA Exquisite Corpse: A dark portrayal of the Spirit of America. Abe Golam for President 2004 (A PolyVocal Remix): Politically reborn avatar-candidate. On-line projects/info: http://www.experimentalparty.org Press site: http://www.usdat.us/press

This event is part of the Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues & Ideas, a citywide cultural festival, Aug 28 - Sept 2


13. Richard Prince, Andy Warhol, FF Alumns, at Univ. of Hartford, Ct., Sept. 7-Oct. 17

Ghada Amer, Jennifer Bartlett, Lousie Bourgeois, Cecily Brown, Jake and Dinos Chapman, John Currin, Willem de Kooning, Inka Essenhigh, Eric Fischl, Gajin Fujita, David Hockney, Damien Loeb, Henri Matisse, Harland Miller, Elizabeth Peyton, Lari Pittman, Pablo Picasso, Richard Prince, David Salle, Andy Warhol and Lisa Yuskavage are just some of the artists whose works will be included in the Joseloff Gallery's upcoming exhibition, The Charged Image from the collection of Douglas S. Cramer. You will not want to miss this exhibition and the events planned for the opening
program on September 8, 9, 10, 2004.

For several decades, Douglas S. Cramer has been one of the country's foremost and adventurous collectors of modern and contemporary art. Best known as one of Hollywood's most effective television producers, he changed the face of American popular culture by producing such television series as Dynasty, The Love Boat, Wonder Woman, The Odd Couple, The Brady Bunch, and Mission Impossible. A founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and an active trustee of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Cramer relocated to New York and Roxbury, Connecticut from Los Angeles in the late 1990s. Since leaving the West Coast, his engagement with contemporary art has intensified, as he focuses his interests on a younger generation of artists.

The Charged Image reflects Cramer's adventurous spirit as a collector, bringing his recent acquisitions together with iconic works from his collection. The common thread of the works in the exhibition reflects Cramer's interest in the physicality of the human spirit. The Charged Image presents a range of artists' responses to the complexities of gender and sexuality in contemporary society through sensuality and emotion, desire and eroticism. To contextualize the exhibition, the Joseloff Gallery has created a series of special programs to examine the ongoing role of the figure and the nature of sexuality in the visual arts. Art historian Robert Rosenblum, who is writing the text for the catalogue accompanying the exhibition, will lead a panel discussion on September 10, which will further expand dialogue on the historical trajectory of figurative painting. Finally, a gala dinner, honoring Douglas Cramer and the artists will take place immediately following the opening reception on the evening of September 10.

The Charged Image from the collection of Douglas C. Cramer

Joseloff Gallery, Hartford Art School, University of Hartford

Artists: Ghada Amer, Jennifer Bartlett, Vanessa Beecroft, Lousie Bourgeois, Cecily Brown, Jake and Dinos Chapman, John Currin, Willem de Kooning, Jim Dine, Inka Essenhigh, Eric Fischl, Gajin Fujita, Kathleen Gilje, Robert Gutierrez, David Hockney, Kurt Kauper, Damien Loeb, Brice Marden, Henri Matisse, Harland Miller, Elizabeth Peyton, Lari Pittman, Pablo Picasso, Sigmar Polke, Jackson Pollock, Richard Prince, David Salle, Fred Tomaselli, Sam Taylor Wood, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, Lisa

Exhibition Dates: September 7 - October 17, 2004

Special Events: Wednesday, September 8, 11:30 am, Lecture: Deborah Bright
Wilde Auditorium, Gray Center, University of Hartford

Thursday, September 9, 11:30 am
Artists Panel Discussion: TBA
Location: Wilde Auditorium, Gray Center, University of Hartford

Friday, September 10, 1:30 pm
Symposium: moderated by Robert Rosenblum
Location: Wilde Auditorium, Gray Center, University of Hartford

Exhibition Opening Reception
6:00-8:00 pm Joseloff Gallery
Gala Dinner to benefit the Hartford Art School
Location: Lincoln Theater, University of Hartford

For information about gala tickets and tables, contact Nancy Rogers, 860.768.5282 or email rogers@hartford.edu


14. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, presents videos at New College of Calif., Aug 28-29

The Queer Outskirts is pleased to present,
In association with the Activism and Social Change Department,

The New College of California,
And Fresh Meat Productions:
A Dual Feature:
Film Festival August 28-9
Art Reception August 29
New College of California
Cultural Center
766 Valencia (b/wn 18th and 19th)
Saturday 2:30 ñ 6:30p
Sunday 1:30 ñ 4p
Reception: Sunday, 4-6p
Tickets: $5-50 ss, no one turned away.
Questions? Call Judy at 415-437-3447

The New College of California is pleased to host a double-bill showcase of art and films representing a wide range of transgendered experiences. With support from Fresh Meat Productions, Parts offers photos and prints by Del LaGrace Volcano, Emma Ramstad, and Shana Agid to envision the trans body in multiple and explicit terms. Members of the New College Activism and Social Change department curate Trannies on Film, a two-day festival of shorts, documentaries and features by trannies, queers, and intersexed filmmakers dedicated to creating multi-gendered justice through humor, erotica, and conscious critique. With music videos by sex laureate Shawna Virago, experimental shorts by internationally-recognized artist Tobaron Waxman, and perennial favorite Iron Ladies, the afternoons of movies introduce the visual art at a reception on Sunday afternoon.

As trans and gender queer artists struggle to describe who we are and what we want to become in relation to our parts, we have opportunities to muddy the boundaries of binary gender and reimagine what is possible. Parts, a show of prints and photographs by Emma Ramstad, Shana Agid, and Del LaGrace Volcano, envisions the trans body in multiple and explicit terms. Whether revealing the anatomy of a tranny cock, questioning the tranny-boy ideal in relationship to power and privilege, or exposing the risks of living in bodies that provoke anger, fear, and violence, the work in Parts begins to make public what is often left unseen or undiscussed, both within trans communities and in the mainstream imagination. The show runs from August 18th through September 8th, in the New College Cultural Center behind the café.

Trannies on Film aims to represent a wide range of transgendered experiences in order to offer alternatives to the multiple oppressions that keep bathrooms segregated, health care unavailable, and community hard to find. In addition to music videos, experimental shorts, and the cross-dressing saga of a Thai volleyball team, Trannies on Film showcases Born Queer, an intersexed artist's erotic letter to surgeons; Toilet Training, a short documentary that relates the search for safe restrooms (and features music by marching clowns!); No Dumb Questions, addressed to children learning to meet their new aunt; Trans TV, which chronicles twenty years of transgendered images on mainstream television, from All in the Family to Geraldo and Queen; and Shinjuku Boys, introducing three onnabes who work as hosts at a women's club in Tokyo. The two afternoons of films start at 2:30 pm on Saturday the 28th and concludes at 4pm on Sunday the 29th for the reception.

The New College of California is a fully accredited institution committed to providing an education to people who have been denied that chance elsewhere. To that aim, the New College has funded a work-study position called the Queer Outskirts, which connects the campus to aspects of different queer communities through volunteer projects, public programs, and individual support. As an integral part of the campusí varied curricula, Activism and Social Change studentswork closely with their academic and community advisors to develop concentrated learning in specific areas of activist concern such as environmental justice, health and medical care, affordable housing and homelessness, union organizing, legal and human rights, peace activism, and more. Under Artistic Director Sean Dorsey, Fresh Meat Productions is dedicated to the creation, development, and presentation of transgender and queer performance.

WHO: New College of California, Fresh Meat Productions
WHAT: Parts: Photos and Prints; Trannies on Film
WHEN: August 28 2:30 ñ 6:30pm; August 29 1:30 ñ 5:30p
Artists' Reception: Sunday, August 29, 4pm
WHERE:New College of California Cultural Center ñ 766 Valencia (b/wn 18th and 19th)
HOW MUCH: $5-50 sliding scale, no one turned away. Call Judy at 415-437-3447.
WHY: Proceeds go to the artists, PISSR (People in Search of Safe Restrooms), and a queer video library on the New College campus.


15. John Malpede, FF Alumn, at Foley Square, NY, thru November 13, 2004

John Malpede, FF Alumn, teams with Laurie Hawkinson and Erika Rothenberg to recreate the "Freedom of Expression National Monument," originally presented by Creative Time in 1984. You are cordially invited to step up and speak out at Foley Square, at the intersection of Pearl and Center Streets, 2 blocks east of Broadway. Take the 4/5/6 trains to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall or the J/M/Z train to Chambers Street. For more information please visit www.creativetime.org


16. Daniel Joseph Martinez, FF Alumn, at The Project, NY, opening Sept. 3, 6-8 pm

Daniel Joseph Martinez, FF Alumn, presents The House America Built from September 3 through October 2, 2004. Opening reception on Friday September 3, from 6-8 pm. The Project, 37 W. 57th Street, 3rd Floor, NYC 10019, 212-688-4673, www.elproyecto.com


17. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, announces Vote Here, votehere@earthlink.net

Irina Danilova is announcing an election year project VOTE HERE.
As soon as through naturalization she got her right to vote, Irina decided to give it to all those who live in USA, depend on its politics are concerned about it but don't have rights to vote.
If you or anyone you know are:
mentally incompetent (and/or)
under 18 (and/or)
currently in prison (and/or)
resident non-citizen
please send a vote to votehere@earthlink.net before or on November 1. All will be counted and Irina Danilova will vote for the candidate who receives the most.


18. Paul McMahon, FF Alumn, at Sidewalk Café, NY, Aug. 22, 11 pm

Paul McMahon, FF Alumn, appearing August 22 at 11 PM at Sidewalk Cafe, Ave A at 6th St. Paul will be appearing as lead guitarist in the band Army of Love. The band is fronted by Amanda Jo Williams. For more on Army of Love go to http://paulmcmahon.tv/armyoflove/index.htm
Be advised that bands start pretty darn on time at the Sidewalk.


19. Andrea Polli, FF Alumn, at Int'l. Festival of Media Arts, Vancouver, Oct. 14

Experiments with Technology to Explore Our World
OCTOBER 14 to 28, 2004
Vancouver, BC, Canada

The New Forms Festival (NFF) is an international festival of contemporary media arts and technologies, featuring an Exhibition, a Performance/Events Series, and a Conference consisting of keynote addresses, panel presentations, and workshops. Showcasing emerging new media artists from across Canada and around the world, New Forms focuses on the convergence of arts and technology - providing a unique opportunity for audiences and industry professionals to interact with art forms that utilize cutting-edge media technologies. We are pleased to announce the following schedule of
events for NFF2004: Technography.

Festival Opening Night Gala
Featuring Andrea Polli, Kenneth Newby, and DJ Ariel
Roundhouse Community Centre
October 14, 2004
6 - 8 PM

Curated by Aleksandra Dulic, Camille Baker, Kenneth Newby, Daina Warren, Digitalis, NomIg., and Jim Bizzocchi

Roundhouse Community Centre
October 14 - 28, 2004
Daily 10 AM - 6 PM

Electra Gallery
October 14 - 28, 2004
Daily 10 AM - 6 PM

Old Forms and New Forms - A Post-Traditional Technography of World Media Arts
Conference Convenor: Niranjan Rajah
Vancouver Art Gallery
October 14 - 16, 2004

Old Forms and New Forms Day 1: Conference Reception
Keynote Presenter: Ranjit Makkuni
Vancouver Art Gallery
October 14, 2004
4 - 6 PM

Old Forms and New Forms Day 2
Keynote Presenter: Michael Punt
Featured Panel: Sacred Art and Digital Technology of India
Vancouver Art Gallery
October 15, 2004
9 AM - 6 PM

Old Forms and New Forms Day 3
Keynote Presenter: Machiko Kusahara
Featured Panel: First Nations Traditional Healers
Vancouver Art Gallery
October 16, 2004
9 AM - 6 PM

Living Cinema
Curated by Kenneth Newby
Featuring Pierre Hébert and Bob Ostertag
Western Front
October 14, 2004
8 - 10:30 PM

Cinema 04 / Experimental Culture - Program 1
Curated by NomIg. and Malcolm Levy
Video In Studios
October 15, 2004
8 - 10 PM

Curated by Robert Willis, Ben Nevile, Malcolm Levy and Owen Milburn
New Forms Media Society Open Studios
October 15, 2004
10:30 PM - 3 AM

Cinema 04 / Experimental Culture - Program 2
Curated by NomIg. and Jean Piche
Video In Studios
October 16, 2004
8 - 10 PM

Max Fusion - Live Collaboration
Curated by Robert Willis, Ben Nevile, Malcolm Levy and Owen Milburn
New Forms Media Society Open Studios
October 16, 2004
10 PM - 3 AM

Dance and Technology Art (DATA)
Curated by Aleksandra Dulic and Camille Baker
Firehall Arts Centre
October 17, 2004
8 - 10:30 PM

Curated by Robert Willis, Ben Nevile, Malcolm Levy and Owen Milburn
New Forms Media Society Open Studios
October 23, 2004
Time TBA

AVII: Audiovisual Interactions
Curated by NomIg.
Roundhouse Community Centre
October 24, 2004
8 - 11 PM

Curated by Victoria Singh
Western Front
October 28, 2004
8 - 10:30 PM

Festival Closing Party
Venue TBA
October 28, 2004
11 PM - 3 AM


DARR: 37 Conversations
Curated by Alice Ming Wai Jim
Featuring Samina Mansuri
Centre A - Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
Opening: September 11, 2004, 4 -9 PM
Artist Talk: September 12, 2004, 2 PM
Exhibition: September 11 - October 9, 2004
Tuesday - Saturday 11 AM - 6 PM

Every Bus Stop in Surrey, B.C.
Curated by Sylvia Borda
Surrey Art Gallery
Exhibition Online October 14 - 17, 2004
Talk: October 17, 2004, 2 - 3 PM
Networking Reception: October 17, 2004, 3 - 5 PM

Contemporary Art from India
Curated by Keith Wallace
Featuring Anita Dube and Subodh Gupta
Centre A - Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
Opening: October 15, 2004, 8 PM
Exhibition: October 15 - November 27, 2004
Tuesday - Saturday 11 AM - 6 PM
Artists' Talk: October 16, 2004, 2 PM

The New Forms Festival wishes to acknowledge the generous support of The Canada Council for the Arts - Media Arts Program, The Department of Canadian Heritage - Arts Presentation Canada, The BC Arts Council, and The City of Vancouver. The NFF also wishes to thank the following partners: Vancouver Art Gallery, Roundhouse Community Centre, Firehall Arts Centre, Western Front, Video In Studios, Surrey Art Gallery, and CentreA - Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

Media Contact: Robyn Ludwig, Public Relations Director, New Forms Media Society
200 - 252 West 1st Avenue
Vancouver BC V5T 1A6
Phone: (604) 648-2752
Fax: (604) 648-2754
Email: pr@newforms.com
mailto: info@newformsfestival.com


20. AA Bronson,Peter Cramer,Bradley Eros,FF Alumns, at Le Petit Versailles, Aug 20-21

Le Petit Versailles Season 2004
346 East Houston Street
F/V train to Second Ave. J/M -Delancey Street.
All Events Rain or Shine
By donation ($5) or whatever you can - Food, Drinks!
www.alliedproductions.org 212.529.8815

Friday & Saturday 8/20 & 8/21

AVANT GARDE(N) in conjunction w/ Howl Festival
Avant Garde(n) is part of the celebration of the neighborhood's 50 years as the cradle of American counterculture. A summer extravaganza featuring independent films both classic and contemporary.

Friday, August 20 8pm
"Jukebox Jazz" a program curated by Martha Colburn from her collection of scopatones. Cab Calloway, Count Basie, Lena Horne-these are some of the stars of the 16mm musical films shown in film-jukeboxes in the 1940s-'50s. With their hillbilly hits, saucy European songs, stripteases, and more they made music-film/video history. Their innocence, inventiveness, humor and views on sexuality and race are historically informative-and entertaining!

Saturday, August 21 8pm
"The Beast Within Again" curated by M.M. Serra.
An extravaganza of sexy films by artists from the LOWER east side includes: Jack Smith's "Flaming Creatures", Barbara Rubin's double screen projection "Christmas on Earth", Abby Child's "Mayhem", Jennifer Reeves/M.M. Serra's "Darling International" and ""Solar Anus" double projection by Bradley Eros. Video delights include "I Love Jesus" by Anne Hanavan and our fabulous MC Heidi Intercontinental. Put on your finest rags and come celebrate sexuality and cinema.

Exhibition Opening Saturday, Aug. 21st, 5-8pm
The Faerie Show
August 21st - September 5th
Curated by Derek Jackson

Matias Aguilar Black Angel AA Bronson Jordan Buschur Bodie Chewning Colin Cochran Peter Cramer Wong Dowling Angela Dufresne Ricardo Francis Dieter Hall Derek Jackson David Orvino Uudam Nguyen Hunter Reynolds Nelson Santos Amy Steiner Boris Torres Katie Wallace

Monday 8/ 23/ 04 8pm

Kawaisoo: The Pity of Things,
Jason Grote (playwright) / Kate Benson (performer) /Laramie Dennis (director) This play has one actress. It is a monologue about consumerism and 9/11, told by a mentally ill woman in a 24-hour grocery store at 4AM, a few days after the attacks. It has been performed at NYU (Marathon of New Works & Grad Student Arts Fest); Chashama (Oasis02 & Theaters Against War Freedom Follies) and Makor (92nd St. Y Fest).

9pm Kalup Linzy
Video and Performance artist Kalup Linzy will present two of his latest works. "Diva in Distress", a performance featuring Labisha (the diva) and All My Churen, in which, he portrays the six-member Braswell family. Linzy's work is rooted in a southern vernacular that blends elements of art history, soap operas, sitcoms, and chitling circuit musical theatre. For more info visit: http://www.freewebs.com/kalup



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