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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
August 10, 2004

1. Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, announces publication of biography of James Castle
2. LUXE Gallery, NY announces Experimental Party Disinformation Ctr, opening Aug. 21
3. Eileen Myles, FF Alumn, at St. Mark's Church, Sept. 22 and 29, 8 pm
4. G.H. Hovagimyan, FF Alumn, at Groningen Museum, Aug. 23 and more
5. Gallery Onetwentyeight, NY, presents Self-Ish self-portrait exhibition thru Sept. 11
6. Rev. Billy, FF Alumn, marries people on the Great Lawn, Central Park, NY August 29
7. Laurie Anderson, FF Alumn, at MoMA @ CUNY, September 23, 7 pm
8. Carrie Moyer, William Pope.L, Dread Scott, Krzysztof Wodiczko, FF Alumns, at Schroeder Romero, Brooklyn, opening Aug. 25, 6-9 pm
9. Elizabeth Zimmer at HERE, NY, August 31, 7:30 pm
10. Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center presents Ursel Schlicht, Aug 11, 7 pm
11. Penny Arcade, Yoshiko Chuma, Karen Finley, Murray Hill, Reno, Rev Billy, Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumns, in 2nd Annual Festival of East Village Arts, Aug. 17-24
12. "Puke" variety and puppet show at The Tank, NYC, Aug. 13, 10 pm
13. Alice Wu, FF Alumn, at The Altman Building, NY, TONITE, 7 pm

1. Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, announces publication of biography of James Castle

Biography Explores Genius, Complexity Of Artist James Castle
A new biography titled James Castle: His Life and Art explores the life, genius and motivation behind one of Idaho's greatest enigmas. Written by Tom Trusky, a Castle expert, director of the Hemingway Western Studies Center and Boise State University English professor, the book contains rare documents and photographs, exclusive interviews with Castle's family and childhood friends and the testimony of contemporary art and medical experts. Labeled for his entire life as deaf, mute, illiterate and mentally challenged, Castle is now thought to have actually been autistic. Born in 1899 in the mountain town of Garden Valley, Idaho, he was the fifth of seven children. He never learned to speak, had a limited ability to read and write and he seemingly refused to be Taught to sign. His primary form of communication was the thousands of drawings and illustrations he produced during his lifetime. Houses, domestic scenes, family members and friends were endlessly rendered in what some have termed a primitive "folk art" style from crude tools and supplies - ink made from soot and saliva, pens fashioned from twigs or sticks, and canvases scavenged from scrap paper, cardboard, books and the many catalogs that flowed through his parents' general store and post office. Even when family, friends, curators and artists purchased paints and brushes for him, late in his career, he preferred to make his own tools. Amazingly, although unschooled, he was able to grasp the concept of several artistic principles, including vanishing point perspective. Largely undiscovered and unappreciated during his lifetime, he is now considered by many art historians to prefigure a number of the major schools and -isms of 20th century art. After decades of making unrecognized art in an icehouse and abandoned chicken shed, Castle began making "Dreamhouses" in the 1940s. These small drawings, if black and white, were fancifully fashioned homes with polka-dot roofs and tweed, plaid or herringbone siding. For color "Dreamhouses," Castle used apricot pits to scrape the wax coating from dairy product containers. The artist would then wet colored paper and laboriously rub the tinctures into the feathery, scraped container surfaces, creating vibrant glowing replicas of the residences that took root in his imagination. His family realized he was trying to communicate with them and in 1963 purchased a small mobile home using proceeds from the sale of his works. Castle, who moved to the Boise Valley with his family in 1924, worked in this "Dreamhouse" for more than a decade before he died in Boise in 1977. In addition to his drawings, Castle filled hundreds of books with illustrations during his lifetime. The most rare and intriguing are his Icehouse Books. Found in an icehouse in Garden Valley, the handmade book art volumes have survived fire, ice, decay, demolition and indifference - some even survived the Teton Dam disaster in 1974. Another set of four books, known as the Early Attic Collection, was recently discovered in a box of tattered books and catalogs purchased for $10 at a Caldwell estate auction. Those books are now being stored in the climate-controlled archives at Boise State's Albertsons Library. They will be unveiled at an international conference this fall on the East Coast. In his capacity as Castle's biographer, Trusky has written articles in Biblio, Raw Vision, Folk Art, Journal of Artists' Books and The Idaho Review. With Boise State communication professor Peter Lutze, he directed and wrote the video documentary Dreamhouse: The Art & Life of James Castle for Painted Smiles Press. In 2000, Dreamhouse premiered on Idaho Public Television. As well, Trusky has curated Castle art book exhibitions in Canada, England, New York, Chicago and other U.S. venues.

James Castle: His Life and Art (190 pages, hardback and paperback, $29.95 and $19.95, more than 100 black and white and color illustrations) is published by the Idaho Center for the Book. Proceeds from the book's sale pay for ICB printing expenses.
Orders to: kdavis@boisestate.edu (208) 426-1362 (BSU Book Store) or from Amazon.com

Tom Trusky
Department of English
208 426-1999
Media Contact
Kathleen Craven
News Services
208 426-3275

This news release and a photo of the book cover are available online at http://news.boisestate.edu


2. LUXE Gallery, NY announces Experimental Party Disinformation Ctr, opening Aug. 21

Experimental Party DisInformation Center Comes to NYC

Experimental Party DisInformation Center
Anarchic Entertainment for the Nation!
Presented by the US Department of Art & Technology (full press release below)
Works by: Mark Amerika, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Andy Deck, Jeff Gates, Jon
Henry, Lynn Hershman, Gregory T. Kuhn, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky and '47,'
Andrew Nagy, Randall Packer, Trace Reddell, Rick Silva, and Wesley Smith.
Convention coverage by Alexander Provan.

Opening reception: "Propaganda Hospitality Suite," Sat., August 21st, 6-8pm
(Bring Your Own Propaganda BYOP)
Installation continues through Sept. 4, Tues. - Sat. 11am - 6pm
Closing reception: "Post-Mortem Lounge," Sat., Sept. 4, 6-8pm

LUXE gallery
24 W. 57th St., 5th Floor, #503
New York City

Website: http://www.experimentalparty.org
Media Release
For Immediate Release: July 23, 2004
Contact: Press Secretary, Megan Morrow


WASHINGTON, DC - The Experimental Party rolls into New York on Saturday, August 21st just ahead of the Republican National Convention with the opening of its Propaganda Hospitality Suite at LUXE Gallery, 24 West 57th Street, NYC from 6 - 8 PM. Politicos, press, protestors, Republicans, performance artists, and the public will gather for a first look at the Experimental Party DisInformation Center, a state-of-the-art media installation presented by the US Department of Art & Technology. The exhibition runs through Saturday, September 4th, when it will close with a Post-Mortem Lounge from 6 - 8 PM. Regular hours for the installation are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 6 PM.

The Propaganda Hospitality Suite at LUXE will bring together diverse elements of the politically-charged artists and activists converging on New York for an evening of pre-convention revelry, featuring special appearances by Axis of Eve, Billionaires for Bush, Armed Artists of America (AAA), USA Exquisite Corpse, The Secretary, and the Virtual Voice of America singing "God Bless America." All artists and citizens are encouraged to "bring your own propaganda" (BYOP).

Regarding the Experimental Party DisInformation Center, US DAT Secretary Randall M. Packer stated, "We selected New York City to stage a 'convention intervention' in order to subvert the ensuing propaganda of the Republicans with our own techniques of media and illusion. Our decision will show that if you want to carry out anarchic entertainment for the nation, there's no place better in the world to do it than New York City during the Republican National Convention!"

Secretary Packer has collaborated with US DAT staff artists including: Mark Amerika, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Jeff Gates, Jon Henry, Lynn Hershman, Gregory T. Kuhn, Andrew Nagy, and Wesley Smith. Additional works by Andy Deck, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky and '47,' Trace Reddell, and Rick Silva are also included. Convention coverage by Alexander Provan and the Experimental News team.

Featured projects at the Experimental Party DisInformation Center include:
Media Deconstruction Kit (MDK): Live altering of broadcast news and Convention coverage.
Society of the Spectacle (A Digital Remix): Ten-minute DVD art-loop by DJRABBI.
WetheBlog.org: Virtual community for media artists and cultural critics.
Homeland Insecurity Advisory System: Broadcasting the daily governmental threat.
Awaken: A dark portrayal of the Spirit of America.
Abe Golam for President 2004 (A PolyVocal Remix): Politically reborn avatar-candidate.

For information and photos visit http://www.experimentalparty.org
LUXE Gallery: 24 W. 57th St., NYC, Tues - Sat. 11AM - 6PM, 212.404.7455

About the US Department of Art & Technology
The US Department of Art and Technology is the United States principal conduit for facilitating the artist's need to extend aesthetic inquiry into the broader culture where ideas become real action. It also serves the psychological and spiritual well-being of all Americans by supporting cultural efforts that provide immunity from the extension of new media technologies into the social sphere.

About the Experimental Party
The Experimental Party - the "party of experimentation" - is an initiative that has been formed to activate citizens across the country in an effort to bring the artists' message to center stage of the political process. This is a political awakening, "representation through virtualization" is the major political thrust - it is the driving force.

This event is part of the Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues & Ideas, a citywide cultural festival, Aug 28 - Sept 2, designed to inspire, instigate and support civic engagement through the arts. http://www.imagine04.org


3. Eileen Myles, FF Alumn, at St. Mark's Church, Sept. 22 and 29, 8 pm

The workshop from "Hell", a new one act opera, with libretto by Eileen Myles, FF Alumn, will have two performances, Sept. 22 & 29 (both Wednesdays) at 8PM, St. Mark's Church, NYC.


4. G.H. Hovagimyan, FF Alumn, at Groningen Museum, Aug. 23 and more

Rant/ Rant Back/ Back Rant is an ongoing performance work by Peter Sinclair and G.H. Hovagimyan. The work was performed in 2003 at La Gaite du Lyrique in Paris, France and the Splitski festival in Split, Croatia. Documentation can be viewed at <http://nujus.net For the 2004 series the work will be performed in the Netherlands August 23rd at the Groningen Museum and August 26th at Steim in Amsterdam.

There are two performers; the ranter and the processor. In English the word "rant" means (verb) to talk in a noisy, excited or declamatory fashion or (noun) a bombastic, extravagant speech. The processor listens to the ranter and grabs live audio which he outputs to loud speakers. The ranter hears the processed sound clips and responds. The performance can be likened to to a musical jam session using digital signal processing. In society you often see ranters on the street. They talk about the current events or shout about people in power etc. They often speak the truth. We listen with one ear while pretending not to hear. The two performers process the information in a feedback loop, in real time. What then is the content? It's information gleaned from TV, newspapers, conspiracy theories, hearsay, paranoid delusions etc. The raw material for the 2003 rants are presented in a blog
<http://nujus.net/experiment/iblog/index.html For the 2004 rants a new blog has been set up <http://spaghetti.nujus.net/dsus


5. Gallery Onetwentyeight, NY, presents Self-Ish self-portrait exhibition thru Sept. 11

Gallery Onetwentyeight
128 Rivington Street, NYC 10002
Phone 1 212 674 0244

selfportraits by 128 artists
organized by:
Kazuko Miyamoto
Lori Waxman
David Higginbotham

afterhours video project: Istvan Szili

through September 11, 2004
Gallery hours: Thursday- Saturday 2-7 or by appointment


6. Rev. Billy, FF Alumn, marries people on the Great Lawn, Central Park, NY August 29

Reverend Billy invites you to marry or renew your vows under the auspices of The Church of the First Amendment on the Great Lawn in Central Park, starting at 1:00 PM on Sunday August 29th. To find the Great Lawn go west of the Met or east of the Natural History Museum, even with 82nd Street.

As a certified "marriage officiant," registered with the City Clerk of New York City, the Reverend will sign your marriage papers with the authority vested in him by, uh, a multi-gender god.

When you enter the lawn look for the white cloth steeple and the yellow robes of the Gospel Choir. Bring your own vows, but our Church requires a recitation of the First Amendment during the ceremony. You can practice repeating the phrase at our Tuesday evening "First Amendment Mob" (6:30 to 7 PM, down in the Ground Zero Path Station.)


7. Laurie Anderson, FF Alumn, at MoMA @ CUNY, September 23, 7 pm

MoMA Film and Media presents
Music and Media: Laurie Anderson, Michel Gondry, and Brian Eno
September 23, September 30 and October 7 at 7 p.m

Laurie Anderson, Michel Gondry, and Brian Eno have been at the forefront of media experimentation. The series explores the vitalizing role of music to the development of their expression in many multi-media formats. The artists introduce their work, followed by a conversation with a respondent.

September 23: Laurie Anderson and Wallace Shawn
Laurie Anderson flourishes in the disparate worlds of music, the avant-garde, and mainstream art, commanding a "technology" style honed over a decades-long career. Respondent Wallace Shawn wrote and acted in the play and film My Dinner with Andre (1981). Other acting roles include Vanya on 42nd Street (1994), Sex and the City, and the Woody Allen's soon to be released film Melinda and Melinda.

September 30: Michel Gondry and Ed Halter
Former member of French rock band "Oui Oui," Michel Gondry is known for his off-kilter music videos with Bjork, Beck, and the Chemical Brothers. He recently directed the feature film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, written by Charlie Kaufman. Respondent Ed Halter is a film critic with the Village Voice. He is director and guiding light of the New York Underground Film Festival.

October 7: Brian Eno and Todd Haynes
Installation artist, producer, and rock and electronic musician Brian Eno has worked with media for many years. His career encompasses painter, member of the '70s band Roxy Music, collaborator with Robert Fripp and David Byrne, and a trendsetter of "new music." Respondent Todd Haynes began making independent films in the 1980s and has written and directed feature films Safe (1995), Velvet Goldmine (1998), and Far from Heaven (2002).

Music and Media is organized by The Museum of Modern Art, New York, in association with the City University of New York Graduate Center, with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. All events take place at CUNY Proshansky Auditorium (365 5th Ave, at 34th St). Tickets are $15, $10 for members, $8 for students with current ID, and can be purchased in person at the Visitor Center (open daily 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. and 3:00-5:30 p.m.) at the MoMA Design Store, 44 West 53 Street, in Manhattan, and at the box office at the Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue. Remaining tickets will be available at the door on the evening of the program. To purchase or reserve tickets through the box office at the Graduate Center, please call (212) 817-8215 or email continuinged@gc.cuny.edu. Remaining tickets will be available at the door on the evening of the program.


8. Joyce Kozloff, Carrie Moyer, William Pope.L, Dread Scott, Krzysztof Wodiczko, FF Alumns, at Schroeder Romero, Brooklyn, opening Aug. 25, 6-9 pm

Schroeder Romero
173A N.3rd Street. Brooklyn NY.
www.schroederromero.com 718 486 8992.
Opening Reception: Wed August 25, 2004. 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: August 26 ? September 2, 2004. 12-6pm.
Contact: Marc Lepson. 718 692 4571. pauperprints@earthlink.net

Artists: Robbie Conal, Jim Costanzo, Erika deVries, Electronic Disturbance Theater, Emily Jacir Christopher Knowles, Joy Garnett, Jerry Kearns, Joyce Kozloff, Carrie Moyer, Ann Messner, Jenny Polak, William Pope L., Dread Scott, Peter Scott, Carla Repice, Leonard Silverberg, James Tomon, Barbara Weissberger, Krzysztof Wodiczko,
Emna Zghal

An exhibition of new and recent visual works in a variety of media, Watch What We Say presents a mix of emerging and established artists who address pressing political issues of the moment in poetic, subversive, emotional and clear-eyed terms.

In the weeks following the attacks of September 11, 2001, President Bush's press secretary Ari Fleischer replied to criticism of administration policy by warning that "all Americans need to watch what they say, watch what they do". This challenge to free expression emphasized the climate of war, repression, and xenophobia that continues to run through American society. By speaking directly to this web of issues that remain intertwined and interdependent, the artists selected for this exhibition present works that testify to the power of creative thought in the face of overwhelming odds. For this show, timed to coincide with the Republican National Convention in NYC, artists Joy Garnett, James Tomon, Carrie Moyer, Jerry Kearns and Robbie Conal show works that take on images of power via painterly construction and de-construction of mediated images. Jenny Polak and Krzysztof Wodiczko look closely at the immigrant experience, while Wlliam Pope L. and Dread Scott examine racial relations in historical and contemporary terms, and Peter Scott's 'mirror' image "explores the interplay between the relentless marketing of fear and the selling of comfort". Taking a more emotional aproach, Christopher Knowles presents a simple and moving interpretation of color coded alert levels, along with Leonard Silverberg's carefully composed ink washes of wandering displaced persons, Joyce Kozloff's meticulous watercolor map of the partition of 1948 Palestine/Israel, and Barbara Weissberger's humorous and disturbing corporeal forms. Ann Messner's newspaper vending machine installation presents a hopeful alternative by dispensing free copies of 'un conventional heroes', a narrative of personal courage and dissent. Rounding out the show are video interventions by Jim Costanzo, off-site performance by Carla Repice, live internet radio broadcast by Erika deVries and a Virtual Sit-In of the RNC by Electronic Disturbance Theater (Ricardo Dominguez, Carmin Karasic , Brett Stalbaum, Stefan Wray). Looking directly at extreme circumstances, these artists project back lyrical responses that are complex, beautiful, and meaningful. Difficult questions are posed eloquently, with respect to the myriad of possible answers. Watch What We Say is curated by Marc Lepson, an installation and graphic artist whose previous curatorial projects include Art During Wartime (co-organized with Dread Scott) shown at IT IN Space NYC, Spring 2003. His work is on view at the Brooklyn Museum's "Open House" exhibition through August 15, and can be seen at http://www.artistsnetwork.org/news7/news288.html


9. Elizabeth Zimmer at HERE, NY, August 31, 7:30 pm

Elizabeth Zimmer will perform her North Wing: A Cautionary Tale with Poems by Dead White Men At HERE, 145 Sixth Avenue at Spring on Tuesday, August 31 at 7:30 p.m.,
part of a double bill with Gregory Jones's Red State/Blue State.

An autobiographical monologue with music by Peter Kirn, North Wing revisits an illegal abortion and a nervous breakdown in the years before Roe v. Wade.

Admission is $15; with the code HERE12 you can get tickets for $12

For reservations, call 212-647-0202
or visit www.smarttix.com


10. Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center presents Ursel Schlicht, Aug 11, 7 pm

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center presents
Listen In

Ursel Schlicht

Wednesday, August 11, 7:00pm
596 Broadway, Suite 602, NY, NY 10012/corner of Broadway & Houston
subway: Broadway/Lafayette (F/V), Bleecker (6), Prince St. (W/R)
212-431-1130 (p), 212-431-7693(f)
www.harvestworks.org / contact Carol Parkinson: 212-431-1130

On Wednesday, August 11, Harvestworks will again present a viewing of F.W. Murnau's amazing classic silent film Faust (1926) with a soundtrack by artist-in-residence Ursel Schlicht. Exploring the aesthetics of both early 20th century European avant-garde and post-Cageian extended piano playing, Schlicht has created a musical synthesis that reshapes the spontaneity of traditional silent film improvisation into a compelling new soundtrack.

German-born pianist, composer and improviser Ursel Schlicht explores jazz-derived styles as well as experimental forms of music. She has collaborated with German, Australian, American, African, Spanish, Russian and Mexican artists at festivals around the world including the What is Jazz? Festival in New York, the Festival del´Arte Contemporaneo in Mexico, the Melbourne International Women´s Jazz Festival, the Jaroslawl Jazz Festival in Russia, and the documenta in Kassel, Germany.

She has written compositions and arrangements for small and large jazz ensembles, new music ensembles, improvisational scores for silent films and music for dance theater. Fostering intercultural exchange and collaborations has become an important focus of her work. In 2002, she created Ex Tempore, initially a week-long international collaboration featuring artists from Germany, the US, India, Eritrea and Afghanistan (Gabriele Hasler, Hakim Ludin, Salamat Schiftah, Jamie Baum, Tomas Ulrich, Ravish Momin, Brandon Terzic, Tadios Tesfu), which will tour in the US and Canada this September. In 2003, Ursel Schlicht toured Australia, where she collaborated extensively with Australian saxophonist Adam Simmons. Current ensembles in New York include her duo with Reuben Radding, her duo with Robert Dick, and her trio with Ken Filiano and Lou Grassi.

Schlicht holds a doctorate from the University of Hamburg. She has taught at the Universities of Kassel and Hamburg, Rutgers University, Columbia University, and is currently teaching at Ramapo College, NJ.

Her work has been supported by grants and fellowships from: Harvestworks, Music Omi International Artist Residency (Resident 2001, Curator 2002), Experimental Intermedia, Meet the Composer, Goethe Institut, University of Kassel, Kulturstiftung der Kasseler Sparkasse, City of Kassel, State of Hessen, German Consulate General New York, Dr. Wolfgang Zippel-Foundation, Heinrich-Böll Foundation, Fonca Mexico.

Harvestworks is a not-for-profit arts organization founded in 1977 to cultivate artistic talent using digital technologies. We foster the creation of new works through coordinated digital media production, education, information and distribution services. Located in Soho, NYC and on the internet at http://www.harvestworks.org - we're a creative environment where artists work in an integrated way.

HARVESTWORKS Digital Media Arts Center
596 Broadway, Suite 602 (at Houston St)
New York, NY 10012
Tel: 212-431-1130
Subway: F/V Broadway/Lafayette, 6 Bleecker, W/R Prince


11. Penny Arcade, Yoshiko Chuma, Karen Finley, Murray Hill, Reno, Rev Billy, Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumns, in 2nd Annual Festival of East Village Arts, Aug. 17-24

HOWL '04
2nd Annual Festival of East Village Arts
August 17-24th, 2004
East Village & Beyond!

Bigger, Better & More Dangerous...
8 Days! 70 Venues! 1,500 Artists! 441 Events!

New additions
HOWL! Dance HOWL! Lit
HOWL! Performance
HOWL! Theater Hip Hop HOWL!

New ethnic festivals
Jewbilation! Japanese Cultural Festival

New venues, including Plaza Cultural Armando Perez, CBGB's, Clemente Soto Velez Lakeside Lounge, The Living Room, P.S. 122, AAI, Sol Goldman/14th St. Y, Theater for the New City

Antibalas, Billionaires for Bush, Boy George, Candy Darling, Carolee Schneemann, Charles Mingus Big Band, Dan Bern, David Amram, Donovan, Ed Sanders, Green Dragon, Holly Woodlawn, Jimmy Heath, John Herald, John Jesurun, Jonathon Ames, Julie Atlas Muz, Karen Finley, Kiki & Herb, Lady Bunny, Luis Guzman, Lypsinka, Miguel Algarin, Moby, Murray Hill, Penny Arcade, Phoebe Legere, The Ramones, Reno, Reverend Billy, Rev Jen, RuPaul, Scotty The Blue Bunny, Seth Tobocman, Speed Levitch, Stephen Merritt, Steve Earle, Suzanne Vega, Tracie Morris, Tracy & the Plastics, Uncle Jimmy's Dirty Basement, Yoshiko Chuma and much much more...

see www.howlfestival.com for more details


12. "Puke" variety and puppet show at The Tank, NYC, Aug. 13, 10 pm

(variety and puppets)
Friday August 13th
at 10:00 p.m.
at The Tank
432 W. 42nd st btwn 9th and 10th

imnotlost presents PUKE! NOT an anti-RNC show, but a PRO-PUKE show. Raise Plow (of Slutty Puppets) hosts this romping affair filled with spectacular surprises and very many +IBg-clearly recognizable puke moments+IBk- to be affirmed only by anarchic audience voting. (we don+IBk-t live in a democracy no more.) Raise your glass to PUKE!

Featuring: Drag by Agnes de Garron, Godzilla performance art by Patrick Cadenhead, Stilt dancing by Yoko, wacko regurgitating puppets by Christy Penney, and from yours truly, Raise Plow, you+IBk-ll see a dissertation on the relationship between the act of puking and kinetic energy at the republican national convention, one very monstrous eyeball, and Lamb-Girl +IBg-uncaged+IBk-!! See it all at The Tank!


13. Alice Wu, FF Alumn, at The Altman Building, NY, TONITE, 7 pm

We are looking forward to seeing you at THE CLOSET! Did you all see yours truly quoted in METRO this Monday morning? Metro, NYC's favorite free daily paper, ran a feature Styles article about THE CLOSET and interviewed Feral Childe. Advance tickets for the event are sold out, but you can still get tickets at the door. Once again ---

THE CLOSET (www.styleaholics.com), NYC's premier Shop n' Party event, featuring Feral Childe + 23 indie fashion designers, 7 international female DJS & a female MC

OPEN BAR 7 - 9:00 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m. - Final entry 11:30 p.m.
CASH preferred; credit cards accepted: Visa, MC, AMEX. ALL SALES FINAL.
21 and over.
General admission $15

Friends of Feral Childe - show up in your bestest FC Gear and get 10% off that evening's purchases!

From the producers, STYLEAHOLICS: "We welcome you to our 1980s London FLAT. This year we debut a MENSWEAR section, a funky kick ass accessories section and as always, the best of indie womenswear that NYC has to offer! Bring your dancing feet to enjoy the beats of Chicago House, UK Garage, 50's Pop, Haitian Roots, Bhangra as well as some bubbling hip-hop and R&B.

On August 10 the Closet continues to serve as an interactive platform for a wide array of artists. As always we unite creativity & commerce, with taste making Styleaholics. Remember that this is the time of year where you will be seen - so do yourself a favor and dress the part!

Our flat is located at the Altman Building (135 W18th St, between 6th & 7th Ave). Early arrival suggested for best pickings.

The Closet's 4th installment is sponsored by: Clorox, Woolite, Innovation, TRACE, Orange Vodka, LuvCharlie.com, Rheingold, Urban Decay and ASICS."

PS Clorox asked us to contribute some artwork --- so look out for the
Clorox Bleach Pen booth!



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