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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
July 27, 2004

1. Dolores Zorreguieta, FF Alumn, at 180 Grados Arte, Buenos Aires, Aug 3, and more
2. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Sweet Rhythm, NY, Aug 3, 8 & 10 pm
3. Bob Sikoryak, FF Alumn, on Comedy Central's Daily Show w. Jon Stewart, Jul 27-30
4. Ricardo Miranda Zuniga, FF Alumn, new website, http://www.ambriente.com/bowery/
5. Stefanie Trojan, FF Alumn, performs in Munich, July 30, and more
6. Jennifer Miller, Cathy Weis, FF Alumns, at 45 Bleecker Theater, Jul 28 - Aug 1
7. John Malpede, FF Alumn, RFKennedy Performance Project, Kentucky, Sept 04
8. Jon Keith Brunelle, FF Alumn, at PS 122, Aug 14, 9 pm
9. Jessica Chalmers, FF alumn, presents Avanti, Sept - Oct 04, http://avanti.nd.edu/

1. Dolores Zorreguieta, FF Alumn, at 180 Grados Arte, Buenos Aires, Aug 3, and more

Dolores Zorreguieta opens solo show at 180 Grados Arte on August 3, 2004.
Curated by Corinne Sacca Abadi
180 Grados Arte
San Martín 975
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
tel. 4312-9211
Hours: Monday to Friday from Noon to Midnight
Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm and from 9pm to Midnight


She will give an artist talk at Alliance Francaise, August 13, 2004,
Av. Córdoba 946, Buenos Aires


She will present a seminar on digital art at Espacio Fundación
Telefónica, August 17, 18, 19, 2004

Espacio Fundación Telefónica
Arenales 1540
C1061AAR Buenos Aires
Tel/Fax: (5411) 4333-1300 /4333-1301


2. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Sweet Rhythm, NY, Aug 3, 8 & 10 pm

Tuesday August 3rd
Nora York Sings To
" Sing A Joyful Noise...Or Shouting Into The Void"
Sweet Rhythm
Two Sets
Show times are at 8 & 10pm
15 dollar cover 10 dollar minimum

88 Seventh Avenue South (at Bleecker Street)
New York, NY 10014
Phone 212-255-3626
Dave Hofstra -Bass
Charlie Giordano -- Accordion
Steve Tarshis -- Guitar
And introducing Heather Christian -- voice


3. Bob Sikoryak, FF Alumn, on Comedy Central's Daily Show w. Jon Stewart, Jul 27-30

Hi everyone,
I've created a series of drawings that will appear in the opening titles of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," all this week, during their coverage of the Democratic Convention.

They depict some of the uniquely Democratic people and things that you'll find in Boston (such as trial lawyers, organized labor, etc.) rendered in a colonial woodcut style. It's a series of 5 pictures that will be shown every night, plus 4 additional pictures, one of which will appear each night. So don't miss an episode! (You should be watching the show already, anyway. I was a fan long before they hired me!)

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" is on Comedy Central. Look for my pictures on Tuesday, July 27 through Friday, July 30.
(In my neighborhood, it's on at 11 PM on channel 45. And it's often repeated the next day. Check your listings.)

R. Sikoryak
10 Stuyvesant Oval # 10-D
NY, NY 10009


4. Ricardo Miranda Zuniga, FF Alumn, new website, http://www.ambriente.com/bowery/

I've just finished assembling the web site that goes with my bowery project and thought i'd pass it along... it includes much of my research, interviews, and documentation:



5. Stefanie Trojan, FF Alumn, performs in Munich, Jul 30, and more

Invitation for the Performance:
Stefanie Trojan
"Sind Sie zufrieden?" ("Are you content?")
Friday, July 30th, 2004

galerie royal
landsberger str. 446
d-81241 munich
fon: ++49-(0)98-85699151
mail: lenhart@galerieroyal.de


Deutschland sucht... (Germany is looking for....)
Exhibition: 17 June - 19 September
Kölnischer Kunstverein
Hahnenstr. 6
D- 50667 Cologne

Artists: Nevin Aladag, Thomas Bayrle, Henning Bohl, Heike Bollig, Ulla von Brandenburg, Andreas Brehmer/Sirko Knüpfer, Michael Buthe, Helmut Dorner, Jeanne Faust, Julika Gittner, Asta Gröting, Niels Hanisch, Myriam Holme, Viola Klein, Seb Koberstädt, Michael Krebber, Svenja Kreh, Kalin Lindena, Daniel Megerle, Anna Kerstin Otto, Manfred Pernice, Marion Porten, Mandla Reuter, Evelyn Richter, Eske Schlüters, Stafeta, Lee Thomas Taylor, Stefanie Trojan, Danh Vo, Gabriel Vormstein, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Herwig Weiser, Tobias Zielony, Zupfgeigenproduktion.

Curators: Ariane Beyn (Berlin), Anja Dorn (Cologne), Peter Gorschlüter (Düsseldorf), Iris Kadel (Karlsruhe), Chistiane Mennicke (Dresden), Nina Möntmann (Hamburg), Vanessa Joan Müller (Frankfurt), Julia Schäfer (Leipzig), Judith Schwarzbart (Munich)

The exhibition "Deutschland sucht" ("Germany is looking for") is intended to offer an insight into current developments of young art in Germany and to critically address the format of the survey exhibition at the same time. With the intention of creating a framework as broad and open as possible, curators from different regions of Germany have been invited to each name three artistic positions that are not yet well known to the art public or not yet established, although their works are significant for current developments in contemporary art. In addition, each of the curators has proposed an established position as a (historical and/or artistic) reference, which can contribute to elucidating the selected approaches. The conceptual openness of the exhibition, the cross-generational approach, and the absence of any excluding thematic definition make it possible to take into consideration different artistic positions, whose joint exhibition is intended to enable a discussion of correspondences and differences.

Conceived by Jens Hoffmann and Kathrin Rhomberg

A catalogue will be published for the exhibition with pictures of all the works shown in the exhibition and essays by the curators about current developments in young art in Germany.

Exhibition Discussion with the co-curators
The exact date in mid-September will be announced.

Exhibition Tour
Wed., 21 July, 6 p.m. Kathrin Rhomberg
The exhibition was made possible through the generous support Aloys F.
Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG.


6. Jennifer Miller, Cathy Weis, FF Alumns, at 45 Bleecker Theater, Jul 28 - Aug 1

Dates:July 28th - August 1st at8pm
45 Below
45 Bleecker Theater
Ticket Price:$20 ($10 students) pre-sale
at theatermania.com or by calling 212-352-3101 OR cash at the door, box office opens at7PM

Two distinguished professionals, Cathy Weis (founder of the Cathy Weis Projects), and Jennifer Miller (founder of Circus Amok) give a dogmatic discourse on the mechanics of walking. Preceded nightly by "Addendum to A Day" by Tanya Calamoneri and Allen Willner -a butoh-play about C., a woman who can not wake up, and yet can not fall asleep. She has the distinct sensation that she's blistering in the sun. Followed by a special "Dance Salon" on closing night (August 1st) An interactive salon for dancers and musicians, this late-night party will present diverse work from emerging choreographers and include a live improvisation setting. Curated by Kendall McKinley & Kim Robinson.

WomenCenterStage is produced by The Culture Project @ 45 Bleecker.
For more information go to www.womencenterstage.com


7. John Malpede, FF Alumn, RFKennedy Performance Project, Kentucky, Sept 04

RFK in EKY: The Robert F. Kennedy Performance Project
Update, July 2004

Appalshop and Director John Malpede would like to give you an update on our progress, and invite you again to join us for an extraordinary event at the real-time, multi-site, multimedia reenactment of Robert Kennedy's visit to the coalfields of Appalachia in February of 1968. More than just a massive historical recreation, the project, RFK in EKY, uses Kennedy's visit as a starting place to look at the changes in American society and culture over the past forty years; ideas of memory and commemoration; and the practice of citizenship.

On September 8th through 11th 2004, Appalshop, national policy experts, Appalachian experts and activists, an international body of artists, and hundreds of eastern Kentuckians will be working together under the direction of artist John Malpede to recreate Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 tour of five Kentucky counties, exploring the effects of the war on poverty in one of the country's most distinctive yet marginalized regions.

Kennedy came to the area to explore solutions to the problems of hunger, joblessness, resource extraction, and limited expectation with the citizens of central Appalachia, seeking their advice in a series of hearings for the Senate Subcommittee on Manpower, Employment and Poverty. He found a proud and thoughtful population, often in dire straits, but unafraid to add their voices to the national conversation. In striking parallel to today, Kennedy also found people upset with a war they viewed as hijacking resources away from education and health programs, an unreceptive federal government, and an economy willing to sacrifice the environment for trade.

RFK in EKY not only recreates a historic moment, it holds a mirror to it and asks people now to join in and continue these conversations, exploring their hopes and promises, and analyzing what's true in our relationship to government, community, and each other.

The Events (tentative, we'll continue to update you)
Day One, Wednesday, September 8
University of Kentucky Student Center, Room 230, Lexington, KY
*An Evening with Peter Edelman
Searching for America's Heart: RFK and the Renewal of Hope
Sponsored by the UK Appalachian Studies Program
Reception to follow, sponsored by the New Cities Foundation

Day Two, Thursday, September 9
Campton, KY
*Pancake Breakfast and Styling Party
Pancakes and coffee, costumes and coif for performers and audience

Vortex, KY
Hearing of the Senate Subcommittee on Employment, Manpower and Poverty
Citizens testify on the local impact of War on Poverty programs

Barwick School, Barwick, KY
RFK visits with students in one room schoolhouse
*Peter Edelman and teacher Bonnie Jean Carroll discuss hunger, poverty circa

Liberty Street, Hazard, KY
RFK tours African American community, visiting in homes and addressing
housing needs

Downtown Hazard, KY
RFK interviewed by radio personality Bill Gorman, now Mayor of Hazard

Yellow Creek Strip Mine Site, Knott County, KY
RFK and mine operator confrontation over access to site, entourage enters without permission *Discussion of environmental concerns

Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, KY

Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, KY
RFK addresses student body on education and regional leadership, students question him on Vietnam and national priorities

Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, KY
*Peter Edelman and audience discuss current issues raised in the RFK tour recreation

Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, KY
*Screening and discussion ofThoughts in the Presence of Fear, a film by Herby Smith

Day Three, Friday, September 10

Letcher County Courthouse, Whitesburg, KY
RFK speech

Fleming-Neon High school Gym, Neon, KY
Hearing of the Senate Subcommittee on Employment, Manpower and Poverty
Author Harry Caudill, activists, students, protesters, and mine operators

Fleming Headstart, Fleming, KY
RFK visits and reads story to Headstart class

Hemphill and Haymond, KY
RFK visits in individual family homes

Floyd County Fiscal Court, Prestonsburg, KY
RFK and Congressman Carl D. Perkins speak

Floyd County Library, Prestonsburg, KY
RFK informally dedicates new library building

Floyd County Library, Prestonsburg, KY
*Loyal Jones, historian and author, discusses the War on Poverty's Appalachian legacy

Day Four, Saturday, September 11

All Day
Neon Days Festival, Neon, KY
Exhibition: RFK Memorabilia, Artifacts, and Commemoration
Curated by Harrell Fletcher, John Malpede and RFKinEKY staff

Neon Days Festival, Neon, KY
*Discussion with eastern Kentucky (LKLP) Headstart teachers and program directors on their history and the legacy of the Maximum Feasible Participation of the Poor programs

Neon Days Festival, Neon, KY
Memory and Mirrors to History Artist Talk with John Malpede, Harrell Fletcher, Sjoerd Wagenaar, RFKinEKY cast and staff

Extra! The American Festival Projects Fall Artist Gathering: Art and Democracy
September 11 and 12 at the Appalshop in Whitesburg, KY
Workshops, Case Studies, Discussions and Performance Cabaret at the
Courthouse Cafe Saturday night. For more information, contact Interim
Director, Maxine Kenny, at mkenny@appalshop.org

If you'd like to attend RFK in EKY, we'll be able to help you in several ways in the coming months. We're working on arranging home stays with local families, and can help you plan both your trip to and through eastern Kentucky, keeping you in sync with the entire production. We can also share information on the variety of housing options available.

Travel to the starting point in Lexington is easy - it boasts a wonderful airport facility and is at the intersection of major north-south and east-west interstates.

It is even possible to join the cast and be part of the performance. Dozens of journalists followed Kennedy during the original visit - if you're willing to write about or photograph the performance and the surrounding activities, you can join the contingent of local and national journalists who will be following this recreation and providing its unique documentation. Plan on being available Wednesday afternoon, September 8,
for orientation - no journalism experience is necessary.

To Learn More
Watch our website (www.appalshop.org/rfkineky) for information on how the project is developing, and to learn more about the area and issues addressed.

You can write to us directly at rfkineky@appalshop.org. We'll be sending
out information on home stays and logistics, different ways to participate as audience, and more detailed schedules over the next few months.

Please share this email with anyone you think might be interested, and please join us for this extraordinary intersection of art, citizenship, and travel in September. Thank you.


8. Jon Keith Brunelle, FF Alumn, at PS 122, Aug 14, 9 pm

The Psychasthenia Society remixes unlikely cinema classics
in a laptop-concert and dance extravaganza at…
A M P E D - U P E N T E R T A I N M E N T -
Saturday, August 14
Doors at 9:00pm
Tickets are $10.
PS 122, 150 First Ave. at the corner of 9th St.

(NEW YORK, NEW YORK) SCHOOLHOUSE ROXX is Performance Space 122's new late-night music and performance series. Each week Producer/Curator Travis Chamberlain brings you an original cutting-edge rock n' roll spectacle, inspired by the twisted imaginations of your favorite local bands, avant-garde musicians, and performance artists. SCHOOLHOUSE ROXX provides a unique venue for bands and musicians to develop the more presentational aspects of their vision and produce fully-realized staged concert events. For more information, please visit www.ps122.org.

On August 14 at 9:00pm, as part of Schoolhouse Roxx, The Psychasthenia Society unveils their latest laptop-cinema concert extravaganza. Jon Keith Brunelle, the host and curator of The Psychasthenia Society, has joined forces with two DJs, three choreographers, and one VJ to deconstruct, reinterpret, and remix the stories and images of some of the most unlikely films in cinema history, exploring themes of war dread, unemployment, and the Republican National Convention. The event features some of the best New York artists whose instruments-of-choice are laptop computers and related devices. For more information, please visit www.psychasthenia.com.

Jon Keith Brunelle creates sardonic digital-age palimpsest-narrative presentations that explore how cinema and technology drive our contemporary culture. With wit and humor, he attacks and reinterprets the images from classic dramas, supernatural thrillers, and paranoid science fiction movies. The Hammer Variations, his laptop story remix of the movie Kiss Me Deadly, has appeared at P.S. 122, Collective Unconscious, and other New York venues. His earlier solo performances include Stories from the Future, a storytelling program he curated for The Moth and presented at Joe's Pub.

qpe, or quiet personal electronics, is the alter-ego of New York musician Kacy Wiggins. Abandoning his punk rock guitar and studio engineering roots, Kacy stepped from behind the recording console and began performing his brand of understated, emotional instrumental hip-hop with a PowerBook.Quickly. Kacy found his niche initially in the infamous Williamsburg warehouse party scene and has performed at venues ranging from the Remote Lounge to Lincoln Center. qpe currently has a full length CD, boolean logic, as well as two 12"s available from the Agriculture label, and has toured in France as part of the Transfert festival.

Bubblyfish, aka Haeyoung Kim, implements two gameboys to generate lo-fi, experimental 8-bit music. She augments this setup with electronic music from her laptop, building a dense sound that is unique and compelling. Her work has been presented at clubs and galleries in New York, Paris, Brussels, Vienna, and Montreal and has garnered attention on television, radio and in magazines. For more information, please visit www.bubblyfish.com.

Phoenix (not Arizona) features dancers Marge Hauser, Sally Im, Hillary Jackson, Yuko Meads, and Alyssa Wall along with choreographer Gail Accardi. The piece is an expansion of a 1999 solo, inspired by the dancers and by Accardi's movement reeducation work with dancers and others with chronic pain, injuries, and physical limitations.

Sasha Soreff's choreographic credits include evening length "un/shielded" at the American Living Room Series at HERE in 2003, "Tartuffe," presented at the ArcLight theater by Gad's Hill Theater company in February 2004, and, in January 2003, "Tipping the Hourglass" on WNET's MetroArts television station. Her work has also been presented at Long Island University, D.U.M.B.O. Arts Festival, Dance Space Centers One Arm Red, WAX, New Year's Portland (Maine). She has also performed in works by Sean Curran, Laurie DeVito, Rachel Thorne Germond, Stephen Koplowitz, Holly Twining/Delicious Biscuit and Kevin Wynn. As a faculty member of Dance Space Center, Sasha teaches modern dance and anatomy.

Isabel Gotzkowsky has developed work with a variety of choreographers, including Young Soon Kim, Henning Rübsam, Laurie DeVito, Stefa Zawerucha, Howard Katz Fireheart, Fiona Marcotty and Jennifer Muller/The Works. Her choreography has been featured in numerous venues in New York City, including the Workhouse Theater, the Evolving Arts Theater, the Mulberry Street Theater, Soundance, Joyce SoHo, Judson Church, The Dance Now Festival, New Dance Group Arts Center, the D.U.M.B.O. Dance Festival, the Battery Dance Festival and the remember project at Danspace Project. She founded Isabel Gotzkowsky and Friends in 1998 and with the company has produced three New York City seasons and toured Canada and Mexico.

Daniel Vatsky is an intermedia artist, filmmaker, and researcher. Performing with live video since 2001, his visuals have acompanied DJs and musicians such as N.E.R.D, Ken Iishi, Miss Kittin, and David Lee Myers, as well as appeared at festivals and exhibitions in Ankara, Berlin, and Cologne. For more information, please visit www.skyvat.net.


9. Jessica Chalmers, FF alumn, presents Avanti, Sept-Oct. 04, http://avanti.nd.edu/

Avanti: A Postindustrial Ghost Story by Jessica Chalmers, FF Alumn

Performance dates: September 24, 25,26,26,27,30 October 1,2,3. All shows begin at 7:30 p.m. except matinee performance on September 26, which begins at 2:30 p.m.

Avanti: A Postindustrial Ghost Story is large-scale multimedia production that depicts the 1963 closing of the independent automobile maker, Studebaker, as an event foreshadowing later plant closings in communities across America. Named after the stylishly futuristic car that was the company's last-ditch effort at financial solvency, Avanti is a story about the remains of industry - stylistic, architectural, personal, economic - haunting the landscape and psyche of this country. Moving between the more prosperous past and the current situation, the play is a fact-based fiction that leaves its audience with a question: how can we remember the past while also letting it go and moving on?

In the play, a demolition team discovers a ghost in a residual pit of toxic fluids in one of the abandoned factories. It turns out to be the ghost of Studebaker, a being who has been fitfully dreaming of the plant closing for more than forty years. When one member of the team is mysteriously transported back to the last days of Studebaker, he understands the legacy that his job has required him to destroy. He witnesses executives - including the famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy - hatching a plot to save the company by marketing its new luxury model, the Avanti. As the company's financial problems deepen, it becomes clear that the end of an era has come. At the same time, Loewy becomes more and more aware that he is living in a dream of the past, and that he has actually been dead for many years. The final blast that brings down the factory and frees its resident ghosts is ultimately also a beginning. One ghost is not freed, however: a so-called "pension loser," a man whose image haunts the production from its start. This man is typical of those whose long years of labor went unrewarded, or relatively unappreciated, at the Studebaker closing. This ghost's obstinate presence after the blast represents persistent unresolved contradictions between corporate and employee survival. Studebaker, a company whose reputation partly rested on its familial father-son ethics, was nevertheless unable, if not unwilling to provide for its family of workers at the time of its demise.

Avanti's material is partly drawn from interviews with former Studebaker workers. Using a large screen as backdrop, the performance will also integrate archival photographs of the assembly line, corporate functions, and Studebaker film and television advertising. The screen will not only be used as a backdrop, however, but it will also play a role inthe drama itself. Screens make perfect vehicles for ghostly appearances. A combination of scrims and 3D imaging is ideal for showing Studebaker in a state of lingering half-presence -- the image of, for example, the ghostlike forms of workers, arriving for what they don't realize is the last day on the job on a cold day in December 1963, just before Christmas, or the shadowy images of a series of Studebaker wagons and cars, perhaps culminating with a real '63 Avanti slowly rolling onto the stage. Avanti will premiere in South Bend on September 23, 2004, with a subsequent tour to Chicago and New York, among other cities.

Co-Produced by: The University of Notre Dame's Department of Film, Television, and Theatre and The Builders Association (New York City)



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