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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
May 12, 2004

1. Dolores Zorreguieta, FF Alumn, at NURTUREart, Brooklyn, June 11-20
2. Linda Sibio, FF Alumn, at Scope Art Fair, Los Angeles, May 21-24, and more
3. Hannah Wilke, FF Alumn, at Mitch Algus, opening May 13, 6-8 p.m.
4. Coco Go, FF Alumn, announces three current projects
5. Deb Margolin, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place @ the Marquis, May 19, 26 and June 2
6. Doug Beube, FF Alumn, studio tour, Brooklyn, May 15-16
7. Raul Zamudio, FF Alumn, curates show at Four Points Hotel, NYC, opens May 13
8. Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, Survivor's Knot Road Tattoo in Columbus Ohio, and more
9. Tadej Pogacar, FF Alumn, at Pump House Gallery, London, through May 29
10. Tish Benson, FF Alumn, hosts playwright's workshop, beginning May 15
11. Lynn Book, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place @ Makor, May 16, 8 pm, and more
12. Luis Alfaro, Jackie Apple, The Dark Bob, John Fleck, Dan Kwong, Beth Lapides o Keith Antar Mason o Rachel Rosenthal, Annie Sprinkle, Paul Zaloom, FF Alumns, help Highways, Los Angeles, celebrate its 15th anniversary, May 13-14
13. Carey Lovelace, FF Alumn, at Ensemble Studio Theatre, May 20-21, 8 pm
14. Carol Sun, FF Alumn, at Asian American Arts Center, opening May 22
15. Anahí Cáceres, FF Alumn, at 180 Grados Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina
16. Rimma Gerlovina/Valeriy Gerlovin, at Spoleto, Charleston, May 14-June 12

1. Dolores Zorreguieta, FF Alumn, at NURTUREart, Brooklyn, June 11-20

Dolores Zorreguieta, FF Alumn, will exhibit new videos at NURTUREart Gallery and Emerging Curator's Resource Center, 475 Keap Street, Ground Floor, Brooklyn NY 11211 in a group show called PROJECTIONS: 3 screenings / 7 video artists, May 14-June 20, 2004. An opening reception will be held on Friday, May 14, 6-9 pm. The show features registry artist Ariadna Capasso, Quintin Rivera-Toro, Alejandro Fernande, Kiyomitsu Saito, Pierre St.-Jacques, Peter Wareing, and Dolores Zorreguieta, FF Alumn. New video selections are show every two weeks, May 14-27; May 28-June 10 and June 11-June 20 (Dolores Zorreguieta's video will be show in the June 11-20 slot.)
Fridays, 12-9 pm. Saturdays and Sundays, 12-6 pm and by appointment. 718-782-7755 or 212-795-5566. www.nurtureart.org gallery@nurtureart.org L train to Lorimer Street or G train to Metropolitan Avenue, Keap Street exit.


2. Linda Sibio, FF Alumn, at Scope Art Fair, Los Angeles, May 21-24, and more

Andrew Edlin Gallery of New York is pleased to announce a painting exhibition and performance by Linda Carmella Sibio in conjunction with the Scope LA Art Fair at The Standard Hotel, 8300 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA. Sibio will give a live performance of an excerpt from "Panic Attack", a piece she wrote and debuted at Highways in Santa Monica in 2002.

Sibio's career began at the age of 11 when she started drawing in the basement of an orphanage in West Virginia(her mother had been institutionalized for schizophrenia). Talented but filled with severe emotional disorders she too was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1977 while studying painting at Ohio University.

Sibio moved to Los Angeles in 1983. During this period her art centered around performance and began to deal with social issues such as homelessness, the plight of the mentally disabled, prostitution, drug addiction, suicide and haunted Hollywood apartments.

In 1999 Sibio returned to painting. She began her latest series using brilliant gouache paint and sumi ink on huge 8' x 4' sheets of arches watercolor paper. Her bold figures are enveloped by several thousand meticulously rendered miniature images, a visual language she likens to Mayan hieroglyphics. Sibio refers to the artistic vision that guides her asThe Insanity Principle, which encompasses her perceptions as a schizophrenic, invoking themes such as fragmentation, hallucinations, interrupters, and non-linear time sequencing.

The Lannan Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, and The California Arts Council have all supported her work. She has been in prestigious shows such as "Out There" at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and The Asylum series with Franklin Furnace in
New York among others.

Andrew Edlin Gallery will also be showing works by Vahakn Arslanian, Henry Darger, Tom Duncan, Marc Lamy, Martin Ramirez, Bill Traylor and Adolf Wölfli at Scope LA.

For further information please contact Andrew Edlin at 212 206 9723.
www.edlingallery.com www.scope-art.com


"Madness from the point of view of the mad is an altered state, a way of being, a way of perceiving the world. These perceptions are unique and surreal and do not fit comfortably into the main stream arts community."

One of twelve VSA international fellowship recipients, Linda Carmella Sibio presents her community project. This interdisciplinary project is entitled "The Prophet of Doom in the Banana Republic." It is collaboration between Sibio and the oddest, quirkiest people in the high desert of California who are called "The Cracked Eggs" (arts group Sibio founded in 2001).

Community sponsors for the project include VSA Arts (Washington, D.C.) international non-profit that provides opportunities in the arts for people with disabilities; Bezerk Productions which is a non-profit in the high desert dedicated to mainstreaming the art of mentally disabled people as well as providing art educational services to this population (headed up by Norman Frisch, Martha Wilson, Moira Adams, Derek Graves); Morongo Basin Counseling and Recovery Center is a private non-profit community based organization that provides quality outpatient services for emotional, behavioral or mental problems for adults and children.

"The Prophet of Dom in the Banana Republic" deals with the issue of what happens when there's a forced, military take-over of a country (in this case Eureka). It addresses the social network of the poor and the effects of the military take-over by The Prophet of Doom. It explores the demise of the Doom Republic and the spiritual uprising of The Dead Opera Singer who explores issues around death and immortality. All this is done through a wild and absurd deconstructed text, paintings and totem poles that roll around on stage and exquisitely horrific, beautiful and strange sounds created by Piano Bob (Bob Fenger). "The Cracked Eggs" deliver soul-searching performances that are guaranteed to pluck your brain and your head. Where there's a strange bird there's the possibility of transformation.

There will be two shows only on Friday, May 21 and Saturday May 22 at 8PM at the Hi-Desert Playhouse located at 61231 29 Palms Highway in Joshua Tree, Ca. (next to The Joshua Tree Inn). Tickets for the show are $12-$15 and can be bought at the playhouse (760-366-2090, Wed. - Sat. from 4PM-6PM), The Beatnik Café (everyday from 9AM-12midnight - 760-366-2090), and Joshua Tree Health Foods (everyday except Sunday 9AM-6PM). Advance tickets bought will help group make sets, get costumes and props and do publicity.

"The Prophet of Doom in the Banana Republic" - a bit about the players and
guest artists

The Players: Cracked Eggs
Director/development: Linda Carmella Sibio - a nationally known artist who did a one person show at The Andrew Edlin Gallery in NYC in 2003 that now represents her work (edlingallery.com or omencity.com). She has been the recipient of many awards from The Lannan Foundation, The Rockefeller MAP award, Franklin Furnace and shown at The Walker Art Center and The United Nations (to name a few).

John Barta- MBA CALB-V.P. American Building Maintenance, 77 years old) Katherine Melton Barta - B.A. interdisciplinary studies/advocate for artist with disabilities, 1992 Bob Fenger "Piano Bob" - UCLA 1992 PHD candidate - Systematic Musicology which is the study of sound and the origins of music, makes his own musical instruments. David Hedge - role in 29 Movie a project out of France, played in "Queen of the American Way"

Ariel Holkesvig - 10 years old, 7th grade La Contenta Junior High, takes care of dogs, cats, chicken and fish

Angela Trent - continues to expand the discipline of the arts seeking art at large in the quest for self-expression

Aaron Wagner - lead role in "Queen of the American Way"

Consultants/guest artists:
Piper Cort - makes beautiful fairies, helping with costumes and props
Geoffrey Earendil (dance consultant) - studied in Berkeley with Harupinha/Butoh
Walter Lab - sets - a painter who's exhibited in the U.S., Canada and Europe
Cynder Quackenbush - helping with props, doing a cameo performance - a local
writer and performance artist


3. Hannah Wilke, FF Alumn, at Mitch Algus, opening May 13, 6-8 p.m.

the F word
Sex and Feminism

Judith Bernstein
Kathe Burkhart
Eunice Golden
Juanita McNeeley'
Joan Semmel
Anita Steckel
Betty Tompkins
Hannah Wilke

Mitch Algus Gallery, 511 West 25th Street, Ny Ny
Opening Reception Thursday, May 13, 6-8 Pm
May 13-June 12


4. Coco Go, FF Alumn, announces three current projects

Cheers from Coco
FF Alumn Coco Go participating in:
A Taste of Art, a contemporary art gallery located at 147 Duane Street is pleased to announce the show, Greed at its satellite gallery, The Kaufman Arcade, 139 W 35th Street NYC, June 3rd- July 31, 2004, Opening June 3 7-9pm

Greed as the subject of our times is interpreted by artists of diverse sensibility, age and background. curated by Laurence Asseroff
Pablo Araya
Fernanda Cotten**
Samm Cotten
Coco Gordon
Pat Kaufman
Philomena Marano
Mimi Oka & Doug Fitch*
Nyugen E. Smith
Virginie Sommet*
* Previously exhibited with a Taste of Art
** Coming November at a Taste of Art
This newly renovated semi-public space enables A Taste of Art to showcase larger formats of artworks, as well as organize special events on Opening Nights for the art shows that change every 8 to 9 weeks.
A Taste of Art
147 Duane Street New York, NY 10013
Tel:212 964-5493


Brussels Belgium: "Cooperation Project", Invited Artists : J.N.Laszlo, K.Nakamura, A.Ricciardi, C.Gordon, R.Altemus, J.Leftwich, J.Held Jr., B.Gaglione, J.Bennett, M.Sonnenfeld, S.Segay, R.Nikonova, M.Todorovic, J.Blaine, S.Random, T.Tillier, K.P. Dencker, J.M.Calleja, R.Penard, A.Boschi, D.B.Chirot, M.Basinski, L.Pelati, C.Davinio, C.Padin, U.Warnke, S.Shimoda, J.O.Olbrich , A.Van Sebroeck & L.Fierens, A Mail Art Show Which Is Part Of A Bigger Contemporary Art Solo Exhibition By Luc Fierens To Show That The Contemporary Nature Of Networked Art As Social Art And Social Sculpture, At Galerie Les Contemporains In Elsene (Brussels), Nov-Dec 2004. This Is An Invite To 28 Friends To Work On A Document (Add & Return) and send back.
Munich, Germany: second venue, "Un Cuscino Per Sognare"-
Included is my Pillow for Six People to Dream on While Shaking for Sounds,
May 7-June 15, 2004
at Kultfabrik, Grafinger Strasse 7, 81671 Munich, Germany,
info +39.335.6097304 ­
100+ international artists, this exhibition in its second venue is installed on a series of beds occupying the 700 meter industrial structure, Curator Rosanna Chiessi, Pari & Dispari Agency, www.pariedispari.org, info@pariedispari.org

Udine italy: artists of fun (funtastic united nations)
Autoritratti dalle nazioni unite funtastiche
Opens May18 18.30
Runs May 18- June 5
Artestudio Clocchiatti
Via San Francesco, 15
33100 Udine
tel 0432.505848
fax 0432.505032
tues-Sat 10.30­12.30 16.30-19.30
Catalog text Ferruccio Giromini
Installed by Gioia Danielis
Images © by the artists
Thanks to:
Vittore Baroni, Artestudio Clocchiatti, Canova dei Querini,
Juliet Art Magazine
Piermario_ciani@libero.it - 348.2716360
Aggiornamenti su FUN nel sito http://www.aaa-edizioni.it

The artists of FUN reveal their likenesses to alien green creatures, roaming shepherds, adventurers, clowns, atomic brains, vampires, saints, astronauts, railworkers, puppies, midwives, dream catchers, flower children, wild scientists, tourists, no global activists, surrogate dictators, postal maniacs, fluxisti--as fable personnages, cartoons, videogames...

La Spezia Italy: "Voolare", Palazzina Delle Arti, May 6-July 4 2004

Sylvano Bussotti, Mirella Bentivoglio, Sergio Borrini, Carlo Cane', Bruno Cassaglia, Cosimo Cimino, Mario Commone, Claudio Costa, Chiara Diamanti, Margello Diotallevi, Anna Esppposito, Mauro Fabbiani, Giovanni Fontana, Delio Bennai, Coco Gordon, Vittoria Gualco, Mimmo Gusmano, Elisabetta Gut, Dick Higgins, Ruggero Maggi, Mauro Manfredi, Lucia Marcucci, Eugenio Miccini, Nino Migliori, Nadia Nava, Riri Negri, Luciano Ori, Panamarenko, Ben Patterson, Giuseppe Pellegrino, Lamberto Pignotti, Vettor Pisani, Luisa Rafaelli, Davide Ragazzi, Gian Paolo Roffi, Fred Rosenstock, Mimmo Rotella, Takako Saito, Rosemarie Sansonetti, Regina Silveira, Berty Skuber, Studio Azzurro, Giovanna Torresin, Karel Trinkewitz.

Venezia, Italy:
"Ad Libitum: musica da vedere"
24 April-22 may
at Verifica 8+1Via Mazzini 5
30171 Venezia mestre
andolcetti, bentivoglio, bunga, bosseur, busotti, campesan, cane', chiari, cimino, cistemino, cobbing, corner, danon, decampos, donatoni, esposito, fontana, gennai, goldstein, goode, gordon, gottardo, grossi, gut, heidsick, higgins, holzer, jones, lombardi, loratotino, lubrano,maltagliati, manfredi, marchetti, mennittiparaito, miccini, miroglio, negri, ori, pellegrino, pignotti, prestento, roca, salto, sandri, schoedl, skuber, solt, sutherland, torelli, tulumello, xenakis


5. Deb Margolin, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place @ the Marquis, May 19, 26 and June 2

Deb Margolin is performing at Dixon Place's Marquis Theater on Bowery bet. 3rd and 4th Streets, on three successive Wednesdays:
May 19
May 26
June 2
at 7:30 pm. Deb will be doing new pieces from Index to Idioms, her performance novel.


6. Doug Beube, FF Alumn, studio tour, Brooklyn, May 15-16

Doug's Studio (#56 on the SONYA Map)
69 Fort Greene Place,
Brooklyn, NY 11217, around the corner from BAM, Brooklyn Academy of Music,
718-834-8432 for directions or,
G train to Fulton St in Brooklyn.
C train to LaFayette Ave
M,N,Q,R train to DeKalb Ave or Atlantic Ave.
M,N,Q,R,W train to Atlantic/Pacific Ave.
2,3,4,5, to Nevins St or Atlantic Ave.

My studio/brownstone is between Fulton St and DeKalb Ave, closer to Fulton St, on the east side of the block on the same side as Brooklyn Tech Highschool.

SONYA, or 'South of Navy Yard Artists' are opening their studios on May 15th/16th from 12-6PM. I'll be participating that weekend showing bookworks, collages, sculpture, and some works in progress, please come by my studio or hang out in the garden. There's a website for participating artists and directions to their studios, it's free, please bring
your family and friends. http://www.sonyany.com/stroll_home.shtml

I look forward to seeing you,


7. Raul Zamudio, FF Alumn, curates show at Four Points Hotel, NYC, opens May 13

"The Tenant" curated by Raul Zamudio

Artists: Oreet Ashery, Airan Kang, Emm McCagg, Yasira Nun, Teresa Serrano.
opens: 5/13--6:30-11:00pm on view:
5/14--5/16--12:00-8:00pm, Four Points Hote 160 w. 25th St. NYCl


8. Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, Survivor's Knot Road Tattoo in Columbus Ohio, and more

Hi There -

In April I was invited to Columbus, Ohio to make one of my Road Tattoos, Survivor's Knot. Located on East Gay Street near downtown, it is 162-feet by 24-feet and commemorates long-term AIDS survivors - like myself - in the Columbus area. Rain, snow and hail made the installation difficult but with some excellent help from a group of hardworking freshmen at the Columbus College of Art and Design we got it done!

Names of the individuals commemorated, including the number of years surviving with the disease, were written in the design. A beautiful prayer by local Reverend Phil Hart was officiated. Afterwards the design was painted in, covering over the names. The Columbus AIDS Task Force, NBC 4 Columbus, Home Depot, Glidden Paint and the Columbus College of Art and Design provided generous support. It was a wonderful experience for me to honor people who know the reality of AIDS all too well and to enjoy the kindness and support of this beautiful city. If you would like to see images of Survivor's Knot, the Columbus College of Art and Design did a nice write up.

A show of relating site drawings and works on paper will be opening on May 20th at the Rebecca Ibel Gallery, 1055 North High Street,
Columbus, OH 43201, (614)291-2555, www.rebeccaibel.com

If you would like a copy of the prayer, images of work in the show, more photos of Survivor's Knot or directions to see it in-person, let me
know. Thanks and hope your spring has sprung nicely!

Steed Taylor
118 West 27th Street #2F
New York, NY 10001
Tel/Fax (212)627-5402


9. Tadej Pogacar, FF Alumn, at Pump House Gallery, London, through May 29

Tadej Pogacar & P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art at:

Trading Places Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, London

Exhibition: Pump House Gallery, 7-29 May 2004
Mapping, Representation, Collaboraton.
Trading Places will offer a critical platform to discuss Britain's realationship to Europe and its borders by presenting sensitive and provocative projects that investigate and map experiences of migration. Incl. Zeigam Azizov, Big Hope, Ursula Biemann, Phil Collins, Sejla Cameric, Martin Krenn, MAIZ, Wochenklausure etc.

Discussion: Sheffield University, 13 May 2004, 6-8pm
Tadej Pogacar, Ursula Biemann. chaired by Doina Petrescu.
We could take Remote Sensing and CODE:RED as starting points to discuss the potential to move understandings forward and challenge expectations and preconceived notions of sex work. Both strategies attempt to reveal the complexities and contradictions within the field. How do the projects upset power relations at play within the global sex trade? How can we attempt to understand globalisation through the movement and trade of women - what are these new geographies, how can we map them? How are women empowered through these projects?

Doina Petrescu was born and trained as an architect in Romania and currently lives and works in Paris, France and Sheffield, England. She studied philosophy at the EHESS (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales) with Jacques Derrida and comparative literature at the Univeristy of Paris VIII. Her research concerns questions of gender in relation to contemporary politics and poetics of space, technology and emerging practices in changing socio-geopolitical contexts.

Ursula Biemann is an internationally renowned artist, curator and theorist based in Zurich. Her work investigates the geographical spheres generated by the human economic circuits required by the global market. Specifically, she deals with the experience of migrant women and their relationship to technologies of surveillance and control. Recent curatorial projects include Geography and the Politics of Mobility (Generali Foundation, Vienna, 2003).

Tadej Pogacar is an internationally renowned artist and curator based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In recent projects he deals with research and analysis of parallel information strategies and parallel economic models in urban areas. CODE:RED is an ongoing collaborative, interdisciplinary project which involves collaboration with scientists, artists and organisations working for the rights of sex workers. CODE:RED is dealing also with the topic of migrations and global human trading in a time of New economy.



10. Tish Benson, FF Alumn, hosts playwright's workshop, beginning May 15

Tish Benson Hosts the Playwrights' Den
Writing Workshop for Emerging Playwrights
(sponsored by Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation)
Begins May 15, 2004, 1 pm-4pm (Six weeks)
Location: 1368 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York
Phone: 718.230.0693
Take A/C Train to Nostrand Avenue

The Playwrights' Den

The Playwrights' Den will offer a special six week workshop for emerging writers wishing to explore the art of writing for the stage. The Playwrights' Den was established by the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation (BSRC), Center for Arts & Culture to provide a nurturing environment playwrights to develop new works and present staged readings to the public. BSRC is the home of the historic Billie Holiday Theatre, which was founded 32 years ago.

The Playwrights' Den presented eight staged readings by the artists enrolled in the workshop during our 2002/2003 season. The reading series also featured work by legendary playwrights Lee Hunkins and Steve Carter. Several playwrights in the series have gone on to have their plays produced at local off-Broadway theaters including the Theatre Studio in Manhattan and the Billie Holiday Theatre.

Showcase Your Play in Our Reading Series

Playwrights enrolled in the workshop may have a chance to have their plays selected for a staged reading. Join us for a fun and invigorating workshop. Meet special guest artists and work with professional actors. The Playwrights' Den is an opportunity to meet master playwrights in an intimate setting and discover their secrets to becoming a successful playwright.

Tish Benson is an award-winning poet, screenwriter, playwright, solo performance and collaborative artist. Ms. Benson, a Texas born, Brooklyn-based writer, is a Franklin Furnace performance grant recipient, a New York foundation for the Arts Fellowship Recipient in Playwriting, and A Nuyorican grand Slam Champion. Her film, Hairstory aired on Lifetime Television and won the best Narrative Award from Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival. She has a MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU and recently co-produced a performance festival in Harlem and published her book Wild like That Good Stuff Smellin’ Strong. She is currently finishing her novel and searching for the most righteous Performance Artist/Writer in residence home space for her channeled words/works and to further fuel the collective consciousness towards a funked up good time as the new world order.

"I believe what we have to say and how we do what we do" our stories, our truths" are a mighty force, able to stir up, create fury, incite change and transform reality. I am here to help others develop, shape and craft ˜this good stuff" into dramatic works and performances, states Ms. Benson. Please join me in a six week playwriting workshop that will focus on weekly writing exercises, reading scenes from established plays and writing a first draft of a one act play. This workshop is accessible to beginners and will be an intense work out for advanced writers. All I ask is that you come with passion and a strong sense of your writing voice.

Seating is limited, please register in advance. Registration for this workshop is $125. For further information call: (718) 230-0693

Send your name, address, phone and email along with checks or money orders payable to:
Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation
1368 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238
718.230.0693/Fax: 718.623.1118


11. Lynn Book, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place @ Makor, May 16, 8 pm, and more

Looking to rearrange your molecules?

Voicelab presents:The LOOP Group
Sunday, May 16, 8 pm
Dixon Place @ Makor, 35 West 67th Street as part of the "Warning: Not for Broadway (or the Met either)" Festival

Totally original, extrasensory performances, experiments and public propositions by emerging artists: Betsy Allen, Chris Bodwitch, K8 Hardy, Karen Hurley, Erica Newhouse, Meave Shelton.

Loop is a creative projects lab directed by Lynn Book to foster innovative performance for voice and new forms/new media.

Reservations: 212-601-1000


Lynn Book performs... e x t e n d e d notes on desire
a "beguiling thrill ride of a concept piece" (Chicago Tribune Metromix, July 2003)

in the Dixon Place Veteran Series @ the Marquee
Wednesday, May 19, 9 pm
356 Bowery (betw. e. 4th and great jones)
Reservations: 212-219-0736 X 106
$15 at door or TDF $12 advance, $10 students/srs.

'...notes' again @
A Gathering of the Tribes Sunday Literary Series, Sunday, May 23, 5 pm
285 East 3rd Street, 2nd Floor (between Avenues C and D) contribution

212-674-3778 info@tribes.org

'e x t e n d e d notes on desire' is a performance art concert of hybrid compositions for solo voice, text, objects and electronics that flit and fire through sound, song, rant and poetic rumination on the nature of desire. Each performance includes an evolving set of material from Book's 'notes'.

about Lynn Book:
"...dangerous..." - Achy Obejas, Chicago Tribune
"...strange..." - Tom Murrin, Paper Magazine
"...erotic..." - Laurie Stone, Village Voice
"...outrageous..." - John Corbett, Chicago Reader

FOR INFO on ALL Performances and Events contact:
Lynn Book / Voicelab
~where voice gets reinvented~
535 E. 14th St. #4F
New York NY 10009


12. Luis Alfaro, Jackie Apple, The Dark Bob, John Fleck, Dan Kwong, Beth Lapides o Keith Antar Mason o Rachel Rosenthal, Annie Sprinkle, Paul Zaloom, FF Alumns, help Highways, Los Angeles, celebrate its 15th anniversary, May 13-14

Highways Celebrates 15 Fabulous Years
On May 4, 1989, Highways was off to a fast start with its first four days of performances, six events, and 75 artists gathered together for the first time to benefit HIGHWAYS, southern California's new performance gallery.

In the spirit of that first weekend in May of 1989, on May 13th, 2004, Highways continues its journey with the new and familiar, both. Join us when 50 artists come together for three events over three days to celebrate our history!!!
Thursday, May 13th
MC: Joan Spitler
ACT UP/LA o Luis Alfaro o DRED o Eye of Newt Circus o Amy Hill o Joan Hotchkiss o Lypsinka (well, almost) o Marcus Kuiland-Nazario o Bennett Schneider o Joel Smith o Breast Wishes from Annie Sprinkle o Denise Uyehara o Kirk Wilson 8:30 pm $18
Friday, May 14th
Of the 75 artists who performed from May 4 - 7 1989, we bring you:
MC: The Dark Bob

Jacki Apple o Josie Roth and Michael Intriere formerly of Fat + F-cked-Up o John Fleck o
Anna Homler and Stephanie Payne aka Puppetina o Michael Kearns o Dan Kwong o Beth Lapides o Keith Antar Mason o Rachel Rosenthal o Barbara T. Smith o Rudy Perez

To those of you who could not join us: You are not forgotten!
8:30 pm $18
Both Thursday + Friday $30
Saturday, May 15th

La Quinceanera - A 15th Birthday Celebration to Benefit Highways
Where's My Tiara?
Bust out that spring couture and dust off that tiara - creative black tie, please. It's your Quinceanera too!

Elia Arce o Cindy Pop o Alex Donis o The Elizabeths o Rochelle Fabb & Michael Sakamoto o John Fleck o KMAXXX o Osseus Labyrint's Hannah Sim o Peter Schroff o The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence o Kristina Wong o The Velvet Hammer's Selena Luna o Kirk Wilson o Paul Zaloom o and Marcus Kuiland-Nazario

With Djs: Green Galactic & Jason Saville
7:00 pm Dinner:
Traditional" Mexican Feast/ Performances/ Party $50
(No host bar after 9pm)
9:00pm - 1am:
Ongoing Performances/Party $15
Special web only at www.highwaysperformance.org
"Traditional" Mexican Feast/ Performances/ Party $40 with coupon
Ongoing Performances/Party $10 with coupon
Advance ticket sales for Quinceanera Dinner/Party contact: highways@earthlink.net
Advance tickets for Party only, mail coupon and your check to Tickets, Highways, 1651
18th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Additional Free Parking across the street in Crossroads Parking Lot for this event


13. Carey Lovelace, FF Alumn, at Ensemble Studio Theatre, May 20-21, 8 pm

Citylab presents "Last Light" and "Step," two one-acts by Carey Lovelace, FF Alumn, in an evening of short pieces May 20-21, 2004, 8 pm, Ensemble Studio Theatre, 529 W. 52nd St. 2nd, Floor (between 10th and 11th Avenues) Manhattan, for reservations call 212-247-3405, free admission.


14. Dread Scott, FF Member, announces several projects

Dear friends,
I have work in a couple of shows coming up. If you are near any of them, I hope that you can drop by. For images of some of the work shown, check my website:

Gallery 138
"Brown v. Board of Ed.: 1954-2004"
Reception: May 17, 2004, 6 - 8PM
Gallery 138
138 W 17th St, 5th Fl.
New York, New York
Artists: Terry Boddie, Haz Diggz, Robin Holder, Satch Hoyt, Charlotte Ka, Brookie Maxwell, William Pope.L., Dread Scott, Danny Simmons
I will be exhibiting the installation "Blacks Only Whites Only" as well as some prints.
Exhibition dates: May 17 - June 17, 2004

Gigantic ArtSpace
"Tactical Action"
Exhibition dates: April 14 - June 10, 2004
Gigantic Artspace
59 Franklin Street
New York, New York
Artists include: Kenseth Armstead · Joshua Brown · David Byrne and Danielle Spencer · Kelly Dobson · Andrew Demrjian · EBN · Stuart Ewan · Joy Garnett · David Krippendorff · David Luke · Marc Lepson · Robin Michals · Jeff Miller · Steve Mumford · Jenny Polak · Michele Pred · Vernon Reid · Ben Rubin · Dread Scott · Dror Feiler and Gunilla Skoeld Feiler · Karina Aguilera Skvirsky · Paul Thompson · Adam Whiton and Yolita Nugent
Curated by Lea Rekow
For more info: http://www.giganticartspace.com
The installation "Harmed & Dangerous" will be exhibited.

Outdoor film screenings
As part of the exhibition "Tactical Action " - Gigantic Artspace [GAS] presents a series of Hit 'n Run film and video screenings curated by Louky Keijsers.
Momoyo Torimitsu - "Mini - Crawling Under" 2004
Jenny Polak and Dread Scott - "Welcome to America" 2004 5.30 minutes
Paul Chan - "Bagdad in no particular order" 2004 51 minutes
Closing: moveon.org
At Galapagos: 70 North 6th Street (between Kent and Wythe) Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Directions: L-train to Bedford Avenue
Jenny & Dread will be screening a new collaborative video exploring repression of immigrants after 9-11.

California African American Museum
"Through the Gates: Brown v. Board of Education"
February 5, 2004 - July 31, 2004
Members reception February 6, 2004
600 State Drive/Exposition Park/Los Angeles, CA
Curated by M.U.L.E

Brooklyn Museum of Art
Open House: Working In Brooklyn
Exhibition dates: April 16, 2004 - August 15, 2004
200 Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn, NY
Info: http://www.brooklynmuseum.org
More details at the end of this note
Excerpts from Lockdown will be on display

Open House: Working in Brooklyn on view from April 16 to August 15, 2004 will be the largest, most comprehensive survey to date of artists working in Brooklyn. All of the works on view have been made since 2000, so few will be familiar to visitors and most will be on exhibit for the first time. More than 300 works in all media by 200 Brooklyn artists will fill the two galleries in the Morris A. and Meyer Shapiro wing of the Museum and occupy other, less conventional locations as well. Other works will also be placed within the BMA's permanent galleries. The exhibition will place special emphasis on the multigenerational, multiethnic, and multinational artist communities that have breathed new life into such Brooklyn neighborhoods as Williamsburg, DUMBO, Red Hook, Greenpoint and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Expanding on its landmark series of exhibitions showcasing art from Brooklyn, also titled Working in Brooklyn, Open House: Working in Brooklyn is curated by Charlotta Kotik, Chair of the Museum's Department of Contemporary Art, who has coordinated every one of the Museum's Working in Brooklyn projects, and Tumelo Mosaka, the Department's new Assistant Curator. Together they have considered the work of well over 1,000 artists and visited nearly as many studios, galleries, and private collections.

Artists selected for the exhibition include long-established Brooklyn-based artists such as Vito Acconci, Louise Bourgeois, Rico Gatson, Martha Rosler, and Danny Simmons; widely admired mid-career artist like Terry Adkins, Steven Charles, Wenda Gu, Glenn Ligon, and Roxy Paine; and such exciting newcomers as Haluk Akakçe, Rina Banerjee, David Baskin, Amy Cutler, Linda Ganjian, Luis Gispert, Jonathan Grassi, and Emily Jacir.

Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11238-6052
For more info: http://www.brooklynmuseum.org


14. Carol Sun, FF Alumn, at Asian American Arts Center, opening May 22

You are cordially invited to a reception for Carol Sun and her installation "shanghai tango"
Saturday May 22, 5:30-8:30 pm
Asian American Arts Center
26 Bowery, 2nd Fl.
The exhibition continues through June 25, 2004
For more information email ratchet@jps.net


15. Anahí Cáceres, FF Alumn, at 180 Grados Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Please visit the website below to learn about my upcoming exhibition at 180 Grados Arte
Anahí Cáceres


16. Rimma Gerlovina/Valeriy Gerlovin, at Spoleto, Charleston, May 14-June 12

Halsey Gallery
College of Charleston
School of the Arts
Charleston SC
Rimma Gerlovina and Valeriy Gerlovin, FF Alumns
a Piccolo Spoleto Invitational Exhibition
Thursday May 27, artists lecture, 4 pm in Room 309 of the Simons Center, Opening Reception, 5-7 in the gallery. Co-sponsored by the City of Charleston's Office of Cultural Affairs



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