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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
March 3, 2004

1. Doug Beube, FF Alumn, at Julie Saul Gallery, opening March 5, and more
2. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, awarded three grants for his curated show
3. Simone Forti, FF Alumn, at Crazy Space, Santa Monica, March 5
4. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at The Evidence Room, LA, March 5 and 12
5. Yoav Gal, FF Alumn, at the 14th Street Y, March 4-7
6. Patrick Moore, FF Alumn, publishes new book with Beacon Press
7. Kathy High at Judi Rotenberg Gallery, Boston, opening March 4, 6-8 pm
8. Seeing Double at the Guggenheim Museum, NY, March 19-May 16
9. Layne Redmond, FF Alumn, revises website, and schedule through July 2004

1. Doug Beube, FF Alumn, at Julie Saul Gallery, opening March 5, and more

Doug Beube is exhibiting his collages and mixed-media sculpture at the Julie Saul Gallery, in a group exhibition entitled, Uncharted Territory; Subjective Mapping by Artists & Cartographers. Artists participating in the exhibition are, Jennifer Bartlett, Jonathan Callan, Elaine Lustig Cohen, Luigi Ghirri, Maira Kalman, Joyce Kozloff, Paulo Laster, Charles Luce, Meredith MacNeil, Rick Meyerowitz, Abelardo Morell, Karin Apollonia Muller, Vik Muniz, Kathy Prendergast, Gonzalo Puch, Lordy Rodriguez, and Dan Zeller.

The exhibition dates are March 5- April 10, 2004
Julie Saul Gallery is Located at 535 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011.
Phone is 212-627-2410 or www.saulgallery.com for information.

Uncharted Territory:
Subjective Mapping by
Artists and Cartographers
(press release follows)
The Julie Saul Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition on the theme of mapping. The show will include historical maps and works by a wide range of contemporary artists working in a variety of mediums including painting, collage, drawing, photography and printmaking.

Maps have been a compelling theme for contemporary artists throughout the twentieth century. The ever evolving systems used to record distances and terrain, the shifting of geopolitical borders, our increasing understanding of space- both near and distant- have offered visual and conceptual inspiration and springboards for provocative contemporary work. Artists have looked backward and forward for their cartographic inspiration and visual sources. For example Joyce Kozloff in her recent project Boys' Art combines quotes of historical maps, with collage elements derived from her son¹s childhood combat drawings and other narrative elements. Elaine Lustig Cohen uses a map of Berlin and collage elements to create a biographical portrait of the architect Mies van der Rohe. Gonzalo Puch, a conceptual photographer from Seville creates a homage to Vermeer with a burning telescope as if to literally ignite the excitement of scientific exploration.

In order to establish a precedent for both the artifice and subjectivity of the cartographic tradition, the exhibition will include three fascinating examples of early maps: a world map from 1493- before word had gotten out that the earth is round, a 16th century map of Europe depicted upside down, and a 17th century map of the Northeast in which the Dutch publisher pirated an earlier map and inserted his own changes- an early act of appropriation.

The arbitrary yet fixed nature of measurements and scientific systems was a rich source for Marcel Duchamp- and no one who encounters the standard stoppages can help but apply the illogical elegance of that concept to any system we encounter in daily lives. Two map works of Benin by Jennifer Barlett from a new series about Africa point to the complicated relationships between countries and form a commentary on the arbitrary nature of the divisions we use.

The use of names or text according to alternative systems is another mapping strategy as seen in the work of Kathy Prendergast, the Irish artist. She is known for her exquisite drawings of international capitol cities and has been working with mapping software since 1999. Her large map of America is an accurate rendering of state borders, topography, rivers and lakes, but the only places identified with a name are those that include the word Lost - the title of the work. Another example of linguistic shenanigans is Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz¹s NewYorkistan map. The show will include an original study and final version of the well known New Yorker cover. The humorous Balkanizing of New York neighborhoods to names like The Moolahs for Wall Street and Gaymanistan for Chelsea, helped mitigate our urban anxiety, and provided the first opportunity to laugh after 9/11. Several examples from Italian conceptual photographer Luigi Ghirri's Atlante (atlas) series from 1973 break up maps into tiny details of text and graphics, which when enlarged become subtle and beautiful abstractions.

Vik Muniz has created a topographical map of Antartica using sugar and other granulated materials with his usual Duchampian playfulness- in a color work from 1996. Abe Morell humorously evokes topography by his crumpled map series in which he literally creates a "lake" by the addition of water. Jonathan Callan and Doug Beube use books and maps to recreate meaning by unlikely segues and juxtapositions, as does Charles Luce in his proposal to combine the rivers of the world. The graphic techniques and stylistic conventions of cartography are sometimes used by artists in purely abstract ways as seen in the work of Dan Zeller and Lordy Rodriguez.

For further information or visuals, please contact Edna Cardinale at edna@saulgallery.com


Doug Beube is in a group exhibition at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Gallery, curated by Diane Mullin from Feb 28-March 28, 2004.

Sacred Texts: Contemporary Artists Contemplate our Faith in Words The power of text-both written and uttered - is explored by different artists using a range of media in a challenging and eye-opening exhibit beginning Feb. 28 running through March 28, 2004. An opening reception will be held Friday, Feb 27 from 6-8pm in the gallery.

Diane Mullin writes about Doug Beube's collages: By altering world atlases he questions the nature of our beliefs about the world in which we live. The Erosions series were produced by sanding the pages of atlases so that the familiar images are made a new as mountain ranges appear in the middle of oceans forming new islands and rain forests appear like an oasis in the middle of a desert.

The nine artist whose work is shown all wrestle with the emotional meaning of words- the associations we have with them, the belief systems embedded by them, and the way in which they guide our lives without our awareness of their centrality. At the heart of the exhibit is the relationship between the words and faith: Not just religious faith, but faith in technology, faith in mass culture, even faith in democracy. The displayed work will include works by; Vito Acconci, Ken Aptekar, Doug Beube, Nina Katchaourian, Karen Armstrong, Linda Ekstrom, Barbara Nei, Jila Nikpay, and Piotr Szyhalski.

For further information, directions and lectures on this exhibition please contact,
Diane Mullin
2501 Stevens Ave S
Mple, MN 55404


2. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, awarded three grants for his curated show

Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, was awarded three grants for his curated show, The Luminous Image, VI, an group exhibition of illuminated photography, presented at Collaborative Concepts in Beacon, NY Nov.'03-Feb.'04. The grants include, the Dutchess County Arts Council, Walmart Corp. and the Experimental TV Center.


3. Simone Forti, FF Alumn, at Crazy Space, Santa Monica, March 5

Crazy Space presents
Simone Forti: Oh,Tongue
Reading, performance & drawings
Friday March 5, 2004
Reading and performance at 8 pm
View drawings and book from 7-9 pm

For one night only SIMONE FORTI, Improvisational Dance's Maven and a 2004 Lester Horton Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, will exhibit new drawings, perform "News Animations," and read from her new book, "Oh, Tongue," at CRAZY SPACE.

WHERE: Crazy Space
18th Street Arts Center
1629 18th St., #2
Santa Monica
Cross street: Olympic
WHAT: literary reading/improvisational dance/drawings
DATE: March 5, 2004
GALLERY HOURS: The gallery will be open to the public from 7 to 9pm; Forti will read from her new book, "Oh, Tongue," and perform "News Animations" at 8 pm INFO TO THE PUBLIC: Marcus Kuiland-Nazario (323) 433-7776 GALLERY: 310-829-9789

Called "The liveliest of the original mavericks of postmodern dance " by New Yorker Magazine (2001), SIMONE FORTI, will exhibit new drawings, dance and read from her new book, Oh, Tongue, published by Beyond Baroque Literary Foundation, at CRAZY SPACE for one night only on Friday March 5th 2004. The gallery will be open 7-9 pm to view drawings. Ms. Forti will read from her new book and perform News Animations at 8 pm.

Biography of Simone Forti
Simone Forti came of age as a young dancer in the 1950/60s, and developed out of two main influences. The first was improvisation, which she studied with Anna Halprin and which has remained her basic mode. The other was the legendary Judson Church Dance Theater that revolutionized modern dance at a historical moment of dialogue between visual artists, musicians, poets and dancers. From her early minimalist dance/constructions through her animal movement studies, news, animations and land portraits, Forti has created idioms for exploring natural forms and behaviors. Over the past twenty years she has been combining movement and language in an improvisational form she calls Logomotion. Her new book, "Oh, Tongue", published by Beyond Baroque Books, is a varied collection of writings including experimental essays, an imaginary conversation with her father, transcripts of logomotion improvisations, poetry, articles about dance and a postscript by the poet Jackson Mac Low. Forti is an adjunct professor in the Department of World Arts and Cultures at UCLA, and continues to teach and perform world wide. This April she will be receiving a Dance Resource Center Lester Horton Award for lifetime achievement.

"I see really exciting blurrs and collisions happening right now between writing, art making and moving. Simone Forti continues to be a pioneer propagating that blur as opposed to focusing on her well earned laurels. We are really excited and honored to have her at Crazy Space, she's a dollop of super relevant creme fraiche! "
- Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, curator - Crazy Space


4. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at The Evidence Room, LA, March 5 and 12

Penny Arcade at The Evidence Room in LA
Friday March 5th & 12 8:30pm $15
2220 Beverly Blvd
(directions below)

"Penny Arcade is provocative,intellectually stimulating,perceptive and hilariously funny! She combines the pathos of Judy Garland with the anarchy of Lenny Bruce"*****" - Edinburgh List

"Comedy of scorching Candour" The Guardian, UK

On two Fridays March 5th and March 12th 2004 The Evidence Room hosts International Performance star and New York theater legend Penny Arcade's antidote to denatured, sterile and homogenized performance, as she and brilliant singer/songwriter Chris Rael, the mastermind of one New York's most enduring bands, Church Of Betty, join forces to bring you REBELLION CABARET, a hilarious, irreverent and often edgy walk through the current landscape of culture and politics.

Penny Arcade continues to redefine theatre, performance, and political standup comedy with an exciting sound score that will have you rocking in your seat. Chris Rael will make you remember why anyone, anywhere, ever cared about rock and roll.

The show is loaded with content about how we live and think today. Sexual and identity politics, hegemony and the media, and the future of Western Civilization are de-boned and investigated. This show tears away the veil from marketed rebellion, celebrity culture, bourgeois bohemia, The Vagina Monologues, and the new patriotism.

The Evidence Room is located at 2220 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles, between Virgil and Alvarado, just west of downtown and close to the 101, 110, and 10 Freeways. Limited free parking is available adjacent to the theater. Abundant street parking on Beverly Boulevard.


5. Yoav Gal, FF Alumn, at the 14th Street Y, March 4-7

The Golden Fleece LTD presents:
(commissioned work)
Libretto by the composer with Mari Brown; based on Venus In Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, inventor of masochism and literary counterpart of the Marquis de Sade

Stage Director
Lou Rodgers
Musical Director
Thomas Carlo Bo

Heather Green & Amaranta Viera as Wanda
Aram Tchobanian & John Nelson as Severin
(alternating cast)

Thursday, March 4, 8:00 PM (Heather and John)
Friday, March 5, 8:00 PM (Amaranta and Aram)
Saturday, March 6, 4:00 PM (Amaranta and Aram)
8:00 PM (Heather and John)
Sunday, March 7, 4:00 PM (Heather and John)
7:00 PM (Amaranta and Aram)

At the 14 Street Y Theater, 344 East 14 Street
$18:00 General Admission,
$14:00 for Students and Seniors
TDF Vouchers Accepted
For Reservation and Information Call 212 691 6105
Also on the program:
The Robbers, by Ned Rorem
The English Lesson, by Jack Gotlib
Keith Borden _ Eugene Green _ Heather Green _ Laura Green Juan José Ibarra _ Patrick Lynch _ John Nelson _ Jay Poyerd _ Michael Schilke _ Donna Slawsky _ Charlotte Surkin _ Lydia Taranco _ Beth Tascione _ Aram Tchobanian _ Amaranta Viera


6. Patrick Moore, FF Alumn, publishes new book with Beacon Press

Patrick Moore's book
Beyond Shame: Reclaiming the Abandoned History of Radical Gay Sexuality
will be published this month by the Beacon Press.

Patrick Moore was the founding director of the Estate Project since its establishment in 1990 by the Alliance for the Arts. His new book reflects the role of artists with HIV/AIDS in shaping gay history in the US. The book was commissioned by the Alliance for the Arts.


7. Kathy High at Judi Rotenberg Gallery, Boston, opening March 4, 6-8 pm

"SOFT SCIENCE: Embracing Animal" by KATHY HIGH
Opening March 4th, Thursday, 6-8pm
Judi Rotenberg Gallery
130 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116

In the continuing examination of SOFT SCIENCE, a series of ersatz scientific investigations, K. High presents "Embracing Animal", a multi-media/ inter-species installation exploring exchanges between people and animals. Combining video sculptures, transgenic animals and evidence of animal commitment to humans, High's work pays homage to transgenic animals -- examining the nature of becoming another life, and entering another self, transplay.

The installation "Embracing Animal" will consist of a series of four "tube-scope" video sculptures reflecting the possibilities of trans- animals. Four mini-LCD monitor (2") situated in the bottom of 40" high test tubes are seated on steel bases. On the mini monitors play videos of animal/people interchanges, transitions and transformations. Alongside this display is a expanded cage housing transgenic rats who trigger the video DVD loops. Sculpted rat heads also on display honor the "dispensed ones".

How do we identify and transform? What is our animal nature? This installation honors our confused relationship and exchange with animals. It celebrates both our kinship with transgenic animals (perhaps the most literal exchange as they house our DNA) and the work they do to cure our illnesses with our body parts and theirs. Through a process of empathy, identification and care, in a gesture of a small revolt, High cares for the sick society has made sick.

Mary Feaster Original Music
Jack Naughton Metal Design
Bill Jones Glass Blower
Olivia Robinson DVD Programmer
Claude Shannon Installation Overseer

For further information contact:
Abigail Ross
judi rotenberg gallery, LLC
130 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116
p: 617-437-1518

Kathy High


8. Seeing Double at the Guggenheim Museum, NY, March 19-May 16

Seeing Double: Emulation in Theory and Practice will be held from March 19 to May 16 at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. The final segment of the variable media partnership uniting the Foundation and the museum, this exhibition spotlights digital works that have undergone a computer process called "emulation." This process entails running original computer codes on computers from newer generations developed after the codes themselves. Visitors will see double by viewing both an original version and an emulated version. Among the works featured are Mary Flannagan's [phage] (2002), John F. Simon Jr.'s Color Panel (1998), Nam June Paik's TV Crown (1965), Grahame Weinbren and Roberta Friedman's Erl King (1982-1985), and Jodi's Jet Set Willy Variations (2002)


9. Layne Redmond, FF Alumn, revises website, and schedule through July 2004

Hi everyone!! Lots of news! Just redid my website, take a look and listen to the Hymn to the Muse, (free MP3 download!) from our new recording, Invoking the Muse to be released by Sounds True in June 2004:


This is an ancient Greek hymn to the Muse Kalliopeia, written by Mesomedes of Crete, c. 117-138 C.E. Lead vocal Laurel Masse´, back up vocals, Ruth Cunningham, drumming Layne Redmond and Tommy Brunjes.

"O Muse, Precious one, sing to me,
Thy inspiration a prelude for my own song
Send a breeze from your groves
Inspire my heart and mind
O Wise Kalliopeia
Leader of the golden Muses
And you too, wise initiator into the mysteries,
Apollo, Son of Leto,
Be at hand, blessing me."

For this project I drew on the talents of a group of unsurpassed musicians who completely embody the creative inspiration of the Muses: Laurel Masse´, Ruth Cunningham, Steve Gorn, Vicki Richards and Tommy Brunjes.

Pilgrimage to Crete--May 19 - June 2
with Layne Redmond, Joan Cichon and Nikos Kornaros
Link: http://www.layneredmond.com/cretetrip.htm

The Minoan culture on ancient Crete produced amazing art and architecture and seems to be one of the few non-militaristic yet highly developed cultures that has ever existed. Focused on a powerful Goddess, it is evident that women played a highly respected role in this ancient civilization. I have posted lots of images -- goddesses, percussionists, and a number of links for anyone who wants to explore this ancient culture.

I'm really looking forward to our trip, besides drumming and learning practices of the bee priestess, will be exploring the historic sites of Crete with Professor Joan Cichon. Fluent in the archaeology and archaeomythology of Minoan culture she has given numerous presentations in the U.S. and abroad on the History and Scholarship of the Goddess. Her husband Nikos, a native of Crete, will be giving us a real insider's view of this spectacular island. We will get to drum in an ancient olive grove that belongs to Nikos. For more info, check the website, or contact Joan Cichon at cichon@oakton.edu

Schedule for 2004 (more workshops are in the planning process!)
Gainesville, FL area -- Women's History Month -- March!
When The Drummers Were Women, with Layne Redmond
Slide history of the ancient frame drummers up to the present plus performance on the frame drum!!
March 2, Tuesday, Hawthorne Branch Library, 5:30 pm
March 4, Thursday, High Springs Branch Library, 6:30 pm
March 8, Monday, Millhopper Branch Library, 6:30 pm
March 17, Wednesday, Headquarter's Library, 7:00 pm
March 21, Archer Branch Library, 3:00 pm
March 24, Wednesday, Tower Road Branch Library, 6:30 pm
March 29, Monday, Newberry Branch Library, 6:30 pm
April 8, Thursday, Micanopy Branch Library, 7:00 pm
For more info check this website but as right now (Feb. 18), their March
calendar isn't up yet.
These events are free to the public!
http://www.acld.lib.fl.us/ or call 352-334-3900

March 12-14, Trance Union Retreat, Southern Pines, NC
Advanced Frame Drum Workshop
Focused on the snapping technique derived from the Gaval frame drum from Azerbaijan and Brazilian rhythms on pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine).
Awakened Heart Center
Southern Pines, NC
Contact Bonnie Thompson purposequest@earthlink.net or 910-692-0995.

Advanced Yoga and Pranayama series -- 4 Saturdays in April, Gainesville, FL
April 3, April 10, April 17, May 1. 9:45am - 12:00 pm
South Indian Hatha yoga style of Swami Bua. This is an incredibly powerful sequence that stresses alignment, strength and flexibility. Not recommended for beginners. We will also learn various pranayamas, mudras and bandhas. Limited to 12 participants.
$100 for the series of four classes or if space is available, $25/class.
Contact Jeannin Khalsa 352-335-0351 or Jeannin@care2.com

Intermediate Level Drumming Series:
Taught by Layne Redmond, 4 Saturdays in April, Gainesville, FL
April 3, April 10, April 17, May 1. 2:00-6:00 pm.
Brazilian and Moroccan inspired rhythms for tambourine. We will be working on complex techniques, developing our strength and speed, and we'll see video footage of traditional players from Brazil and Morocco! Limited to 18 participants.
$200 for the series, or if space is available, $55/Sat. workshop.
Contact Jeannin Khalsa 352-335-0351 or Jeannin@care2.com

June 4th, 5th & 6th, 2004
Pilgrim Park , Princeton, IL
Gaia's Womb Presents: Becoming the Muse
Encouraging women to become the source of their own inspiration!!!
Details coming soon.

I will be one of the facilitator's at this weekend and I'll be teaching drumming!!!

July 9 - 11, Intermediate to Advanced Retreat on Brazilian Inspired Rhythms
Mt. Madonna, Watsonville, CA.
(This workshop is not on the Mt. Madonna calendar, register thru Allee, see below)
Enrollment is limited due to our contractual obligations with Mt. Madonna -- we have reserved 15 spaces. Register early!!
This workshop will be taught by Emiliano Benevides and Layne Redmond. Brazilian inspired rhythms for pandeiro, riq and kanjira. Emiliano is a great teacher!!! Often
traditional teachers are not the easiest to learn from but he understands our minds, breaks it down very nicely and is very sweet and patient. The tuition for the workshop Friday through Sunday, is $175 for early registration paid in full by June 1, 2003. For registration after that date tuition will be $195. There is a large number of options for accommodations and meals ranging from commuting, camping, dorm, double, to private rooms. For all the details please contact: Allee Barr E-mail (preferably): drummer@gilanet.com Or call 505-313-3021 (weekends best).



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