Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2014-15

(New York, NY)Veronica Vera

Project Description

Miss Vera’s Academy Museum and Archive

Veronica Vera, the guiding muse of Miss Vera’s Finishing School, will fling open the doors of the world’s first crossdressing academy and invite the public not only to share the school’s rich 20 year history of transformation, but to be a part of it themselves. Museum attendees will tour the 500-square-foot campus and learn stories behind archival student photos. A lecture series, video screenings and demonstrations will be designed to increase visitors’ understanding, enlighten and inspire them to criss-cross gender borders, have fun, and expand their personal options. Touching wigs, pumps, prosthetics and other exhibit artifacts will most definitely be permitted. The museum will be open, by appointment, one week per month for four months and will be documented online.


Veronica Vera quite simply made history when she opened Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls in New York City in 1992. The world’s first crossdressing academy has become internationally famous since that day, offering a much needed service to the vast transgender community. For Veronica, her school began as a way to finance a memoir about what she had learned as a sexual explorer, adult media star, and journalist with a dozen years of columns based on her personal experience, and hundreds of interviews with the artists, denizens, and demimonde of pre-Disney New York. Instead, Miss Vera’s Academy became a force unto itself, identifying Veronica Vera as a visionary. Miss Vera has authored two books based on her Academy. In June, 2014 the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality awarded Veronica Vera the degree, Doctor of Human Sexuality (D.H.S.).