Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2014-15

(Brooklyn, NY)Seung-Min Lee

Project Description

The Korean "food cam girl" is a new kind of entrepreneur who has emerged in a culture obsessed in equal amounts with physical perfection and consumption; she is generally an attractive young female who feasts on large meals for several hours on a live webcam for subscribed viewers. For this series of performances, I will tailor make a series of "food cam" girl web channels for an American audience. I will create menus and cook meals for each channel and perform all roles in front of a live studio audience set in a 100% edible biosphere built inside a covert art bunker and broadcast via a live webcam. The hyper-cogent cam girl channels for 2014 USA! are: Vegan Macrobiotic Raw Yogamat! Kosher Paleo Queer! PanAsian Ugly Panty Eating! AfroFuturist Cosplay! Downwardly Mobile Migrant Worker! First World Problems: Next Galaxy Solutions. Let's take our cues from where the sun rises first. Here gastronomic voyeurism will be explored as a path toward ending the anomie of neoliberal subjectivity.


Seung Min Lee (born South Korea, lives and works in Brooklyn) utilizes video, performance, painting, and collage in biting social commentaries that eclipse the ironic affect of self-deprecation and veer into uncomfortable self-exploitation. She has earned degrees from Harvard and the Hunter College MFA program in Manhattan. She has performed recently at Primetime (Brooklyn), the SVA Theater, and been a featured artist in dis magazine.