Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2014-15

(Brooklyn, NY)Elaine Angelopoulos

Project Description

Conversations shape the impact of my performances and installations. Every day, we distinguish ourselves from one another by speaking from our own internalized characters. As I embody personas that reflect my imagined self through clothes, gestures and actions, I engage my attendees in a dialogue that emphasizes oral storytelling. We discuss our observations as we sit within transient spaces or walk through neighborhoods together that have experienced radical change. I identify the significance of continuous open exchange by presenting words, images, and belongings from my events into an interactive assemblage, to mirror a momentary vernacular presence in our ever-changing worlds.


Angelopoulos is a visual artist with an interdisciplinary approach that often includes audience participation. Her recent projects, “When the Ground Breaks and Walkabouts” address life of dwellers in urban epicenters; “The Nested Self” as a construction of the self multiplied in non-linear space and time; and “Entanglements” that explore mutability and formlessness as sculptures relational to physical and non-physical systems. Work by Angelopoulos has been shown in New York galleries such as A.I.R., English Kills, the Dumbo Art Center, Five Myles, Ronald Feldman, Plato’s Cave, and Soapbox; in New Orleans at Barrister’s Gallery and in Portland Maine’s ICA. Angelopoulos has been a participant in artists’ projects such as Ernesto Pujol’s performance, “Time After Us,” part of FIAF in 2013. She is active in various groups that address media, politics, and continental philosophy, and is a senior staff member of Ronald Feldman Fine Arts.