Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2013-14

(North Hollywood, CA)Jamie McMurry

Intelligent Design

1) McMurry will install an upright piano in a window display or a similar public space and over the course of several (non-consecutive) hours and days, teach himself how to play “light my fire.”

2) Assemble a +/- 1000 piece puzzle in a context and timeline similar to performance 1.

Create a painting that is of a landscape in Griffith Park near his home, a landscape that he sees on a regular basis. He will engage in a series of actions that will dramatically alter that landscape (removing brush/trees, moving earth, etc.), and create a second painting that depicts the altered landscape.


Jamie McMurry has been an active artist, educator and organizer in the fields of performance, installation, video and conceptual art for more than 20 years. Origially from Yakima, Washington, he currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife and 3 daughters.