Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2013-14

(Bogotá, Colombia)Nadia Granados

Clean Car, Dirty Conscience

Colombian performance artist Nadia Granados presents “Carro Limpio, Consciencia Sucia (Clean Car, Dirty Conscience).” The artist washes a car covered with mud, pouring the water over both the car and herself. She cleans the car while doing a striptease as a man inside the car interrogates her using a megaphone. This interrogation is a series of abusive questions, simulating an interview for a visa to the United States; personal, intimate, and sexual. Directed and created by Nadia Granados.


Nadia Granados is an artist who explores the relationships between traditional pornography, the comunication and violence. Her work is both performative and technological, both art and activism, and a mix of cabaret, intervention and streaming video.The artist claims to stage anti-imperialist struggles by using tropes seen in the media. She takes advantage of the possibilities of communication in public places (on the street/web), using her body as a catalyst for social transformation. She says that she dismantles the language used in the discourse of emancipation by bringing together, in her body, eroticism and social criticism. In doing so, she claims to “speak” for the bodies of Latin American women. Nadia Granados’ work has been presented on Canadá, Venezuela, Spain, Berlín, Ecuador, Argentina, Perú, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.