Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2013-14

(Brooklyn, NY)Reginald Ellis Crump


A multi-dimensional afro-futuristic performance featuring live musicians, installation, media and costumes.

Using non-linear storytelling, Cotton explores images from slavery and plantations as a launching point to create majestic costumes, video, photography and installation, using cotton balls as its main source for construction.

Sound design and spectacle turn the afro-futuristic Cotton set and costume design into an other-worldly experience resembling Fela Kuti's Shrine in Nigeria meets Cirque Du Soleil. Cotton investigates morphing negative imagery (slave trade) into a positive (empowered present and future).


Monstah Black a.k.a Reginald Ellis Crump is known for his multi-dimensional funk drenched musical creations, blurring the lines of genre and gender. His aesthetic reflects pop culture of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. He’s currently a Dance New Amsterdam Artist in Residence. He’s performed internationally from Art Basil, Miami to New Media Performance Festival (Moscow).

Awards include: Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, American Music Center Live Music for Dance Program, The District of Columbia Commission on The Arts and Humanities, Career Transitions for Dancers, Topaz Arts Center, NYSCA and The Franklin Furnace Fund. He holds an MFA from Long Island University New Media Art and Performance Program. He was the 2013 guest mentor for the International Choreographers Residency at Dance Omi in Hudson Valley.