Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2013-14

(Houston, TX)Tish Benson


Based on blog and journal writings and drawings over the past 7 years (2006-2013) PORTAL explores a realm of primordial white sheets mythical mysteries madness ancient futuristic fragmented language movement and the connecting force of origin which includes speaking the night into day purging demons restoring peace and yes making sense of the things that make no sense. Some place there lurks an untold spirit story about a 15 year old ancient futuristic African girl who had a sea of albino babies after being molested by her 30 year old witch doctor uncle the babies were all drowned by her village she was labeled a demon ostracized & then sold off to a band of time traveling alchemists. This show is dedicated to her the one I claim as my original ancestor. Music conductor Kwame Brandt-Pierce will orchestrate the sounds that travel from horror to revelation audience participation and a few other artists who have shapeshifting consciousness as a burden will help translate this for the next 100 years.


Tish Benson is an experimental videographer performance artist writer author internet dreamer darkmatter thinker sandytown builder full time daughter and part time wife who was born deeply enchanted and rebirthed equally as strange- having a go at making sense of the things that make no sense at all yes she's won some awards colloborated with other darkmatter alchemists of the deep did the undergrad and grad stuff but nothing prepared her for the journey of navigating unseen realms only she had privy to...