FF Application

Eligibility Questionnaire

Please read the eligibility requirements, application guidelines, and complete the questionnaire below to access the online application form.

1. Is your proposal for a "performance art" project? Please note that "performance art" is not to be confused with the "performing arts." According to the definition on Britannica, "Performance art, a time-based art form that typically features a live presentation to an audience or to onlookers (as on a street) and draws on such arts as acting, poetry, music, dance, and painting. It is generally an event rather than an artifact, by nature ephemeral, though it is often recorded on video and by means of still photography.".

The Franklin Furnace Fund only supports projects in performance art. "Performance art" has many definitions, but for more background, check out the description of "performance art" on Wikipedia. Each year, the panel that reviews applications discusses anew what "performance art" is, how "early career" is defined, and these days the notion of "liveness," as during the last decade, artists have created works on every point of the spectrum between the body of the artist and the circulatory network of the Internet, and now technology is viewed as a given. If you do not consider the proposed project to be performance art, it is ineligible for funding.

2. Do you consider yourself to be an "early career artist?" See Franklin Furnace's eligibility requirements for a description of "early career artist". This criteria will be used to determine your eligibility.

The Franklin Furnace Fund only funds artists who are considered "early career," according to our eligibility requirements.

3. Are you planning to present the proposed project in New York City?

Artists who are awarded funding are required to present their funded projects in New York City.