FF Fund Eligibility Requirements

Supported Artists and Collectives

Eligible artists and collectives must meet all of the descriptors listed. Franklin Furnace Fund supported artists are early career generative non-student performance artists who actively generate new original work.

Please note: these requirements have been adapted from Jerome Foundation's eligibility requirements.

Eligible Artists

  • — are in the early stages of their creative development
  • — have a focused direction and are actively creating new work in performance art
  • — have yet to be substantially celebrated within their field, the media, funding circles or the public at large
  • — are vocational (as opposed to avocational, academic, amateur or educational) artists
  • — are not participating in any degree-granting programs (K-12, undergraduate, graduate) in any field
  • — generate new works and claim creative “authorship” and creative control in the creation of new work, and whose primary practice is centered in creation of new work through their roles as performance artists
  • — expand the aesthetic or social experience in the discipline in which they work and/or reclaim and revive traditional forms in original ways
  • — create works that are:

    - imaginative, rigorous, and well-executed
    - compelling and has a distinctive vision and authentic voice
    - connected with intended audiences/participants
    - engaging aesthetically and experientially
    - bold and risk-taking

Ineligible Artists

  • — would be identified as “mid- or late-career” or established in any arts discipline
  • — are engaged in the performance art as a hobby or avocational pastime
  • — are applicants who are or will be students enrolled in degree-granting programs
  • — interpret, perform, critique, report on, edit, or design the work of others (e.g., singers, musicians, screenwriters, dancers, actors, instrumentalists, vocalists, arrangers, editors, journalists, designers in sets/lights/costumes/sound, or critics, among others) but who do not also generate new work
  • — are managers, administrators, builders or technicians who do not also have a significant history of generating new work

As a general rule, all artists within an ensemble or collective must meet all criteria listed above.