Founding Director of Franklin Furnace responds:

I decided to mount Voyeur's Delight in spite of the fact the exhibition had received no public, nor private money whatsoever, and because I still think sex is a legitimate subject for artistic inquiry. Artists have been at it for 30,000 years and are probably not going to stop; and the discourse that arises from examination of "difficult" subjects is a healthy result of life in a democratic society.

Franklin Furnace has taken the next step. We have received permission from the artists in the exhibition to post their work in an on-line forum entitled U-B-D Judge. Our hope is that both positive and negative comment will come into the clearing, and ultimately we will create the conditions under which "hot" topics may be discussed in depth.



1. Franklin Furnace did not receive NEA support for "Voyeur's Delight," as phrases such as "this taxpayer exhibit" suggest.

2. Juliana Leuking's piece was withdrawn from the exhibition; therefore, what Martin Mawyer saw was the issue of "New Observations" magazine for which artists in the exhibition were invited to create art for the page.

3. "New Observations" magazine did not receive NEA support for this issue, nor for any other of its 1996 issues.