Back to THE HISTORY OF THE FUTUREFall 1999/ Winter 2000

Friday, February 4, 2000, The Extended Body:
Patty Chang, "Fountain"; Susan Mogul, "Take Off"; Pat Oleszko; Alien Comic's performance for "Live on the Bounding Main."

The body is the irreducible medium of performance art, but it's not enough. The first artist to perform at Franklin Furnace, Martine Aballea, asked in June 1976 if she could read from her book, contained in Franklin Furnace's collection of artists' books. When she showed up in costume, with her own lamp and stool, the performance art program was born. Every artist thereafter chose to manipulate the variables of time, light, sound, costume, props, media and the body itself. Eventually I abandoned the title of the program, "Artists Readings." In the early days I noticed that girls tended to perform in the dark and boys in the light, a phenomenon I chalked up to genital difference. The extended body belongs to men and women equally; it's human to use tools to get one's interior purpose outside of the body-- to hopefully have impact upon others.


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