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Friday, November 26, 1999   The World's a Stage:

Andre Stitt, Witness

The akshun addressed and explored significant issues raised by the recent intervention by the worlds economic and military superpwers in the Balkins. The response is filtered through my own experience as an artist from Northern Ireland. The akshuns revolve around both formative and continuing experiences of identification with the marginalised and dispossed in relation to forces of pride and coercion on a local, regional and global scale.

The performance was in part a collaboration with Yugoslavian performance artist Tanja Ostojic whose contribution was both lengthy discussion on these issues and the production of a card that was distrubuted to the crowd at PS1 at the end of the akshun with the statement. "I want you to demand your government's responsibility for the consequences of bombing Yugoslavia."

As always we are responsible and the consequences are always far greater than we can imagine.

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