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Friday, October 22, 1999   Endurance:

David Leslie, Impact Addict

I often relay my experiences of being introduced to and influenced by such inspirtions as Evel Knievel, Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee. They may have taught me a keen sense of showmanship in the execution of an event, but long before I began to imitate with grand passion the pageantry that accompanied the powerful pop actions of my artful ancestors, I developed an inherent ability to comfortably accept and then eventually seek the sensation associated with concussive impact: Pain. That ability is probably the most formidable and earliest essential element in the make up of the "Impact Addict" I became known as during my years as a dare devil performance artist. Early experiences of peril and pain, due to accidents and mishap, primed me for more purposeful practices that became my private science. Eventually, (and most probably due to the influences of the afore mentioned showmen of the seventies), I developed a need to collect these experiences on film.

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