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Friday, October 29, 1999   Art in the Environment:

Donna Henes, Streams of Conscience; Chants for Peace, Chance for Peace

STREAMS OF CONSCIENCE is not a performance in the traditional sense. There is no stage. There is no audience. There is no separation between viewer and viewed. I am costumed and weave through the crowd encouraging people to join in the spirit of the event, facilitating an enthusiastic and heart-felt participation. It is this personal participation of the public that is the piece.

Participants and passersby are invited to inscribe a peace message or other positive thought on one of the day glo orange plastic ribbons provided for that purpose. Also available are leaflets with translations of the word peace in the languages of the United Nations and magic makers.

Once people have written on the ribbons, they are invited to hang them up at the site so that the area is decorated gradually with hundreds of these vibrant orange streamers. Each one, a personal prayer for peace. These banners have been used many times. At each event, new streamers are added and endowed with the continuous collected energy of by now, thousands of people. The banners fly in the wind in the tradition of Buddhist prayer flags carrying positive energy and intentions to all corners of the earth.

CHANTS FOR PEACE * CHANCE FOR PEACE has been celebrated in 50 cities in 9 countries since its inception in 1980. Usually on Celestially Auspicious Occasions. Always in public. Always with the participation of the passersby. Always with positive energy from total strangers who weave a network of trust and hope. These STREAMS OF CONSCIENCE wave in the wind of our discontent, and fly in the face of our future.

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