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Friday, November 5, 1999   Music as Art:

Grisha Coleman and Hotmouth

HOT MOUTH can be described as a "post-modern a cappella oratorio" whose 13 largely wordless numbers summon a myriad of universal situations and evoke worlds of humor and conflict, joy and pain. From Gregorian Chant to R&B, classical, jazz, opera, rock, hip-hop, doo-wop and World Beat, HOT MOUTH embarks on a wondrous musical and theatrical journey.

Since its inception, HOT MOUTH has sought to recombine musical traditions and dance performance to distill the vernacular of the American Diaspora into an intricate and unique theatrical experience. The work itself - a concert of the body, mind, soul and vocal chords - translates the play of the group's dynamics into sound, into song, and into movement towards creating a "vocalogical" remix - a pure harmonic sound of a thousand answers and a thousand questions. HOT MOUTH performs original material as well as covers popular "classics."

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