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Friday, November 19, 1999   Feminism:

Kim Irwin / Jody Oberfelder
, X-Cheerleaders

X-Cheerleaders has been described as a "pro-woman pep rally" and "Cheerleader's exorcism." From the bonding and unleashing of this group's power, a performance that was not only outrageous, honest and funy was created, but a community of women who remain exhilarated by the group energy and who are committed to voicing women's issues. Currently the X-Cheerleader have partnered with the Institute for Labor and the Community, NYC and are working with public school girls and low-income working women and on tour with ex-cheerleaders of all ages in "Cheering for Ourselves" workshops. These workshops motivate girls and women to discuss issues that they face in their lives everyday and to create new cheers that express their individual concerns about such topics as bullying and teasing to pay inequality. With skill, creativity and humor, girls and woman are redefining cheerleading as "women cheering for women" to recognize and build a feminist community for all ages.

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