Back to THE HISTORY OF THE FUTUREFall 1999/ Winter 2000

Date: To be announced

There is good news and bad news with regard to the upcoming netcasts for THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE. The Board of Directors of Pseudo Online Network recently decided to cancel ChannelP, the performance channel. That's the bad news. The good news is that we are still under contract with Pseudo to netcast all remaining shows, and have received assurances that they will go up, except in "bulk" instead of weekly. We hope you may still wish to chat with the worldwide public at the same time the netcasts were scheduled to be aired. Also, all remaining programs in THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE (from The Culture Wars I. to Global Art) will be archived and available for viewing.

The previous text was created when Franklin Furnace received the announcement of the cancellation of ChannelP back in the summer of 1999. What followed was ultimately the closing of Pseudo Online Network, thus our venue to showcase these videos was lost.
Although presently the videos are not available to the public, we hope to change this through future partnerships with other organizations.

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