"Has he found the flaw he was looking for? Perhaps, but if so, he has done so masterfully, bringing his mind to a place where previously his body was the only visible thing."

--Gerald Brown, Eyelevel

The Runway became a vitrine containing the artifacts of the process of exposure, self-acceptance, and validation that released insecurity and shame."

--Laurie Fitzpatrick, Art Matters

"Gabriel Martinez wants you to look at his body. Closely."

--Edward J. Sozanski, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Martinez's project seeks to acknowledge as well as escape the tyrannical and confining idealization of the male body beautiful stereotypically associated with gay culture."

--Paula Marincola, Snapshot: Philadelphia Photography

"In many of Gabriel Martinez's pieces, exposure to an audience is a conduit for neutralizing the artist's own anxieties, as if by disclosing his vulnerabilities he is strengthened."

--Sarah M. Jordan, Seven Arts

"Filing through a small enclosure the opening night crowd was surprised by a profusion of nude models, each photographing the audience...one more clever reversal of exposure and gaze."

--Miriam Siedel, New Art Examiner

"Is Martinez advertising himself? Are these pin-up personal ads? I don't think so, but there is unquestionably an element of vanity that is surprisingly touching."

--Gerald Brown, Eyelevel

"You'd rather not be so intimate with a stranger's body, and you can't avoid the discomfort that the photographs force upon you."

--Edward J. Sozanski, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Nude in the tank at his own opening, he was living out the common nightmare of being utterly examinable, and unable to either hide or verbally compensate."

--Bill Arning, White Columns

"Is he insultingly mooning us? exposing his most vulnerable side? Or inviting our admiration?"

--Robin Rice, Philadelphia City Paper