PLANET Teleconference
(November 1978 - February 1979)

Table of Contents
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Page 1: messages between 1 and 211
Page 2: messages numbered between 211 and 877
Page 3: messages numbered between 879 and 965
Page 4: messages numbered between 970 and 1128
Page 5: messages numbered between 1187 and 1658

The PLANET texts were selected and edited from the original terminal printouts by Roy Skodnick in 1983 for publication in the journal, All Area. They are presented here by permission.

In addition to the chronological order in which the PLANET conference is presented, we have created threaded links which will guide readers to related sets of entries pertaining to alternate authoring strategies. To follow a thread, begin at the link icons below and read from the top of the screen to which a link connects until the next icon link in the thread occurs. (Occassionally, the same entry is targeted by more than one thread. Be sure to find and click the appropriate icon to continue following a given thread.)

  These icons target entries concerning authorship on-line.

  These icons target entries concerning the function of metaphor in the interactive medium of the network especially the metaphor of play.

  These icons target entries dealing with the accomodation of the body to mediated interaction.

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