EIES Teleconference
(January - May, 1981)

Table of Contents
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Page 1: 1/31/81 (Position Paper)
Page 2: 2/6/81 - 2/10/81
Page 3: 2/11/81 - 2/12/81
Page 4: 2/16/81 - 2/23/81
Page 5: 2/23/81 - 4/6/81
Page 6: 4/8/81 - 4/15/81
Page 7: 4/16/8 - 4/21/81

The EIES texts were selected and edited from the original terminal printouts by Roy Skodnick in 1983 for publication in the journal, All Area. They are presented here by permission.

In addition to the chronological order of the pages of the EIES conference presented here, we have created links which develop threads begun in the PLANET pages. The threads guide readers to related sets of entries pertaining to alternate authoring strategies.

The discussion of metaphor and play in the PLANET teleconference develops into interest in Levi-Strauss' concept of the bricoleur as a model of the artist's relationship to the network medium in the EIES teleconference. This line of thought raised by Gillette in his entry of 2/6/81 as a preliminary response to the crisis of identity caused by the depersonalized interface is worth noting for its reappearance in a recent examination of net culture by Sherry Turkle in her book, Life on the Screen (Simon and Schuster, 1995). Networked authorship seen as a "shared thinking experience" in the PLANET conference oscillates in EIES between an optimism of unlimited possibility and the potential of the collective text becoming a meaningless tower of babel. 'Naturally selected' forms emerging from the continuing interaction of the participants are seen as a partial antidote to the solipsistic operation of the operators taken individually. The PLANET thread of the human body in mediated interaction is addressed as a more general problem of interface and identity in both the bricoleur and authorship threads.

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