I talked with Daniel Davidson and Drew Beattie about their mail art after their show at Helman Gallery of large scale paintings made with an "ink blot" technique. My interest in their work for In The Flow comes not only from their commitment to collaboration and mail art as alternate authoring strategies, but also their attempt through the working process to develop new metaphors of the self in the imagery. In fact their idea of mail art is quite removed from the network-as-medium espoused by the Mail Art movement seen elsewhere in this exhibition. For Beattie and Davidson the mail acts more as a method to reduce their self-consciousness and preconceptions about a developing piece of art than to counteract the commodifying pressures of the art world. Key to their exploration of identity is the function of collaboration to release them and their audience from expectations of a single unified vision. As Beattie said in comparing their collaborative style with Gilbert and George, "The model for it was much more a kind of brain chatter. Not chatter in the derogatory sense, but just the multiplicity of things that anyone holds at a given moment in their self, their non- self, brain, soul, whatever you want to call it. We wanted to let that spill out in a way that would combine a lot of different things. " And Davidson, "The results for us just came in a more innocent or intuitive way. Less predetermined. We were thinking: What can we find together? What could we make together? Let's see where it goes...""