Welcome to Franklin Furnace's 25 Anniversary Website! Here you can see video interviews with artists who helped Franklin Furnace reach this milestone year, a history of our public face, from our letterhead to our virtual presentations, and a timeline tracing Franklin Furnace's journey from Martha Wilson's apartment in 1976 to our present home on the Internet.

Franklin Furnace was founded in 1976 to serve artists whose work was underrepresented
by mainstream
institutions. For the past 25 years, it has promoted and nourished artists
whose ideas have pushed the boundaries of avant-garde expression. Initially serving artists
who chose publishing as a primary artistic medium, Franklin Furnace has engaged in a
constant process of evolution, adapting to new modes of presentation, preservation and
performance. During the last quarter century, it has presented over 2000 artists in live
performances, installations, and online projects. In 1997, Franklin Furnace's website became
its public face and, since that time, its programs have been mounted in both physical and
virtual spaces in collaboration with an array of collegial organizations.


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