Five Alive from
the Franklin Furnace!

The Pedestrian Project: Yvette Helin
Shield: Julie Laffin
Peep Show: Pat Oleszko
In His Shoes: Nicolas Dumit Estevez
Holiday / Dovolená: William Pope.L

June 22, 2007
Old City of Prague

Friday, June 22, Old Town of Prague

Nicolas Dumit Estevez, "In His Shoes."  I embody the religious symbol, the adored Infant of Prague.
Yvette Helin, "The Pedestrian Project."  Universal symbols come to life for impromptu performances around Old Town.
Julie Laffin, "Shield."  A fifteen meter long red dress confronts the architecture of the Theatre of Estates.
Pat Oleszko, "Peep Show."  Peep Show!  Peep Show!  Czech it out!  An inflated wonder of gigantic proportions--do you dare to look inside the womb with a view?  National Theater.
William Pope.L, "Holiday/Dovolen
á."  A former American dictator goes on holiday in Praha.  Screenings at Cafe Gaspar on Friday and Saturday.

Martha Wilson, Founding Director of Franklin Furnace, "The History of Performance Art According to Me."  Thursday, June 21, Lecture Hall