Artist's Bio

“Ree Morton (1936-1977) is an artist who, like many others, came out of the kitchen and into the studio during the sixties. After studying nursing, marrying a naval officer, and having three children, she abandoned conventional life in search of something more. When Morton returned to school in 1966 to study art, her exceptional drive, dedication, and brilliant ability to synthesize were immediately apparent to her teachers, including Robert Rohm, Marcia Tucker, Rafael Ferrer, and Italo Scanga. She tackled such subjects as Pre-Columbian influences in Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and the myth of Prometheus in post-Renaissance art with intensity and seriousness—qualities that would fuel her own art through the next decade. Though Morton came to art late in life, she went into creative high gear in the seventies, producing some groundbreaking and influential work that reflected many of the aesthetic currents of that decade. Tragically, Morton’s career was abruptly cut short by a fatal car accident in 1977, less than ten years after it had begun”. – Quote: Lisa Phillips, 1990, from the Whitney exhibition A New Acquisition: Signs of Love.